if yall hate anime so fucking much whats the point of talking about it

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2022.01.25 20:51 TheLegendary_Gamer if yall hate anime so fucking much whats the point of talking about it

It literally says in the rules to "keep it anime related" LMFAO. Just shows how illogical anime haters are if u hate something then why spend so much of ur time hating on it instead of moving on with life.
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2022.01.25 20:51 gloomiezuko 📸

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2022.01.25 20:51 Motor_Ad_2594 SObject

Has the SObject a worse performance than a custom/standard object?
Which are the cons of use SObjects ?
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2022.01.25 20:51 average_bird_enjoyer Hurt my bird when I was 9 and 6 years later I can't forgive myself

So when I was 9 I hurt my bird I don't know why I did that for some reason I thought it was a good idea it's been 6 years and I haven't told anyone and sometimes it keeps me up at night my beautiful bird has moved on but I still feel horrible am I a horrible person or am I forgiven
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2022.01.25 20:51 DistrictSlow7040 MP15 FT 6L0XX0 LEM0RE

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2022.01.25 20:51 jbset Embarcadero San Diego, CA [01/24/2022]

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2022.01.25 20:51 muirystarz879 egg🍳irl

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2022.01.25 20:51 eshaloofy Your randomly wake up naked in a forest during the night, what do you do first?

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2022.01.25 20:51 feelingood41 I have so many questions.

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2022.01.25 20:51 Captain_Stocky I would choke and get my team wiped.

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2022.01.25 20:51 AvailableSlide7561 Looking for a Similar font to this (pictures included)

Looking for a Similar font to this (pictures included) Im actually not sure if this is a font or someones hand writing, but I really like it. I mainly use dafont, for downloads but I'm not opposed to downloading on other sites. If you could suggests a free copyright font I would really appreciate it.
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2022.01.25 20:51 Youknowwhattfgoingon ANYONE KNOW W2C ???

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2022.01.25 20:51 Natural-Geologist-59 🔥🔥

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2022.01.25 20:51 OptimalBird2546 My screw up...

Yesterday I got three DLC's for XV2 and I didn't know that DLC 6 had story mode and I got DLC 7 so now I can access the DLC 6 story mode. Which sucks....
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2022.01.25 20:51 Competitive-Chain439 Image 1

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2022.01.25 20:51 nycb8 Who decided I want to be challenged by my work?

This is by far my favorite LinkedIn platitude. Bosses getting up on their pedestal and claiming “if you don’t challenge your employees, they will leave you and find someone who will.”
Sorry, what? Life is hard enough now you want to fool me into thinking that I want to be challenged even more to maintain the quality of life I’ve been working my entire life to attain?
Yeah, no. Quite the opposite, actually. I would appreciate it if shit was all good n chill for just one hot fucking second. Do I go on vacation to be challenged too? Is it kind of like a sugar addiction where the shit is fucking everywhere now so I don’t even realize I need it?
Is that what’s been causing me to develop the shakes in my left arm? A state of withdrawal from your challenging me at every turn and dangling my livelihood in front of me like it’s frivolous bait? All this time I was just mistaking it for the crippling anxiety of a daily life filled by arbitrary, office politics, deadlines and more work than one human individual can possibly do in a day.
Get real, bosshole.
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2022.01.25 20:51 Word-Public Join the Leak’s Vibes ✨ Discord Server!

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2022.01.25 20:51 Glad_Hurry8755 Housing Late App?

So I applied for Housing today, as I did not know you were supposed to do it as early as possible. I want to aim for Cypress single or Murphree two-room double but I do not know what my priority will give me. What do yall think from your experiences?

(Note: I don't know if it affects anything but I am in-state earning an AA which will transfer to UF so I will technically be a junior)
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2022.01.25 20:51 MedicineSuper7913 Go Pack Go - Let's Put Things into Perspective

Want to start off by saying that I can relate to the sadness/frustration/anger, however it is each of you is coping. Heck I am coping by making this post!
There's been a lot of posts about being ready to move on from Rodgers, being disappointed by the Packers, etc. I wanted to share my thoughts:

If Aaron thinks it's time to move on then hopefully we'll get a nice haul and are able to fill holes quickly. If we run it back (again), how can you not be happy about another season of Aaron and Davante. I mean c'mon!
GO PACK GO MY FRIENDS! Losing this year will just make the next Super Bowl (whenever it may be) that much sweeter :)
TL;DR: Be appreciative for what we have
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2022.01.25 20:51 DreamchaserJ Did your second child have autism?

We think our first child has autism, we have a second on the way. Should I expect the new baby to also have autism?
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2022.01.25 20:51 PettyWhite719 Pet insurance question

I have been getting quotes for pet insurance. I have a rottie pup so the monthly payment is about $86/month for his age. Here is my question though… I have seen people say their premiums go up every year. I did a quote for him at 5 years and it is $200/month. I thought how insurance worked is if you signed up at a young age that’s how you benefit with the lower prices but if it goes up every year and will eventually get to $200/month by the time he’s 5 that’s a lot of money that I could just be putting away towards vet bills. I understand that he could have a pet bill that exceeds that amount but he also may not. I can’t see paying $200+ a month. Did I misunderstand something about the yearly premiums going up each year the dog ages?
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2022.01.25 20:51 bigred9310 Facebook/ADHD and violating Community Standards

I’m curious to know how many with ADHD that find themselves in FB Jail more often post 2018. I have had Facebook since it started. And up until 2018 I had no issues. But now with Congress breathing down their necks Facebook has gotten harsher on what they consider bullying. Below is why I am banned. I do not, for the life of me, understand how this can be construed as bullying and harassment. Context User spreading Vaccine Misinformation and being rude to others.
“Grow up. Stop being Nasty!
It took 14 hours from post to ban. Why wasn’t I called out before? In the past I instantly get a popup warning me. The only thing I can think of is the person filed a complaint.
PLEASE BE POLITE in responses. I’m not making excuses. Just trying to understand why someone would take this as bullying or offensive.
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2022.01.25 20:51 Cdawggg27 Anyone know of any more good hardcore podcasts? I already listen to this is hardcore, scoped exposure, ill street news, 185 miles south, and axe to grind.

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2022.01.25 20:51 Halffingers40404 Lift theory

So in Dalinar’s flashback about his visit to the nightwatcher and his meeting with cultivation, the shard mentions that it has been centuries since she has met with someone personally. Which is why the night-watcher is so stunned by her appearance. Well, since we know lift asked to stay the same age, and that she is super surprised to be growing, we can assume that this means lift was the last person that cultivation met with centuries ago. As with Dalinar he started remembering when the time had come for him to be prepared. How likely do yall think it is that lift could be hundreds of years old and now is the time that cultivation has set for her to start growing again?
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2022.01.25 20:51 BR_Rango Looking for a knife! (camping noob)

Hey guys I wanna get into camping this year, really wanna try cooking some good food out in the wild.
I'm in the the market for some sort of durable all purpose camping knife (maybe a hunting knife?).
I have plenty of chef knifes at home, do you guys ever bring those with you camping?
Anyway appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and respond to my post.
Have a great day guys!
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