Hi there! Almost 1y on HRT, how am I doing? :)

2022.01.24 14:08 AliceDarko93 Hi there! Almost 1y on HRT, how am I doing? :)

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2022.01.24 14:08 Last-Translator7724 Mr Henry say it

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2022.01.24 14:08 AnalkaJuggz Who wants to come help me with these girls 🍉😘😍

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2022.01.24 14:08 LordSadoth Captain Invictus

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2022.01.24 14:08 blazblu82 How can I tell if the ceiling lights can accept ceiling fans?

Live in a fleetwood single-wide mobile built in 2013 and bought 2 years ago. I know diddly squat about install ceiling fans. There is only one in this house and I want to replace the boob lights with ceiling fans in each bedroom. I took one lamp from the ceiling and it looks like the wires powering the sockets are easily removed, but I can't tell if there is anything up there to support a ceiling fan with.
The ceiling lights are held in place with a center bolt that screws into a crossbar which is the base plate for the fixture. There are 2 screws holding the base plate to the ceiling. Is this where I would mount the fan?
Anyone here have any experience installing ceiling fans in a mobile home? TIA!
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2022.01.24 14:08 Nattay01 would you

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2022.01.24 14:08 One-Possession-8593 Trading aussie egg and fossil egg and ocean egg and mythic egg. i could trade 9 mythic eggs too

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2022.01.24 14:08 Blacksmith_Emergency I am finally blessed after playing the game for a year this is my best piece….

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2022.01.24 14:08 Lonely_Trip_4863 BNSF’s policy that all railroads are pushing

Re: BNSF HI-VIZ Policy
To Whom It May Concern:
The health of BNSF employees is critical to the safety of other crew members, community and the company. Employees already suffer dearly due to the availability policy. Employees have never-ending and inescapable pressure to maintain attendance, typically having as little as 10 hours at home between trips. The majority of employees spend twice to three times as many hours at work and in hotels than at home. Employees are already putting off regular health appointments, forgo emergency treatment, dental appointments for broken teeth and cavities, or symptoms that may be a sign of a greater health issue due to unpredictable train schedules and required hours of availability. Since the company prioritizes business over employee health, and employees feel intimidated when considering time off for their health, these visits are frequently rescheduled or canceled altogether until health deteriorates to the point of catastrophic illness. In order to attend appointments without being called to work, employees must take off multiple days (sometimes up to 3 in a row) to successfully be present for one-hour long appointment. The new Hi-Viz policy will single out and target those who have the need to see doctors frequently, and punish anyone who needs to see a doctor or care for the health at any normal frequency if at all. Additionally, this policy will further alienate our spouses from helping their families who have medical issues both acute and long term. Taking 3 days off to ensure an employee will make an appointment would result in between 4 and 9 or more points out of 30 total career points. To earn those points back in order to safely attend the next appointment, the employee would need to work between 2 and 6 weeks without a single unavailable day. Due to the overall lack of time to rest and to get regular preventative medical attention, BNSF employees rely on their other crew members to intervene in emergency situations and for medical emergencies that in almost every case is unforeseeable. In past years, a crew consisted of five employees which has been whittled down to just two people. The presence of a minimum of two crew members has saved the lives of employees stricken by unforeseen medical emergencies, like heart attack, seizure, anaphylaxis, which incapacitates them to the point they are unable to call for medical help. Without another crew member on board, these individuals are at grave risk. Due to strict policies on attendance, employees are sick, overtired, and with an unethically restrictive attendance policy such as Hi-viz being rolled out, employees face a brand new, never before experienced category of mental and emotional turmoil caused by ever-increasingly overbearing and unsustainable work policies, that will surely result in far more harm than good.
We have compiled stories from our lives for your consideration:
A few years ago, my fiancé got his wisdom teeth pulled. He was too scared to take the pills they gave him, because what if they did a random drug test. So, he took some Aleve and went to work the following day, still in serve pain.
This past summer, we were building a fence for our pandemic puppy, and he stupidly wasn't wearing gloves when dealing with metal fencing and sliced his finger up really bad. He got it all stitched up and back together. But he couldn't take another weekend day off because it was the beginning of the month, and what if something came up. And he went back to work the next day.
My fiancé has severe anxiety about missing a call, and he won't sleep. Or when he is off for a bit, and someone does call him, his heart sinks because he thinks it's work again. And lastly, because he has a terrible sleep schedule, he now sleepwalks.
I had to rush my daughter to the hospital because of a severe allergic reaction to medication. I called the BNSF Emergency number and explained to them what was going on. They assured me that they would contact my husband and get him off the train so he could get to the hospital. They NEVER even notified him! They kept his train moving and when he tied up he called to say he made it in and asked what everyone was doing. He didn’t contact me for 5 hours after I called the emergency number. I was still at the hospital when he called so I informed him what was happening and that I had called the emergency number. Our daughter ended up being ok because I was able to get her care as soon as I noticed a reaction. She wasn’t even a year old. BNSF management told my husband that from this point forward there will be a protocol followed. Apparently, they didn’t have anything to go by.
My husband’s father was on hospice, he had bladder cancer. We knew it was going to be soon. I called the emergency number explaining to them that my husband’s father has hours left, and I need him home. They contacted him, saying there is an emergency at home and they will get him in as quickly as possible. They kept him moving. His father passed while he was on a train. Not one call from anyone giving condolences. When he tried to lay off to plan the funeral with his mom, it was denied and he was told by a train master “why don’t you just use your bereavement days”. He needed his bereavement days for the funeral. Not one official from this company said a word. My husband’s father was a retired engineer in the same terminal.
My husband was sitting in the yard on a locomotive for several hours it was well over 120 degrees outside and the inside of the cab was much hotter. He became severely dehydrated and threw up in the depot. One of his co-workers called me and explained what was going on. They covered him in cool rags, put ice under his armpits and tried cooling him down. He was driven home. We live 1 hour away from the depot. They never even considered taking him to the hospital. I explained to his co-worker that he will be going to the hospital to be treated so as soon as he got home. I took him to our local hospital. He had extreme heat exhaustion. His train master drove to the hospital he was at and waited in the waiting room until he was discharged. Then paperwork had to be filled out. My husband had his conductor go inside several times to cool off while they were on the train waiting so that he wouldn’t get overheated. 2 bags of iv fluid while in the hospital then I continued to give him extra electrolytes at home for the next 2 days. Then back to work for him.
A few years ago, I got a call while I was working. The call was from my husband’s phone but it wasn’t him. It was the conductor he was working with. My husband wasn’t feeling good when he called me to let me know they made it to their away from home terminal. Well, they stopped at a fast-food place to get something to eat before going to the hotel. My husband passed out (some sort of convulsive episode) he was in a pool of sweat, eyes rolled back, had to call an ambulance. The doctor suspected it was from exhaustion! He goes to a sleep doctor regularly because he’s been doing this for almost 18 years. His brain never knows when it’s day or night.
My railroader had a massive pulmonary embolism that started as a DVT or deep vein thrombosis (clot is his leg) which is caused by sitting on the train during the trips. This is a huge risk. A PE can kill you instantly. I’m a nurse and have watched that happen to a patient within an instant.
My husband has Shift worker Syndrome, it has left him where he basically has a state similar to insomnia. When he needs to sleep his brain knows he needs to sleep, but it prevents him from sleeping out of fear of missing a call out to work.
I know of a guy just within the past couple months who got Covid but didn’t tell anyone and still went to work because he had just had surgery and took off so much time that he was on his superior's 'sh** list' as they say and so he was afraid of getting in trouble if he took any more days off and so he was super sick and his coworker had to take him to the ER because he passed out at work.
My husband has been in excellent health. He has been an engineer for nine years. He recently was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and he had a heart attack walking a train three miles long at 2 AM out in the middle of the desert. He was also diagnosed with COPD he’s 43 years old and he’s not overweight. He is stressed out every day, and he suffered a bout of depression. I forced him to go see a doctor, and that’s how all of these Health issues came to light. He got so sick his body went septic and he was airlifted to a trauma hospital he was in the hospital for four days. I thank God that my family member is in upper management, and was able to help my husband get time off. Had there been the new high viz. point system my husband would’ve been put on suspension. Now my husband has to see two specialists, and his regular primary care physician. He tries to see the doctor on smart rest or on Risa.
My husband now has chronic recurring prostatitis at the age of 34 all because he couldn't get in to fix his first 4 episodes of it. It leaves him in extreme pain and will last the rest of his life.
My husband has not been able to lay off to help with our children I ended up having 5 surgeries and losing half my left breast due to an infection and rapid growing tumor in my breast. I had to immediately wean our infant and spend almost a month in the hospital. I was left with an open wound in my breast for 4 months and on 2 occasions was taken by ambulance due to losing 1/3 of my blood volume.
My husband can’t even attend any of his appointments, he is supposed to be going 3x a week for PT, 1 a week for a mental health, on top of a monthly appt with his PCP. He has already gotten dropped from a couple providers for poor compliance. Even the tele visit is impossible as he cannot schedule it or predict a month out. The days he has off he tries to call and see if anyone can squeeze him in, but because of the population and lack of providers, it’s not as simple as being squeezed in. No choice of appts, they tell you when they can see you
When my daughter was 3 years old she fell and fractured her skull and needed to be air lifted to another town. I NEEDED him. He was not able to lay off away and come to us until she was stable.
He needs a follow up colonoscopy. Colon cancer runs in his side of the family. He will have to take two days off as we all know there is a day to prep the day before (if he does not have to lay off the day before to make sure he is not called out and not back home in time to travel/clean out). He is wanting to put it off because it off because he does not want to use the points. His dad is not doing well and he knows he may need days. Both of my daughters graduate from different schools this year. The schools did not pick the low point days for graduation days.
My husband went into anaphylaxis on the train. The engineer at the time had to stop the train, and call 911 and meet the ambulance with him. He ended up in the hospital. The train master got him, and brought him home. If he’d been alone on that train he would’ve died.
My husband went to work with spinal meningitis in pain and wearing sunglasses in the day time. He was so pressured to go ahead and work. He ended up with me calling him telling him to go to the ER. Trainmaster and his conductor came with him.
My husband had a cavity that he kept putting off seeing the dentist for. He would have to go in one day for exam, and then a separate day for treatment. He was on a train one night, and spiked a high fever while running his train. His tooth was so infected that he couldn’t do his job. His train master had to take him to the ER. They told us that if he waited any longer the infection could have passed to his heart and killed him.
A railroader in our terminal died on the switching lead from a heart attack. His conductor found him, but it was too late.
My railroader has anxiety. A lot of it stems from the job and being on call. If he’s first out and due out in a couple of hours he lays down to sleep. The lineup changes and he doesn’t get called until the morning. He then has slept at the “wrong time” and is up all night stressing out that he can’t fall back asleep, and is going to get called God knows when. Then, by the time he is called he’s tired from being up all-night stressing.
My husband hasn’t seen a dentist, eye doctor or had a physical in 17 years because every time we schedule the appts I have to cancel because he gets called. He also has terrible anxiety due to the job. He doesn’t sleep through the night even when at home because he constantly thinks he will miss a call.
My husband is MOW but his brother is TY&E and in the past couple of years has had some issues with blood clots. I know he was also exhausted and not feeling great a year or two ago but went to work trying to tough it out and ended up fainting on the train. Thank God the other crew member was able to call for help. The past year and a half my husband's health has started to deteriorate slowly.... from sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression from inability to lose weight, and sacrificing time away from his family. This is just the tip of the iceberg and now it is time to do bloodwork and see the doctor. He is afraid to chance taking the time off.
My husband passed away at home after arriving home and being awake for 26+ hours because he got called to work early at 11pm when it showed him getting called later the next morning. Nothing could be tied to the job but I know in my soul that the railroad did not help his heart. Widowmaker at 32 years old. Weird to feel thankful in his passing but he got to come home that morning instead of passing away in the crap motel that they were projecting him to stay at.
These are but a few examples of the daily struggles of BNSF employees. These people have devoted their lives and sacrificed time, health and life to serve the company and America. Please reconsider the new attendance policy and try to put the well-being of your devoted employees first.
Concerned Wives of the BNSF Employees
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2022.01.24 14:08 blank-9 Land economy Cambridge | Has anyone applied for Land economy at Cambridge here?

Has anyone applied for Land economy at Cambridge here?
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2022.01.24 14:08 stalewarrant The Temple

I've noticed several post recently about the temple and it got me thinking about my temple experiences. When I took out my endowments before my mission in 1984, I was bewildered. None of it made sense to me. I was particularly disturbed by the throat slashing and very uncomfortable with the prayer circle. I figured that I would become used to it the more I attended.
After my mission and marriage, the temple became a source of great frustration to me. On Sundays I would hear people speak about the amazing experiences at the temple, or how much they love the temple and how much it renewed them spiritually. The temple did none of these things for me. The only truly good thing I ever felt at the temple was the day I married my wife. When I looked at her during the ceremony, I had no doubt in my mind I had made the right decision.
Otherwise, I tortured myself trying to figure out what I was doing to make myself unworthy of experiencing these same "amazing" moments at the temple. I found it dull, obviously repetitive, and fairly stressful. I had heard people say that they learned something new every time they attended. I couldn't see how, and concluded that there was obviously something wrong with me.
We've been out nearly three years now and now that I see the temple practices from the outside looking in, I realize what a joke the whole thing is. Conference talks hype up the experience, and members fall in line expressing their own feelings of joy and spiritual renewal in visiting. Bottom line is, it's all about money. Make members think they are gaining admittance to an exclusive club that only costs them a measly 10% of their income. Hype it up whenever the opportunity presents itself by promising the secrets that will be unlocked within. One of the greatest cons ever perpetrated. Thank god it is no longer apart of my life or my failings.
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2022.01.24 14:08 squawkalley On Saturday, the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv said that the first shipment of the promised security support package had arrived in Ukraine. Reuters was the first to report the news. The embassy tweeted photos of the consignment that reached late Friday night.

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2022.01.24 14:08 Affectionate-Self271 Is it possible to curve stained glass/ something that looks like stained glass?

I’d like to decorate my clarinet. I really love stained glass, especially the mottle effect. The clarinet is obviously cylindrical so I’d need the glass to be cylindrical too. Is there a way you can make stained glass/faux stained glass custom made to fit around something (I.e. the bell of my clarinet)?
I’ve considered doing a mosaic but I’d much rather the bell be in 3 or 4 pieces than 10s or 100s.
Are there any materials that look like stained glass that might be easier to use/curve?
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2022.01.24 14:08 Adept_Bedroom4219 KRYPTO ❤️KAOMOJI / Emoticons openseas

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2022.01.24 14:08 pizzakante [ger] 18TB Seagate Exos X X18 - 279 € - 15,5 / tb - free shipping

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2022.01.24 14:08 nDelphi Eiryn the Red: Stand Your Ground

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2022.01.24 14:08 cmcmeiti Data reporting automation advice (macros)

Hey all,
I have to pull excel data directly from our platforms and am interested in automating this process via macros.
I'll be exporting the metrics to a larger sheet manually for QA purposes so just trying to automate the data pulls.
Any tips on how approach this process & minimize marginal errors? (Strictly macros, unfortunately no budget for supermetrics, etc.)
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2022.01.24 14:08 sammy2607 They are going bankrupt and up 4%🤣🤣NOTHING TO SEE HERE SEC YOU BUNCH OF CORRUPT CLOWNS

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2022.01.24 14:08 ScheduleExpress Bug with no firewall.

My bug doesn’t have a firewall or tarboard between the engine and cab. Is that something I should have? It sure does sound important. Im pretty’s sure I would need to take the engine out to do it right, but I have no other reason to drop the engine. The vw shop guy really tries to sell the Blaze Cut, but to m, it makes sense to get a firewall in there like it should be before adding extra accessories.
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2022.01.24 14:08 Normal-Mud-3272 Can I play Race Room Racing Experience offline?

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2022.01.24 14:08 greyx72 Differences between LTSC 2021 and Pro 202H?

I can't find a list of differences updated for LTSC 2021, and now that windows 10 updates are done I'm debating if I want to go through the hassle of switching over from my debloated 202H to LTSC.
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2022.01.24 14:08 RealWheelerJen Literally my face while watching the One Mo Chance Reunion.

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2022.01.24 14:08 procryptoclass Bitcoin Saw Inflows Again, Miner Bets Against Ethereum's PoS, Meta on Getting Metaverse 'Right' + More News

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2022.01.24 14:08 mayraibs50 [Amazon] 92% Off Deals from V-moro (Watch Band and Bipods Case)

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2022.01.24 14:08 ucdmethodology [Research Survey] teens needed for survey about tiktok and eating habits

We are looking for teenagers who are 13-19 years old for a study conducted by researchers at Indiana University on social media and teenagers’ healthy eating habits. You must be 13-19 to participate and you must have experience in using Tiktok for food-related contents. The survey will take you approximately 15 minutes.
This study is anonymous, so please do not enter any identifying information into the research instrument except your email. The researchers have pledged to keep your data confidential and only to report aggregated results in any published scientific study.
In appreciation of your choice to participate in the project, we will enter you into a random drawing for $25 gift certificates (1 in 100 chances of winning). Note that you must enter your email into the survey to be eligible for the lottery. Follow this link to participate:
Participation in this study is voluntary and you may withdraw from participation at any time. If you have any questions you may contact the researcher:
Ariel Wang, Ph.D. student
Indiana University Bloomington
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