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2022.01.16 20:05 JunyaWatanabeeOnMy Roger Roger

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2022.01.16 20:05 BlueVCoin We heard only 2% or less about Kvothe's life story

Kvothe that pretends to be Kote the innkeeper is a radically different person than the Kvothe we know.
The Kvothe we know is very young and we learn about events in his life from age 12 to 17.
Kvothe that pretends to be Kote the innkeeper is at least 300 years old or more. We know only 2% or less about his life story. In other words, we know almost nothing about that guy - but he tricked us into thinking that we know him and understand his motives.
Kvothe was a rather powerful arcanist, a junior namer and a skilled killer when he was 17 years old.
Now add to that at least 300 more years.
Kvothe that pretends to be Kote the innkeeper is someone dark and fierce.

And when they turned to look at him it seemed that someone very different was standing behind the bar. The jovial innkeeper was gone, and in his place stood someone dark and fierce. He’s so young, Chronicler marveled. He can’t be more than twenty-five. Why didn’t I see it before? He could break me in his hands like a kindling stick. How did I ever mistake him for an innkeeper, even for a moment?
We know that time passes differently in the Fae.
I had only the roughest guess as to how long I had been in the Fae. More importantly, I had no idea how much time might have been passing in the mortal world. Stories are full of boys who fall asleep in faerie circles only to wake as old men. Young girls wander into the woods and return years later, looking no older and claiming only minutes have passed. For all I knew, years could pass each time I slept in Felurian’s arms. I could return to find a century had passed, or no time at all.
We know that Kvothe stayed in the Fae with Felurian at least 3 months, probably a year or more.
“The real question,” Sim said thoughtfully, “is how old you really are.” “I know that one,” Wilem said with the somber pride of someone desperately pretending to not be drunk. “Seventeen.” “Ahhhh …” Sim held up a finger dramatically. “You’d think so, wouldn’t you?”
Bast is 150 years old.
“Chronicler, I would like you to meet Bastas, son of Remmen, Prince of Twilight and the Telwyth Mael. The brightest, which is to say the only student I’ve had the misfortune to teach. Glamourer, bartender, and, not last, my friend. “Who, over the course of a hundred and fifty years of life, not to mention nearly two years of my personal tutelage, has managed to avoid learning a few important facts.
Kvothe calls Bast young. In order to call another person young, IMO you have to be at least 50% older.
Kvothe looked at both of them for a moment, then smiled and chuckled low in his chest. “Oh,” he said fondly. “You’re both so young.”
Bast says that Kvothe knows so many things about the Fae that he was not supposed to know.
“It’s just that you know so many things,” Bast said. “You know all sorts of things you’re not supposed to. You know about the Berentaltha. You know about the white sisters and the laughing-way. How can you not know about the Cthaeh? It’s…it’s a monster.”
Kvothe is old beyond his years.
The man had true red hair, red as flame. His eyes were dark and weary and he moved with the slow care of a man who is badly hurt, or tired, or old beyond his years.
I guess it's also possible that he went out of the Fae in the past, did some crazy shit, went back to the Fae and came out in the present. Kvothe as Taborlin the Great? Or Elodin. Yeah, why not.
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2022.01.16 20:05 pharmgirlwrites How to make someone proxy for pharmacy?

Can anyone please give a step by step on how to establish a DL as a proxy for a store so they can have access to reviews etc in case PM is not available?
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2022.01.16 20:05 Meisfi Wu Tang Clan just went up and live on my Rarible

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2022.01.16 20:05 BroMandi [Amazon] Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: The inspiration for the films Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 (Kindle eBook) $2.99 [Deal: $2.99, Actual: $9.99]

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2022.01.16 20:05 chrisor97 [Xbox One] Scarlet Nexus - Xbox One Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Edition is $30.46

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2022.01.16 20:05 Dylan_bowie12 Shedding

My boy started shedding for the first time today. Is there anything I need to make sure of? Anything I need to know?
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2022.01.16 20:05 alttabbins The Top Dasher trial ran out for me last night.

And it kind of sucks now. I got used to being able to dash when I wanted. If I had an hour or two come up, I could just jump in and make some money. My retention fell below 40% after I took the advice of all the youtube channels saying I needed to decline everything below X amount of dollars per mile. Now I can't even schedule anything because the only thing available for the next week is in a town 30 miles away at midnight to 3am.
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2022.01.16 20:05 Wfe4play F44 ready end the weekend at a nice restaurant

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2022.01.16 20:05 SnooPies8733 INVITE CODE FOR KITTY CRYPTO GANG! 2KM0dB

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2022.01.16 20:05 i-nose How should I clean my extraction pump when changing multiple fluids?

I need to change several fluids on my car. How should I clean the pump so I do not contaminate the new/different fluids?
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2022.01.16 20:05 Martinjg_ge My Hamster is not exploring his cage

I got a hamster about two weeks ago and since coming here, he changed from loving his cage (see post history for cage, basically an aquarium with 2 additional wooden platforms above) to just staying in his house upstairs, just going down for food, moving very little getting up past 11pm and i haven't seen him use the wheel ever since i last cleaned his cage.
I didn't really change anything i added upon the current bedding some extra bedding on top and that's about it.
Are there any tips for what i could do to make him go downstairs more and have more fun? I don't think taking him out of the cage for playtime is a good idea yet having him only 2 weeks.
He eats (at least he stores a lot of food and i see him eat) and drinks enough, he, as i said, sleeps a bit much and he kinda trusts me. doesn't run from my hand and eats from it but doesn't walk on it quite yet.
I'm worried but i will go to a vet to get him checked next week just to be sure, but also wanted to ask here for behavioral advice for the hamster.
Thank you all in advance!
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2022.01.16 20:05 eggrollex What are the dimensions of this sub?

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2022.01.16 20:05 SlovenianVibes 🎁 FREE unique LEGENDARY Meta SpaceBoy NFT! Just join our discord, drop your wallet and up vot e! Giveaway

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2022.01.16 20:05 CalligrapherDry4043 Why does my ai never attack in the defensive zone? Are my strats wrong?

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2022.01.16 20:05 squib1066 Greenwich MPS on Twitter

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2022.01.16 20:05 C134678 Amateur Custom E3D V6 mount and fan duct for Tenlog hands 2

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2022.01.16 20:05 G2worn Wii U isn’t connecting to Sony TV

I’m trying to connect my Wii U to a Sony TV but it isn’t showing the pictures. The TV and Wii U are both HDMI supported, but nothing. Does anyone know what the problem is?
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2022.01.16 20:05 crewtahns insulin pump

hey guys! I was diagnosed in june with diabetes and have strictly been on pens since then. I asked my endo about switching to pump therapy and was told that i should wait a year until i even THINK about a pump. I am going through a terrible diabetic burnout and my numbers have been terrible. i want to bring up switching to a pump again but i don’t want to be shot down again. Any advice?
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2022.01.16 20:05 skwisij Need help finding this Youtuber

There was this one Youtuber that I really liked he did episodes reactions with no face cam and he kinda had a voice like fe4rless
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2022.01.16 20:05 Lost-Bodybuilder8246 Saw this old muscle car today,couldn't see the badge on the rear,so maybe someone knows what car is this?

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2022.01.16 20:05 Dangerous-Car4028 Airsoft repair/conversion

Hey guys I'm in a tech apprenticeship currently. Wanted to start playing Airsoft with my friend and bought broken guns to repair. I have a few questions I hope you can help me
Question 1: This gun is very wobbley I feel like there is a part missing to hold the handguard in place, shouldnt there be something like springs inbetween them? and the shouldershaft is moving around aswell but if I wanted to tighten it up I must drill out the pins that is not a good Idea I guess. Any other suggestions on how to make the gun feel more sturdy?
Question 2: The gun is missing its bolt carrier, also the pin where the dustcover sits on the the bolt itself, I thought about just replacing the gearbox. Now Ive found a gearbox V3 EBB gearbox. Will it fit into my non BB AK?
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2022.01.16 20:05 AhavaKhatool Israel’s 🇮🇱 Supreme Court rejects ex-top cop’s appeal against prison term for sex crimes, fraud

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2022.01.16 20:05 Houndguy The Odd Fellows: ‘The original social network’

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2022.01.16 20:05 King_Aids Can't type on redeem code screen

If I try type mission it lets me type "mi" the when I type "s" it deletes the s and I could this be a clue to a code or a glitch?
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