Crappy Instagram AD

2022.01.25 20:54 all-jokes-ass-side Crappy Instagram AD

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2022.01.25 20:54 bipeter076 My little clit

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2022.01.25 20:54 thiccboyg Freshly painted

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2022.01.25 20:54 bdtfromdablocka Denzel alter ego ?

Hello can someone tell me wich alter ego are one wich album ?
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2022.01.25 20:54 dhe_sheid Resources for language

Hey Ukrainian community. Have you got some resources about your language? I want to make a video about your language in the future (and another video comparing Ukrainian and Belarusian). Hope you can help out. Thx.
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2022.01.25 20:54 MRLhamaSan gg ganhamo.

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2022.01.25 20:54 leo_white23 How much is a psa 10 1st edition dark Charizard worth

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2022.01.25 20:54 relaxlavender What are your opinions on the Men Ultra Warm Down Coat?

Been thinking about purchasing this, but the beige color is not available in my size (xxs since this coat seems to be a bit oversized). The only color is black, but I really wanted beige. Possibly thinking about just buying black since the price is so good.
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2022.01.25 20:54 MooseGoneApe I couldn't decide, Muenster and Swiss on rye, white American and Muenster on regular bread

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2022.01.25 20:54 darkyblue21 Fubuki x Do-S (unmonstrified) fell in love (coloring by me)

Fubuki x Do-S (unmonstrified) fell in love (coloring by me) please #unmonstrifiedDo-s
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2022.01.25 20:54 sparkmanzz Trying to find out what chair this is

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2022.01.25 20:54 Valsworn A new backpack idea?

What I would think is a cool idea is an invisible skin and maybe one that looks like a camel back so it looks sleeker. What's y'all's thoughts?
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2022.01.25 20:54 VeterinarianGreen271 I no Longer support This project. These guys just screwed all the people holding!

i was a staunch supporter of this project. So they just airdropped 0.2 wmemo to people holding 100 dollars on a ftm pool but fuck all the people holding through the dip????. Im done supporting these idiots im so fired up about this. These guys are clowns .
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2022.01.25 20:54 EclipZe_Muzik Wondering what you guys on reddit think of this cypher? (i go last)

Ayy reddit! been trying to collab with people more, been organizing cyphers the latest one " EM CYPHER (TEKKTORI, A2B, IANAVIAN, JAX VAPOR, G-ROSE, SZNKID, DBM ECLIPZE) " : - all support (likes, comments and shares) are extremely appreciated i took a lot of time organizing all of this and doing my part (i go last) please comment genuine comments only we all wanna get better!!
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2022.01.25 20:54 Skuntpunch_ PSSNFRT

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2022.01.25 20:54 Dabluealien233 Do the x17 R2s not come with a 4k display?

Went on the order page and they all only had an option for the 1080p 360 displays
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2022.01.25 20:53 blujeh 2018 F150 5.0 engine issues

I have dealt with a grinding sound (may have to turn up the volume loud to hear) when the engine is cold since I owned the truck. As soon as the engine warms up the sound disappears. Ford did some update and said the sound is harmless.
Today I get a check engine light at 35,000 miles. Cylinder 3 and 6 misfire.
Anyone else hit any of these engine issues?
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2022.01.25 20:53 forbes619 What are your biggest stresses or complaints while at work and what POS system does your restaurant use?

For example, tipping is a huge stress for me because my work doesn’t suggest tip percentages unless it’s a 16 top or more. I work in midtown Manhattan and get ALL tourists and the majority don’t understand that 18% and above is expected and below is really just insulting. We use micros.
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2022.01.25 20:53 CartierOfficial4k Lil Durk x Lil Baby Type Beat

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2022.01.25 20:53 Miaminoize Haul from an antique store!

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2022.01.25 20:53 BihCorbad Why do people who use reddit get classified as someone with a red flag?

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2022.01.25 20:53 trx1686 Guy had a few choice words to say after failing to verify themselves on a server.

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2022.01.25 20:53 alaskan_waffle What is the episode where Drew talks about getting his fake ID taken away?

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2022.01.25 20:53 samplestiltskin_ The Baseball Hall of Fame’s Struggle With the Steroid Era Ends in an Awkward Stalemate

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2022.01.25 20:53 Wunjox_Flo Camlink 4K can't change resolution in OBS

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with my Camlink 4K. I can't change the resolution of it in OBS or Streamlabs.
I've tried using Elgato software (Game capture, Camera Hub, 4K Capture Utility) and I'm able to change the output resolution in these.
Here is a ScreenCapture to show the problem (it's in french since I'm a baguette eater)

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