Acclimating a friendly outdoor cat to the indoors

Most of these plants will have no issue acclimating and continuing to grow once planted into the flower garden. To do so, harden off the rose plant over time and allow it to become accustomed to the outdoor temperatures and conditions. For best results, this should be done at least one month before the first anticipated frost date in your area. There’s even outdoor exercise equipment if you’d like to get a quick workout in. The sugar sand is easy on your feet and there’s plenty of safe water for swimming. Cast a line off Pompano Beach Pier and try to snag dinner. For those who want to spend a day indoors, try your luck at Isle Casino Racing. Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park is a ... It’s actually easier to do this with outdoor cats when you remove them completely from the area they were living in. It’s much harder to do when you have their outdoor home right outside the door. Either way, I’d microchip before the relocation, too. Relocating an outdoor cat isn’t 100% fool proof even with months of indoor living first. Printer Friendly Version. Image by Geshas. ... Sow seeds for these indoors 10 weeks before the date of the last frost. The warm season plants such as tomato, ... This means gradually acclimating the new plants to outdoor conditions for longer and longer periods of time. This reduces shock and ensures healthier transplants. 5/8/2018 - We have 1 puppy available! 10 wk old female. Email me for information at We are not full time breeders and our Cockapoos are members of our family and spend their lives indoors experiencing lots of attention and the best care. We hope that any puppies that we offer will enjoy that same life with their new ... By growing transplants indoors, with good planning, you can fit more successions of crops into a bed during the outdoor growing season. You’ll save on seed costs, because you won’t be thinning ... First impressions between pets are just as important as they are between people. By providing a slow and steady introduction, the result can be rewarding for both your feline companions. Here are a few tips and precautionary steps to help make cat-cat introductions pleasant for everyone involved. Keep the cats separate at first. House the new cat in a separate room for at least seven days with ... 28 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden . Not sure what to plant in your vegetable plot? Ponder no more! From low-maintenance basil to earthy asparagus, there is something for every gardening style, season, soil type, climate, and culinary taste in this collection of 28 easy growing vegetable types. Crate – Having a crate when your golden retriever first arrives home is crucial, as crate training begins from the first night of sleep onward. It will set you and your puppy’s progress back if they come home and don’t have the crate to get familiar within the first 24 hours. Baby Gates – While baby gates are not 100% essential, they certainly are helpful. Outdoor play also helps children with ADHD by giving them an outlet for the activity and energy that often create issues indoors. 4. Improved Muscle Strength. When you’re pushing your child in a swing, all their muscles become engaged as they figure out how to hold on, sit up and follow the swing’s movement.

2022.01.26 14:08 doodlebug_bun Acclimating a friendly outdoor cat to the indoors

Hi all. This is my first time owning a cat as an adult.
Some backstory: So, I work at a hotel and around September, a little light grey tabby showed up on our property. She didn't get close to anyone. One of my coworkers (M) started feeding her every day, and since then has been able to pet her and pick her up.
In November, we had a guest stay that inquired about the cat. She couldn't adopt her because she was away from home, so she instead contacted a local humane society to have her spayed on her own dime. Totally awesome.
M wasn't really interested in being involved, so I ended up managing the whole project. I received a trap from the organization, trapped her, and kept her in my laundry room overnight until she was ready to get her surgery.
Well... now she's back and healing. It's been two days and she's still pretty inactive. She does eat (wet food so she stays hydrated). My girlfriend and I are considering keeping her as a housecat, as she seems suitable for that transition. She has the capacity to be comfortable around humans, and in our care she has never hissed, swatted, growled, or shown any aggressive behavior towards us. She's 8months old according to the vet. We come into the room during feeding time and chat for about an hour before leaving her alone.
Is there anything else we should do to better acclimate her to indoor-living? Or should we return her to the hotel where she is comfortable?
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2022.01.26 14:08 A_Lawliet This is my final literal warning, L. And 1 February 2022 is the day.....

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2022.01.26 14:08 adtastix Why is this philodendron leaf curling? (Plant is not dry and enough humidity)

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2022.01.26 14:08 nik0nguy601 [WWNM] LM2 Emmet’s Triple Decker Couch & Tricycle - 22 Spots at $3 ea.

Item Name/Set Number: [MAIN] 70842 & 70823 Triple Decker Couch & Emmet’s Tricycle
Lego Price: $66 ($34 & $10 + $22 for shipping)
Shipping: $22 via UPS with insurance (12x8x7, 3lbs from NJ to WA)
Raffle Total/Spots: 22 @ $3 each
Price justification? BL avg
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? N
Duration of spot limit? N/A
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international? Yes, Canada only. Winner from Canada, or outside the Continental U.S. (e.g. Hawaii, Alaska, APO, etc.) will cover any additional shipping fees/duties over $22
Description: Brand new and sealed, but thanks to Fedex, box has some minor creases (see pics)
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling
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2022.01.26 14:08 ronanscoolaccout Making a series for a STORY!

im planning out so fair but it will be done soon! expect a post soon!
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2022.01.26 14:08 kittyxboomxboom Steps to appeal after being denied 2nd ct scan in a year.

My mom has florida blue Medicare insurance currently and she has been going through variety of specialty doctors and having a handful of test to try and find what inevitability seems like cancer. They have not be able to locate an area which maybe causing it so they want to do a CT scan with contrast. (6mo ago she had just a CT scan with out contrast) After months of waiting for the insurance to approve the CT w/ contrast, they came back and denied her because she previously had one done. They gave her the chance to appeal it but she said it was pretty outrageous steps and never got into it with me. She mentioned she tried to get a hold of her oncologist who asked for the test to be done but he hasn't called back and the receptions said she'd have to make another appointment to see him and it was 3months booked out.
Anyways, she is extremely tired, short of breath, her white blood count is very high, and she is losing weight weekly. She was a smoker for many years but has quit to try and improve health, so she can see her grand kids. The cancer center is aware of her blood tests and were the one urgently requesting the CT scan. Now they won't even get back to her.
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2022.01.26 14:08 fastinaaurelius Is it better to work as a nurse in Canada or new Zealand?

I have started the immigration process from the US to Canada for various personal reasons. My second choice was New Zealand, and now that it's 2022 all healthcare systems are feeling the strain. I'm a psychiatric nurse, and will continue to practice after the move. However, the more I read about conditions for nurses, the more worried I become. Although I'm not moving specifically for a job, I don't want to jump into a system that's headed for the same state the US is in now. Does anyone have any experience working in either country that can lend an inside perspective? I'm totally willing to change gears if New Zealand would mean a bettesafer working environment.
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2022.01.26 14:08 beesterz Common Moments

I am going through my moments (collector score of 2k and own 114 moments) and realize I only have 1 rare. I have a lot of cool commons and TSDs, but I am worried that commons may not retain value in the future. Does anyone have any insight into this? I understand utility for flash challenges, but when so many cards are going to be minted, there won't be many bottlenecks anymore. Rares are just so expensive, too.
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2022.01.26 14:08 lebronto_baby What do most people on this sub do for a living?

I'm just curious because of the Fox News interview. Do most people on this sub live like the person that got interviewed? They said they work 20 hours a week dog walking, while going to school for a philosophy major? so it seems like a pretty easy lifestyle? I mean how do the people on here relate to the millions of people raising a family on minimum wage ? Or working in factories?
Is this sub just out of touch with average people?
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2022.01.26 14:08 SaltyEarFromPerm «Отличная видеокарта — в теории»: главное из обзоров NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 — Железо на DTF

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2022.01.26 14:08 drawings_ni_jc Midriff & Torso Study, Me, Digital (Medibang Paint), 2022 [1500x780]

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2022.01.26 14:08 goodduke [FS][US & CAN] Too Faced, Becca, NARS, Armani, Juvia's Place, & More!

I'm shipping from Canada but for ease all my prices are in USD. I will sanitize everything before I send it out though I also recommend you sanitize upon receiving your items.
I ship with UPS or Canada Post, whichever is cheaper to your location. Shipping is not included in my prices, it usually runs $7-10 depending on location. I will ship for FREE if you spend more than $50.

  1. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Ivory - bottle is at least 80% full. $25 (originally $40) PHOTO
  2. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter MINI in Vanilla Quartz - used 3x. $10 (originally $19) PHOTO
  3. Nars Blush in Orgasm - used 10x. Letters on packaging look smudged because I wiped it down with alcohol and it caused them to rub off a bit. This is that weird Nars packaging that turns sticky after a while. $15 (originally $30) PHOTO
  4. Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment (liquid lipstick) in American Woman - swatched a few times. $18 (originally $28) PHOTO
  5. Armani Lip Magnet liquid lipstick in shade 601 – used 3x. $22 (originally $38) PHOTO
  6. NYX HD Photogenic Studio concealer in CW 10 – swatched once. $3 (originally $9.60) PHOTO
  7. Stellar Beauty Metallic Moon lipstick in Disco Moon 05 – used 5x. This is that weird sticky packaging similar to the NARS one, it’s not dirty or anything, it’s just the way the packaging becomes for some reason. $12 (originally $22) PHOTOS
  8. Bite Beauty MINI Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace - used 2x. This twists out so there's a lot more product in there than you can see in the picture. $6 (originally $12) PHOTO
  9. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in 310 Night Mauves - used 1x. This is also a twist-out product. $10 (originally $26) PHOTO
  10. Melt Cosmetics Amor Eterno liquid lipstick in Fiesta - swatched once or twice. $12 (originally $19) PHOTO
  11. Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick MINI in Crimson Chrome (note this doesn't actually have the shade name printed on it but I'm fairly certain this is the colour, it's a metallic red). Swatched once or twice. $3 PHOTO
  12. Juvia's Place Masquerade Mini palette - lightly used. The shade "Zulu" has a large chip missing (it arrived that way) but the other shades are lightly used or not used at all. This is a mini palette but it really has a lot of product in it. $18 (originally $30) PHOTOS
  13. Velour Lashes in Final Touch - I tried the left one on for like 10 seconds, realized they're too long to wear with glasses, and didn't touch them after that. $16 (originally $26) PHOTO
Please let me know if you have any questions or need more photos :)
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2022.01.26 14:08 VarietyOk3630 Can someone explain to me how Hawk is redeemed?

I feel like Hawk is an asshole for two reasons: 1) he was obviously terrible to the people he was close with (Demetri, et all) but 2) he was a jerk to people who did nothing to him, like when he pushed Kenny when he was carrying a bunch of food.
I get that he reconciled with Miyagi Do people, but I don't really feel he's been 'redeemed' because we haven't seen any evidence that he's stopped being an ass to other people. Even if he's square with Miyagi Do doesn't mean anything if he's going to be terrible to other people who haven't done anything wrong personally.
Honestly, he just feels pretty terrible to me. As Ingersoll said, "Nothing discloses real character like the use of power" and the fact that he became such a massive jerk to everyone after learning some karate indicates that he was always a jerk.
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2022.01.26 14:08 1065JoJo EoM Predictions

My predictions are halibel, Mila rose and isane but since I'm low on orbs I'll say retsu and youruichi and someone else
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2022.01.26 14:08 LegitimateBullfrog33 Aperture science logo

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