Audi A3 S Line 2017, 100k miles, £14,000, is this a good buy and what maintenance costs should be expected in the next 2 years ?

2022.01.18 20:39 MrrAsian Audi A3 S Line 2017, 100k miles, £14,000, is this a good buy and what maintenance costs should be expected in the next 2 years ?

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2022.01.18 20:39 dadyfatsax Can another cla250 owner please post a picture of this vacuum hose. I bought the car with the engine light on, and this hose is missing. I just need to know where it leads to.

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2022.01.18 20:39 ayazomer Şu kızı bulabileçek bi arkadaş

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2022.01.18 20:39 NoBand2201 We occasionally focus on negatives a little too much. What are some positive aspects of humankind?

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2022.01.18 20:39 epicnagito List of subreddits that have been recommended to me by Reddit “because I’ve visited there before”

truscum neopronouncringe holup norules 4tran trueunpopularopinion
/uj 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
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2022.01.18 20:39 ProfessionelRetard Why live at this point

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2022.01.18 20:39 ComplainyBeard Troll accounts are over the top these days

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2022.01.18 20:39 John_Redditor_69 Are Debt Deals Dead?

Alliteration aside, I'll provide some context. I have plans to get Jerma to play a game for a variable amount off of the Jerma National Debt. The stipulations of him being able to claim any money off the debt require some instruction, and because of that, I'd need him to see an image that provides him said instructions.
What I'm wondering is whether or not getting him to see what I create is at all feasible. I can't remember the last time I saw someone attempt to make a bargain off of the debt with him that isn't something like "Put olives on fingers", and I feel like links are sorta unpopular by default, so I seriously doubt my ability to get Jerma to see my offer.
I don't want to reveal my entire plan right away because I want to string some interest along, but the game in question is a cult-classic that helped shape an entire genre, though it struggles to get attention compared to newer, flashier games within that genre. It's also a game that Jerma has never played before.
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2022.01.18 20:39 mouthwordsOG Winter chill spot ❄️🌨️

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2022.01.18 20:39 No_Opportunity_5920 Evidence that the shaman is coming to rogies

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2022.01.18 20:39 shadowfocus603 Klipper config for X5SA Pro 500

Alright after playing Google-fu for far too long I will just ask. Anyone running Klipper on an X5SA Pro (500) with the v2.01 (446) mainboard? I have been looking around for a printer.cfg for a stock printer for some time now and have had no luck.
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2022.01.18 20:39 jianh1989 When Activision Blizzard is sold to Microsoft and Microsoft paid $68.7bn, who receives this money?

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2022.01.18 20:39 Amonia3 The YuBBing Of Isaac

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2022.01.18 20:39 puroparti Are you an adult that plays Roblox?

So I'm building a community or adult roblox players if y'all would like to join!
Sometimes it can be difficult to find friends to game with when there are so many children in Roblox, so I made a disco for it. (last time i promoted it on post, it didnt let me post. so message me for details!)
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2022.01.18 20:39 fainting--goat How to Survive College - chicken tenders aren't worth dying for, imo

Okay, first off, I suck, I know. I posted about the weirdness with the rain and then vanished for a bit. But in my defense, I’m in college now. I wrote down a bunch of notes and I’m only now getting to write it out.
And Kate just had a lot of free time in her job, when she wasn’t chasing down a barn cat that ran off with a dismembered camper’s severed hand.
Hahah, jk, that never happened… more than once.
Anyway, I’ll try to organize everything here, since I think this is just going to be a thing from here out.
Because the weirdness didn’t stop with the rain. I wish I could say I was surprised, but old land is everywhere, and maybe the student body changes every year but colleges have a way of persisting their own history.
The next morning I went with Cassie for breakfast. So far she was the only person I knew, after all. I told her that I had orientation today. She glanced sourly at the rain. It ran in sheets down the glass encasing the cafeteria. It was supposed to continue all day, she said. It’d turn back into snow sometime in the evening.
“It was twenty degrees out yesterday!” I said. “This is not normal.”
“I know, I know. Global warming, I guess? Though the teachers say this area always has these weird warm snaps for a few days in the winter.”
Same thing the student at the graveyard said.
“Only when it rains?” I guessed.
She looked uncomfortable and said it sure seemed that way. Probably something to do with pressure changes along with the storms. I don’t really have the time to go digging through wikipedia as to how the weather works (homework and all), so maybe someone can tell me in the comments if that’s a thing that happens or not. I know the temperature can drop with storms, but I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen it raise this dramatically before.
I didn’t ask Cassie anything else about the rain because she seems like she doesn’t want to talk about it. I think I get why. On the campground there were always people that broke the rules and I think for some of them, it wasn’t because they were bad at following rules, but rather they didn’t want the rules to be necessary. They wanted their nice, safe world where they understood everything and there was nothing malicious lurking in the shadows. So they broke the rules, as if daring the world to prove itself to them.
Cassie doesn’t strike me as someone who would do anything so reckless. The discomfort is there, though. She doesn’t want the rain to be something more than just rain.
I’m not really one to judge at the moment. I didn’t break the rule but I kind of stretched it.
Look. There was no way in hell I was missing out on orientation. I didn’t know you needed shower sandals, ffs, who knew what else I was oblivious to?
(turns out I didn’t know some professors assign reading homework before classes even start, so orientation was a smart choice… at least academically)
The rain hadn’t stopped by the time I needed to leave for the student union. I was already rationalizing my reasons for going out. Rules were mostly for people with no experience in the inhuman. The rain today felt different from last night as well. At that time it felt… malevolent. I kept thinking of that impact I saw, like the rain itself was chasing that girl. Right now, the rain just looked like, well, water. And there wasn’t that much of it.
Cassie turned away from her computer when I started putting on my shoes.
“It’s raining,” she said.
“It’s drizzling,” I replied. “Does drizzling count? I doubt it. When people think of rain, we think of actual rainstorms, and this is not a storm at the moment.”
Cassie looked skeptical but finally admitted there wasn’t anything more specific than to not go outside while raining. Everyone had different opinions on it, at that. Some people believed you couldn’t go outside when it was raining at night. Others said it was only during school days, which was pretty convenient for when they wanted to skip class, I thought. And certainly there wasn’t any agreement on what happened to the people that broke this rule.
This was what I liked about Kate. Kate was… possibly a psychopath, but she figured things out. She was methodical. She looked for patterns and she even risked herself (sometimes) to understand exactly what the trigger and the consequence was.
Cassie still looked worried though, so I compromised by asking on the student discord if drizzling counted. It was a waste of time. I was greeted with a lot of people that didn’t know, didn’t care, or were just there to troll.
“Well, I’m going out,” I said, grabbing a jacket. “I didn’t abandon my hometown and piss off my family just to chicken out now.”
Cassie grabbed the sleeve of my jacket. I twisted, staring down at her as she sat in her desk chair. Her narrow face was etched with concern.
“Hey,” she said softly. “I’ve only been here one semester, but I don’t think this is a joke. I haven’t seen anything personally but… some of the upperclassmen actually seem scared when it rains. Honest.”
I gently tugged and pulled the sleeve out of her hand so I could finish putting the jacket on.
“I believe you,” I replied. “I do. There was some weird shit going on in my hometown. But I just - well - these things are sticklers about triggering conditions and it’s drizzling and I have a feeling that doesn’t count. Besides, I survived the shulikun, so I’m feeling pretty good about my odds right now.”
“What?” Cassie asked in surprise.
“Shulikun,” I replied. “Tried to kill me.”
I grabbed my room key and headed out the door. I heard Cassie jumping from her chair to follow me into the hallway.
“Hey!” Cassie yelled at me as I briskly walked away. “Shoe-WHAT?”
But I was already at the door to the stairwell and Cassie was left to hopelessly search for the five search results that come up for a word that not even Google can figure out based on uneducated guesses.
Okay maybe I’m a bit of a troll myself.
I won’t lie - I was a bit nervous when I left the dorm. I mean, this was a big change for me and it still felt overwhelming simply to be here. This is not a big school but it feels huge to me and I’ve never seen so many people all packed together in one area like this. My graduating class was only 37 people. It was hard to distinguish my anxiety from being in an unfamiliar place and unfamiliar situation from being anxious because there was something else out there with me.
At least I wasn’t the only person out in the drizzle. Apparently I wasn’t the only one willing to take my chances. A handful were heading in the same direction I was, but I’m a fast walker and I quickly passed and outdistanced most of them.
The wind picked up as I was nearing an imposing concrete brick of a building. It was newer than the surrounding halls, so it was built vertically instead of a stately sprawl, and the dated simplicity of the architecture made me think it was built perhaps in the 60’ or 70’s. The entryway was recessed significantly, so that the second floor of the building formed an overhang.
It also was part of a row of buildings that formed this part of the walkway into a broad corridor, so at first I thought the rising wind was from a wind tunnel effect. Then I heard someone yelling behind me.
“Run!” they screamed.
I did not run. I turned around. Like I said, I lack Kate’s survival instincts. I’m kind of like a dumb cow watching the incoming train in bemusement. Behind me was a student, running at a full sprint in my direction. Behind him was a wall of rain. I watched it approach with mounting horror, as the front of it swept across the grass, tearing through the branches of the trees and covering the pavement with a thick sheen of water. Like the sky was drawing the curtain closed.
I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about an approaching rainstorm. I mean… it was just rain, right? So why did it feel like my chest was tightening, squeezing all of the air out of my lungs? Did I really have a reason to be afraid of rain?
That’s the sort of thinking that gets people killed all the time.
So when the young man yelled at me to run again, this time I did. His words stirred me to life and I ran and his longer legs let him quickly catch up with me. He grabbed my arm and pulled, dragging me at an angle towards that nearby building. The shadow of the overhang swallowed us up and shielded us from the rain, but the man with me kept going. He yelled to get inside. We both hit the doors at the same time and they slammed open at the impact, letting us tumble through into the damp warmth of the interior. The rain swept past us as the doors swung shut.
The rain brought with it darkness. As the heavier clouds covered the sky, the sunlight quietly surrendered the fight. It was as dark as dusk outside and the rain made shapes in the shadows between streetlights.
“Wow,” he finally gasped. “That came up fast.”
“Was that… normal?” I asked. I could breathe a bit easier than him since I hadn’t run as far.
“Oh yeah. You new here?”
“Yeah, this is my first semester. Were you going to student orientation too?” I asked.
“No. I’m a junior,” he replied. “I wanted chicken tenders from the student union.”
I glanced out the glass doors. The rain rippled in waves, slamming into the pavement where I’d been thoughtlessly strolling just a minute earlier.
“You risked the rain for chicken tenders?” I asked.
“They’re really good.”
He suggested we wait until the rain calmed down a bit before venturing out. Even in a downpour like this there would be lulls and we could run from building to building. The hardest part would be getting across the common space, he said thoughtfully. It was the big grassy expanse in front of the union where there wasn’t any convenient cover and the buildings were set back a bit. I’d given myself plenty of time to get to the orientation - just in case I got lost - so I didn’t mind waiting. We both sat down on a hallway bench.
I think we were only sitting there for about five minutes before the lights flickered. Just once. We both sat there and stared at the ceiling, waiting silently to see if it happened again. Finally, the upperclassman laughed uneasily and turned his attention back to me.
“The campus generators are probably having-”
And the lights flickered again. This time, they didn’t stop. They buzzed at us and there was a strange clicking noise running along them, up and down the hallway.
“Is that normal?” I hissed.
“I- I don’t know,” he stammered.
He frantically pulled out his phone. Asking the student discord group, no doubt, just as I had done before leaving the dorm. I stood and stared at the ceiling above us as the lights dimmed erratically. We wouldn’t get a reliable response in time. Kate’s obsession with rules was starting to be put into perspective. People don’t think very well when we’re panicked. It’s just how we are. We turn into dumb, stupid animals.
I admit I’m a prime example of that.
But rules… rules are simple. Easy to follow in an emergency. Same reason we do fire drills - because when the fire is real, we need to already know what to do instead of trying to figure it out while our brains are screaming and pouring buckets of adrenaline into the hatches.
I can calmly write all of this in retrospect. But at the time, I could feel my heart racing, and I didn’t know what to do.
There was a thump from above us. Like something large hitting the floor directly above our heads.
“The heck was that?” I hissed.
Slowly, I stood. It’s hard to stand when your legs are shaking, for the record. My mouth was dry with fear. I’ve felt this way before. That sensation of dread, like a hand on the back of your neck. It fills your veins with ice and weighs your heart down with lead. I might have been shielded from the worst of the campground, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t still out there. Didn’t mean I couldn’t feel it when something was going bad.
“We need to go,” I said quietly.
“What, out in the rain?” he asked, jerking his head up from the phone.
“You’re not supposed to go out in the rain.”
“Look, there’s no agreement on what happens if you go outside in the rain, which means it’s not a death sentence. We’re not going to die the moment we step outside that door. It’s either we take that risk or…”
Another thump from the floor above us.
“Or we stay in here with whatever that is,” I concluded.
His eyes told me what he preferred. He stood, reluctantly, and shoved his phone into his jacket pocket. I grabbed his hand. We’d do this together, I said. We’d stick together and as long as we did that, we’d make it to the union just fine.
It’s easier to be brave when you’re doing it for other people. I’m not sure why that is.
The lights went out completely. And somewhere in the building a set of doors on the first floor slammed open with a crash.
“GO!” I screamed.
We burst out the front entrance, past the overhang, and out into the rain. Water splashed up around my legs each time my foot struck the pavement, soaking my jeans up to the knees. The rain rattled off my jacket and covered my glasses, turning everything in front of me to an indistinct blur. I ripped them off my face with my free hand, which didn’t make things that much better.
The wind howled at our backs. Like it was pushing us along, shoving us forward and towards the student union. Directly ahead of us was the commons - a grassy space dotted with trees and crisscrossed with sidewalks. The glass and brick exterior of the student union fairly glowed against the darkness of the storm.
It was fine, I told myself as we ran. That girl had made it to safety in time. So could we.
I couldn’t hear anything except the wind and the rain. I didn’t dare look around me, not even at the man by my side. His hand was clutched tight with mine and that was enough to convince me he was with me.
We cut across the glass. He slipped in the soggy dirt, but I was used to rough terrain and dragged him forward until he stabilized, stumbling back into a run. Then we were at the steps to the union, taking them two at a time, and finally he was the one dragging me along to the front doors as his long legs outpaced me.
A student inside was holding the door open.
“C’mon, c’mon!” she yelled at us. We rushed past her and into the lobby, skidding to a stop. I doubled over, my hands on my knees, wheezing and struggling through the pain of the stitch in my side.
“Are you two okay?” the student that held the door was asking.
“Yeah, yeah, we’re fine,” the upperclassman replied. “She’s just trying to make it to orientation in time.”
“And he wanted chicken fingers,” I coughed.
The woman kindly gave me a sweater she had in her backpack in case it got cold again. If I was going to sit through orientation, she said, I needed something dry on. She told me her dorm number so I could return it later. Then with her good deed for the day done, she went to rejoin her friends.
“Well, I’m uh, gonna go now,” the upperclassman said awkwardly as we stood there, dripping water onto the tile. “Have fun at orientation, I guess.”
Then he left and I didn’t have the presence of mind to ask what his name was. I didn’t even think of it until much later, when I was sitting there at the back of the hall while someone droned on about how to make payments to the bursar. I got out my phone. I certainly wasn’t the only one in the hall doing so. I opened the student discord and asked who it was that I’d just met. Said we’d come in together to the union, that I was going to orientation and he was getting some food. After about five minutes he responded with ‘hey’ and a waving emoji. Which was nice, I guess, it kind of felt like I might make my first friend at college.
And then he torpedoed it.
Because the next thing I asked was if anyone knew what was up with the lights and the weird noises in that building. I tagged him and asked which building it was, because I didn’t know the campus layout yet.
And you know what?
The fucker denied anything had happened.
I guess it’s to be expected. Once we were back in the warmth of the union and in the safety of the herd, it was easier to imagine reasons nothing was wrong. Facing the reality that the world is far more dangerous than we believe is hard. If I hadn’t grown up knowing this, perhaps I’d be the same way. I’m sure he went back to his dorm and laughed it off as an overactive imagination. The lights flickered because it was an old building. That thump we heard was some water running through a pipe. And that horrible feeling of dread? That part of his mind that screamed there was something in the building with us - something that knew we were there? Something that was hunting?
It was nothing, obviously. Just let himself get spooked. How could it be anything else?
Yeah. Turns out that humanity still needs those instincts. We might not be in the forest fending off wolves with a pointy stick, but that doesn’t mean the predators aren’t still out there.
I just wish I knew what they are. [x]
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2022.01.18 20:39 ven-dake Where and why did the heiligenthals skedaddle?

The heiligenthals moved out and away from bethel. Anyone who knows what happened ?
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2022.01.18 20:39 svanapps r/ethtrader - If you hold now you will be called "lucky" in the future

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2022.01.18 20:39 Knario1954 Dark-Bizarre-Gothic-&-Surreal-Art

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2022.01.18 20:39 UglyKitty Tracking carbs and insulin for insurance in preparation for getting a pump.

I'm considering getting a pump and have read insurance will most likely want to see several months of tracked insulin dosing and carb intake. Would anyone here who has done this be willing to share what they submitted?
I've recorded every dose of insulin I've ever taken since being diagnosed in August and of course have been counting carbs in order to dose so I could go back and extrapolate the carb content from my ratio. Do they need to know what the food is as well or just the carb content?
Would it be sufficient to submit a spread sheet with the dates and times saying like Jan 18, 2022 2:30pm 60g carbs, 4U insulin. for every meal or do they want more info than that?
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2022.01.18 20:39 CallSignNoodle Anyone have a steel wing TM they’d be willing to trade?

I can offer some ability patches or gold caps in return!
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2022.01.18 20:39 fennec_fx When We Were Young fest includes TSSF and looks sick AF — too bad it’s in Vegas

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2022.01.18 20:39 Overall-Student-9112

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2022.01.18 20:39 Daddy-Dalek Jagex please explain.....Medium cash bag from a purple gem.

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2022.01.18 20:39 XoneSogie720 Quick question, what is the "service" port exactly used for on the JBL XTREME series, and Boombox series?

I was screwing around with my speaker when I was bored, pressing buttons, reading everything, and I noticed the service port and decided to screw around with it. I plugged in my xbox controller charger, and I have a Mac, and when I did it said something about your Logitech device can't be recognized. Weirded out, I googled, and found nothing. Can anyone explain in short what it is technically used for? And I'm not talking about a reply like "It's used during service," or "it's used for updates," but I really want to know, how was this meant for commercial use to be used? How do you use it? And, is it relevant in 2022 on?
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