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Some of the dogs I work with

Pets with Disabilities is a nonprofit organization dedicated to dogs and cats with physical disabilities. The organization provides humane sheltering and specialized vetting for those pets in need. We also provide invaluable support, resources and education for families who’s pet has become disabled or those who are thinking about adding a pet with a disability to their family. toledoblade Pets | Find a Pet, Sell a Pet, Pet Classifieds, Pet Ads, Pet News, Pet Advice and Pet Games in Toledo, OH. Welcome to Dogs Tasmania (Tasmanian Canine Association Inc (TCA Inc)) the organisation which administers all pure-bred canine activities in this State. These activities include shows and obedience trials, open to all breeds of dogs, and retrieving trials and field trials specifically for the Gundog breeds (Pointers, Setters, Spaniels ... Perro Dogs Home( y E h b O Y E z [ ) ͕ی삵 S Ă̌ ́u z [ v ڎw Ă ܂ B. New Face! E439 _ b N X t h E436 MIX X ^ b t { C X X ... © Superdawg®, All Rights Reserved. SITE BY: Spotmen Studios, Inc. Terms of Use/PrivacySpotmen Studios, Inc. Terms of Use/Privacy

2022.01.26 08:36 Zachhcazzach Some of the dogs I work with

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2022.01.26 08:36 valdoumer This Game Is Basically A Mix Of Alien Isolation and Jurassic World... CANT WAIT!

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2022.01.26 08:36 PLEASE_BUY_WINRAR Upvote to support our troops

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2022.01.26 08:36 Plankton15 Dragon's Breath @ Blaen Cwm

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2022.01.26 08:36 S_is_for_super How can I deal with future hires in Azure AD?

Hi everyone. Currently I am working on a user provisioning integration between SuccessFactors and Azure AD and it is my first project in Azure. I was wondering if there is a way to activate a new hires account in Azure AD a set time before their start date so that the email notifications can go out to managers etc. To clarify: the employees are added to our HR system a while before their first start date but their accounts remain inactive until that date, so the automatic user provisioning does not happen until their first start date.
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2022.01.26 08:36 Rezerva1 2号's secret YouTube channel (with proof)

Today I was doing research about Koronba's alt 2号, and found this song
Here is - YouTube
When I checked the description, it said creator 2号 and linked this channel
Dot nigou - YouTube
Obviously just one YouTuber linking it isn't enough proof, so I found one more proof:
When you analyse the comment of Dot nigou's video, you will see that a lot of people call him 2号 (search 2号 and 2go). I also saw that the Koronba Megalist posted by the owner of this subreddit refers Dot nigou to 2号. Also one reasons to believe is that ni is two on japanese and gou is 号.
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2022.01.26 08:36 Pulsar9000 "Toil" as a term to help explain antiwork

I've been lurking on antiwork for a while and I see some struggle with terminology and how to define the movement. I'd like to propose something. I know this all isn't really original, but I feel a need to type.
The problem with "work" is "toil" and the coercion around it.
As the fine FAQ says, the problem isn't "effort", or "labor", or "having something to do" in and of themselves.
"Work" can have a range of meanings. It can be neutral: "I did a thing". It can be positive: "I crafted a thing of use and beauty and enjoyed doing it". In the context of antiwork, "work" is negative and centered around "toil". It's effort that has no clear value of its own to the person doing it, is unpleasant, is thankless, or is unrelentingly continuous. It's also coercive. "Surrender to work unconditionally otherwise you can't afford safety, food, shelter, or comfort – also you don't deserve those things in the first place."
If we want well-stocked grocery store shelves (for an example), if that's a thing we value, then we want people willing to stock the shelves. It's toil. It's repetitive activity that would merely be a chore if it were once in a while. It takes way more effort and attention than it seems like it should from its two-word "shelf stocking" description; move and unpack boxes, place items in slots near the right price marker on the shelf, differentiate and sort properly between any number of almost identical looking varieties, face all the labels in the right direction, align and pack it all so there's no gaps to make the shelves look full, do it quickly, do it for hours every day, don't get in the way of shoppers, don't have a bad day, don't fuck up, don't get sick.... It all becomes crushing drudgery when its continuous and demanded.
We have collectively blinded ourselves to the reality of toiling away more than half of our waking life by saying that the superficially simple tasks aren't a big deal, or that the toil is somehow virtuous in itself. We have every financial incentive (from a consumer and owner perspective) to outwardly minimize the importance and value of someone's toil. As a result, the systems we've set up to organize and compensate it can be terribly cruel and exploitative.
The feedback loop on the value of work and the return to the person doing it is broken. Being antiwork means that you want to expose that, create that feedback. If your toil, your work, is not valued enough that you can spend more than half your waking life not toiling, then refuse to do it! When people complain, do not take on to yourself their petulant whining or howling rage over your refusal. If they truly didn't value it, they wouldn't be bothered enough to complain or yell. They don't want you to realize that they really do care and that you have leverage. They are manipulating you, guilting you into believing that you're too lazy/stupid/worthless to do anything else and that what you do is barely worthwhile, a trifle, or even a privilege. They're allowing themselves to believe all that crap as a protection mechanism against feeling bad about what they're doing, to justify their disgusting behavior. Throw it in their faces every time. It won't stick for most people (don't' expect it to). They are mired in a wrongheaded mode of thinking about work and will need jarring loose from many voices to "get it".
And as empowering as the previous paragraph might feel (maybe), all too few people can realistically do that. Our coercive system means that many people otherwise unwilling to work (that is to say, toil with inadequate compensation and free time) have no accessible/practical alternatives or means of reducing work. We cannot all be CEOs. The system does not permit it. It wouldn't make sense.
We have all sorts of anti-trust laws that are supposed to reign in monopolistic, collusive, or anti-competitive behavior by corporations in selling products and setting prices. They're supposed to be broken up, regulated, or restructured, and mergers prevented when they get too big and abuse their market position. We don't often frame corporations' treatment of labor in minimizing wages and benefits as being subject to the same rules, but we really should. We need unions and collective action to counterbalance the leverage companies have. We need tenant unions and government that actually represents citizens, not just property owners to restrain rent-seeking rent-seekers from devouring any gain in wages that unions create. (Or we could just tear the whole system down and set up something more dignified in its place.)
For all the blather and linking of concepts of "democracy", "capitalism", and "freedom", our corporations resemble nothing better than top-heavy authoritarian regimes founded on secrecy, exploitation, and coercion. How people hallucinated that introducing this "capitalism" into China, for instance, would somehow cause democracy is absurd. We could have more democratic-looking corporations. We could have employee-owned companies with open finances – nothing about our system actually precludes them. There are a few. They're immensely better for workers, but they take leverage away that the current owner class has over the source of their wealth (us). Eat the rich.
I love the stories people have to tell here, even when they're sad or horrifying, as they reveal how fucked up "work" is. Retelling these experiences is our best way of connecting people to the idea of antiwork. It is part of our best beginning at reducing the misery and suffering our system creates, and maybe adding some dignity and maturity to how we treat each other and how we find meaning and value in what we "do".
It's crucially important that people wake up to the fact that most work is something we bear, we tolerate. It's toil. It's exchange of real time, effort, health, and life for other things of value to us. That exchange is conditional. It is only sensible, just, and fair that everybody minimize toil as much as possible, and expect and demand it be compensated well when it's something we/society really want to be done. My work should provide some benefit to everyone including me. A system where all individuals benefit by the collective action of everybody else is great. A system like what we have where a few benefit wildly out of proportion to their work while also causing conditions and risks to worsen for everybody else is terrible (except for the few). It's broken, and the cruelty is becoming too obvious to hide or justify anymore.
The vicious sickness and perversion of manipulations like "Don't you want to work?" should get every bit of scathing contempt that humanity can summon.
I'll step off the soapbox. My fingers are getting hoarse. Peace and prosperity be on all y'all here.
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2022.01.26 08:36 CKsTechnologyNews 10 tools for running the perfect blog in 2022

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2022.01.26 08:36 TheDewgonger Notification issue (Mi 11 Lite 5G NE)

Hey everybody. I recently upgraded from a Mi 8 to a Mi 11 Lite 5G NE, and i've had this phone for around a month. Everything is just fine with it, except for one really big issue.
Whenever I get a notification from Snapchat, Discord and a various assortment of other social media apps, the screen turns on. This, paired with facial recognition unlock means that my phone will sometimes just randomly unlock, simply because I got a notification and was close to my phone.
I've looked through the notification settings to see if I could prevent it from opening the screen, and instead just simply vibrate, but I can't find that option anywhere.
I would really appreciate the help, because I am going absolutely crazy from my screen constantly lighting up when I really don't want it to. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.26 08:36 Rainchick420 Sometimes... she gives me the crazy eyes.😆😆

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2022.01.26 08:36 nickyBoyDang Rayssa Araujo

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2022.01.26 08:36 Aspavlenko Calming Water Flow on Black Rocks. White noise. Nature asmr

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2022.01.26 08:36 valdoumer This Game Is Basically A Mix Of Alien Isolation and Jurassic World... CANT WAIT!

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2022.01.26 08:36 TheBonnetBots Report: 38% of people who use Google for medical diagnosis also see a real doctor for 'second opinion'

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2022.01.26 08:36 ogcrypto6969420 While markets are slow & quiet,[N$FW] powers the 1st Adult MetaVerse | xxxNifty presents the PinkPass sale | Growing their WEB3 EcoSystem w/ the PinkTower | $9 Million MC | 10x-100x incoming | Think SAND & MANA at N$FW MC | Stake [N$FW] earn $BNB | Almost 50% supply Locked/Staked | Room 2 Grow!

While markets are slow & quiet,[N$FW] powers the 1st Adult MetaVerse | xxxNifty presents the PinkPass sale | Growing their WEB3 EcoSystem w/ the PinkTower | $9 Million MC | 10x-100x incoming | Think SAND & MANA at N$FW MC | Stake [N$FW] earn $BNB | Almost 50% supply Locked/Staked | Room 2 Grow! submitted by ogcrypto6969420 to CryptoMarsShots [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 08:36 GizatiStudio What is this closure fitting called?

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2022.01.26 08:36 Henry-Gruby Mr Monk and the Rapper.

I watched this episode today, I hadn't seen it for years. I had a low quality video and I don't understand the summation as Murderuss was rapping it and the crowd noise.
Can someone explain it for me?
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2022.01.26 08:36 earfffquake on estate taxes (explanations are welcome)

Kakasabak ko palang sa pagiging legal adult tas death yung bumungad sakin :") Namatay mom ko so ako yung nagaasikaso ng mga naiwan niyang papeles, tas nabwiset ako kasi nalaman ko na magkakaroon ng deduction yung savings niya sa bank just bc namatay siya. Hindi kami mayaman, kaya nakakagalit isipin na yung pinaghirapan ni mama kukunin lang ng bank medj nakakabwiset. Medj lang naman, kaso yung govt mismo pala yung nagsabi non DJFJFJJDKS oks lang sana kung sa nation-building mapupunta yung porsyento ng pera ni mama kaso nga lang mapupunta sa bulsa ng trapo- ok shadap na ko.
Pero, baka may sumth pa gaya ng kung gaano karami savings ni mama sa bank. Kunwari, kapag lumampas sa x amount tsaka lang papatawan ng buwis. Sana ganoon, pero ang unfair kung hindi.
Kung may nakakaalam kung paano gumagana yung estate taxes tsaka makakapag-justify kung makatao ba talaga to para sa majority ng tao sa Pilipinas paki-explain, super uneducated talaga ako dito and andaming jargon sa official govt website ;-;
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2022.01.26 08:36 Katazukito Overtime as a trainee

I have someone in Germany who is a trainee (50% work / 50% studies) who sometimes works an extra 0.5h a day and have over 20h+ more workhours "collected" than scheduled. Her Boss says she cannot leave early and that they will just erase those extra hours without compensation. Is that legal? She is 18+
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2022.01.26 08:36 MirandaCoelin Any LGBT friendly New World companies?

I got New World a while back and after a short break I want to get back into it but I'm not enjoying it as much playing solo. Does anyone know of any LGBT friendly companies or maybe is a solo player and wants to team up?
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2022.01.26 08:36 valdoumer This Game Is Basically A Mix Of Alien Isolation and Jurassic World... CANT WAIT!

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2022.01.26 08:36 SufficientDesk6308 How does the mainstream media decide which murder cases are more important/newsworthy than others?

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2022.01.26 08:36 Mean-Ad2495 Is he stringing me along?

So I met a guy through a dating app, he doesn't live in the same country as me. We started dating, he said he was looking for a serious relationship and would consider coming back to live here for a while. He was very nice, we acted like a couple for the 2 weeks we saw each other but then he lost interest, he said if he finds something not perfect on the other person he starts to distance himself but he still asked me to see each other before he leaves, why is he doing that? He said he wouldn't like me for a relationship so I don't get it.
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2022.01.26 08:36 FREDD3R M¡@r¡d€rx Mega Link In The Comments 💦💦🥵👇

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2022.01.26 08:36 Runna99 The horror show in the city

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