2022.01.26 07:22 FaktiMaan69 IWFTR

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2022.01.26 07:22 weird_economic_forum Flowerpornoes - I Never Wanted To Fall In Love With Brix Smith

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2022.01.26 07:22 anonymous-shad0w U.K. Covid-19: Dentists Say Extra Funding Not Enough For ‘Huge Backlog’

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2022.01.26 07:22 GirlOfTheOrient Sakit

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2022.01.26 07:22 itsnotthatdeepbrah What actions do you think the FED will take today?

As we’re all well aware, the FED will be addressing the markets today in what is arguably the most pivotal meeting for the industry since the initial outbreak of the pandemic in 2020.
Everyone seems certain that the market will continue to tank and is incredibly bearish.
Personally, I think that the fed will have no choice but to walk the tightrope of not raising rates too high so that the entire stock market does not implode, while also simultaneously calming the markets down to curb inflation fears.
They will most likely give a hard talking to do xyz while not doing anything at all. The fact that the markets even reacted the way it did in the first place, based off speculation on what the fed will do and not what it has actually done, indicates that we are indeed a very chaotic everything bubble and the fed is well aware of this.
Also factoring in that mid terms are around the corner, it’s everyone’s best interest within government to keep the stock market above water for the foreseeable future.
Heck, even the ECB have come out to confirm that they will NOT act faster to combat inflation
All in all, every indicator to me suggests that it’s the perfect time to be bullish. Fear is almost as high as the 2020 sell offs over a fricking announcement. Wall St is treating BTC like their risk assets and tech stocks while on chain analysis indicates that there are now more hodlers from retail and miners than ever before and constantly on the uptick. The hodlers and the consistency of DCA will pay off big time.
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2022.01.26 07:22 FoggyDanto Male and female friendship

Can men and women be friends?
It's something new the modern generation is trying.
Majority of women claim men and women can be friends whereas the majority of men claim they can't.
First of all, these genders are different; they have a different purpose in nature and hence have adapted differently; they do their things differently; reason differently, have different life strategies; socialize differently etc
Successful platonic genuine male-female friendships usually involves one person losing their gender identity to fit in. This could either mean a woman acquiring male attributes; reasoning and acting like a man. Or a man becoming and acting more feminine to fit in among the girls.
Naturally all males in the animal kingdom were given this urge to spread their genes to as many females their ability, wit could enable them. Since pregnancy is expensive, the male had to provide something or everything to the female; the female was made to demand from the male to be given any chance.
These natural adaptations are unconsciously brought in friendships with many men claiming male-female friendships women are always asking for favours (could be financial etc) with them not gaining anything, those favours back. Women on the hand claim in male-female friendships, men asking for sex.
Now to curb these challenges in male-female friendships while ensuring the genders do not suffer gender identity lose in the need to fit in with the other, people have adopted to things like not interacting much, choosing friends in the same career to have something to talk about, choosing friends who are already in relationships etc
I believe men and women can be true platonic friends if the friendship is not one-sided. Nobody should feel like hey there is nothing I am gaining from this friendship, I am the one doing everything and not receiving anything.
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2022.01.26 07:22 NotTheTrueKing What's easy for you isn't easy for someone else.

This post is aimed almost entirely at the upper-end PvE players (i.e. those chasing trifectas, godslayer, even vet HM's, etc). I've seen a trend among players, especially higher end PvE players, of immediately jumping on and demeaning other players achievements because they deem something as "not hard". The most recent example I've seen was someone completing vet scalecaller peak for the first time and, while much of the response was positive, he immediately got harangued by one or two sweaties whose best response was "oh, but it's not even hard".
Just because something isn't hard for you doesn't mean it isn't hard for someone else and I don't give a shit who you are and what you've accomplished, you have no right to demean someone else's achievements because you see yours as more worthy. Sometimes it feels almost like an ego thing, good players trying to make themselves feel more important by putting down others, and I am absolutely convinced it's a huge reason why many players won't even touch harder PvE content. Being told repeatedly by some godslayer who's poured thousands of hours into the game that non-HM vSS isn't hard, and then wiping on your first try is an incredibly disheartening experience and it's shameful that this behavior is so acceptable and widespread in the PvE community.
If someone does something and you have nothing good to say, just don't say anything at all.
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2022.01.26 07:22 DT7890 Stabila

Stabila We at #Stabila think the biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.
#Stabila #Decentralized #STB
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2022.01.26 07:22 Quackkz Does anyone use a YubiKey and play Valorant?

Me being paranoid about everything, have recently picked up a YubiKey 5 NFC for my 2FA account safety. I want to just make sure nothing is going to happen with Vanguard when I connect it to my pc to sign in with an account. Anyone have one? I've submitted a ticket to riot asking them to confirm its safe to use but just wondering if anyone else has used one with no problems?
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2022.01.26 07:22 iwaq8 Sarada wants to become the hokage, we all know that. But will she achieve that dream since the age of shinobi is over?

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2022.01.26 07:22 prokrearme [Oc] I want you to meet Barrick, the dunexplorer! Swipe to see the process.

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2022.01.26 07:22 Acidzolam 25 [M4F] up for everything:)

Hey there, I am Darius, 25,enjoy playing videogames, Listen to music and meet my friends. :) If you wanna Chat just message me :)
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2022.01.26 07:22 synth2008-2019 Create Eagle Logo. Made in Inkscape (Speed Art)

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2022.01.26 07:22 MentalTest2 Karma for Karma 🥰🥰 Upvote

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2022.01.26 07:22 prophylaxitive You can add the words "love" or "in love" to any movie title. How has the plot changed?

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2022.01.26 07:22 TopBrammetje123 Join the Alpha Kongs Club Discord Server!

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2022.01.26 07:22 Wild_Rutabaga_3099 Unhappy CS major

Throwaway since I might be identifiable to some people IRL.
My question is: Am I in the wrong field, or am I just doing something wrong?
Ok, this is going to be long.
I'm a CS major in my third year, currently the equivalent of a second year student because I switched degrees from physics. I did it because it's simply the more practical choice. Most physics graduates don't even end up with jobs in physics at all. Additionally, I've heard a lot of grad school horror stories, and as someone with mental health issues, I thought it would be wiser to go elsewhere instead of following my "passion."
I like CS a little bit, just a bit. I also thought that as a science enthusiast, it was close enough I'd eventually find a subfield I'll be into. I thought that it would be enough, that the practicality would pull me through, but I'm so deeply unhappy. I cannot believe this is going to be my job. I have trouble keeping myself falling asleep learning new material, coding, or watching videos on algorithms. I feel like I've trapped myself and it's too late to get out, since for reasons I cannot specify, I need to graduate undergrad as soon as I am able.
I only feel alright when I'm doing say, mathematics. I like math well enough, and I can tolerate doing it for hours on end. As for my physics subjects, I have mixed feelings about them, because I like the material, but it sucks that I quit and this is all I'm going to learn. I try to make myself feel better by telling myself, alright, this can be boring sometimes. It's not all good. Being a physicist isn't glamorous. The competition is intense. But it doesn't really work. Until now, I'm having a hard time accepting that I'm not going to be a scientist. Wow. I gave it up. I put that dream down. Okay. Alright.
I'm trying to like computer science, but so far I've been running around trying this or that in my free time with nothing really sticking. What I have now is beginner's knowledge in all sorts of things, from basic web development to network security, and all I'm getting is... That I don't want to do this. They say build projects you want, so I'm trying to do that, although there's nothing I particularly want to build. I also hear machine learning is basically math underneath, so I'm learning a bit of that now.
Maybe I don't have to like my future job. Maybe I can hate it and stick to it because it's comfortable, so I can just choose one of the things I've started with already and make a portfolio out of it. Or maybe it's not even that bad, and knowing what it's like to be nuts about something for years on end (about physics) has just skewed my perception. Because I'm pretty sure if I had gone with physics I might have kept a little infosec as a hobby.
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2022.01.26 07:22 feedimo Sean Payton, coach who transformed New Orleans Saints, resigns from job

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2022.01.26 07:22 Second-Critical Bred

The breddy kind
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2022.01.26 07:22 Fancy-Log-2222 Jason Paige Singing the Original Pokemon Theme - The endearment is real.

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2022.01.26 07:22 BizDemia Would u b interested to read evidence based information on business issues?

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2022.01.26 07:22 arieltheripper Lmao

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2022.01.26 07:22 feedimo Ivory Coast v Egypt has a climactic feel but don’t expect the goals of 2008 | Jonathan Wilson

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2022.01.26 07:22 nightvixon Slash map easter egg

I've been going around Slash in Co-op hoping to find an easter egg in the new map. I though they'd put one similar to the Clash map where after lighting the five sarcophagus the pyramid will explode revealing the Eye of Horus, I don't know if there's any on this map but I didn't find something.
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2022.01.26 07:22 ElizabethDebicki Cobie Smulders

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