With the Bitcoin hash rate at an all-time high, difficulty adjustment is also gearing up for a massive ~9% increase on Friday, to a new all time high

2022.01.18 06:45 AlonShvarts With the Bitcoin hash rate at an all-time high, difficulty adjustment is also gearing up for a massive ~9% increase on Friday, to a new all time high

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2022.01.18 06:45 sonyfuchs Schachtelhalm

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2022.01.18 06:45 nirvana5b Contra polarização, França faz experiência democrática de voto por pontos em primárias presidenciais

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2022.01.18 06:45 arnomk Современи стрип-цртачи

Во оваа рубрика ќе претставуваме современи стрип-цртачи од светот. Почнуваме со Џејсон (Jason), норвешки стрип-цртач познат по својот минималистички, чист стил, под влијание на ligne claire на Hergé ии Даниел Клауз (Daniel Clowes), американски карикатурист, илустратор и сценарист, со неколку
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2022.01.18 06:45 KolatBlue Is there any IT related jobs that are tied to environmental work?

Probably a better place to post this honestly, but I felt it couldn't hurt asking here too.
Little bit of background in case it's important but it's probably not:
I have education in environmental sciences (specifically in the fields of climate science and hydrology) and for a time was doing a lot of field work, however due to circumstances I am now a paraplegic and that's not gonna work out so well now lmao. Lab work is also unfortunately out of the question.
I have settled into an IT position (I do not yet currently hold an IT related degree which I think may work in my favour in some ways, as I will be able to steer a degree in a certain position if needs be) but I am currently employed in an IT position and I have some IT certificates, but otherwise I'm still fairly fresh.
Probably-not-important background aside: is there any occupations that are in the broader IT field that also have some ties to environment work? It's something I'm passionate about and had geared my life towards in the first instance.
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2022.01.18 06:45 39icilib my basement flooded and my lumber is soaked

Hello all,
I keep all of my lumber in my basement in stacks to air dry. I mostly do luthier work and so my collection includes mahogany walnuts maple ebony paduk. The pieces have been air drying / waiting on average 6 to 18 months.
Unfortunately my pipes burst and leaked a bunch of water right on top of my stacks of wood. I inspected most of the pieces and it looks like they were all more or less soaked.
I don't know what to make of this situation. I'm sure they are not trash at this point but I wanted to see if I can get some knowledge on this subject. Does anybody have any experience with this?
Thank you all, I appreciate any info, take care.
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2022.01.18 06:45 Puzzleheaded-Row-652 Does CFA suffice for those having a 3-years bachelor instead of 4 that is required for many US universities? Or is it merely a professional qualification?

Hi, want to know if i plan to apply for US universities (many of which accept a 4 year bachelor degree). I did my bachelor's is only of 3 years and I was hoping if Cfa would suffice for the one year that I lack or should I again for a one year masters.
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2022.01.18 06:45 alexjuliya9 Sad Kitten needs help, please ;)

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2022.01.18 06:45 shinysilk Which bloodwork to pick? No effect from test-e 500mg

I'm on week 16 of my (first) 20 week test-e 500mg/wk cycle. And honestly i know i've waited too long but i'm gonna get bloodwork because my gains have been well, pretty much non existent.
I only have some minor strength gains but honestly that could also be me working my ass off and eating right the past 16 weeks. I got 0 water weight, just a tiny increase in pimples on my back and also a tiny increase in hair shedding.
The test-e comes from a reputable source, i'm pretty sure there is another reason for me not responding to it. What that reason is? I got no clue.
Some background information about me: 25, 6ft3, skinny build, played professional sports throughout my life until like 3 years ago, some years lifting experience as well as having worked as a personal trainewent to school for it etc.
The past year or 2 i was done with being skinny and upped my lifting game and diet, and worked with a dietician/personal trainer for like 10 months before i started my first (i know, too early, first cycle).
When i went to school around age 16 to become a sports trainer etc. Like half our days were sporting and working out, most of the guys around me kinda got the whole ass "puberty + lifting gains" while i stayed skinny, but not very lean, and weak. (I was definitely undereating at this time). Not very manly looking etc.
I look around and see people who pick up lifting make amazing gains, especially the first 12 months, for me it has always been neglectible as well as my strength gains/hitting plateaus very fast, seeing no results etc.
My genetics? Well, i'd say i have shit muscle building genetics, but i got very good genetics for endurance sports (which i dislike) and a very high vo2 max. My little brother (22) who eats like shit, abuses alcohol/weed, lives unhealthy and never works out or sports, is pretty much my weight but leaner, he has way more definition and more raw strength as well. So i'm not sure if its genetics.
What else could it be? I'm currently 6ft3 - 81kg - eating 4200 calories currently and tracking my macros, i've always lived a healthy lifestyle and pre-cycle bloodwork showed my normal test somewhat high, but my free test mid/low.
I'd like to get bloodwork done to see my on cycle levels, to i know the test-e is working, so i can be sure the issue comes from something else.
These are my only options for bloodwork, which one should i pick?:
Test 1: Testosteron, LH, Free Testosteron, SHBG
Test 2: ASAT, ALAT, Gamma GT, Kreatinine, Cholesterol, Free Testosteron, Total Testosteron, SHBG, Albumine, LH, FSH, Creatine kinase, eGFR
Test 3: DHEA's, Testosteron, Free Testosteron, SHBG, Kreatinine, eGFR
Inb4: "eat more" i've worked wiyh a dietician and we've been tracking everything for months and adjusting the calories etc. I'm currently on a surplus of like 500, gaining weight but most of that goes to my stomach (very easy to lose it as well).
Anyone can help me out here? :)
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2022.01.18 06:45 ShadowSpade00 Fucking my friends ex

Ok so I made a dummy account to share this because after reading so many stories, It made me want to share my own.
So this story kinda has a long spanned to it. I always had a thing for my friends girl back in high school, I actually wanted to ask her out myself before he ever noticed her but I wasn't as confident back in the day. So about a year or so after high school she decided to leave him for whatever reason. I don't remember how but we started texting back and forth for a while. I remember it killing time at the graveyard job I had at the time. Now when I get a good vibe with a girl I chat with I'll sometimes playfully flirt, nothing serious, it's just who I am. But to my surprise she flirted back, and after admitting to her I found her cute, she admitted to me that she always had a thing for me and actually preferred me to my friend, but never knew how I felt about her. (Stupid high school me I know) so we continued flirting and chatting for about a week till one night she told me she was going to go shower. I jokingly told her to snap some pictures, still not thinking much would come from our chats, and to my surprise she sent a very reveling pic of her holding up a towel in front of her clearly nude body. It wasn't anything crazy but being how I had crushed on this girl for years now to finally see anything of her was so joyous to me.
So fast forward a bit, we agreed to hang out at my place when no one was home. We had agreed to keep everything on the down low, no one knew about us and the taboo of both her being the ex of a friend and our relationship being kept a secret was something that really turned us both on. So she shows up at my place, first time ever she's at my place without my friend by her side. She messages me telling me she's outside, I was laying on the couch so I replied for her to come in. She rushes in, locked the door behind her and immediately takes her pants off. (Panties still on along with a t shirt) then jumps onto me and very passionately makes out with me. Now this caught me by surprise. I was expecting a little build up but our text conversations at that point had gotten pretty hot so I understood she wanted it. I tried to contain myself so I could enjoy this moment of our tongues dancing together and my hands exploring her body for the first time. I flipped us over to where I was on top and continued kissing as i started to rub my fingers on her pussy over her clearly soaked panties. After some moaning I stopped everything and laughed a bit, she hated that I had stopped the teasing I was doing but we looked into each others eyes for the first time with lust on our faces instead of hiding it like we had to before. All those years of her coming over for hang outs. I had always checked her out in those nice jeans she would wear, but now I had her in her panties on my couch and nothing or no one was gonna stop us from the craving we always had for each other. I sat up and told her to stand in front of me, she did so and took her shirt off. I pulled her close and grabbed her ass, and spanked it. It was so nice, she leaned down to kiss me once more and as we did I pulled my cock out and guided her hand to it. We continued kissing as she gladly stroked me, I could feel her excitement in her breathe as she kissed me. I slid her panties off and she unclipped her bra off. She stopped kissing for a second only to reveal that I was the first person she's ever gotten fully nude for this quickly. I smiled and showed my appreciation by kissing her passionately and running my lips down to her breast and sucked on her nipples. At this point my cock was throbbing and my fingers were dipping with her juices. I grabbed her by the ass and popped her on my lap, my cock slowly sliding into her wet pussy. She felt so good and let out a loud moan. I looked into her eyes as she rode and bounced on me. After all the times I fantasized about what would I do if I ever had her, I was now balls deep in her while she loudly moaned my name. What will forever stay in my memory only lasted a few minutes due to how excited I was. When I felt I was going to blow, I let her know and she jumped down to her knees and eagerly opened her mouth to catch my load and swallowed every drop. She licked my cock clean and afterwards we quickly cleaned up so she could leave before anyone discovered us.
This is my first time writing one of these and definitely the frist time I've shared that day with anyone. There was many more days like this one so if there's interest I might share more.
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2022.01.18 06:45 noodle_whore69 Droopy smiley face for my mate.

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2022.01.18 06:45 bH506 Website is live! Token Private Sale is to be started soon and we collected $600k so far... This is just the beginning stay tuned.... https://t.co/b8ZMZiwShf #Recruit #consultancy

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2022.01.18 06:45 Puzzleheaded_Ebb9874 They go in depth regarding everything about the idea and possible future

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2022.01.18 06:45 yvesdan78 No cap ! how long do you think you can last with her on your dick ?

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2022.01.18 06:45 papimolester Omnicron.

Why are people such assholes I just got covid and I'm sure it's because I went to the hospital and this guy didn't keep any distance and started coughing like an ass. And when I told him to get back a few meters he got offended ... I have a flight in two days now I have to be in isolation because of that mf.
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2022.01.18 06:45 Zenssei der rock (real image from german class)

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2022.01.18 06:45 The_RoBBA The Robba - I Love you more - Multi Genre

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2022.01.18 06:45 DartBatiatus This is going to be BBIG day and even BBIGer week.

BBIG Pre-Market Quotes
This page refreshes every 30 seconds.
Data last updated Jan 18, 2022 04:42 AM ET.
Consolidated Last Sale $4.63 +0.56 (+13.76%)
Pre-Market Volume1,044,536
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2022.01.18 06:45 bobbyUP-MKII Leah Marie Sands

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2022.01.18 06:45 DisneyDilemmaBot How to Act Like a Hipster

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2022.01.18 06:45 stockinvest-us EWBC: Signal Alert - PivotPoint bottom identified

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2022.01.18 06:45 waterproof77 I wish my dad was like that

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2022.01.18 06:45 warrior641 Which one is usually more physically attractive, gold diggers or clout chasers?

To me, it’s seems like a lot of gold diggers are very attractive and I don’t think I have ever seen an ugly gold digger and if I have to be with one of the two it would be a gold digger.
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2022.01.18 06:45 Li_Jingjing While the FBI now is praising Martin Luther King Jr, it once plotted to "neutralize" him, spying on him, blackmailing him, and calling him an “evil, abnormal beast”. A 1999 civil court case revealed that US police agencies were even involved in assassinating MLK. Source from The Grayzone.

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2022.01.18 06:45 Berkamin ELI5: what happens to prior COVID variants when a new variant sweeps the earth?

All the prior variants are all pandemic-level contagious diseases that don't cease to be dangerous, so are they all spreading in the wild as well, or is there something about a new variant that actually makes prior variants go extinct?
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