Bill’s scared of the vacuum.

2022.01.25 01:56 bokbessiegq Bill’s scared of the vacuum.

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2022.01.25 01:56 Secret_Manufacturer3 Fine, I'll do it myself

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2022.01.25 01:56 LeonieRdb [XB1] H: 2x VE1A G-P - TSE250 Gauss W: only Legacy offer No low ball please

this is a non-umbreak pair
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2022.01.25 01:56 No_Seaweed6365 Tnt cannons don’t work (bedrock)?

So I have played Minecraft for quite a while and I’m creative I loved making tnt player launchers on my Xbox I got to now where I play on a realm on (Xbox 1) with some friends and wanted to make a launcher I made the system with obsidian red stone and the water in the center turned it on the tnt went off and I went nowhere do these cannons not work in survival on bedrock?
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2022.01.25 01:56 650tk Drinking to get her out of my head, is it worth it?

I don’t drink but I will start if it means getting her out of my head, don’t try to give me other solutions, be honest with me boys and tell me if it’ll work or not it’s so stressful having her in my head.
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2022.01.25 01:56 ThatGuyTheyCallAlex A customer came into my store today wearing a Trump 2024 hat

I live in Australia
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2022.01.25 01:56 Gurdialhundal Do porcelain tiles need heated floors???

Hey there, I’m building a new house I really really want these 24x24 porcelain tiles on the main floor but my contractor advised me heated flooring is mandatory, I’m guessing that’s gonna throw the costs through the roof? Is he right or misinformed? Any way around this??? I live up in Canada hits -35°c it’s also on acerage
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2022.01.25 01:56 asxtrella Trading/selling MC heels, Val Skirt, and MCN

Also trading hal19 for halos
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2022.01.25 01:56 JsFunLife My favorite photos of Cycle 3!

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2022.01.25 01:56 imsinewiththsbs Conversation

Like the messages on Grindr go no where and usually end with none of us talking anymore. Sometimes I literally have nothing to say how do you guys make conversations?
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2022.01.25 01:56 SunsCanucks Devin Booker took 35 shots today, his second highest mark in a game. He took 40 shots in his 70 point game.

He had 33 points. Definitely not his best performance but the Suns still got the job done.
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2022.01.25 01:56 model-kyosanto [Op-Ed] Ukraine, Pacifism and Authoritarianism - My Thoughts

Once again we see another nation on the verge of falling to the forces of an authoritarian dictatorship, Russia in this case. The grips of dying authoritarians know no bound, and will use any opportunity to consolidate power. A war is what Russia wants and they’re looking for any excuse to have one.
As we see the United States and United Kingdom move to send arms and troops to the border, we are sliding backwards into the hypocrisy of modern diplomacy, one where we claim to endorse and practice pacifist and diplomatic ideals. It is slightly ironic that a Government that seemingly was happy to end the war in Afghanistan is now playing into America’s hand with the war mongering and arms dealing we see with Ukraine. However I am sure this is a move by the UK with little area for movement, without their European Union backing they are forced into lockstep with the United States and their foreign policy decisions.
Primarily it is the United States that is now trying to whitewash the armament of a state, and it’s guerilla groups. Using terms like “lethal aid” which seek to somehow misrepresent what weapons dealing is, when it is simply just that, the dealing of weapons.
The United Kingdom should simply not engage in this needless tension increasing and warmongering that plays directly into the hands of the Russian Government and their oligarchs. To remain a nation that respects itself, we must remain stern in our commitment to pacifism and the ideals of peace, urging for a diplomatic solution to these issues. We know that Russia is driven to these crazed concepts because of the economic and internal pressure caused by sanctions and diplomatic cordon sanitaires, and the pressure is mounting on Putin to deliver a bargaining chip to end the sanctions and gain favour again with the people and oligarchs. It is clear that we are now playing into their game, responding to their actions with similar ones, letting the pot boil and not turning down the heat. It is a somewhat accepted inevitability now that we shall find ourselves in some form of conflict with the Russian Federation, but this is only because the United States and ourselves are eager to bolster our troops and send arms to Ukraine. France and Germany, our neighbours, are both urging for a diplomatic solution that allows for the least amount of civilian lives lost and prevents the possibility again that we may send British soldiers to another country to die. Modern warfare is prolonged, it is dangerous and it risks too many lives, as well as crises that forever change our world.
Any invasion of Ukraine would lead to asylum seekers fleeing the possibility of conflict, and I dare say the loudest supporters of armament are the harshest critics of refugees and their right to flee conflict, war and desolation, those things that we are now on the verge of creating. If there was to be an invasion of Ukraine, how many of the 40,000,000 Ukranians would flee, and how many are we willing to take into our homes? I would daresay the humanitarian cost would be nothing short of enormous, and it is something we should endeavour at all points to avoid. Mass displacement of peoples is on occasion more dangerous than being in a warzone. I hope that this Government and the Opposition, will, if such occurs, work together to support any refugees, and help in the housing of any that may find themselves on our shores because of a war we are privy to.
Being a pacifist in the time of increasing authoritarianism is difficult. One cannot ignore the ever increasing threat to democracy and liberty posed by the likes of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the likes, or the increasing backsliding we’ve seen in recent years as former democracies found themselves in the grip of right wing populism that morphed into a dictatorship like Poland and Hungary. The dangers of populist rhetoric which have seen distrust in our democratic institutions fall backwards have been especially evident in the United States, France and Germany. War of course is in my opinion never the answer, however how can democracy be the beacon we want it to be when it's increasingly seen as the enemy? I remain unaware of the answer to this sadly.
Returning to the situation in Ukraine, if push comes to shove we have a commitment to our allies and their defence, however we should not be involving ourselves in a dick measuring contest of might, nor playing Cold War politics, especially not with the United States who themselves grow ever increasingly in need of a new military enemy to continue to feed their enormous military-industrial complex with the likes of Raytheon and LockheedMartin sending lump sums straight to the pockets of sitting Senators. The people of Ukraine should come first in this situation, and we know that war means the death of their civilians, not ours. At every point we should be sitting at the negotiating table demanding a diplomatic and peaceful solution that is in the best interest of the people who have the most to lose from a war. We are not America’s lapdog, nor are we anyone’s for that matter. The United Kingdom is a military power that should be capable of making their own decisions, not falling into someone else's line backed by someone elses political motivations. Afghanistan showed us what failure looks like, showed us what prolonged war does to a nation, we cannot let the same occur again, and we must learn from our mistakes.
Before we drag ourselves into another war, let's reflect on whether this time we’re making the right decision.
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2022.01.25 01:56 hollie-e waiting for u in my bed

waiting for u in my bed
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2022.01.25 01:56 jipto12 Are white hives bad right now?

I’m currently a mixed. I know blue is the best, but the bees and equips I have makes turning my hive into white the easiest by far. Is it significantly worse than the other 2 or is it still okay?
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2022.01.25 01:56 DeimusPaintball Out-Front Mounts for Wahoo ELMNT Bolt?

Hey guys,
So I was trying to find a good solution for the following problem: make room on my bars and keep my bike looking svelt avec my computer and headlamp. I have the Quad-Lock mount for my iPhone that has the GoPro hangar. This is great, but it does attach by wrapping around the bar and doesn’t hold my Wahoo ELMNT Bolt.
So, I am asking, as the owner of a 2013 Trek Madone and 2018 Trek Crockett with the standard Bontrager stem and bars, what out front mount should I get that can hold both my Wahoo computer and headlamp using a GoPro mount?
I found the “corki” brand one on Amazon that looked like it solved the issue. Anyone have experience with this solution?
Thanks y’all!
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2022.01.25 01:56 snkde PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon 70oz White Ceramic Pet Fountain Cat Dog Drinking Water Dispenser: $39.99

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2022.01.25 01:56 NicholasCagesTiddies Enhancing image

I know someone else has probably done this before but I am attempting to enhance the photo on the missing notice I have already enhanced it without color but I will add color in varying skin tones and hair colors to see if that might make her more recognizable
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2022.01.25 01:56 bsnilla Should I Stay with My Long-term BF or am I Missing Out on Other Experiences

I (23F) have been with my boyfriend (26M) for six years. This is the only relationship I've had other than one in middle really the only relationship. We have a really healthy relationship - we communicate, love each other, respect each other. It's a relationship that many of my friends envy.
The issue I face is that recently I've began to wonder what it might be like to date other people. I want to experience more relationships. I've gotten crushes and fantasized about what it would be like to be with other people. I feel so guilty because he's the best person I know and I love him more than anything, so why isn't this enough? I guess I just feel like I'm missing out on something. My biggest fear is what if I break up with him and get the experiences I want, but never find someone who I fit with as well as him. I'm worried that I'll never find a relationship as healthy as this one if I leave.
Does anyone have similar experiences? What did you choose and how did it turn out? Or if you haven't experienced this, what's your advice?
Tl;dr: I've only been in one long-term relationship (6 years) and am wondering about the experiences I might be missing out on by dating other people.
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2022.01.25 01:56 Immagonko Enemy and your Chromie in ARAM

Enemy and your Chromie in ARAM
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2022.01.25 01:56 Tamaki114 How to politely nudge clients to pay in freelancing?

I'm a senior in college but while I was in between jobs I took on a couple of clients as a web designer (also my degree focus). It was actually my end goal to be a Full-Stack Web Dev Freelancer later in life, but maybe it's because I'm just starting I've found it hard to get these clients to actually pay me. I require 50% deposit upfront from one, after the 1st milestone for the other (after the 1st revision session we've already had) but they haven't paid the invoices yet and I've already started more than enough work for each of them.
With the last client mentioned, I'll need her funding to continue on her site because of the platform she chose I can't make the changes she wants without upgrading. It's such a long waiting game they're doing, as the invoices aren't late until a week later, but I also have rent coming up & I just wanted to complete it a while ago if they paid me to actually use it towards rent, but I'm doubting if they even will...
My question is, how do freelancers deal with this? I've heard about stopping the work because they haven't paid, but technically their invoices aren't late yet. I can't tell if I'm just being impatient or since I required it upfront/after the 1st milestone is completed they're due my payment.
Is there a way to politely bring it up? Or wait to see if they will in another week?
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2022.01.25 01:56 Dsg1695 Should I feel offended or forgotten by this guy?

27F I’ve spoken to him on and off, we spoke initially through a dating app and then moved over to IG years ago. It’s fuzzy to me, we didn’t talk that much he’d reply to my stories but we spoke on the phone for the first time fall 2021. We really don’t speak that often, I posted story about playing UNO through app and he said he’d play with me. He’s 3 hrs behind, we began msging about it Friday while he said he was at work, he didn’t reply until midnight Saturday. I couldn’t find him so I gave him my username Saturday morning to add me, he saw the message a few hours after and hasn’t replied back to me.
TL;DR: should I jump the gun & assume I was ghosted?
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2022.01.25 01:56 Sniper36Headshot Large group of blackhawks and Lakotas near Montgomery.

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2022.01.25 01:56 Sharko_GD Still have a long ways to go to top 1k

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2022.01.25 01:56 Smoove-J Delon Wright in his last 6 games: 6.3 ppg, 3 asts, 2 stls on 60% FG with 58% from 3.

Delon in recent games is making me eat my words. His numbers are not mind blowing but he's playing good basketball when paired with a scoring/playmaking ball-handler like Trae and Lou.
He is no longer the initiator on the offense(which was awful) but he's doing great as a backup ball handler when Trae is pressed full court. This also allows Trae to move off-ball.
He's also been decent in shooting open 3s and no longer hesitates to take it.
Defense has been stellar especially against quick guards.
I hope he continues to prove me wrong.
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2022.01.25 01:56 xxtttttxx Hello join our discord server

Hello my friends and i just built new discord server we looking for player to join because solo sucks and we hope that because of this server we can find a good solo player and play together and face lesser loss Requirement:sea server indo malay sg
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