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2022.01.24 14:50 Kolliin Help?

Could someone chat with me about an issue its really a stupid question and involves daily life so please dont be rude
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2022.01.24 14:50 paperboymaps Cliffside Dwelling (Animated Map) (34x44)

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2022.01.24 14:50 NotTh1cK Studying in Cebu vs Manila

Hello! Currently in 11th grade but I like making plans and mapping out my life ahead. So, I'm faced with the choice of attending either Adamson, CDU or USC for BS Pharmacy. I'm studying in USC atm taking up ABM, which I regret (the course just ain't right for me and the environment is less than ideal). I really want to study in Manila for independence and a change of environment/pace. I feel like Adamson would make for a good choice. Pwede narin sa Big 4 pero idk why, I'm drawn to Adamson talaga.
However, my Mom and my sister strongly adviced against leaving my comfortable life in Cebu for bustling and stressful Manila. I'm sure USC has its positives but the school environment is just not for me. I'm willing to study in CDU but my sister, an alumni, said I'd be better off in USC because the school administration is not at the same level as before.
Take everything I said with a grain of salt since these are all personal opinions and are in no way shape or form indictive of these schools' reputations and capabilities. Just need insight. I know schools don't really matter as much dahil it's in the student naman talaga, pero I just want to put myself in the best environment with admins who care for students.
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2022.01.24 14:50 MikaMeredith {DD} Know Labs ($KNWN) produces wearable technology that provides the user with real-time information on their blood glucose levels

Know Labs produces wearable technology that provides the user with real-time information on their blood glucose levels. They use spectroscopy to direct electromagnetic energy through a substance or material to capture a unique molecular signature. In other words, they use radio waves to identify and measure what is going on inside your body. They call this tech Bio-RFID (Body - Radio Frequency Identification.
Know Labs is developing a family of products using this technology. There are hundreds of uses for Bio-RFID but blood glucose monitoring is Know Labs main focus, as there are 2 billion people worldwide suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes that could use Know Labs device to manage their conditions. Know Labs is still working on bringing this technology to the market by obtaining US FDA approval. Right now they are in the process of miniaturization and human testing.
Their current products are the UBand and KnowU. The KnowU was recently announced and is a convenient, non-wearable, on-the-go alternative to fingersticks, which are used to check blood glucose levels multiple times a day. UBand is a medical-grade wearable device that continuously monitors glucose levels. These devices are pain free and much more affordable than the current products as there are no consumables attached to the initial cost. Know Labs estimates customers' savings to be about 3-5x when compared to current options.
Here is the reasoning behind the KnowU: “We know that not all people with diabetes are looking for a wearable continuous glucose monitoring device to manage their diabetes. Some simply want to replace the painful, inconvenient and expensive fingersticks they currently rely on,” said Phil Bosua, Know Labs CEO and Bio-RFID inventor.
In a recent study conducted by the company, Bio-RFID was compared to other FDA-cleared glucose monitoring devices that are currently available in the market. Human subjects placed their arms on a Bio-RFID sensor and their blood glucose levels were measured every five minutes over a period of two hours. Concurrent readings were taken with an Accu-Chek fingerstick device and with two continuous FDA approved glucose monitoring devices, Abbott FreeStyle Libre and the Dexcom G6. The mean absolute relative difference of the Bio-RFID scores were between 5.3% and 6.7%. Anything under 10% is considered good analytical performance.
They recently received three crucial patents that expand Know Labs’ intellectual property portfolio in radio frequency and microwave spectroscopy, further improving its technological position. Each of the newly issued patents relates to the unique configuration of the antennas used in Know Labs’ Bio-RFID sensors. This unique arrangement enhances Bio-RFID’s performance and improves its detection capabilities in identifying and measuring a variety of analytes non-invasively.
This is NOT financial advice, always do your own research
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2022.01.24 14:50 1778VHO7V I hate waiting on parts

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2022.01.24 14:50 elonmusksaveus You are here.

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2022.01.24 14:50 ReadDailyCoin The UFC Joins the Metaverse, Launching NFTs; UFC Champion Gets Paid in Bitcoin — DailyCoin

The UFC Joins the Metaverse, Launching NFTs; UFC Champion Gets Paid in Bitcoin — DailyCoin submitted by ReadDailyCoin to CryptoNews [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:50 tareq2005 How could I solve the problem ?

I have an iphone 7 plus running ios 14.2 , it was disabled , I removed the usb restriction and got the iphone jailbroken , then I used APPLE FINDER tool from ifrp tools and I got the apple id linked to the iphone , then I got contact to apple to turn fmi off for my iphone (as it was my target) but they didnt help , as I dont have the phone number linked to that apple id , actually I want the cost to be as low as possible , what you guys advice me to turn fmi off for my iphone .
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2022.01.24 14:50 soaimed What is wrong with these lemon \orange trees?

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2022.01.24 14:50 2KMTSeller Please help, heater hasn’t worked in 2 days

Please help, heater hasn’t worked in 2 days submitted by 2KMTSeller to hvacadvice [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:50 No-Entrepreneur5816 I still have 3 boosts if anyone wants to trade $Ashleigh-Vass

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2022.01.24 14:50 Futuur 🔮 74% of chance Earth's population will reach 7.9 billion people in 2022 according to traders on Futuur; what is your prediction? 🔮

🔮 74% of chance Earth's population will reach 7.9 billion people in 2022 according to traders on Futuur; what is your prediction? 🔮 submitted by Futuur to ScienceNcoolThings [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:50 CrispyMP3 Lenovo IdeaPad 9i cases?

I'm looking into purchasing the IdeaPad 9i because it looks like the perfect laptop for me, but I'm not the biggest fan of the leather backing on the lid. Does anyone know any slim covers/vinyls/cases I can use for this laptop? Much appreciated 👍 IdeaPad 9i
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2022.01.24 14:50 AssaultDragon Would a neutral good character free this troll?

There is a troll locked up in a wizard's dungeon, he's doing brutal experiments, torturing it so he can pass on the troll's regeneration powers to humans (or so he says, his journal says he's doing it for himself). My character is neutral good, and the troll is suffering and in pain, the troll even says in common that it hurts and to kill him. They feel some sympathy for the troll since they had positive experience with friendly/peaceful kobolds before and don't like to see creatures suffer since they're a sorcerer with fey bloodline. But my character is his lord, it would be unlawful to take away his property the troll, since he got it legally and slavery of monsters isn't outlawed. have the background ideal: "Freedom, tyrants shouldn't oppress the people." What would my character do in this situation, free the troll (chaotic good?) or let him keep experimenting on it (lawful neutral?)?
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2022.01.24 14:50 Right-Operation-3887 All mounts

Anybody have a list of every mount in the game? This may be a little too much but does the list aso feature which ones are in the daily store rotation?
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2022.01.24 14:50 Gurdy0714 Not the Onion: GOP official claimed a high school installed litter boxes to accommodate students who identify as cats

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2022.01.24 14:50 SonOfFavor [OC] An old shepard with his shepard dog is being questioned by detectives about a murder that took place on his farm...

The sheep herder is ready to confess to killing the man because honesty has always been top priority in his moral code.
As the detectives are questioning the man they notice the dog is sitting on his hind legs still as a statue and had been for the past 30 minutes. The detectives start to get freaked out and ask the shepard what's wrong with him.
"Nothing" says the shepard, "He's just trained very well. He does anything I tell him to do, and I told him to sit still while we speak to you all."
The detectives then instruct the man to have his dog do something cool.
"Okay. Shep! Stand!" The dog then stands with perfect posture and almost looked like a human being. "Good boy" says the shepard.
The detectives are then questioning reality at this point and ask for another trick.
"Okay. Shep! Do a backflip!" The dog does a backflip with the most amazing form that would rival an Olympic gymnast. "Good boy" says the shepard.
The detectives are beyond shocked at this point and ask for just one more trick.
"Okay. Shep! Speak!" The dog then speaks in a very deep and powerful, yet insanely clear voice, "My owner did indeed kill that man. I saw everything!" "Good boy" says the shepard.
The police detectives were stunned and just stared at each other for a couple minutes. Gathering their thoughts, the investigators then tell the shepard he can go home and he's no longer a suspect.
"But, why?" Asks the shepard, " I'm here to make a full confession!"
The detectives look at the dog and then back to the shepard. "Well, because you have a good Alabai."
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2022.01.24 14:50 cleanuponaisle4 Easy $5 from Strike App. Instant withdrawal!

Get $5 for trying out the Strike App with my referral link:
If prompted, type the referral code: DS0FI9. (That’s a zero, not an “oh.”)
Best to click the link with your phone, if you can. If you click from a computer, you may end up installing the chrome extension which has lukewarm reviews. Doing it through the phone app was very easy and the $5 posted within 20 minutes, even accounting for KYC verification.
Now, what can you do with strike? If you just want to pay people and use it as a wallet, you can. But you can also buy bitcoin with it at spot price, for 0 fees. You can also use it as your checking account, and get direct deposit 2 days early. Try it out.
https://invite.strike.me/DS0FI9 (remember: click on your phone!)
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2022.01.24 14:50 Trajik71 Novice of Mysteries issue

I started the Order of Mysteries quest line and am up to the Novice of Mysteries. I was able to gather all components needed to construct 3 pieces of gear but made a huge mistake. When constructing blade of Bastet, in a rush I did not use the fabricator but instead used a random workbench. Now it’s listed as grant’s blade so the fabricator doesn’t acknowledge it and I can’t seem to complete this part of the quest. Am I totally screwed?? Does anyone know if it’s possible to reset this part of the quest? Is it possible to continue and finish Order of Mysteries without completing this part of the quest?
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2022.01.24 14:50 Kona_and_Suba Big Mama

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2022.01.24 14:50 Intrepid-Post-133 Blue Balls

I’m currently on my 24th day and my balls are killing me. Is this bad for my health or is it ok to have sustained blue balls? I also haven’t had a wet dream yet and in previous streaks I normally get one in a couple weeks.
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2022.01.24 14:50 nbayoungboyta I [26F] told my brother's [35M] fiance that he's cheated in the past and I've possibly ruined their relationship now

My brother was engaged a few years ago. He cheated on his fiance (let's call her "A") with one of his coworkers, and left her for his coworker. This was a huge shock because my brother is not at all the type of person to do that, and I basically told him that I lost all respect for him and didn't talk to him for about a year. I was and still am good friends with his ex.

I guess karma struck, and my brother's new girlfriend left him for another coworker after about a year, and this took a huge toll on him. He initiated contact with me after this happened and I felt bad for him so I started talking to him a little bit again.

He recently got engaged to another girl (let's call her "B") he's been going out with for about 2 years. She's a really sweet girl and I've become close friends with her also. Here's where it gets complicated.

I'm still good friends with "A" and I recently was with both of them together. "B" has no idea that "A" is my brother's ex, and "A" hasn't told her. "A" doesn't hold any resentment towards "B", and they got along well. Well, "B" made a comment about how "A" is a great girl and she's surprised she's single. This set my brother's ex off and she left the room crying, leaving his current fiance confused because she doesnt know about his past.

I ended up telling his current ex that "A" is my brother's ex who she cheated on. "B" was in shock because my brother never told her, and like I said earlier is not someone you would expect to do something like that. The next day my brother called me yelling at me saying that "B" was considering breaking up with him and that she thought this was a deal breaker.

I'm not sure what to do. My brother has changed a lot since his first engagement and I doubt he would do anything like this again, but you never know. And I understand "B" wanting to break up with him now. Does anyone have any advice?
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2022.01.24 14:50 Robin_the_dumby Favorite spells you’ve never used

I feel like we all have the spell we read thousands of times and thought “Wow, this would be an awesome spell to use!” Then you realize you don’t get access it till later levels. That’s no problem, I can ju- and the campaigns over due to scheduling issues…
This has probably happened to me several times, and I know it’s probably happened to whoever’s reading this. Either that or there was something else in the way like the class you’re in cant get it for some reason, or you have it prepared but there’s never been a time for it.
Here are a few of mine
Dream: This seems like it would be fun as hell to use in a campaign. You could use it for communication or maybe even to get to your enemies when not even being there! Plus it could even help with hostage situations in the right circumstances or for gathering info. Not only that, but it’d be really good for roleplay moments
Conjure Animals: I have a huge soft spot for summoning things to fight for you, and this spell is great for it. Not only that depending on the animal you pick there are a lot of battle tactics you could go for. Not only that since it lasts for an hour it could also have several utility purposes such as summoning an army or squirrels gather info. Overall seems like a fun spell
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2022.01.24 14:50 Panda_Sap Idgaf about the cables underneath because every time I try to fix them my PC makes weird noises and the monitor would turn off. One time I did it while the pc was on and I fucked the PC… anyways what do you guys think and how should I improve it

Idgaf about the cables underneath because every time I try to fix them my PC makes weird noises and the monitor would turn off. One time I did it while the pc was on and I fucked the PC… anyways what do you guys think and how should I improve it submitted by Panda_Sap to AverageBattlestations [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:50 NETLIZA WOW

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