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Paid Promoter & Social Media Position Available for Christian NFT Startup (Bonuses Included $$$)

2022.01.23 18:49 Carmelo_thebiblenft Paid Promoter & Social Media Position Available for Christian NFT Startup (Bonuses Included $$$)

Topic: Looking for Promoters & Social Media Managers for Christian NFT startup
For more information of the project, please visit:
If you have any specific questions, you can reach out to me:
Thanks for taking the time to view this post. 🙏🏼✝️
The Bible NFT Project
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2022.01.23 18:49 NotRealOpinions Plunging neckline

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2022.01.23 18:49 m0nk1e We back baby

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2022.01.23 18:49 feetfinderbaby888 Like what you see?

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2022.01.23 18:49 bad_vibes_foreverr So I'm 19 without a degree what career options do I have?

I'm pretty clueless and I need ideas cause I'm going to the military in March and when I get out I'm not going back to construction with my father.
I was also considering going back to school but I will be 20 by the time I come back home
I live In Europe if that helps and my dream job is acting but that's too much to ask for I guess lol
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2022.01.23 18:49 Impossible-Zebra8009 There's no real good way to respond to the claims of a troubled ex.

So, I (40 y.o male) dated a girl (40 y.o. female) for 3 years. She has a history of some pretty severe abuse by her first husband. It was some really toxic stuff. We argued all the time. At one point she got physical but because of the size difference I didn't really take it as seriously as I should have. Now, I'm not going to pretend I was a great guy and always nice. She was depressed and very angry after the death of her mother. I tried really hard to be there for her and failed in some ways but was good in others. The thing I wasn't was abusive. When the fighting got really bad I occasionally did a bit of name calling. I'm just trying to be as honest as I possibly can be so it's understood I'm neither an angel nor some dude trying to justify being abusive. My response to her getting super critical was to simply leave and give it space. She twice ghosted me for multiple month periods and then came back. Shed throw huge fits an front of my 3 y.o. son to the extent I started limiting their contact.
So, the final break up was weirdly bad. We took shrooms together. She had a very very bad trip. She literally hid in the corner from me convinced I was going to try to kill her. I calmed her down as best I could but that was that. She asked me not to contact her again and claimed that I've been abusing her. I haven't. I drove by that first night out of concern.. she sounded pretty crazy in her text. When I found that her adult son was there, I left knowing she was at least safe. I sent a final text asking if she wanted my things. She responded with saying that she'd need to know when because she wouldn't be safe without someone else there and said something to the effect of I'm to never step foot on her property again. I said, it's ok. I had like 3 shirts at her house and the stuff at my place wasn't of value.. just possible emotional significance. So we don't really need to even exchange stuff. Let's just leave it alone. She even owes me like 5k, and I said don't worry about. It was a gift. Shes since like contacted friends of mine, posted a ton of stuff on her Facebook etc. Claiming being abused, trying to imply I'm a danger to her etc. Drove up 1.5 hours to leave stuff in my mailbox.
I have another friend going through something really similar as well. In his case, it's a girl at his work with mental health issues making claims. Here's the rub of it. There is no defense at all an no reasoning with that person.
Anything I could possibly say to her would be construed as gaslighting. Any attempt to talk about it on facebook or defend myself would simply look like I'm trying to justify "what I've done." As soon as a person starts making claims that they've been accused, its all a catch 22. I'd love to reach out and discuss it with her but I won't because it might truly be bad for her. I really do believe she believes what she's saying. I care for this girl. She's not "pulling the abuse card." She's really going through some kind of mental health crisis. I'd love to explain what happened to the people she's convincing that I'm the devil too. But, I neither want to bad mouth her or make it into some kind of he said, she said drama. I'm still friends with my last 5 girlfriends. I was even doubting myself to the extent that I asked a few if them if I was ever abusive or seemed like I could be. The responses I got were unanimous. No way. Its frustrating. Like, I know the best thing I can possibly do here is to leave it alone even as she keeps making little jabs and whatnot. But its frustrating as all hell.
It not even about getting back with her. It's just that it fits the same narrative she's told me about all her past people. She always ends up ending her relationships explosively and claims they were all abusive. I would have liked to simply be someone that didn't work out but she'll always Remember me as one her abusers.
This isn't something that affects only me. Abuse support groups can be great for people who are experiencing these things, but sometimes getting someone flowers after an argument isn't the continuation of the cycle of abuse. It's also something that happens as part of a normal healthy relationship.
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2022.01.23 18:49 Term_Lanky Get in tune

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2022.01.23 18:49 hdmatches1 Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur Highlights & Full Match Replay 23 January 2022

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2022.01.23 18:49 sia-later-ally Do EWs matter?

I forgot to self-report an EW for a dual enrollment class I took Spring 2021, and it's also not on my high school transcript. But I think it will show up for the mid-year report since I just sent my latest dual enrollment transcript to my high school. Is this a problem?
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2022.01.23 18:49 Amones-Ray How is this off-topic? Like 5% of hot posts are about taxing the rich.

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2022.01.23 18:49 -Fischy- What the hell am I? Please help

What the hell am I?
I usually get INTJ on most test but I sometimes relate more to INFJ. I don’t feel particularly cold and I value group harmony. I almost always consider how my actions and conversations is going to impact the people around me and how they are going to feel. I think I know fairly well what people are thinking and their perceptions, and I can be very intentional about managing other people’s perceptions of me.
So I should be an INFJ right? The problem is that I don’t feel comfortable talking about emotions. If a friend is sad and need emotional support (is depressed or talking about relationships for example) I usually just sit there not really sure what to say or how to react. I know what they are thinking and feeling but I feel detached. I usually try to rationalize the situation and give them real advice for improving the situation and it can sometimes come of as harsh. Not that I want to to be.
So to be honest I have no idea which one of them I am. I believe I am fairly logical and rational but at the same time I don’t feel like I fit into the INTJ personality, I’m not that cold and I manage group harmony a lot. But at the same time I feel like I know a lot about my own feelings and can’t really relate to the emotional emptiness that I have heard INFJs can sometimes have. Please help me I am way to obsessed with this and can’t really let this go until I know.
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2022.01.23 18:49 DoubleAd3005 just another island in finland, neekerisaari means nigger island in Finnish. lmao

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2022.01.23 18:49 DaySalty9460 Hi People, i'm The Creative Dutchmann from the Netherlands and have a gallery filled with some nice affordable pieces off digital art. I will add new pieces on weekly base. I Place the link to my collection in the comments, see you there :)

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2022.01.23 18:49 Amoeboid_Changeling_ [GTM] Who loves Orange Soda??

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2022.01.23 18:49 AcousticGuitar321 Why do Singaporeans like to flex their Singlish?

If you find anything that features Singapore online, whether it be an online news article or some YouTube video mentioning Singapore, there will always be some Singaporeans ‘flexing’ their Singlish and/or broken English like “steady la bro, Swee leh!” Question is why?
Personally, I find it super embarrassing. Sure, I get that you want to show your camaraderie but not like this leh… xia suay like fk.
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2022.01.23 18:49 Shogun3977 My skyblock account was completely wiped and i pressume stolen somehow :'( is there anything i can do??? I am not dumb, i did my research and still got screwed, someone help!

So ive been grinding skyblock like a madman for the past month. My life has been absolutely horrible lately and this was a next level distraction. Ive always wanted to play a game like this and didnt even discover skyblock until a few months ago but i never had a pc to play minecraft, just my xbox. So when i was finally able to get my laptop good enough to run minecraft and play skyblock it was amazing (even though im super late to the party). Anyways so i had build a really big sugarcane farm and was doing tons of other stuff also, i had probably 300+ mil in assest in about a month of playing and had already put hundreds of hours into my island, stats, collections and cane farm. I met someone who seemed really cool and befriended me. He then showed me his island and his 8 layer farm and told me he doesnt mind the farm building grind and that he would build me another layer for 600k so i did some research of the forums and was very hesitant to invite him to a coop but i decided he was nice and seemed genuine and i could always just keep my items in backpacks while he was here right? So i put everything in backpacks and invited him and within 2 minutes i no longer had an island, i no longer had my stats or my collection and all my items were gone as well, no fairy souls or my 16k bits ive been saving. Everything was just completely wiped....is there anything at all that i can do about this or is everyone just going to say F or rip? I already submitted a ticket but have not heard back yet. I know i have to probably just restart but if that is the case can i have my skyblock gems rstored also so that i can buy booster cookies again because i paid real money that i dont have a lot of cause skyblock was helping me distract my mind so much, just so that i could fly and get bits and i never even got to spend them or anything, this feels so unfair because i did my research and still got screwed over.
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2022.01.23 18:49 GrammatonCleric 1999 Limited 4wd Good Deal?

Was wondering if a 1999 Limited 4wd without rear locker with 220k miles for an asking price of $12,950 is a good price assuming no rust and other common issues are not a problem? If not, what would be a fair offer? Thanks!
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2022.01.23 18:49 MythiccFox Join the Companion App Discord!

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2022.01.23 18:49 CraftyIce7476 MICROPETS NEW POOLS COMING SOON

UNEVOLVED POOL - Revisited each month based on the performance of the project and market cap - Any Pet can enter this pool regardless of baby or adult. - Pool Last 30 days - 30 day lock up period - Pets Tokens as rewards - Claim as credit 10% bonus - Sustainable APR %
EVOLUTION POOL - Evolved adults only - Burn 2 adult NFT's of the same or higher rarity - 14 Days Evolution period - Buy a treat & reduce evolution time by 7 days - BNB & Exclusive Pools - Tax Free buying with BNB rewards - No Locked up Period - Petropolis Land Sale Access - VIP Program upper tier Access - Premium Pricing on MarketPlace
Link: https://twitter.com/MicroPetsBSC?t=rvbeQxDfV-eCyP-wf-bZ_w&s=07
QnA with CTO on Telegram VC every Mon - Fri ☀️2-3PM UTC 🌜10-11PM UTC Link: https://t.me/MicroPets
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2022.01.23 18:49 notpynchon Monty the streetpug

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2022.01.23 18:49 lorddtheo [discussion] Anyone here still on iOS 12?

I still have an iPhone X on 12.4.1 and I don’t wanna update it to keep old 3d touch and better stability
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2022.01.23 18:49 lolguy12179 the flags of Norway in a dream I had

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2022.01.23 18:49 DabbyUniBoi First Holdfast, and now this. Both of which I purchased because of voice chat.

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2022.01.23 18:49 imsadyoubitch How near perfect a CTA could one reasonably expect from a ber on switch?

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2022.01.23 18:49 guaro23 Mamiya 6, 75mm f3.5, Portra 400

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