Valerie Bertinelli remembers her 'soulmate' Eddie Van Halen

2022.01.19 14:56 swagNextTuber Valerie Bertinelli remembers her 'soulmate' Eddie Van Halen

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2022.01.19 14:56 upbstock $GENI +9% $TTWO +8% $GOLD +8% $ICPT +7% $WIX +6% $SDC +6%

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2022.01.19 14:56 keith2301 Do you want extra cheese? HERE"S your friggin' extra cheese!

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2022.01.19 14:56 Jeannine_Pratt My 2yo is getting increasingly clingy. Help!

Baby is 3 months old and elder child turns 2 this month. I expected some extra clinginess to happen, but it seems like it's only getting worse! He melts down if I leave the room, yells when I'm in the kitchen (which is in eyesight), is constantly demanding to be held. I've been trying to have special 1-on-1 time together each day, but nothing seems to help and my patience is basically gone!
Ideas? Commiseration?
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2022.01.19 14:56 jobsinanywhere Beijing battles virus as Xi’an emerges from lockdown

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2022.01.19 14:56 browneyed_gal does anyone know what style/color shorts these are? I love!!😍

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2022.01.19 14:56 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] This is a 'do-nothing' market, says Steve Weiss ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.19 14:56 Jathanwaddell Question about character reset

Hello, I'm going to have to reset my character but I have questions. After the reset will it give me the money I had when I first started the game? I'm wondering because I paid for the bounty hunter certifications and no longer have enough to pay for them again. Any help would be appreciated
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2022.01.19 14:56 Name-iz-taken Is this a pump and dump??

Coffee day share price on Jan 10th - 43.15
On jan 11 - debut reduction news gets flashed around in all medias.
And every one goes crazy especially retail investors , traders (me too)
With in 3 trading session i..e on Jan 17 th - price goes above Rs 70
Same day DSP Funds off loads 28,26,540 shares at Rs 70.2 !!!
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2022.01.19 14:56 Consultingtesting Where can i get addon's ??

I have just upgraded libreElec to version
I'm no expert at anything but I use to have The Crew addon installed, but it appears that it does not work anymore. I know The Oath works well on Firestick but I don't know about libreElec, does it? Anyway, I'm having trouble finding apps, they all seem to be for firestick and Android. Where can I find good addons for LibreElec like the crew? And or what should I google for cause I don't seem to be finding anything other that the LibreElec site. There are tons of site saying this is great and that is great and top 10, but they don't seem to apply to LibreElec, unless I'm missing something.
As I say Im not very good at all this but struggle along.
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2022.01.19 14:56 Coderdude_01 [Meowmes] It do be like dat doe

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2022.01.19 14:56 sfggggy Nj girl getting my cock hard

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2022.01.19 14:56 TheDrippySink So... What's the plan for the Pax?

With the introduction of the Scottfield, and now its Precision variant, I feel like the Pax is starting to fall behind.
I don't know, but it feels like it might be too expensive now for what it brings to the table.
That, or it needs another variant. The Claw isn't exactly the most impressive upgrade.
I was really hoping the Pax would get Precision variant, but now I almost feel like the mentality will just be "Just use the Scottfield."
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2022.01.19 14:56 VilZomUni Mother earth spread

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2022.01.19 14:56 MrHeavenTrampler ¿Cómo se inicia uno en la política?

Buenas banda, me gustaría preguntarles si alguno de uds. se dedica a la política o conoce a alguien que lo haga. Si es así, agradecería que me respondieran unas cuantas preguntas:
•Cómo se inicia uno en la política? Supongo que lo más bajo es una posición en el congreso estatal no?
•Es necesario hacerlo con un partido, o puedes ir de independiente (con cuántas firmas)?
•Importa la carrera? Voy empezar a estudiar Administración Financiera en el Tec y me gustaría saber si sí jala para esto de la política o mejor me voy por Economía.
•Consideras que vale la pena entrar en ese mundo para intentar hacer las cosas bien o no lo vale?
Muchas gracias de antemano.
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2022.01.19 14:56 doomerautist I’m hurting Jillian

I’m never talking to you again unless you initiate, I would never violate your boundaries, you blocked me and you have every right to!
I just miss you. God I miss you. So. Fucking. Much. I’m working hard on myself to finally get over you, I need to break free from the shackles of my love for you.
I love you. So. Fucking. Much. Keep tearing it up in life! And wheneve if ever you feel like it, reach out, don’t worry though I’ll never tell you how I feel, that would make you feel uncomfortable and that’s the last thing I want!
I love you, fuck I love you
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2022.01.19 14:56 animebasix PLAY DATE AMV | My Dress Up Darling

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2022.01.19 14:56 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] We're in a tightening cycle in markets, says BlackRock's CIO Rick Rieder ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2022.01.19 14:56 hansolo238 What's the consensus on the p224 in 40/357 SIG?

Thinking about picking up a used p224 from my LGS. Comes with 40 cal and 357 SIG barrels. I know they weren't super popular, thus the discontinuation. Just looking for some first hand impressions and what might be a good price to pay, and if it's even worth considering.
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2022.01.19 14:56 jazzyMD Learning From the Past to Protect Our Future: Volume 3

Hello Everyone, hope you all enjoyed your MLK weekend here is volume 3 of how we got into the position we are in today.
Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Obviously this is NFA. If there are any mistakes that were made, they were not made intentionally. I welcome/encourage lively discussion/feedback and hope this provides some benefit to our community. Without further ado.
Part 3: High Frequency Trading and Dark pools (am I a customer….or am I a product?), IEX the last great exchange
- So like we discussed previously, our indexes had a problem. On the one hand they needed their market makers because they were the original providers of liquidity in a market place. However, these traders were facilitating the majority of trades everyday which added even more liquidity to the market (Rule 1). And as technology improved, traders were able to allow computers themselves to do the trading for them. This allowed traders to move from performing hundreds of trades per day, to performing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of trades per day. This is how a trader becamea high frequency trader (HFTs). Unfortunately, these HFTs were stealing from the market makers themselves and this could not continue because of Rule number 2. Rule 2: rich people are not allowed to lose money. But if HFTs are not allowed to steal from market makers, who could the HFTs take advantage of? Any guesses? Well if you guessed our beleagured protagonist, retail you are right. But how did they do this?
- The short answer to this question is Arbitrage. One thing I want to make abundently clear for our audience. Although the techniques and ways that bad actors achieve advantages in the market maybe complex, the underlying principles of what they are doing is very rudimentary. The crimes that these bad actors are committing are the same crimes that stock brokers committed back in the 60s and 70s. Taking orders and front running them, plain and simple. The problems lie on the scale (which has increased exponentially) and the complete lack of oversight.
- But how exactly did they benefit from arbitrage? Well remember last time we spoke about the Security Information Processor (aka SIP) whose sole purpose was to set the National Best Bid Offer across the various indexes. Well it took milliseconds to receive that data and calculate the NBBO. This is because the technology used to develop the SIP was oudated and slow. HFTs knew this and developed their own version of the SIP that sat right next to the original SIP and ran the data faster. How much faster? Say it took the SIP approximately 45 miliseconds to generate an NBBO. According to Michael Patterson in Flash Boys, The HFTs could perform this same task in less than 20 milliseconds (For reference, to send data from Chicago to NYC took 12 miliseconds). This time gap was all the HFTs needed to exploit retail investors. This is because only two things are limiting the speed by which a HFT can make a trade: friction within a fiber optic cable and the speed of light.
- So for example: Say a broker places an order for 10,000 shares of a stock on behalf of their client. The broker must execute the order based upon best price (not best execution). So the hedgefunds will lay out 100 lot shares across the various exchanges for the broker to buy first. Once they sense that a large order is being placed they check their version of the SIP (remember it is approximately 25 milliseconds faster than the offical SIP). If they know the NBBO is going to increase in the next 25 milliseconds, they buy all available shares in the market from the various market makers. They then sell the shares to the broker at the higher share price, profiting the difference (Figure 8).
Figure 8
- Techically no one has broken the law, since the NBBO price has increased the best price is still being offered to the buyer. But because the HFT knows the NBBO is going to increase they are unfairly profiting off of the trade. This is basically insider trading. So now the Buyer is being taken advantage of by the Stock Broker (who serves only as a middle man taking a commission fee), the market maker (based on the spread offered by the Bid/Ask Price), and now the HFT who is front running every trade you make. Now for the average retail investor no one really cared, hell they didn’t even know they were being ripped off. But like we mentioned previously, large mutal funds and money managers did and remember rule number 2: rich people are not allowed to lose money. Something had to change.
- Welcome to the dark pool, where the waters are always opaque.
o Now before we jump to dark pools I want to quickly address why exchanges and market makers tolerate HFTs. Remember rule number 1: speed is King. HFTs provide exponentially more volume to an exchange thus increasing liquidity and speed. This increased volume of trades mean more money for exchanges. This is also the argument the SEC makes to justify their existence by “facilitating trades” (basically serving as a market maker for the market maker) (well then why the hell do we need a market maker to begin with?....great point). However, in the grand scheme of things I would argue that HFTs actually do not provide “true” liquidity to a market. If we use our previous example (figure 8) we see that, yes if a trade is executed on behalf of a buyer the number of trades may increase from 3 (Broker A to MM A, MM B, and MM C) to 5 (Broker A to HFT, HFT to MMA, MMB, MMC, Broker A to HFT). But those two extra trades only occur because the first trade occurred. They are only adding trades onto existing trades. This process is not actually providing liquidity to the market. HFTs are nothing more than scalpers. Ticket Master may claim to increase liquidity by first buying all available tickets from a box office and then reselling those tickets on their website, however with the internet you can simply go to the box office website and by the ticket yourself (for 1/10th the price and just as quickly). The box office may get a kick back from Ticketmaster for the increased price but the artist does not see any of that money and the fans are the ones footing the bill for this inefficiency. So what real value does ticketmaster provide other than stealing from people wanting to go to the concert? Think about it…..the SEC hasn’t
- So now we know that big investors are being robbed along with retail, that can not happen (Rule 2). So the large banks decided to create their own exchanges (dark pools) that mutual funds and ETFs could trade in to maximize their margins. Dark pools have many advantages to lit exchanges (such as NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.).
o First dark pools are limited to only large buyers and sellers of stock (were talking millions/billions of dollars per trade) on these dark pool exchanges prices can be compeletly disorted from the lit markets.
o Secondly, it allows a large stock purchaser (say a mutual fund that wants to buy millions of shares of XYZ) to buy them without affecting the NBBO price on the lit exchange. Thus they can potentially maximize gains by paying a discount on a darkpool exchange (by buying in bulk) and potentially sell them on the lit exchange making money off the difference. (Again none of these people care about retail, just maximizing their own profits).
o Thirdly stocks traded in a dark pools are not obligated to follow Reg NMS of best price execution.
o Lastly, and most importantly, it prevents front running by HFTs (well at least initially). Because many of these orders are being performed upon best execution it is harder to front run. Furthermore, the dark pool can restrict who gets to trade on it preventing HFTs access.
Obviously in 2022 we all hate dark pools. But initially they were created as a defense mechanism to protect mutalfunds and ETFs from HFT arbitrage.
- Unfortunately, nothing is safe from profit. The brokers and banks soon realized that they had been thinking about this stock trading market all wrong. Retail and institutional investers were not their clients. They were actually the products. The HFTs who they initially hated were the best customers of all! Instead of fighting over who had the lowest commission prices or which darkpool had the fastest trades, they could all partner together and increase the number of traders exponentially by offerring commission free trading. They could then sell that data to the HFTs in real time! The HFTs could stop wasting their time trying to find a trade to front run and could just pay a small fee (say a few Billion Dollars) to have exclusive access to a particular stock brokedark pool’s clientele orders. This could then allow the HFTs to front run every single trade that occurred without any competition (that’s how capitalism works right? Infinite buyers, and a single seller, that’s what the law of supply and demand is right?.....right?). So now you have institutions who’s sole purpose was to protect their clients and execute the best trades based upon price, actually profiting off your private order data; while at the same time not actually executing by best price.
- But it gets worse, some of these brokers actually gave the data to their own HFTs so that they could profit off of arbitrage on their own clients. This happened to E*trade in 2008 and was called out by none other than Ken Griffin. “ In 2008, Citadel bought a stake in the online broker E*trade, which was foundering in the credit crisis. The deal stipulated that E*Trade route some percentage of its customers’ orders to Citadel. At the same time, E*Trade created its own high-frequency trading division, eventually called G1 Execution Services, to exploit the value of those orders for itself. Citadel’s founder and CEO, Kenneth Griffin, pitched a fit, and called out E*Trade for failing to execute its customers’ orders properly”[1]. Ken tried to warn us in 2008, if only we had listened. But because none of us did, Ken joined the game and started doing it too.
- Now many of you I am sure have heard of this process of selling client order data to hedgefunds its called Payment For Order Flow this is how HFTs are able to rob billions of dollars per year from all of your trades. We will discuss this in more detail in how this ties into Meme stock mania in part 4.
[1] Lewis, Michael. Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt, W.W. Norton & Company, New York, 2015, pp. 192–192.
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2022.01.19 14:56 venerealact Why do I keep getting asked out when I go out?

I go out looking like a single mom with ten kids. I just wear jeans and a jacket without any makeup and people still try to hit on me when i go out
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2022.01.19 14:56 Mr_Doghouse Difficult day but the order flow shows some large buying

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2022.01.19 14:56 Adrianozz In South L.A., a legacy of limbs lost to diabetes tells a larger story

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2022.01.19 14:56 Romhan WTS /WTT (Na/Jp) Np2 Junao Np2 mhx Np2 abby Maintained acc, 180+ Ga Good CEs (2 poster girl, scope, 2030,bg etc) Trade LF : Free offer.

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2022.01.19 14:56 pmile Startrail with a6000 and kit lens

Hi, is it possible to shoot a startrail with my Sony a6000 and kit lens? If yes, then how? Please give me some advice. Thank you!
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