Hey guys im super stressed so hopefully this can make you as happy as it made me.

Influence the Baby's Gender: A patch made it so that we can influence the gender of babies, so we can make the chance large that a baby girl or boy is born:. To be more likely to have a baby boy: Eat carrots and listen to alternative music on the radio.; To be more likely to have a baby girl: Eat strawberries and listen to pop music on the radio.; Doing both of these things during your ... Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm & Tours – Kona, Hawaii Farm Raised Seahorses and Marine Life for Personal and Commercial Aquariums. Acclaimed & Recognized Since 1998 – Ocean Rider is an organic Hawaiian-based aqua-farm that follows strict good farming practices and inspiring ocean awareness by saving endandered species.. Ocean Rider is one of Hawaii’s most popular attractions and, year-after ...

2022.01.28 20:03 Alarming-Mountain-89 Hey guys im super stressed so hopefully this can make you as happy as it made me.

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2022.01.28 20:03 GHero60 It’s the little things that give me pride in owning AMC stock. Webullshit uses “valued client” instead of my real name even though they know more about me. AMC feels personal and 1:1 even when they have no need to.

It’s the little things that give me pride in owning AMC stock. Webullshit uses “valued client” instead of my real name even though they know more about me. AMC feels personal and 1:1 even when they have no need to. submitted by GHero60 to amcstock [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 20:03 ROBOGAMER1516 Should I do a face reveal? First person I reply to gets to make the decision

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2022.01.28 20:03 ironmanon The guy is exceptional.

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2022.01.28 20:03 SpacePickle_TFTNW TFTNW - KITTY KKITTY #03 INELUCTABLE DUEL (2/3)

KITTY KITTY: Join sassy space cat Lee and his Desert Eagle-toting, soda-swigging human partner, Ali, in a future stuck in the late 80s/early 90s. Board the dynamic duo’s ship, the mythical Kitty, as they bounty-hunt their way through a dystopian solar system—so lock and load, and shout Cowabunga! because it’s crime-fightin’ time!
Read this chapter on Royal Road / Previous chapter - Next Chapter
The next days on Yggdrasil were far more pleasant. The company of this family proved to be very much appreciated. Benàn, for example, was an energetic teenager who couldn’t stop talking about his dreams of escape and space conquest. He was fed up with living in that aquarium, but his father had always resisted a premature departure.
Me dad promised to buy me a roun’ trip to Ceres-stad when I was twelve years old then a secon’ one when I was sixteen. And finally, let me leave for the Marine Academy once I reach my majority,” he told us once we were chilling under the shade of a giant amber-colored dandelion. “But he keeps renegin’ on his word! He believes I’m not ready!” Furious, he closed his record player and threw away the last Pepper Coke from our picnic. The can slowly swirled near a rotten log.
I was surprised when he mentioned the Academy. “I thought you wanted to be a pirate. Why would you join the Marine Corps?”
“To learn how to handle weapons! My pa refuses to let me use his and the armor he hides under his workbench. I don’t even know how to wield a revolver!”
Without a word, Ali nonchalantly passed him her gun, barrel in hand. I didn’t even realize she was listening. To doze off mid-conversation was a habit of hers.
The boy feigned hesitation, but the sparks in his eyes betrayed his excitement. My human didn’t need to insist any further, because seconds later he already had the gun well in hand. “It’s so frackin’ heavy,” he said. “It’s different with my virtual reality console.”
“Try it out,” Ali proposed as she put the needle back on the first track after reopening the portable turntable. From her chin, she then pointed to the soda can Benàn had thrown a few minutes earlier.
Together, they practiced in music all afternoon. The yardman’s son had almost exhausted Ali’s ammunition when Diligua picked us up for dinner on her flying Solex equipped with black sails.
This was our daily routine for the next two weeks: working in the morn, hanging out in the afternoon. We were so productive that Alàn no longer needed us to maintain the station. To be fair, I suspected he had dismissed us because of the meager gardening skills of my sapiens. Apparently, that girl had two left hands with no green thumb.
And it wasn’t even the funniest part.
“What’s happening to me?” Ali sobbed one night as the thermometer was going up.
“Unbelievable!” Alàn answered. “You’re without doubt allergic to real vegetables! Nobody’s allergic to real vegetables! What kind of human being are you?”
“Just gimme pizzas, you poisoner…” muttered my feverish nutrigel-raised partner, white as the giant tree’s leaves.
The next morning, Benàn finally introduced us to his secret spaceship hidden in the old external shipyard. He had begun to assemble her by repairing the worn parts of the deserted hangar with his mother’s tools. Her name was a testament to his ambitions: the Arcadia. I had to reckon this dynamic rascal was a skillful mechanic. However, he needed my skills to set up the control computer and program the post-nuclear engine’s out-of-gravity draining. Meanwhile, with a slice of pizza between her teeth, my sapiens was improving a jet-pack. The young boy had stolen a prototype from a pirate who stopped by a couple of months before.
In the evening, Ali and Benàn often exchanged stories about buccaneers and space adventurers. The young boy was fascinated by the freebooters from the Golden Age of Jupiter’s colonies: King Xiao and the Lost Triads, Grace Bonny the Traveler, Osborn the Freak or Marcellàn Iron Fists and his famous hand-to-hand fights. The latter was Benàn’s favorite and he would talk about him for hours. Our amateur raconteur wasn’t holding back his ardor. He knew hundreds of stories about pirates.
“It is said that the Sun King, Goldsun’s vessel, shines like a star. Forstår du? And that is how she camouflages herself in the celestial firmament!” Benàn exclaimed, showing Lady Goldsun, the privateer, the respect she deserved; and this, although she sided with the Marine on the recent conquest of Pluto. “Her fleet is so frackin’ fast that even the Marine’s Interceptors can’t compete in pure speed!”
Like everybody in Solaris, we already knew some of these tales. In fact, there were so many we couldn’t distinguish the truth from the myth. The majority of these criminals and adventurers had never existed.
The vacation was shortly coming to an end as the Kitty was only missing a few coats of paint. Alàn boasted every night that he would soon have one last job for us. Yet, I suspected him of monopolizing the floor so that his son would no longer broach the subject of his emancipation. And this was confirmed in the following twilight.
“Wait! Both of you. I gotta talk to ye.” He took a look at Benàn, who had grabbed his virtual reality console before going outside. “Erikthe station’s storekeepertold me that ye’ve emptied his entire soda supply,” he continued, clearing the remains of his nattmal. “Along with .50 AE ammunition. The kind of bullets we used to hunt hvaler—whales or Soviet cosmodons!’
“Sorry. We shouldn’t have hidden this from you,” Ali apologized. “We just wanted to teach the kid how to shoot.”
I saw Alàn smiling shyly through his beard. “There’s no harm, rest assured,” he said after a short silence. “I just yearn this pirate story would get outta his head…”
“He’s a descendant of the first settlers… of course he has a taste for adventure,” I reported.
Our host’s eyes were full of nostalgia. “Ja! I know. ‘was like him…”
“You wish…” corrected his wife, who was fixing a modulator in a corner of the room. “This child has more potential than the whole clan put together. He has passed the age to play with his Spirograph.”
“Again. I know. ‘saw the boy handling the absurd handgonne Ali uses,” admitted Alàn. “And for sure, he’s also undoubtedly smarter than me.”
“Why not let him go?” my human asked.
Alàn sighed. “There was an age when I craved to see what was happenin’ in the solar mines of Mercury and the colonies of the Outer Worlds.” The gardener then showed us his right leg by putting it on the table. His calf was studded with scars and burns. The same wounds slept under the dry earth that permanently covered his hands. “Twas a beautiful time of freedom that was already comin’ to an end,” he said as he readjusted his gray pants to hide this pink topographic map of Mars. “What will he find now? Cyber-psychos on the run? Irradiated moons? This durn Technocracy and its ruthless Marine, both corrupted by Lunapolis? Nej. There’s nothin’ for him in the deep space. This is the sad reality: the dream has faded.”
“The armor was from when you served?” I asked, alluding to Benàn’s words about the assisted exoskeleton.
“Served? I’ve never served anyone but the giant plants of Yggdrasil,” he said. Alàn scratched his beard; his gaze was lost in time. When he addressed us again, he made us promise to stop encouraging his son’s sweet utopias. After that, he floated off to the greenhouse on the second floor.
“How can we tell him that he’s living in his own illusion?” Diligua asked rhetorically. She had finished repairing the modulator but she threw it anyway; the day after, Benàn would secretly retrieve it to improve his radar system. She ultimately left the room after wishing us a good evening. Sadness could be seen on her face.
The final days were quieter. Diligua and the station’s technicians activated the wind turbines. This ingenious system dispensed a fine mist inside Yggdrasil and the fog invaded the large windows separating the pastoral town from the vacuum.
With the humidity, Ali’s haircut had doubled in volume, giving her a Bob Ross vibe. Benàn and I both enjoyed seeing her like this before she threw her iron cup at us. Despite the lack of gravity, it almost tore off my right ear.
“The mist will only last a few days. It’s good for the skin,” Alàn preached while finishing cooking tofu on the gas stove. “Just like the mud and—”
“Alàn—” Diligua cut him off before her commentary got interrupted by a knock on the giant mushroom’s door.
It was strange because since the beginning of our stay, nobody had come to visit Benàn and his family. From the yardman’s expression, this didn’t bode well.
“Enter!” Diligua shouted as she slid off the wood table to face this unexpected intruder.
The wooden door opened slowly before a man in a beige raincoat rushed inside. Water was dripping from the edges of his round hat and long pointed nose. He wiped his blond mustache from the back of his sleeve before plunging his gold circled gray eyes into each of ours. When he met Alàn’s gaze, he gasped, flabbergasted. “What a shock! What they say is true!” he shouted with a thick English accent, hands on his hips. “Marcellàn Iron Fists lives on this moldy stone!”
Marcellàn? Was he referring to the pirate? Marcellàn Iron Fists who pulverized his opponents with the strength of his fist? That Marcellàn would be Alàn?
Ali didn’t seem to make the connection. She was for the moment too busy finishing her meaty dagmal, the bottom of the bowl almost stuck to her forehead.
“I don’t know what ye’re talkin’ ‘bout,” coldly replied our host.
“Cut the crap, old fibber!” the visitor laughed. “I’m responsible for some scars on your back.” He opened his coat, revealing an AAJ’s badge and the stock of a rifle with a scope hanging from his shoulder.
I recognized him. We were looking at Nigel Hemingwest, a second-generation bounty hunter. Obnoxiously famous for his gross blunders from which he had always come out as white as snow.
“Marcellàn, who fought bare hands in his shiny red titanium armor, relegated to the simple rank of a petty gardener! This is beyond prodigious!” Hemingwest continued, taking a step towards the table.
He was stopped by Diligua, a sharp knife ready: “If you’re not here for any Yggdrasil-related business, I’d appreciate it if you’d get the hell out!”
Hemingwest stumbled backward, hands up, but visibly amused by the situation. “Lovely wife!” But the chauvinist’s smile faded as he looked at Ali who had now put her bowl back on the table. His eyes lingered for a moment on her own badge. “Anyway, I see that the bounty is already coveted…”
My partner wiped the tip of her nose with the back of her hand, also revealing her .50 caliber, before granting her unexpected opinion on the matter: “We ain’t give a shit about the dollar-credits. Alàn has offered us shelter and food. No harm will come to him from us.”
Hemingwest opened his eyes wide. It must have been a long time since he had been so dissed but unfortunately that was Ali’s trademark. Also, my associate indicated that she wouldn’t fulfill a contract, which was uncommon for an auxiliary; unusual and punished by a severe reprimand if the high authority got wind of it.
“Is that so?” Hemingwest squeaked before turning to Benàn’s father. “I’m no fool, Alàn the florist. I’ll be waiting for Marcellàn and his armor at the foot of the Big Tree for a duel tonight. A legend like him can’t refuse, even if he has pissed calcium for twenty years by living in low gravity. Otherwise, the whole system will learn where his pitiful family is hiding—rightly or wrongly!”
And Hemingwest left by slamming the door.
“Well, that explains all the praise for Marcellàn coming from Benàn!” I said to Ali, breaking the awkward silence.
“There’s no way I’m goin’ to accept this cursed challenge,” Alàn grumbled while sitting.
In front of him, Benàn had risen, red with anger: “Ye’re goin’ to let him humiliate you like that?”
“Can’t you see that your father has moved on?” his mother spoke in the same tone.
We didn’t say a word. Ali grabbed me by the paw before leaving the table. She had judged that the rest of the conversation had nothing to do with us. But when we arrived at the front door, Benàn passed us and withdrew first, visibly furious at Diligua’s answer.
“This Hemingwest klaphat hasn’t turned over a new leaf and I know him, he won’t let go,” Alàn grunted with his palms compressed against his eyes.
“We ignore if he doesn’t have any evidence. But if he does, I’d bet he has nothing solid and he’s attempting to bluff us…” Diligua said, trying to reassure her husband before we closed the door.
Outside, against his mother’s flying Solex, Benàn was tearing off pieces of brown moss covering the ramp to their fungal home. His anger had subsided and his eyes filled with tears when he saw us: “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you who my pa was… but you were bounty hunters…”
“All fathers have secrets,” I replied. “Yours is worth a lot of dollar-credits. And Hemingwest is no joke…”
“My pa hasn’t wrestled for decades,” Benàn explained. “And yet, even with porous bones, he could crush this rat’s skull if he wasn’t such a coward!” I noticed he had lost most of his Nordic accent.
“Your father is anything but a coward, you know…” Ali intervened, sitting next to him. “He’s just doing what parents do… trying to protect you.”
“Is he? Then why does he refuse to fight? Why did he stop his life as a pirate and adventurer? Why does he prevent me from leaving?” Benàn shouted as he stood up. “Because he’s a fraud!” Crying, he subsequently swam in the void before disappearing into the fog.
“What a bad-tempered brat!” my human grumbled.
“Don’t blame the boy,” said his father, who had joined us. “He also inherited the worst of his parents’ nature… especially his mother.”
A cast-iron cup coming from inside the house brushed against his head before getting lost in the mist.
“What are you going to do?” I asked.
“This afternoon? Spud the contours of the water recycler. And if ye’re not ashamed to help an old pirate, I can employ you for that last job,” he said. “As for tonight? Absolutely nothin’. Hemingwest could wait for the Ragnarök that I wouldn’t give him satisfaction.”
We worked alongside Alàn for the rest of the day. But not without concern because we had no news from Benàn. By dinner time, the teenager was still missing, which worried his mother, and rightly so.
“Alàn! Alàn!” The voice came from outside. The station storekeeper, Erik, stood below. “Alàn! You’re not gonna believe your ears!” he continued after we had joined him. “The pirate Marcellàn is on Yggdrasil… and he’s fighting Nigel Hemingwest!”
“He what?” the real Marcellàn roared.
The old pirate immediately jumped and grabbed the flying Solex before his wife took control of it. The machine unfolded its broad black wings and made its turbine roar then took off, forming a tunnel in the fog. Ali and I chased them to the foot of the Big Tree as it was there, in the center of the station, that Hemingwest had set its cruel rendezvous.
The Future That Never Was is an extended universe where Mars was terraformed before the Beatles sang Penny Lane, the Soviets colonized the asteroid belt and pirates plunder Saturn's rings. In this alternate space age, humankind couldn't dream of a brighter future. Alas, the minute Earth turned into a nuclear wasteland, shadows already conspired from the heart of the Moon to the mysterious Planet Nine—and maybe beyond...
Follow on Royal Road
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2022.01.28 20:03 SausageRabbit14 Demoralized by online dating

TL;DR Girl I was seeing for a few weeks showed all the signs of a great dating experience quickly turning into a relationship. Tells me that she wants much more of me and then immediately takes it back and doesn't want to see me anymore stating that she wasn't that attracted to me.
Hello everyone,
I've been using OLD on and off for the last two years and yesterday I "rage quit" everything. I've had a slow fade and straight up ghosting from two people who I got along excellently with over text (I'm aware of the dangers of building someone up over text). I was sad about those instances since we seemed to be doing well in-person and it would have been nice to see these women again.
However, last night was the worst. I had been seeing this girl for 2 weeks and we had seen each other 4 times. We held hands, cuddled and kissed on our 5 hour first date. Since then we had talked on the phone at least every second day and texted throughout the day. She always told me how great I was and that texting me on her lunch break was the best part of her day. In person she'd grab for my hand or cuddle up and kiss me. She'd mention future dates like "I can't wait until we can spend a whole weekend together away", or "when it gets warmed we need to go geocaching together". Anyways...
Last night we talked on the phone the day after our most recent date that went better than the previous ones. She said how she wanted to see me more than two times a week going forward since "we get along like a house on fire". She mentioned that she was nervous about saying she wanted to see me more than twice a week because she scared off previous boyfriends by doing that. I told her I'd love to see her more.
After that she said that she's worried about how "gentlemanly" I am; she's not used to guys opening doors for her, making sure she doesn't walk in the mud, etc. She said she's worried about how "put together I am" since I have a PhD/career in my field, and that we're different people. I told her that I understand how that may seem intimidating, but that she doesn't need to worry. She said she's not sure anymore about seeing me next week (10 minutes after saying she wanted to see me more) and she's not sure she could ever feel comfortable fitting into my life. From there it degraded into her saying we shouldn't see each other anymore.
I was gobstruck - jaw-dropping "what the fuck just happened?". I couldn't even speak, and she asked me if I was still there, and I told her I was but I have no idea how to respond. She goes on to say that she thinks that she wasn't really attracted to me and never really felt "the spark with me". I sat there and said "you aren't.... attracted to me? Well, that's a surprise". Then she wishes me good luck and I hang up.
I have no reason to dig into this more than her word - apparently she wasn't attracted to me? But why go through all the trouble? Why tell all the lies? Why put on a face? She was the first person I've met in the last few months I actually liked. I feel unattractive, awful, and paranoid. She was so convincing that everything was amazing and I bought it hook, line and sinker. How are you supposed to go out there again feeling like nothing is real?
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2022.01.28 20:03 m00nbum $15 (Reg. $30) 3-Pack Adidas Men's erformance Long Boxer Briefs

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2022.01.28 20:03 silvercard1 [FS][US-AZ] Used Supermicro 846


Hello. I am selling a Supermicro 846 Server. Bought this locally for Unraid. It came with the corsair fans all taped up. Was used about 6 months and was shut down since life got too busy with the little one. I do know that drive 1 doesn’t not work dude to the broken sas cable as seen in the picture. I do have the original fan bracket with the fans as well. Im just throwing a price out but obviously open to offers. Local and will ship which will be very expensive I’m assuming at buyers cost. Asking for $350 OBO
Local 85016
Supermicro 846
SAS846TQ Backplane
Supermicro X9DLR-iF
E5-2650V2 Xeon Processors
LSI SAS9207-8i IT Mode
HP 24-28 Bay Port 6G SAS SATA Expander Card 468406-001
2- 16GB PC3-8500R Ram
4- 4GB PC3-10600R
Comes with original rails
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2022.01.28 20:03 TheKeefy Former Dark Tranquility Guitarist Fredrik Johansson Has Died

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2022.01.28 20:03 everybreathwedrewwas Hermes loves the game, mostly because it has a lot of lights, but we like to pretend it's because of his namesake:)

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2022.01.28 20:03 VestigeRepel With the world full of awful people, what are some genuinely great people out there?

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2022.01.28 20:03 eldi89 EX never wants to see me again because I told him no for the first time. Is this normal

This is going to be very long. Met my ex in June 2020. Quite quickly, within a few weeks it changed and I started noticing red flags. He asked me about previous men, I answered, and he made me get out his car and told me he didn’t want to talk. Another time I guessed where we was going out to eat and he got so angry and started pacing up and down the High Street kicking curbs. He then told me he was angry because he wanted to surprise me and felt like he had ‘let me down’.
He would call me randomly to say he felt things getting serious and didn’t want a label incase ‘he hurt me’. I didn’t put pressure and said ok. He moved into his own place that was 2hrs away and I made it work. I don’t drive but would travel on buses/tubes to him. At all hours. 8pm, 7am, midnight. He called shortly after moving and said he liked me too much, didn’t like the feeling and wanted to sleep with someone else. I didn’t fight it and said fine. He then called the next day apologising and said he hasn’t had a girlfriend before and was worried.
Each week, I would travel to him. He would tell me he wanted to be catered for. So I cooked, I cleaned, massaged him. I would pay for everything - all the ingredients for food id make him (I didn’t used to eat it), all the cab journeys to him when he demanded me there. Each month he would still end things for any reason. I once didn’t massage him as I was tired, and he kicked off and made me leave his place at 2am knowing I don’t drive. Each time I would spend days crying and begging for him to forgive me.
Moved into a place together in March 2021, his idea. Within a month, he wanted to move out because he felt ‘trapped’. He said this after I caught him on the phone speaking about a girl in a sexual manner. He went crazy, said he hated me and wished he never met me. I refused to hand my notice in as per his request, as we was 3 weeks into a 12 month lease. I packed some stuff to go to my mums and threw the tv remote. He called our landlord to say I was abusive and dangerous.
He made my life hell for days. He recorded me crying, sent it to my family. Found my family on social media and sent them around 50 messages begging them to ‘talk sense into me and to leave the flat’. He came back around 4 days later and we got back together.
A month later It was my birthday. We argued over something small and he told me he doesn’t want to be with me, I made him so unhappy he ‘wanted to self harm’, and it was the worst day of his life meeting me. The same evening, he went out and I realised he took condoms. When I confronted him, he lied and said I was crazy and imagining things. He later admitted it.
The next day, I tried to talk to him. He put his earphones in, started singing and ignored me. He would often do this in arguments and would always gives the silent treatment. I sat on the floor trying to talk to him. I touched his arm to get his attention and he accused me of trying to sexually harass him and ‘touch him without his consent’. He then started to record me on his phone and threatened to send it to landlord and others to ‘prove I was crazy’
With everything else he has said, past allegations about abuse to our landlord, the self harm claims, and now sexual abuse, I called UK 101 for advice as I was unsure on his next steps. They sent officers and made him leave and stay the night at his parents. No charges were made or logged and I didn’t say anything bad about him either. Just the claims he had made against me and the video.
Since that day, he moved out and told everyone I tried to ruin his life and he cannot forgive me
He blocked me for weeks, then wanted sex and came back. Then told me again he didn’t want to see me. He told me I’m dangerous, unsafe, can’t be trusted, crazy. He doesn’t realise I needed to protect myself. I spent months after borderline suicidal and couldn’t cope with being ignored, not being heard and being portrayed as a bad human. He wouldn’t give me the time of day. This was 7 months ago. 2 months after everything happened and months of arguing, I went silent. He then came back and we have been fwb for the past few months.
He would ask me to pay for takeout, or make him food as ‘an apology’. I spent so much money and time trying to make things up to him. In this time I got accused of sleeping around, constantly reminded of the police thing and often ignored over text.
Since September our flat has gone and we moved separately. He suggested still seeing eachother so we have been. Each time I’ve seen him, I pay for hotels, pay for any food we order. Whether it’s £40-£50. I don’t take a penny from him and never have. He has never once bought me anything. I still get reminded of calling 101 and since September I’d say he has told me around 5 times he doesn’t want to see me again, to change his mind a few days later.
Recently I have been noticing how silly I look. He doesn’t respond to texts, ignores me etc. Only is nice when we’re in hotels wnd food is being bought. I saw him 3 weeks ago and wanted to stand my ground. I told him I wasn’t paying for all the food and wanted £5 towards it. He went crazy telling me I’m selfish, that he moved out but still paid half the rent (he legally had to as per our landlord), and that he ‘can’t believe me’. The silent treatment started and I said I’d leave to avoid an argument starting. He leaped up and I tried to explain my side and tried to get him to stay. I sat down and he went mad telling me I haven’t changed; he never wants to see me again and that he’s done.
I’ve tried to explain, tried to apologise and he keeps telling me I’m dangerous and unsafe to be around. I feel terrible and I’m embarrassed. I feel hurt that I’ve done so much but get portrayed badly. He ignores all my messages. Says we can be friends, ignores me again. I feel like all my pride has gone and he sees me as a joke for trying so hard. I have messaged non stop for months and just feel upset with myself and to blames
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2022.01.28 20:03 sherbrooke688 Got my first interview invite today!

Because it’s a small program, I won’t say which specifically, but the interview is with the Faculty of Modern Languages at Oxford! Any advice on preparing?
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2022.01.28 20:03 archibald_fizz Each AFL team shows up to a party. What type of ‘person’ is each team?

Yeah yeah it’s everywhere but let’s do this ey
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2022.01.28 20:03 parkstar86 Dr. Malone’s Substack has caught up to more than half of CNN’s ratings 😂 @ChiefNerd

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2022.01.28 20:03 TheMayMayMakers No need to thank me, (Post by u/Dollon_da_God)

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2022.01.28 20:03 Nordaca The cake is a lie!

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2022.01.28 20:03 jason4judgesomeday weekly covid update

Temporary plateau. New record on percentage of occupied beds occupied by covid (37%+), marginal drop off in cases.

Note: ventilator use has never meaningfully correlated to any other statistic, so tracking there is being discontinued.

Hopefully we're on the down-side of this whole idiot mess.
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2022.01.28 20:03 Professional_Ratio_2 HK "Clone" with USP

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2022.01.28 20:03 maurosgatos7 Oh well,here we go again.

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2022.01.28 20:03 hasjjdjxjz So horny over Molly. Dm me

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2022.01.28 20:03 itsiliyas Could they eza this celebration

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2022.01.28 20:03 Spikerazorshards Is there any audio or video of Bill’s bit about airplane announcements with each part ending with something like “thank you for flying with United, a member of the One world Alliance.”

I only saw him perform it once live, and really wished I could’ve heard it with his special that came out a few months later, but it was left out.
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2022.01.28 20:03 clideb50 What Kuva/Tenet weapons would you like to see added to the game?

Personally I’d love for DE to create Kuva Gorgon, Tenet Dera, and Tenet Supra.
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2022.01.28 20:03 gekkoheir What is your favorite national anthem from the world besides your own country?

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