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A good way to stay warm in the winter lol

2022.01.22 03:31 somethingissomewhere A good way to stay warm in the winter lol

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2022.01.22 03:31 hxusi How does this happen???

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2022.01.22 03:31 fuckedupness Online college vs Offline college

So I was wondering what mode of college do you guys prefer... I personally have no problem with online college while the people around me look like they are ready to riot for the authorities to open colleges. The only problem with online college is it's difficult to find friends like I have only some people (not even friends lol) to talk to and only related to projects and stuff while other people behave like they have been friends since ages tho it has not even been one month! Educational_info: btech
View Poll
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2022.01.22 03:31 Typical_Brain_1489 Honors Program?

I’m an auto admit and got rejected for cs and business as my major. When I click on my honors tab for mystatud it still shows they are reviewing the application. Does this mean I still have a chance?
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2022.01.22 03:31 SkyrinN00B Mermaid with a 5.7

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2022.01.22 03:31 crytoloover 🔥Top 5 Meme Coins to invest in 2022 Tamil | 🚀Gonna Boom Soon | Huge Profit Coins🤑 | CQT137

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2022.01.22 03:31 itsallalittleblurry Bud and Momma

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2022.01.22 03:31 Sidvicioushartha I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion...

That Temuera Morrison Just isn’t that good of an actor. I didn’t really pay attention to the prequels, but if I go back and look you can see that he wasn’t really that great back then and he didn’t really ‘suit’ the role. Ha ha. He was only good when he had the armor on.
Now that he’s older he’s actually terrible.
Canon or not or whatever, people liked Boba Fett because he was mysterious badass, not a bumbling grandpa who can’t do anything right.
It’s the same reason they like the Mandalorian.
On the other Ming Na Wen is awesome. It really should be the Book of Fennec Shand and her senile grandpa.
By the time Disney is finished with Star Wars it will be about as much left as The Christmas special.
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2022.01.22 03:31 MotokiKuN The Rumoi-Kushiro Line (Lore is purely up to your speculation)

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2022.01.22 03:31 tsnm7 Check

Check please
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2022.01.22 03:31 bigblueberryboobies Height (as in a persons height) is overrated.

I know so many guys who are 6ft 5 and say girls tell them they’re too big. There aren’t a lot of benefits to being tall, plus shorter people tend to live longer and healthier. People just like to pick on each other on height differences because it’s easy.
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2022.01.22 03:31 ProdigiousFlow I think this is already my favorite ADC

So, I have always liked the idea of playing adc, but I never really played the role very much because I found the champions boring except for a couple, mainly draven and ezreal. Now though, I think Zeri is my favorite by a long shot. See, I also play smite where I main ADC and have had to aim my auto attacks forever now so this comes naturally to me. It feels so much more engaging to me than just right clicking someone and much more satisfying to do well with. I also just really like her high tempo kit and visual effects. I was so disappointed when I first saw her splash art but she's changing my mind quick.
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2022.01.22 03:31 Time_Speaker4934 Impact of Blockchain Technology On Various Industries

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2022.01.22 03:31 giffyfruit C u later

I'm getting a BS in Computer Science. Intro to Programming I/II and Data Structures were in Java. I learned a bit of Python over break.
Now we're doing C++ to learn Parallel/Distributed Computing and Operating Systems.
C makes me want to tell my parents they're adopted.
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2022.01.22 03:31 SundaeTiny9964 Looking for sugar mommy

I'm a loyal baby looking for a sugar mom I'm 19m im down with whatever we can trade sexy pics, dirty talk,, it doesn't matter you can pay me with cash app or venmo dm if interested WOMEN ONLY
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2022.01.22 03:31 Tarotgirl97 Doing some free readings for those I'm drawn to 💜

Hey, I read quite a lot about until a year ago, I had a baby and it just sorta became difficult to do readings, but I'm very excited to start getting back into it but I need some more practice to refresh myself (now I'm getting a bit more sleep haha !)✨ so please keep that in mind as well haha ! Please only inbox me as I can't use chat rn . Depending on response I'll be accepting requests for like 48 hours or so 🙂✨
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2022.01.22 03:31 skycatminepokie [1.18.1] Looking for an item storage design

Hello! I'm trying to find a compact multi-item sorter design (multiple items in one chest). I like cubicmetre's "Encoded Multi Item Sorter", but I don't have access to shulker boxes (late game, but don't have access to end on the server rn). Anyone have some suggestions? I'm just starting doing more technical builds (the ones that you basically need litematica to do reliably), and I'm hoping to find a good entry point. It would be especially great if it was server-friendly, and I don't mind if it's noisy :P. Thanks!
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2022.01.22 03:31 redditmaster16 is this why he cant burn

is this why he cant burn
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2022.01.22 03:31 EARTHISLIFENOMARS Thoughts on ENTJ

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2022.01.22 03:31 Edik_Kryt Jaguar FH5

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2022.01.22 03:31 CyberMonkey8763 I (24M) need to know if it’s possible to remove dark circles under my eyes in under 3 days.

Hello. I have an event I am going to in around 3 days and I want to look the best I can. But there is one thing that has always bugged me, my dark circles under my eyes. They are certainly noticeable but isn’t the worst case I’ve ever seen. I searched up some home remedies for removing the circles and although they were helpful, they didn’t say how long it would take. The 3 major things I saw was water intake, head elevation, and sleep. I get around 7 hours of sleep and drink about 64 ounces of water a day. The one thing that is abnormal though is that I sleep on pretty flat pillows, so much so that my neck is at a negative slope. I found that this could cause dark circles under my eyes.
My question is what is the best course of action and more importantly, how quickly could that at least lessen the darkness under the eyes. Not sure if it’s the pillow thing alone or a combination of factors.
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2022.01.22 03:31 Electronic-Owl-4655 So like uh I have a request

Peeps dm me also if I didn’t message you back well I have a reason
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2022.01.22 03:31 FeralOnion [Co-op][Xbone][DS3] Consumed King's Garden

Looking for some jolly cooperation!
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2022.01.22 03:31 GoodKidMaadSuburb Spotted this at a local gas station

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2022.01.22 03:31 bluestarPA806 Coke Zero Sugar = Zero Variety. Maybe time for a change?

I am a T2 diabetic and I live in South Central PA. For many years I enjoyed multiple diet soda products introduced by Coca-Cola starting with Tab. Then Diet Coke was introduced I switched. Other varieties, too numerous to mention, came and went. I still fondly remember Diet Coke with Lime.
Finally Coke Zero was introduced and I enjoyed the taste so I changed again. Unfortunately the same cycle repeated as varieties were introduced, then discontinued. I really enjoyed CZ Cherry and CZ Orange Vanilla.
Now the never ending Pandemic comes along and all but Coke Zero disappear. Understandable.
But, variety is what keeps consumers buying.
And now two years later, at least in my area, rarely do any of the other Coke Zero or Diet Coke variations resurface.
Coca-Cola has finally worn me out waiting for a return of variety.
I have grown to enjoy Diet Dr. Pepper. My lifetime loyalty to Coca-Cola diet products has ended, at least for now.
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