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Layb223 on snap

2022.01.20 10:26 Putrid_Blacksmith_76 Layb223 on snap

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2022.01.20 10:26 romain34230 Streaming : le classement monde dévoilé, Spotify loin devant

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2022.01.20 10:26 bucket--bot FUCK FUCKING BREAK lessssss gooooo

that I heard the ad for you kill the anime and get a fever dream
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2022.01.20 10:26 Old-Butterfly-700 How to make a specific word lowercase across a sheet?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm new to excel. I'm wondering if there's a way to make a specific word across a sheet/column lowercase? For example:
I have an entire column dedicated to a time period (July To Aug, Sept To Oct, etc). Can I enter a formula to make "To"="to" without making the other words in the cell lowercase?

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2022.01.20 10:26 AntiNFT The Anti NFT.

The Anti NFT. The first counterargument to the viral sensation known as Non-Fungible Tokens. This is as simple as it gets, a single 1 of 1 black screen. Painstakingly found in the corner of the internet, then carefully saved as a .jpeg and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The Anti NFT Army has numerous members. All of them have fought tirelessly for this 1 of 1 image to be presented to the world on December 1st, 2021. Cement your seat in history.
Having the privilege of owning this meaningless NFT is an ironic statement that will change the NFT landscape forever. Owning this NFT will put you at the helm for this Anti NFT army. The initial buyer will have access to all accounts associated with Anti NFT including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/antinftantinft/

Anti NFT
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2022.01.20 10:26 Shoddy-Ad-7626 Earning money from data collection

An epic idea: up to now all data we spread to internet made websites & apps rich. With tfbx we are able to earn rewards from our data which was not possible up to now. Our app & our data : our rewards. Spread the world folks!
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2022.01.20 10:26 SissyJessica45 Sissy Jessica

Hello my kik is cosubmis. I was given the name Jessica before by a daddy that fucked me once.
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2022.01.20 10:26 SuperDylanMc16 Is there a Java Equivalent of /testfor?

Or is there another way to detect certain mobs in a certain radius?
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2022.01.20 10:26 Th3Ripp3r The History Of STRAY SOULS.. (a thread to end all speculations)

Hey guys, After the recent Debatte on titles like Stray Souls, Wronged Us, Post Trauma and Sweet But Painful and if those titles should be discussed at all in this sub. .. I teamed up with:
"That Weird Guy" and "Savvy" from our Discord server , to gather all the information available about those games.
We did this to kinda make a series of threads giving you everything there is to know about them, so, you guys can decide if they are worth discussing or not.
Savvy and TWG will be posting their threads in the near future.
As of now, please enjoy my resume and thoughts about STRAY SOULS.
Game: Stray Souls Platforms: Steam/PC (Possible console release) Release date: TBA Developer: Jukai Studios Website: https://straysouls.itch.io/straysoulsdemo Socials: https://twitter.com/StraySoulsGame , https://twitter.com/jukaistudio
The "Stray Souls" Twitter Account has been created in september of 2021, I'm gonna do my best to detail the events chronologically but please keep in mind that some tweets might have been deleted already.
On October 20th 2021, A Twitter user that goes by the name of "Horror Games Community" tweeted a photo that is reminiscent of a scene in the "P.T. Silent Hills Concept Movie".
The Tweet reads: "Stray Souls Now in Development." https://mobile.twitter.com/horrorvisuals/status/1450854572549820424
If nothing has been deleted , this is our very first information on "Stray Souls" we have gotten. (so the first info we got came not directly from their own profile.)
One Day later on October 21st 2021, The "Horror Gaming Community" account tweeted a GIF , apperantly from the game "Stray Souls". The GIF showed a kitchen scene in First Person View. A Character pulls out a Shotgun and shoots a women in the back , while a kid is standing right next to it.. having to witness it all. https://mobile.twitter.com/horrorvisuals/status/1451227596486815748
This is of course very similar to the story told in the P.T. Radio Broadcast. "Horror Gaming Community" then explained themselves , stating the following:
"After yesterday's post, they gave me some more information about this project. They basically create its story around the radio broadcast we all heard in P.T., the teaser demo of Silent Hills." https://mobile.twitter.com/horrorvisuals/status/1451227691143864329
The Following days the "Stray Souls" twitter account started getting more active.
They started tweeting several screenshots of the game. Every Screenshot featured a qoute of ... you guessed it...P.T. !
October 22nd 2021, "...such as employment, childcare, and other social issues facing the average family." https://mobile.twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1451578156905897987
October 23rd 2021,
"..My voice, can you hear it? This sign, can you read it?.." https://mobile.twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1451911355221614592
October 25th 2021, "...It was a cold hand, body was trembling." https://mobile.twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1452681527230443528
October 27th 2021 "...Only reason she could earn a wage at all is the manager liked how she looked in a skirt." https://mobile.twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1453360903597002759
November 3rd 2021, "The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?"
+Update on the game: "Steam page has been approved, trailer has been done. This month everything what you've been waiting for will be known." https://mobile.twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1455928058750382092
Of course many fans of Silent Hill as well as fans of Hideo Kojima got cautios, especially since the "ABANDONED" scenario was also still going on.
Some Twitter users figured out that there were hidden messages in some of the images. I'm not 100% sure about those, but I'm gonna share what I found out.
The first one had visual morse code (-.--.-..-- <- Example)
The Code read: "3D Scan Expirement. This one probably reffered to this tweet from Hideo Kojima that was posted the day before. https://mobile.twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN/status/1451068219490390020
The 2nd one was AOKIGAHARA (The famous forest that is located on foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan.
It is also called Suicide forest because of the many people that take their lives in the forest every year.)
The full name of the forrest is "Aokigahara-JUKAI 青木ヶ原樹海" The forest was probably one of the inspirations of the studio name "JUKAI STUDIO".
Another one was the amount of red frames in one of the GIF's they posted. (41)
They also quite often vaguely responded to fans that linked the game to P.T. or Silent Hills..
On November 22nd 2021 , The very first trailer of "Stray Souls" was shared on their twitter. The trailer featured the main character "Daniel" who arrived at an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly he starts experiencing some kind of headache, then the screen cuts to black and then back to Daniel , who is now standing in a burning forest. The Camera work in this trailer is also reminiscent of Hideo Kojima's one shot approach but it is a bit too shaky ... at least for my taste. https://twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1458605027354947584
The overall visuals look pretty awesome though. :)
On November 15th 2021, The "Stray Souls" Twitter Acc. tweeted out an update on the game. "We have great news! Given all the overwhelming support, we have decided to release demo later this year! Here's a little sneak peak on what to expect. Share if you can, it really helps and motivate us."
They also included a link to the steampage of the game, so people could wishlist it.
On November 22nd 2021, They started looking for talented Voice actors via twitter.
"We're looking for some talented voice actors and voice actress for Stray Souls! If you can immitate teenager voice, love horror games and you're good at what you do please contact us through DM!" https://twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1462884257735524353
Sometime in November an account for "JUKAI STUDIO" was made on twitter. https://twitter.com/jukaistudio
So here are definately a few missing tweets in between!
The Stray Souls Demo released on December 1st 2021 according to steam.
The demo received mixed reviews.
Some really liked the visual side of the game but were unhappy with a lot of the bugs and the animations of the character.
Here is the full demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D0RK91K2XI
It is interesting to note that in the demo of the game, the imagery looked a lot different then what was teased back at the end of 2021 on twitter.
The hallway, Chico esque model, the hands that were coming out of the door none of that was actually in the demo.. at least not to my knowledge.
Also there was no mention of the P.T. qoutes the game was teased with.
On January 2nd 2022, Stray Souls tweeted an update on the game again:
"I promise it will all make sense, if you keep an open mind.." "2022 is looking very promising for Stray Souls! We plan to release updated demo early this year, based on the final script! We also look forward to share some exciting top secret news so stay put, and happy new year!" https://twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1477659866877595648
That same day "Stray Souls" Twitter Acc. announced that Jack Hawkins and Elise-Maggie would be doing voicework for "Stray Souls" https://twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1477675871674716169
On January 6th 2022,
They gave another update on the game:
"One of the many things we improved for the upcoming Stray Souls huge demo update is nature and foliage. We felt like the game world was too static, so we decided to bring it to life and get it even closer to photorealism. What do you think about it?" https://twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1479135559692038147
On January 10th 2022, an improved version of the demo was released.
On January 15th 2022, another update for the demo was released
"Dude! Get out of that house. Something isn’t right.."
Another huge update for Stray Souls demo! We love you guys and we love your feedback! We were able to fix combat system, ravens, enemies, movement and more!" https://twitter.com/StraySoulsGame/status/1482384204407128069
On January 19th 2022, About two hours ago (while I was writing this) , the developers openly asked their followers the following:
"Would you support us on kickstarter to finish Stray Souls?"
While I will absolutely let you guys have the final word about this game, here are my thoughts.
It was a really smart move to use the hype surrounding "ABANDONED" to promote your own game.
Since they used all of the P.T. stuff only on twitter it would never be considered as copyright infringement or something like that.
Consider it fan art or a tribute.
They very well knew that if they'd put some of that stuff in the demo , it would have been taken down immediately.
The latest tweet about the kickstarter completely sealed the deal for me.
On a positive note though.. this game has potential!
The imagery looks amazing and the studio seems to have a strong vision for the game. Also those guys actually gave us some content..even playable content. (Take notes Hasan)
I would support this game on Kickstarter!
But in my eyes there is nothing more to see here, than a promising indie horror title from a small developer.
Cheers RIP
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2022.01.20 10:26 Raptor-Games Was thath the book of '84!

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2022.01.20 10:26 Unhinged_chaos In late 2020 ''Lovesickgirls is outdated 2000's pop-rock'' fast foward a year ''My top K-Pop songs of 2021 were 2000's pop-rock''

I just watched Youtuber Mera's ''Top 2021 K-Pop songs'' and she's entered a list of Youtubers and K-Pop fans in general who got themselves into this one. I can consider them not have predicted the trend but also with the amount of times I heard/read this, at the same time everyone was sucking the soul out of 80's pop music, I can't help but emulate that Megan meme from Drake and Josh, or that animated Batman one while thinking about it. It doesn't help that:

Not a big deal btw just something I noticed.
(Unrelated but I was surprised by how LSG tied with AIIYL for their longest running song on Weekly Melon with exactly 65 weeks early this month, that's some crazy destiny)
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2022.01.20 10:26 SnooOwls3212 Code

Try the Miles app today and get rewarded for all of your travels. Earn miles and redeem them for exclusive rewards, enter raffles, and donate to charities. Download the app now to get 1,500 bonus miles using your invite code FMIIUD.
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2022.01.20 10:26 Infraarsha Maharashtra: Pune के एक Farmer ने कर दिया कमाल, 6000 रुपये में Terrace पर लगाया अंगूरों का बाग़

Maharashtra: Pune के एक Farmer ने कर दिया कमाल, 6000 रुपये में Terrace पर लगाया अंगूरों का बाग़ submitted by Infraarsha to Hindi [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 10:26 Sexjokesandmurder Looking for a new LINE chat bot for group chat, preferably one that has prompts to make jokes at alliance mates expense

We've had a number of bots over the years but our current one seems broken besides the "Welcome prompt" when a new member joins the chat group, but then nothing else works anymore. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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2022.01.20 10:26 No-Concentrate-6530 This place is cold

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2022.01.20 10:26 kadirmerdan5 Bu Daha Başlangıç

Çok daha iyi yerlere geleceğinden șüphemiz yok
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2022.01.20 10:26 HotMomentumStocks SLING TV is Now Available on VIZIO SmartCast

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2022.01.20 10:26 urstickur Have avoidant dumpers who blindsided you come back?

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2022.01.20 10:26 ItsYaBoy59 Join The BoS-RCAC Today!

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2022.01.20 10:26 OkayNawa you get to your man’s place and it looks like this

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2022.01.20 10:26 dimi69420 Where do you think they are + where could they pass? (cousins)

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2022.01.20 10:26 1bryantj Valhala for Xbox game pass

I’m looking to buy Valhala, but was wondering if anyone know if it’s coming to Xbox game pass anytime soon
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2022.01.20 10:26 cat9172 🤳🏻Kimberly touch

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2022.01.20 10:26 Noxturnalis Allaluia

Gggggvcxxxxxfvcg grazie mille per il pagamento della fattura in formato PDF che mi hai detto tu che dici tu è che non è stato visualizzato nel computer del destinatario alle
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2022.01.20 10:26 endangeredfurry I would love to see Wilson try this shit

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