A short piece I wrote for a crunchy Stratocaster. Trying to decide for myself if it really can be interesting to listen to a guitar without any drums/bass/synths/etc.

2022.01.22 15:42 paul_ouf A short piece I wrote for a crunchy Stratocaster. Trying to decide for myself if it really can be interesting to listen to a guitar without any drums/bass/synths/etc.

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2022.01.22 15:42 pepperoni93 Decaf coffee? Can you tolerate it?

I was wonder if its alone the caffeine the problem with histamine intolerance then perhaps decaf would be good?
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2022.01.22 15:42 xKairos-23 27 [M4F] Oklahoma/Online/US Nerd looking for their other half

Hiii! As the title says, ideally looking for a deeper connection but I'm definitely open to meeting some new friends to game with. Open to LDR.
Info About Myself:
I live in Oklahoma but I want to move when I am able to. I'm interested in many different places along the East Coast. I am more of a Leftist and also an Atheist. I am looking for monogamous relationships ONLY. I'm demisexual. Golden Retriever. I can be pretty picky about my food sometimes. I also do not want kids ever. I am 5'10 and weigh about 155 lbs, I have lost about 40 lbs since August.
Gaming is my favorite thing overall. I play PC and Xbox primarily but I do own a Switch and a PS4. On PC, some of my favorite games to play are Destiny 2 (by far my most played game), Apex Legends, Halo Infinite, Back 4 Blood, and almost any other shooteFPS you can think of. On Xbox, Switch, and PS4, I mainly play Forza Horizon and Singleplayer Action/RPG games but I am definitely always down for some cuddling and multi-playeCo-Op console games.
I absolutely love many different kinds of music but my favorite genres are Pop Punk and EDM. I really enjoy going to concerts. Since October I have seen jxdn, girlfriends, Machine Gun Kelly, Point North, Asking Alexandria, A Day to Remember, Donna Missal, Chvrches, Fat by the Gallon, MDC, NOFX, Madeon, Blunts & Blondes, Loud Luxury, Above & Beyond, and DJ Snake. Going to at least a couple more pretty soon. Also, I am very slowly learning how to play guitar.
I LOVE driving. I will always be down to drive anywhere, anytime. Cars are another huge part of my life. I just got a new one recently which you'll see in my post history and I love it very much.
I am just trying to have a good time, not take things too seriously, and just be a good person. I would love to have a partner to experience all of the wonderful things life has to offer but can also slow down and just chill.
Feel free to message me or use Reddit chat! I would love to get to know you and I'd be happy to add you on Discord! Also I will provide pictures but not in the post.
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2022.01.22 15:42 Ottoblock GI doc states that he cannot do FMT even with a relative donor.

Is my GI doctor pulling my leg? I have a donor who is a blood relative (sister) who will donate and my doctor still states that he is "not allowed" to do it, even though he has done the same procedure in the past with 100% success. He still wants to do a colonoscopy (go figure $$$) to check for crohns disease.
He said that if I wanted to do something like that I would be on my own, like he couldnt tell me not to do it, or do it.
What are your thoughts on the matter? I'm at my wits end.
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2022.01.22 15:42 samreeennverymean Tips to improve observation?

My S blindspot is killing me. The thing is I can be pretty observant when I find something interesting but usually I'm too lost in my thoughts to actually be present and miss out on obvious details right under my nose. Tips to be more present and observant please if some of you are good at it.
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2022.01.22 15:42 FennelJazzlike8813 What font is this please

Anyone know what font this is?
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2022.01.22 15:42 Dobbzy_13 The Raiders can get screwed after this one(spoilers)

Lol Fun and games....certainly it was. At first I thought maybe Gail had lost some stupid toy and that was why everyone was ignoring her but oh no was I wrong. I can see why they left Ra-ra in that godforsaken hell hole. Right from the get go it was sarcastic answers from me. I went through a gate big enough to fit a car(f U Gail ya useless trash) only to see the little s-h-i-t standing right next to 4 robo's in complete "fear" only to be sent even further down the bun bun hole.
Ive been currently sitting here for 20 minutes considering whether i want to proceed on this quest of looking for this said toy and dwelling on the fact that I didn't bring enough ammo to deal with this b.s nor have me and Ra-ra set of on the best relationship so far.
Wouldn't even open the power armour room for me such attitude and to threaten me with Gail's weak ass who can't even fit though a f'ing pipe that I could fit three brahmins through . I think I'm going with the settlers
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2022.01.22 15:42 glamd Manning Goal v Preston

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2022.01.22 15:42 FakeMikeMorgan I don't think they have been to Oklahoma...

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2022.01.22 15:42 846hpo [IIL] the vibe of period piece romances, but want to watch other genres.

I’ve kind of exhausted Jane Austen adaptations and want something else. Basically, drama or comedy is fine, but definitely more of a grounded plot with some social commentary, if possible. Pretty scenery is also nice but not required.
Main aspect of the story is romance, but the build up is slower and feels realistic, and the obstacles are either self imposed issues or family/external obstacles rather than zany rom com misunderstandings that could be solved in one conversation. Ending can be happy or not, as long as it feels earned, and leaves you with that heartsick/heart swelling kind of feeling.
Aside from pride and prejudice, stuff like In the Mood for Love, When Harry met Sally (a little more comedic than I’m looking for right now, but still fits a lot of the criteria), Portrait of a lady on fire, the before trilogy. Any other ideas?
I’ve watched a lot of the obvious ones, so points for more obscure films!
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2022.01.22 15:42 thebuccinator182 Does anybody know of a car shop in town that does free diagnostics or estimates?

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2022.01.22 15:42 BaiganGamer Happy birthday Alice!

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2022.01.22 15:42 aki1108 Breddit we did it again-"izašli smo u novine" ,dnovinarstvo u Srbiji

https://mondo.rs/Magazin/Ljubav/a1586717/Da-li-kucni-poslovi-treba-da-se-dele-na-pola.html Kao što su neki napisali u komentarima, a kao što sam i sam očekivao, vredni novinari su podelili moj post o podeli kućnih obaveza i vaše komentare sa istog. Jeste da su me pomešali sa nekim Ukijem, ali dobro opraštam im ipak su preoptereceni istraživačkim novinarstvom. Čestitam breddite postajemo sve jači iz dana u dan
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2022.01.22 15:42 Kaptn-killa [XB1] H: Skull lord helm and suit W: 15k caps

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2022.01.22 15:42 Nervous-Rip-5747 Idk man, this is just unsettling

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2022.01.22 15:42 J_fergzz Starting subs Monday

Just curious I’m not currently addicted to H last use was a couple weeks ago on a binge. Figured this would help w cravings. Any ideas what mg to start with? I remember when I was a teenager and took a full strip I was sick for like 3 days throwing up (never took an opioid prior to that) . What should I start with regardless of what they prescribe me. 4mg daily?
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2022.01.22 15:42 Praetorian80 Anyone know where this missing Aether Current is located? Cannot for the life of me find it. Guides aren’t helping. Cheers!

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2022.01.22 15:42 player05677 Get tiktok they said it will be fun they said

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2022.01.22 15:42 Ok_Refuse_6595 Why

Why do I want your attention? It makes no sense. I’m with the one I love. Yet, DK, I can’t seem to get you outta my head. Idk what’s wrong with me or why I want your attention. Maybe I’m just sick, more fucked up than I thought. Yearning for the attention of a man I’ve never met who lives on the other side of the country. Man I’m fucked.
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2022.01.22 15:42 FaygoChugger One roast for the mains of every hero

Ana: You care more about winning than you do having fun
Ashe: At least Torbjorn players can admit the fact that their turret contributes more to their team than they do
Baptise: You and I both know you would rather be playing DPS right now
Bastion: There's nothing I can say that will make you feel worse than you already do
Brigitte: I hope killing the game was worth climbing 2000 SR higher than you belong
McCancelled: No matter how good fan the hammer is we will never stop roasting you for using it
DVA: Ball is you but more fun to play
Doomfist: You should be playing an actual fighting game, there's less CC there
Echo: learn how to just be yourself you goddam chameleon
Genji: without nanoblade you are less than nothing
Hanzo: Just because you can 1shot me with a projectile the size of a log doesn't mean you have any skill
Junkrat: If your mechanics were half as good as your gamesense maybe you wouldn't have to be a junk main
Lucio: There are two kinds of Lucio players: the kind that has fun, and the kind that actually helps their team
Mei: Imagine waiting 10 minutes in queue to play a tank
Mercy: Is spending more time with your boyfriend worth playing the most boring character in a dead video game?
Moira: you are living proof that medals don't matter
Orisa: If your brain fit your head hitbox you'd pick a different hero
Pharah: If you were capable of learning you'd be maining Echo by now
Reaper: Last I checked, your ultimate is supposed to make you stronger, but yours just makes you dead
Reinhardt: Thank you for forcing your entire team to pocket you just to prevent you from feeding
Roadhog: You better thank blizzard for adding a tank that can be played effectively with an IQ below 60
Sigma: If only your actual skill matched your hero's skill ceiling, you'd be unstoppable
Soldier 76: You want to play hitscan but your aim isn't consistent enough to play Widow.
Sombra: If you aren't at least in Masters, I can guarantee you aren't helping your team
Symmetra: You exist to teleport better players to where they need to be
Torbjorn: I'd say that your turret contributes more to the game than you do, but if you're low enough to main Torb you already know that and it doesn't bother you
Tracer: I want to call you an obnoxious weasel of a pest but it would probably just get you off if anything
Widowmaker: Your aim may be good, but it's the only good thing about you
Winston: Your ultimate exists to give the entire enemy team their ultimates
Wrecking Ball: You know that you have teammates, right?
Zarya: Your entire kit hinges on the enemy team being even dumber than you are
Zenyatta: I'm sure you could achieve great things if you could survive for more Than 5 seconds outside the spawn room
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2022.01.22 15:42 Everett115 Spark from heater cartridge

I have been having some bad luck with my ender 3 recently. I tried installing a bit metal heartbreak a few days ago and it ended up striping the heating block. So I decided to not cheap out and just install a microswiss all metal hot end.
Today when I was trying to tighten the nozzle with the spanner the way they did in the video, I couldn't get a good grip on it. I tried grabbing the heating block with a vice grip and my hand slipped and the heating cartridge sparked. The LCD screen froze and when I tried to reboot I get a blank screen. Looking closely at it I also riped the wire for the thermistor.
So my question is is it possible that it's not booting because of the thermistor or did I fry the board? If it is the board would there be any components I could try to replace to save it? I have a creality v4.2.7 board running marlin if that makes a difference.
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2022.01.22 15:42 scarf_spheal What is something you believe every cook should make from scratch once in their life?

I think everyone should experience the taste of homemade tortillas that uses lard for the fat. They can be corn or flour. The taste on them is amazing and is not like anything you can get from a grocery store.
What food would you say home cooks should make at least once in their life?
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2022.01.22 15:42 LordSaumya How often does 'a good guy with a gun' succeed?

One defence offered for the lack of gun control in the US is the notion that only a 'good guy with a gun' can stop a bad guy with a gun. While we do have the statistics for gun violence (school shootings, murders committed using firearms, etcetera), are there any statistics for how often 'a good guy with a gun' actually succeeds in stopping a bad guy with a gun?
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2022.01.22 15:42 sowrd_art_online Barley has a chance though!

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2022.01.22 15:42 acgs1995 A qualidade do frango caiu demais.

Bom, já tem uns anos que venho notando um declínio na qualidade do frango. Esses frangos têm uma textura extremamente dura ou borrachuda, parece que estou mordendo um músculo/cartilagem.
Recentemente eu percebi que todo quilo de frango que eu compro vem com pelo menos um filé duro. Isso não acontecia a dez anos atrás. Procurei na internet e descobri que isso é um fenômeno mundial chamado "woody breast" e que tem afetado todos os países praticamente.
Mais algum azarado aí que perdeu a refeição por causa dessa anomalia?
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