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Reddite geri dondum

2022.01.23 19:26 amknewisiken Reddite geri dondum

Usudum amina koyayim benim hayatim redditte geciyormus ozlediniz mi lan beni orospu cocuklari sildigim an hayatimda bosluk olustu amk
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2022.01.23 19:26 JagerBro333 We are vampires!

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2022.01.23 19:26 itsPocket1 My version of Doc! A blank for y'all to color and enjoy

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2022.01.23 19:26 NoKnowledgeNoodle A returning LU Player

Hello Lego Universe community! I've been a huge fan of LU since I first started playing back in 2011 and I always wondered if it will ever come back. I joined the Discord and after seeing how far it has come I just want to play it so badly. Sadly enough I dont have any technical affinity and I can't setup my own server. If there is someone who knows someone who might be willing to let me join I'd appreciate a PM. Thank you for reading! :)
Discord : Synthesized#6693
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2022.01.23 19:26 tuiduarte Não pretendo viver no Brasil. Opiniões?

Esse ano termino o ensino médio e pretendo aplicar pra college no Canadá (e futuramente morar lá). Em 2021 fui atrás e comecei a aprender sobre renda variável (não cheguei a aplicar nada) mas percebi um porém: Vale de alguma coisa eu aprender agora sobre o mercado brasileiro considerando que em pouquíssimo tempo não vou estar aqui? Meio que agora parei em um limbo sem saber o que fazer, então adoraria sugestões e opiniões.
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2022.01.23 19:26 Paraflyshells What to do with my credits. Rank 151

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2022.01.23 19:26 tutifrutimydinurbuti Canadian hockey player cut from team after apparent racist gesture on ice (Laraque interview)

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2022.01.23 19:26 zone9gardening How to Graft Fig Trees in the Winter #gardenproject #garden #gardening10...

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2022.01.23 19:26 lasagnafairyz wie kann ich am besten mit kreativität geld verdienen?

ich kann malen, ich kann designs für klamotten entwerfen, ich kann singen, ich kann logos entwerfen, ich kann songcover gestalten, alles mögliche. ich kann ketten nur ohrringe herstellen. wie mache ich daraus am besten geld? gibt es irgendwen hier, der ein logo braucht, ein design für ein shirt oder ähnliches? würde mich sehr freuen. :)
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2022.01.23 19:26 dadougler Chicken Reaction Omegle Bars 45

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2022.01.23 19:26 Wency1511 Che vieron lo que paso en Italia? Re piola, ojala Alberso la cagara así

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2022.01.23 19:26 LadyHobbit89 LP Shunt Pain

Please read and answer if you have/had an LP shunt!
I have had an LP shunt since 2002, with the last surgery on it being done in 2006. I haven’t had a flare-up with increased ICP since then, just migraines. However, a few months ago, I started having a lot of pain in my side where the reservoir is located. I have chronic back pain for multiple reasons, including the shunt surgeries and LPs. But this is different. It gets really bad when I’m sitting or standing for any period of time. I have no idea if this is something to be overly concerned about, or if it is just related to my back pain.
For those who have/had an LP shunt, have you experienced this? What is causing it, and what can be done?
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2022.01.23 19:26 xKing_Savage OG Qualifications

Alright this is gonna be short and simple, I've been listening to yeat since April 2nd, the day Alive dropped. Does this make me an OG or nah?
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2022.01.23 19:26 IonMiha Gabbiefadel

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2022.01.23 19:26 OhMissFortune Mystery eggs AGAIN? Bought new plants, some had these inside. I wanna wait till they hatch but I'm kinda afraid lol. They're firm to touch and inside is just white-ish liquid. Help?

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2022.01.23 19:26 crytoloover Revisión de Altcoins BCD 20-Ene.. ADA, FTM, EGLD, CAKE, OMI, RUNE, KDA, SYS, MDX, ASTRO entre otras!

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2022.01.23 19:26 musicaladventures Hi all. I am A full time parent and a part time musician. I have recorded this album of piano lullabies, simple tunes I play for my children at bedtime. hoping some of you will try them with your little ones...

As per title - the album I have recorded is titled The Piano Can Tell A Thousand Stories and here are some links:
Apple Music / Itunes https://geo.music.apple.com/us/album/_/1559107482?mt=1&app=music&ls=1&at=1000lHKX
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0oNG97MBQjaRfrXN6vMVUV
YouTube Music https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lS7voy9t3W43uPs8xR0Rjc386t-Im2r6w
Deezer https://www.deezer.com/album/215884912
Amazon https://music.amazon.com/albums/B08ZHYT335?do=play
Tidal https://listen.tidal.com/album/177718697
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2022.01.23 19:26 LostMyPPMs Oh no anything but donuts.

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2022.01.23 19:26 LethalPlague666 BC Monashees in the morning [OC] [5361 x 3574]

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2022.01.23 19:26 YuhOF W4

Hello so I was exempt for 2021 but not for 2022 but when I go to change it it still says 2021. When will these change do I still change it or wait?
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2022.01.23 19:26 thatonetakenusername Valkyrie's Call (Pt. 1)

First Officers Log, Cmdr. Ellison, Date 23/11/2254
>>:Begin log.
First Officer’s log, November 23, 2254. Captain Evans has tasked me to help sort out intelligence reports on recent movements near the Epsilon Eridani system. The Vailon Empire has escalated their war against the Trilite Coalition to try and break the stalemate. So far, we are still officially neutral in the war, but if intelligence has anything to show for it, The Vailons may try to use Terran space to circumvent the vast Trilite defense network. Should this happen, we would be at war against an alien power for the first time.
Officially, humanity has some of the most advanced railgun technology in the sector, and should hold our own against any attack long enough for our industry to kick in.
Personally, I fear we aren’t ready for such a war.
>>:End log.
John put down his tablet on the table and looked outside his viewport. The destroyers UTN Aurora and UTN Asheville were cruising in echelon with his ship, the cruiser UTN Repulse. They had just entered into the Epsilon Eridani system, and the sensor arrays were visibly active in their search for potential contacts. John sighed, sipped on his lukewarm coffee, and went back to going through the data sent by the picket probes nearby.
Two of the probes had apparently picked up ion signatures near the exoplanet Aegir. At first glance, it looks just like the normal magnetic noise from the star. However, John began to notice some irregularities in the pattern. They almost resembled two small cones that cut through the magnetic field. They were present for just a few minutes, then disappeared just as quickly as they came. This was worrying.
“Commander Ellison, report to the bridge,” chirped the ship’s AI.
“On my way,” John responded, with another chirp from the AI acknowledging the response.
Captain Evans was looking outside the bridge when John walked in. John snapped a quick salute, then went directly by his commander’s side.
“You sent for me, sir?” John asked.
“Yes, Mr. Ellison. What have you found so far from the data sent by the probes?”
John shifted a bit. “The probes picked up two anomalous signatures near the planet Aegir. The signatures were cone shaped in appearance and did not match the orbit of any known asteroids or comets. I believe they resemble a sort of wake, likely from a starship. I was unable to determine what kind of starship, but there are no Terran ships that could have been in the vicinity. I suggest we report this as likely Vailon activity.”
“Thank you for the report, Commander. I will have Lieutenant Toyo send it to Command and the other ships at once. In the meantime, I will need you to take charge of the Repulse while I go through Command’s orders for the day. I will be back in half an hour. If the probes pick up anything in the meantime, report it to me at once.”
“Yes, sir.” John replied. He snapped a sharp salute, and the captain responded in kind before turning and leaving for his quarters.
About fifteen minutes had passed when the AI chirped. “Asheville is attempting to hail us. Shall I put it on screen?”
John nodded, “On screen.”
A single frame popped up on the viewport, and the captain of the Asheville came into view.
“Evening, Commander Ellison.” Commander Kruger said.
“Good evening, Commander. Anything to report?” John replied.
“Yes,” she stated. “Our ship has lost contact with one of the probes on the other side of the system. We have attempted to remotely diagnose the problem, but the probe is failing to send any signal, not even an error code. Before it went down, it was reading all clear. Given your earlier report, however, I believe this warrants further investigation.”
“Thank you for the report, I will inform Captain Hayes.” Kruger nodded before she faded off of the viewport.
“Lieutenant Philips, set course 240, mark 010 for the probe’s location and set speed full ahead.”
“Setting course 240, mark 010, full ahead aye.” Philips replied.
John looked up. “Computer, please inform Captain Evans that he is needed on the bridge at once.” “Request acknowledged,” the AI chirped.
The air was tense on the bridge of the Repulse as the flotilla approached the probe’s location on the other side of the planet. John was hoping that it was an unfortunate error.
The captain walked in, and John briefed him of the situation.
“What was the last report given by the probe before contact was lost?” Captain Evans asked.
“The last report showed nothing out of the ordinary. It went dark without any report or error code.” John said.
“In that case, sound general quarters. I don’t want to be caught off guard should anything be waiting for us,” Evans ordered.
“Sounding general quarters,” the AI chirped. “General quarters, general quarters. All hands man your battle stations. Setting condition Zebra throughout the ship. Down and aft on the port side, up and forward on the starboard side. General quarters, general quarters.” The doors of the bridge whirred and clinked as the door locks engaged.
The alarm repeated one last time, then shut off. The quiet air deafened John.
The flotilla finally rounded the planet near where the probe was, weapons ready for combat.
John’s stomach dropped as an entire Vailon battle fleet stood where the probe once was.
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2022.01.23 19:26 ValerieLovesMath A more visible that usual void, basking in front of the fire.

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2022.01.23 19:26 Hooneey-pot Died my hair a bit different, what do you all think? ‘F24’

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2022.01.23 19:26 Jerethdatiger Sadly not for me

I've given it a decent go but I'm just not gelling at this time between the halbard guys and the unresponsive controls I'm just not having fun.
And the idea of playing without a shell.... Is just scary
So for now I. Out
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2022.01.23 19:26 Thomas8022 Huobi Referral Code jk4i4223 30% Discount on trading fees

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