Venom is Here!

2022.01.21 01:50 LCross7even Venom is Here!

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2022.01.21 01:50 Federal_Arki05 FINALLY!!!

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2022.01.21 01:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See OTWhale's idea on TradingView below.

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2022.01.21 01:50 it_is_doom my mom is pregnant again

i am going to be an adult soon and i already have a sibling but i found out my mother is pregnant again which i don't have problem with but my concern is that we are not financially well and i don't think my family could provide for another child plus my father is very strict and abusive i don't want any child to experience that hell of childhood that we have to live. i want to talk to them about it what should i do?
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2022.01.21 01:50 MarlonJCsg Eu acho que devia ter nascido mulher

Bom, primeiramente preciso dizer que, eu sou homem cis, hetero.
O que vou falar aqui, não tem nada a ver com vontade ou interesse em transicionar. Não é isso que eu quero.
Mas, as vezes eu acho que devia ter nascido mulher. E ainda as vezes realmente penso que gostaria de ser mulher cis.
Não sei se isso pode ser pelo fato de eu ser o único filho homem, mas tenho duas irmãs que já estão na casa dos 40 anos, enquanto isso eu tenho apenas 25, quase 26. Em outras palavras, cheguei por último
Eu fui planejado, mas só vim ao mundo pq minhas irmãs pediram por um irmão.
Isso de ser o caçula da família é algo que me incomoda muito! Os meus pais (em especial, o meu pai) me criaram praticamente dentro de uma bolha, e hoje eu sou antissocial pra caralho, sentimental, com fobia social, e sem nenhuma habilidade social.
Namoro? Sério mesmo só tive um que durou 5 anos e surgiu de um match no tinder. As outras garotas que fiquei também, bem dizer vieram de lá.
O meu pai em específico, é um cara que sempre me prendeu muito conforme eu fui crescendo e atingindo a adolescência e juventude, nunca tive muitas amizades ou oportunidades de sair.
Hoje em dia eu confronto ele, muitas vezes só digo "Tô indo em tal lugar, pronto" e mesmo assim, ele fica ligando e me mandando mensagem querendo saber onde estou, e que horas volto pra casa. Minha mãe hoje em dia pega no pé dele, ela me defende e "briga" com ele pra ele não ficar correndo tanto atrás de mim.
Ele é um cara bem das antigas que não aceite que eu use certos termos "jovens" por exemplo, se eu falo que "tô saindo pra beber" (ou qualquer termo do gênero) ele me critica dizendo que falar assim é coisa de bêbado, e que o certo é falar que "vai ir tomar uma cervejinha"
Ok, o meu desabafo aqui fugiu totalmente fora do controle e do contexto original, mas acho que tudo tem um pouco de relação.
Voltando ao assunto inicial, essa coisa de ser o único filho homem da família me incomoda, pois como eu disse lá no início, eu sou MUITO mais novo que as minhas irmãs, e eu bem dizer cresci como "chaveirinho" delas duas. Por isso eu penso, será que se eu tivesse nascido como mulher, as coisas não seriam diferentes? Ou talvez se eu fosse uns 5 ou 10 anos mais velho do que eu sou hoje? Ou até mesmo se eu tivesse vindo como o filho do meio ou tivesse um irmão ou irmã mais nova?
Enfim, eu acho que é isso, o desabafo saiu fora do meu controle e eu não sei mais o que escrever.
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2022.01.21 01:50 ShutterBug1988 Share your silly mistakes to remind everyone not to make them. I’ll go first, if design space won’t let you change the material, check the dial on your machine...D’oh

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2022.01.21 01:50 lunarcheeto [R] EPIC INTERVIEW - Al interviews Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne

OG youtube link is here, but the account has been closed.
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2022.01.21 01:50 GetOnMyBrainTrain Pixel 3a quit working today

Sent my last text about 2 hours ago. The next time I picked up the phone it said "No SIM card detected." I've tried resetting the network settings, power cycling, and removing/reinserting the SIM card.
Also, the phone doesn't seem to be charging. When I plug it in, the numbers on the lock screen "pulse" once, as if the phone recognizes that it is seeing a power source. But the battery life keeps decreasing.
I think the failure to charge happened earlier today, before the SIM card issue. I tried to charge the phone in my car but got no juice. I chalked it up to frigid temperatures but now I think the issues are related. Anyone have any insight?
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2022.01.21 01:50 No_Clue_8676 Kids wearing masks inside classes but not outside - does that really prevent anything?

Kids would share food, touch each other, play sport together but put masks in class. I don't understand how this would really prevent anything?
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2022.01.21 01:50 melbatoast18v2 My job is a joke, and my managers are pricks.

today i was working my 4th or 5th called in shift this past 2 weeks, but i actually am usually only scheduled for 10 hours a week. i asked this dude who's essentially an assistant manager if there was a way i could simply be scheduled for more hours per week rather than being called in last minute (i've been called and asked to be in within the next 30 minutes etc) and he said the only reason i'm here or have my next shift is because other employees couldn't take it, and that the company prioritizes seniority for hours. everyone who works there essentially is a teenager or in their early twenties with me being no exception. now i've been wanting more hours for a while now considering 10 hours a week is essentially nothing (as far as living in my city goes and given my circumstances.) so i was complaining about this to two coworkers who i basically don't even know (which was of course a mistake on my end nonetheless) though they seemed also equally bothered in some ways given their own issues with the place. one of my bigger complaints was that there are multiple employees being paid to "face" items which to me is ridiculous and i had even made a point of that when i had started i was surprised i was even getting paid for such simplistic and non contributing work. so one of my points was that the management could cease putting resources towards these employees who do essentially nothing and contribute nothing and put it towards the employees who actually want to work actual jobs and be paid for doing actual work. now obviously a huge factor here could be that i may not be doing my job up to standard, but if thats the case why keep me there for 10 hours a week when theres plenty of other people who could do the job in my place? it seems like a big unfunny joke to keep an employee who's eager to work there and give them little to no hours because "seniority is prioritized" meanwhile what this actually means is the dude picks and chooses the people he likes most and has personal connections with to get all the hours based off of personal matters and not business. come time to leave i realize the dude i had been complaining about had been in his office all along overhearing my complaints yet addressing none nor making his presence known. after walking past to leave i realized i had to ask him to write in my hours because today i was called in and not scheduled so i couldn't punch out. so i walk in and him and 2 other co workers are smirking and he rudely says he will write it himself and says he will only pay me for a certain amount of time because i spent the last 9 minutes in the break room (despite everyone else being up there as well, being as everyone had finished) meanwhile everyone else gets their full pay (i didn't really process it in the moment but this was clearly a petty shot at me and it was so obvious though i didn't realize it in time) and when i turned to say goodnight he just grunted essentially. i don't know what to do at this point since legally there isn't a minimum amount of hours or anything of course. there just seems to be no winning since finding employment elsewhere is very difficult given Covid, and if i say well fuck them they win because thats one less person to pay and they don't have to see me anymore. and if i stay then they will give me 0 hours or continue with the pathetic 10 hour weeks and ill be getting this shortness from the dude every time i interact with him (which is unfortunately often given his position.) obviously there isn't much i can actually do in this situation but yeah, people are dicks and workplace bad lol
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2022.01.21 01:50 Viper_One_0923 Might write an essay on part 2

I thought Id might ask for some advice on what all should be involved. I plan to focus on what exactly makes this story so divisive and why. As well as hope to bring up my own personal opinion on certain scenes and aspects of the overall story.
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2022.01.21 01:50 Epicurus23 This show is so unscientific it's just maddening

I'm watching Season 2 Episode 1 right now. Spoilers if you're not there yet.
This show is actually uncovering some interesting anomalous phenomenon but they're doing a terrible job applying proper scientific methodology. They keep jumping straight to these crazy conclusions before they even acquire enough data to establish a scientifically reproduceable phenomenon. The best piece of reproducible evidence they have thus far are that cell phones behaving strangely at certain areas of the ranch; and they've done nothing at all to investigate this.
One guy has a cell phone that randomly starts pressing buttons and opening apps. That in and of itself is really interesting, but they're completely failing to investigate it properly. They're already jumping to the absurd conclusion that not only are the input actions deliberate, not only that they convey an understanding of how a cell phone works, but that they demonstrate a superior level of expertise in computing than any human has! They actually think something is hacking the phone and using it. Give me a break!
Reality check: I get it's just a TV show, I get that they're deliberately trying to create drama and mystery to increase viewership, and I get that they're being as imaginative as possible to make the show interesting. so I probably shouldn't care, but I'm genuinely curious about what's happening with those cell phones.
Smart phones use capacitive and/or resistive touchscreens to translate finger presses into input signals with three values: the X & Y coordinates on the screen, and the pressure of the touch. The electrical signals are created from extremely minute deformations in the layers of touchscreen materials that can cause changes in electrical capacitance or resistance. So clearly what's happening is something is short circuiting the normal touch behavior and is creating random phantom inputs from all over the screen; probably many at a time. Even with random inputs, eventually some will land on sections of the screen that include buttons and text inputs. So it stands to reason that every once in a while a phantom input will open an app, or type a letter, or switch apps, and all the actions the UI is coded to handle. This is exactly what appears to be happening on this cell phone.
The next logical step is to actually map these inputs. They should get a cellular hardware development kit with a set of debug touchscreens of various types and bring them outside to see if the behavior occurs in them. Then they should actually record the stream of phantom touch events to see 1) how much of the screen they cover 2) the rate they occur 3) how many can occur at one time 4) the differences in pressure values between them 5) and if any patterns are apparent.
Once they have that data, they should be able to hypothesize the cause and experimentally reproduce at least some of the effects in a lab. Then they can write up an actual paper on how natural phenomenon can interfere with cellular touch screens. They could publish it in the IEEE journal or even as just a white paper for tech companies to review.
The tech world would welcome the data as a real world study of what conditions cell phones fail in and it could even lead to newer and more robust touchscreen technology. It would also completely legitimize what they're doing because they haven't published anything at all yet. Hell they could even use the apparatus to map out the electrical anomalies across the ranch. It's the lowest hanging fruit for them to study, wtf!
Either they're too stupid to see the value of this cell phone phenomenon, or the whole thing is a hoax. It's hard to say which. The only "expert" they could find was from the University of Alabama (ranked #148 in accredited universities) and he has way too many "degrees" to be a true specialist in any discipline.
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2022.01.21 01:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $SOL #SOL! See jacksonchristopher2050's idea on TradingView below.

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2022.01.21 01:50 Relative_Tourist_726 Moonshine missions in a Posse

Me and my brother both have our moonshiner roles purchased. We prefer to do things in a posse cause it is dinner but he is the posse leader and I don’t want to get ripped off. If we are both doing story missions together will we be paid the same?? XP and $
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2022.01.21 01:50 acondi should the heating rod come with a plug on the end? if not how do I connect it to my ender 6?

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2022.01.21 01:50 Jobocop1992 Looking for advice for collecting

So I’m looking to start collecting military figures from the Vietnam era to modern day. I live in the UK and can’t find any decent sites that supply from the UK. All I usually find are second hand sets or cannibalised parts, very rarely mint in box. I’ve not got a clue where to start. What I’m looking for really is a UK based site (if possible) that sells complete in box soldiers. Nice and simple, but I can’t seem to do that. I know companies like hot toys do really good licensed figures (Star Wars, marvel) but suggestions for military companies would be great. Thanks for the help!
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2022.01.21 01:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See junglockahashi's idea on TradingView below.

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2022.01.21 01:50 Parma513 so this works...screen shared from my personal MBP to my work MBP, which was already connected in to my Mac mini...which I then connected back to the work MBP.

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2022.01.21 01:50 joshlymansbagel Rewatching Doctor Strange and around 41 minutes in he is told that controlling magic is like surrendering to a river to control it. Anyone else notice this direct comp to Saidar?

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2022.01.21 01:50 Wildjay7931 Requirements to be accepted to a masters program in biology?

I'm on my first year at a university working towards my bachelors in biology. Afterwards it is my goal to go towards my masters. The university I'm looking at is a public university. It's a few years in the future, but I would like to get some information while I'm on my path. So far (not very far yet, but still) my GPA is a 3.0. Pretty good, but not a 4.0... Will this have a noteable impact on my likelihood of being accepted? And what, if any, other factors may play a roll? Thank you.
Side point - I'm a first generation college student so I basically went in without any clue how this all works and am still learning. Which is why I'm asking a question like this! 😁
Thank you!
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2022.01.21 01:50 Commercial_League_25 How many hours a day can you code/study?

I’m currently in a bootcamp and even though its self paced i’ve been trying to treat it as full time. However, i cant manage to stay focused and study for more than 4-5 hours a day consistently. Anything more than that and i get burnt out or don’t actually learn what im reading or working on. Is this normal? How many hours a day do you guys usually code/study?
tldr: How many hours a day can you consistently code/study before burnout?
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2022.01.21 01:50 BliffityBloppity Any of y'all know about floor furnaces?

In all my life I've never come across one of these things but now there is one in my new place and it is my main source of heat. Sadly, it works only when it wants to do the job, which has been twice since I moved in on the first...I see that the pilot light is lit but when I use the thermostat, it clicks but nothing happens. Not trying to call my landlord because I know he'll make me move out because he didn't want to rent to me when it was acting up in the first place (and I'm on a month-to-month lease). The dishwasher at work said my gas was "clogged" (is that even a thing), anyhoo any tips would be appreciated.
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2022.01.21 01:50 tvtoad50 After the first wash/ wait time between first 2 washes and freezing the seeds?

I’ve been doing two washes with the seeds but the second round is usually just as dark so even though I don’t want a 3rd cup it feels like if I threw them away I’d be wasting potential goodness. So I actually have been dumping the seeds in sandwich ziploc bags and popping them in the freezer. I actually took 2 out last week and added the frozen chunks to hotter than normal water and it worked well. Does anyone else have any experience doing that? Is there anything I should be aware of with doing it that way? Also, how bad is it if the seeds sit in the bottle for an hour before the 2nd wash? I got distracted.
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2022.01.21 01:50 Seaworthiness-Salt How to change someone else's mindset?

My mother's health is not good and has never been good for as long as I can remember. However, since the time I came across LOA and the importance of changing the mindset, I often tell her to imagine herself being completely healthy and happy. In turn, she always says the opposite like 'no medicine can affect my health now' and 'I will always be sick this away', 'my condition will worsen from this' and so on. I understand why she says this because I have never seen her healthy and ofcourse such a person would become dejected and hopeless. I really want to help her to change her mindset. Please if someone can help. Thank you so much guys in advance.
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2022.01.21 01:50 ShortAlgo $MSEX Look at this! Profit Factor of 6 and trade profitability of 87.5%8 trades executed and buy signal in place. 15 minute chart.

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