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Young designer Jian Mo is the secret wife of Emperor Corporation’s famous C.E.O. Gu Beichen She lives a rich and supported life until work leads her to encounter previous college lover ZiXiao Jian Mo’s love life soon grows complicated as she gets drowned in the world of elites and luxury Jianmo, known as the ‘Campus Flower’ gets separated from the other party after her boyfriend decides to study o ... Read Ex-wife of A Billionaire ( Haomen Tianjia Qianqi ) - Chapter 744 - TrueManga. Read more at
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2022.01.26 08:06 catSK21 Nezabúdajme

Netreba zabúdať kto nás okupoval, neboli to Američania ale práve \"Veľký brat\" ktorého velebia naši HejSlováci. Netreba zabudnúť vďaka komu sme boli 50 rokov za civilizovaným Západom. Bolo to Rusko ktoré zničilo životy miliónom ľuďom, a na to nesmieme zabudnúť.
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2022.01.26 08:06 booboobooboo111 Local news like Hull live causing the bad reputation of Hull ?

Just been on hill live and no wonder people think its bad in Hull, it seems to deliver all bad news and the odd good news story, go look today and if you were thinking of moving to hull you would not come, so why do they continue to batter Hull, why not level it out 50% bad news 50% good news instead of all what seems like bad news, raped, police officer attacked woman, drunken troublemaker, driven to suicide, notorious bar closed down those are the headline stories seems like every day. The sun lifts a lot of bad stories about Hull from Hull live so that carries into a wider world that Hulls a bad place.
Does it need to stop and Hull live reflects good and bad about hull in equal measure ?
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2022.01.26 08:06 chrisdh79 A former Amazon delivery contractor is suing the tech giant, saying its performance metrics made it impossible for her to turn a profit

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I would appreciate it if you could send a private picture or a link to the comment.
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Celebrate this Republic Day 🇮🇳 with UniLend_Finance's $20K Giveaway in colobs with WazirX Starting from 27th January, they’re giving away $20K welcome offer to 1K new users who signup & trade/buy $UFT tokens worth $100 on WazirX More details: submitted by crypto_pranav to UniLend [link] [comments]

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ICPO Bank statement Inspect And Pay
note: limit date Offer 1-3 days before sold out please urgently contact me. Thks
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2022.01.26 08:06 Alfredo_N A love letter

When I met you for the first time, I didn't get you.
You just wanted me to look at you, but I didn't.
I had no vision.

When I met you for the second time, I thought I'd give a try.
You just wanted me to hold you, but I didn't.
I had no patience.

When I met you for the third time, I realized how fool I'd been.
I took you, and held you forever.
I had no excuses.

- Alfredo Nomen
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2022.01.26 08:06 artsymin What's the most unprovoked thing you've seen someone do?

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2022.01.26 08:06 MrTrikorder Captain Kirk Sydrome

TL;DR: Player with MC-Syndrome takes the role of the captain and bullies the group.
Also TL;DR: Don't pay GMs in advance.
The Cast:

Originally I signed up for a different campaign. It was going great and after some sessions (4 or 5) the GM offered an 1 month advance payment plan with nice discount for regulars. I took the deal.
Shortly after though (I had just paid), the GM approached me and told me, the group was too big (7 people) so he will move me to another group. Bummer, it was fun so far and these guy were great, although I do agree with 7 players beeing too much in general. As a kind of compensation he promised, the group only consists of veteran players he handpicked for something really special, so that I get my money's worth. In hindsight I agree, it was a special kind of desaster.
---------------- Session 0 ----------------
As the cast suggest, the GM was running a space exploration game, though in a homebrew sci-fi setting with tons of borderline magical technology. During session 0 i came to meet my fellow players the first time, especially Kirk.
Picking our roles on the ship, Kirk immediately went for the Captain. The GM inquired about Kirk's expertise as a captain. He immediately played the Gygaxian-Card, stating how he playerd D&D since the first edition and all that crap. Not that I cared too much, some of these gygaxians are horrible GMs or players. But the GM liked it and I didn't think any of it at this point. So we had a Captian.
---------------- Session 1 ----------------
Session 1 we do some basic dungeon delving and an abandoned space station and after we secured it, we split up to investigate some of the notable sights. The GM goes through every Crewmember, ask for one or two rolls and tells them, what they found and moves things along quickly. I was the last one in that order and my turn come up, but before the GM and I get to talk Kirk interrupts and yells though the VC: "Spok, REPORT!!!"
Well, i have patiently awaited my turn and since Kirk was in the same VC he obviously knew I can't report anything until I spoke with the GM, so I thought. I ignored him and asked the GM, what is there to report then? But during the GM's narration he interrupted again: "Spok, come in! This is the captain speaking! Are you there? Answer the call!"
The GM stopped mid sentence and asked me what I reply instead. I now had to play out this scene. TBH this felt really silly. Of course I tried to put Kirk aside again and told him to give me a minute, I'm almost done ... and then he scolds me for slacking off on the job. This is even more silly, so I tell him OOC to back off and let me talk to the GM first. But no, now Kirk OOC scolds me for metagaming. His character wouldn't know about any talks to any GM and as the captain it's his duty to discipline the crew. I have no clue, what the was thinking, but for me he turned from decent to obnoxious in no time.
The GM intervened and asked us both to leave it, so the game can move on. We agreed, but I believe for Kirk this was the build up for the next session.
---------------- Session 2 ----------------
I was actually the pilot of our ship. I picked an ability, that allowed me to steer the ship telepathically, I didn't need to be on the bridge or even on the ship. I think it was neat.
Our ship had suffered some damage and ran low on power. To asses the damage, Kirk used a device he found earlier to telepathically connect to the ship as well. I said I could do this as well, but Kirk insisted I do something else. Fair enough, so we're both connected now, but we went on with differnt tasks.
After some investigating we found a power scource to refuel. But in order to get too it, we needed to steer the damaged ship with minimal fuel-usage through some dangerous obstacles. Alright, time for the pilot shine! Or so you might think. I will paraphrase roughly:
Kirk: I will use my connection to safely guide the ship through!
Me: Erm ... don't you have a crew member for that?
Kirk: Oh you think you can do this better then me?
Me: I'm the pilot?
Kirk: Ha! I will teach you a lesson now! With my connection I have superior controll over the ship now.
Way to be condescending! So deceided to get the GM involved and simply ask, if this is indeed true. And the GM agreed, FML. Kirk's device was more advanced and indeed allowed for better control, thus Kirk would have better chances of succeeding with the task at hand. Nice, my character just became useless.
I talked to the GM after. He claimed he forgot, that I had that power. He also tried to argue, that technically it wasn't about piloting the ship. I really didn't understand, what he was getting at, I was not in the mood to be open for technicallities at that time, I was mostly just disapointed. It's moving the ship from A to B. What technicallities are there to discuss?
The GM tried to diffuse the situation by promising, that the captain's device will seize to function properly within the upcoming mission and that I will have to replace the captain as a pilot again. Though I still voiced my concern about this. I wanted to play a decent spaceship pilot, not the replacement due to lack of better options. However the GM urged me to use this for some inter-crew conflict and RP around this. I wasn't really eager to do so ... quite reluctantly I agreed however.
---------------- Session 3 ----------------
The ship just recharged and we travelled on. I tinkered with the sensors a bit, since I was booted from the pilot seat. Kirk made clear, that I'm explicitly not. He's going to controll the ship in critical situations, but someone still need to do all the routine tasks that he can't be bothered with. So he disallows me from taking up another position on the ship. I told him, I'm his pilot, not his lackey so stop with the condescension... Kirk went on with some insults. But I didn't reply or interact with him. It was tiring and I checked out, not commenting on anything.
Johnny was an android. He was more a comic-relief character. A faulty robot, that became self-aware somewhat like Johnny Nr. 5. The player occasionally went a little overboard with playing out Johnny's faultiness, but nothing too serious. He wraped things up when peolpe stopped laughing and moved on. The players including me liked it, exept Kirk unfortunately.
Johnny was maintaining the ship and scewed up somehow, I can't remember the details, but it was the result of a fumbled roll. The GM prompted him to describe it and he fleshed it. It was a little more dramatic then the GM was intending, with some minor system powering down, but nothing consequential, since we were travelling peacefully. And also the desciption was funny as hell.
But seemingly not funny for Kirk. He decided to yell insults at the droid. Like how a faulty droid shouldn't be on the ship and he's going to melt him down for parts. Johnny tried to withdraw from the situation, but Kirk wasn't having it. He told him how he doesn't recognise Johnny as a real person and how easily he's replaceble, blah blah blah. The session ended there. I was honestsly confused by this. The GM seemed to wnat some inter-crew conflict ... but ... well ... I cannot speak for other players, but this seemed beyond some RP. I cannot say.
TBH I believe only because I had paid upfront a stayed at this point.
---------------- Session 4 ----------------
Another planet, another "dungeon". It was an under-water research post this time. The ship could dive, so we docked directly. Kirk immediatley ordered Johnny and me to stay on the ship. Of course we questioned this order, since this dungeon was obviously meant to be explored by the group.
Kirk explained, that as the captain he doesn't need to justify his orders and we need to follow them to the letter. After some back and forth he explained, that Johnny is too unreliable to take onto away-missions. The GM confirmed, that this would indeed lead to Johnny and me sitting out the entire session. But Kirk was adamant about it and also directly refused to the GM to explain why I need to sit out as well.
Johnny and I decided to ignore our orders and started exploring the station anyway. Kirk was fuming. He stopped the session and confronted the GM, demanding he makes us follow his orders. He threw a tantrum about us not respecting his authority, as a veteran player as well as the captain.
Johnny and me argued, we come here to play, not to wait or to miss out. So by default his orders don't matter if he doesn't use them to enable the group instead of bullying everyone.
The GM wasn't saying anything. So Kirk went on thowing a tantrum. In his final form he accused everyone of metagaming and tried making a point how we sabotage his "Captain Experience" as a player. He wanted to be a captain and give orders and we ruined it.
Quite specifically he accused me of ruining his spotlight. With my telepathic abilities I have robbed him of his opportunity to command the ship and made it impossible to play the captain, however that may be. This argument felt silly, I didn't reply.
Quite late to the discussion the GM told him, to just make a new character and leave it. The session ended there and I pretty much regretted paying up-front.
---------------- Session 5 ----------------
Unfortunately I didn't have the sense to just bail and forget about the payment, so actually went to see session 5. Curse you, past cheap me! Kirk had made a new character in the meantime.
But the new character immediately called me "the Captain" for whatever reason. I told him IC that this ship doesn't have a captian. He went on how a ship without a captain is not functioning and how this is a stupid idea to run a ship without one. So in his power as a fresh visitor on board he decided to designate me as the new captain.
This was quite confusing for everyone. The GM asked him to elaborate on this, so that we all can make sense of what he is trying to acomplish here. Kirk insisted, that I need to accept my role in his downfall as a captain. So I need to be the new captain as I toppled over his old reign as the captain. WTH?
Pretty much everyone agreed that this is stupid and more meta that anything he acused us of. So Kirk started yelling insults and then left the VC. The session ended there and I was quite relieved that Kirk was gone.
The GM talked to us in the Discord text-chat that he talked to Kirk to bring him back into the game. I didn't stay to find out what happened then, I just told them I won't play in any group toghether with Kirk and that I lost too much trust in the GM to keep playing before I left.
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