[KR] Artwork preview for upcoming "What is Love?" ND on KR

2022.01.20 04:58 Kharleiz [KR] Artwork preview for upcoming "What is Love?" ND on KR

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2022.01.20 04:58 Luc1003 Buchempfehlung Fundamentalanalyse von Aktien

Habt ihr ein paar Buchempfehlungen? Würde gern (mehr aus Spaß) Aktien analysieren können und brauche etwas für den Einstieg.
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2022.01.20 04:58 bookwormthot How to get the most out of my Gran Lattissima?

Hey all! I bought myself a Gran Latissima yesterday, mainly to make lattes at home. I’m totally clueless when it comes to nespresso machines, and capsule machines in general.
I’ve used it 3 times, I’m kind of going in blind because I’m a bit clueless. I’ve made a cappuccino which kind of messed up, I assume because it was a first run. Today I made a lungo for my partner (and added hot foam..mistake maybe lol?) and just now a latte for myself. I’m impressed! And excited about foam lol.
I placed an order for 100 pods with the new machine deal and they’ll come sometime next week I think, until then I have the starter 14 pods and I’ll probably pick up some Starbucks pods or something at the grocery store later to try.
I think I should invest in some new mugs and cups to be able to make the right size drinks, right now I’m just guessing what drink would fit in what mug/glass I have.
Does anybody have any tips, capsule recommendations? (I enjoy sweet drinks! i added some vanilla barista creations pods and I’m excited for those).
I’m in Sweden but can order pods online too 😀
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2022.01.20 04:58 Ethan-G011 Schlob was going to win that race.

during my unpaid brake at chang’s I did some fizzicks that you homeless cats could not even dare cawlmprend. so firstly with baranden’s fat free mass index around 100, or 200 (it deep ends I herd it bowlth ways), I can see that half way thru schlobs short twich mussel fibers begins to activate and he was actually accelerating more than shrapnel.
So I have scientifically proofed that if schlob warmed up we he wood have beat chapel. My life is blogbusyer homeless cats out - Jon Africa
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2022.01.20 04:58 Ban_of_the_Valar How the heck do rock bands work?

Title says it. Maybe it’s i just I don’t understand the tourism system. Can someone help?
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2022.01.20 04:58 Moist-Asparagus-5878 ¿Que tan cierto es que vivir cerca de la trabajo es muy importante en la CDMX?

Quiero mudarme a la CDMX y comprar un departamento chico por la colonia Juárez (Una oferta que encontré), me gusta ya que es una zona céntrica de la ciudad.
Voy a trabajar por Santa Fe, pero un departamento ahí es mucho más caro y he escuchado que el Estado de México no es buena zona para vivir y lejos de la ciudad.
¿Consideran que debo buscar lugares donde esté más cerca de mi trabajo? ¿Que tanto se puede sufrir en el tiempo aunque viva en la misma ciudad? (Llegué a sufrir dos horas de tráfico de Naucalpan al centro CDMX)
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2022.01.20 04:58 joesorton Top Node Js Frameworks For Web Apps In 2022

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2022.01.20 04:58 FarlandsDesign Assassin's Creed II (The Ezio Collection) | GAME DESIGNER'S REVIEW

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2022.01.20 04:58 erwisu WTTC - Join our efforts in becoming a self sustained Nomadic org, that will travel everywhere in the verse... https://discord.gg/aXC5R6AkvS

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2022.01.20 04:58 summer3131 Has your car insurance gone up this year?

My Geico insurance went up by 30%. They say there are more accidents in the Bay Area and need to adjust their rates.
If your rate is still fair this year, can you recommend your insurance company?
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2022.01.20 04:58 Mommy_kendall-Jenner Brie Bella insta Story! ❤️🌹

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2022.01.20 04:58 ChirpingSparrows [Kanchan Gupta] This was one of the most shameful decisions of Supreme Court of India and punctured the hot air balloon of ‘constitutional morality’.

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2022.01.20 04:58 lipwiggler Any Portuguese people around? Looking for sardine paste (pate de sardinha).

Last time on holidays in Europe we fell in love with sardine paste, but we can't find any in the supermarket. Maybe there's some Portuguese people around that have the inside scoop? We're Wellington based, but maybe there's some online shop that sells them? Much appreciated.
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2022.01.20 04:58 jangens1122 Replacements for wrenn and six?

I’ve been playing 4c indomitable creativity online for some time (not mtgo) and I really wanna bring it to my FNM. But for the record I have never actually played modern in paper. So I’m okay with buying fetches and stuff, but the playset of wrenn and six is really putting a hamper on my willingness to buy in to modern. Are there any budget options I can use until I eventually convince myself to buy them?
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2022.01.20 04:58 thesquareguy Best resource to grind this season

As the title stated, I want to get your opinions on which of the following to grind from events as F2P
View Poll
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2022.01.20 04:58 Agroshar "His new song,The Game"

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2022.01.20 04:58 pursenboots troubleshooting OpenNox

there were a few hoops to jump through to get GOG Nox running on my windows 10 PC, but now that that's all done, I've tried to get OpenNox to work as well - but all I get is a brief flash of an empty window, and then the process immediately quits. Here's opennox.log:

2022/01/19 23:54:26 [nox] version: v1.8.6 () 2022/01/19 23:54:26 [config]: using file: "E:\\Software\\OpenNox\\opennox.yml" 2022/01/19 23:54:26 [path]: setting data dir to: "E:\\GOG Games\\Nox" 2022/01/19 23:54:29 [sdl]: window size: 640x480 2022/01/19 23:54:29 [sdl]: OpenGL version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 511.23 2022/01/19 23:54:29 [render]: creating surface: 640x480 2022/01/19 23:54:29 [game]: game state code: 10 2022/01/19 23:54:29 game flag set: Host | Flag2 2022/01/19 23:54:29 game flag set: Arena 2022/01/19 23:54:30 [sdl]: window size: 1024x768 2022/01/19 23:54:30 [gameex]: reading config E:\GOG Games\Nox\game_ex.cfg 
I don't see any errors here, and as far as I can tell all these paths are correct for my install - is there an install guide / troubleshooting FAQ somewhere I can refer to? Or does anyone have any ideas?
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2022.01.20 04:58 LowAd6134 Hire Skilled Magento Developer From Ascuretech

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2022.01.20 04:58 wondertosuto Walmart COVID Vaccine access

Does anyone know if I got my COVID vaccine at Walmart pharmacy can I get a copy of my proof of vaccination at any Walmart?
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2022.01.20 04:58 gatorson98 LF: Non-Eng Ditto (X&Y) FT: Pokerus

Offering pretty much anything except most legendaries. For legendaries I have regice and registeel alongside Uxie and Azelf.
Pokerus included with trade.
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2022.01.20 04:58 Margin_call_matthew 1 mile strategy for working professionals over 27

Dont hate me Just sharing what has worked for me and my friends successfully. I have a type, everyone does. I only date physicians. I am have a finance background and I preferred someone in medicine. And currently met a lovely one.
How it works -Find big hospitals, well known grad schools, law firms, big investment banks, tech HQs etc in your area. - Set your preference to 1 mile. Then expand to 2 and so forth. - You will see all the folks of your preference. Educational background etc.
I also learned that 28+ professionals were also more desperate to date, find a mate and settle down as they were already kinda settled in their careers. This was my way to weed out a lot of useless matches just fishing around and meet the one ready to commit.
Good luck
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2022.01.20 04:58 kaanorkun Previewing the 2022 FRAC and UAE F4 seasons - the first major junior racing of the year by Formula Scout Podcast

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2022.01.20 04:58 Legitimate-Freedom22 I'm going to dispensary tomorrow what's gonna last me longer wax or a vape cartridge and more worthy of getting me high?

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2022.01.20 04:58 LifeMathMoney If she gets fat, dump her. - Confucius

If she gets fat, dump her. - Confucius
by LifeMathMoney
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2022.01.20 04:58 edourdoo1 分析指中国芯片制造技术水平仍落后主流水平三到四代

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