VOTE for Character Alt Flairs!

2022.01.26 15:28 ape_spine_ VOTE for Character Alt Flairs!

Hello all! You may recall a post in which I said I was going to add flairs for character alts. Well, it turns out there's a limit to the number of flairs that can be included, so we will only be adding TWO alts per character in addition to the default skin. In order to decide which alts to include as flair, we're holding a poll where you get to choose! Pick whichever characters you're invested in (or all of them!) and vote for your favorite alts! We'll include the winners as flair. Here are the links to the polls:
Banjo and Kazooie
Bowser Jr.
Captain Falcon
Dark Pit
Dark Samus
Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong
Dr. Mario
Duck Hunt
Ice Climbers
King Dedede
King K. Rool
Little Mac
Meta Knight
Min Min
Mr. Game and Watch
Piranha Plant
Rosalina and Luma
Toon Link
Wii Fit Trainer
Young Link
Zero Suit Samus
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2022.01.26 15:28 TacMedic045 Keep it Legal

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2022.01.26 15:28 glitchyboi128 rotation accessibility app

Is there an app that utilizes the accessibility shortcuts so I can manually rotate my screen, even when my device is not rotated?
I am asking this because I used Vyzor and it messed up my rotational values or something. My gyroscope does not work anymore. I am asking for a specific type of app, either in the play store, or an APK, it does not matter.
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2022.01.26 15:28 anniesbody [23:14] The Disney World Axe Murder

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2022.01.26 15:28 Crysis__0 ایستراگ

سلام شیر ایران امیدوارم حالت خوب باشه اینو من پیدا کردم ظاهرا از زورن هاب خسته شدن این دوتا شیطون ببخشید اگه کیفیت پایینه یا اگه کسی قبل من فرستاده چک نکردم یا اصن اگه ایسترگ نیست 3>3>3>
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2022.01.26 15:28 Vfevers On Wednesdays we wear red…lipstick that is💋🚬🖤

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2022.01.26 15:28 Taco_king_ Finally something gamers can get behind...

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2022.01.26 15:28 haze_warlock Done with fire, done with hel, let's get this realm done now.
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2022.01.26 15:28 TopAssistance2 Finally finished maxing this guy today 💚 now to wait for the eventual Com Day

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2022.01.26 15:28 RGGrigsby English > Spanish Birthday Message

Hi all. Today is my mom's birthday, and one of the traditions my brother and I have is getting her a birthday card in Spanish despite the fact none of us are able to speak Spanish. I won't bore you with the details on how it started, but this year I would like to write a message in said card in Spanish. The message is below.
"Happy fifty-third birthday, mom! May you kick ass during your next trip around the sun! -Love, Grant"
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2022.01.26 15:28 jjjjones1 Sex with Cousin

I am a 50 MWM now and have a great story to tell, when i was 18 my parents went on vacation across country for 6 weeks in the summer to see my older brother and his family. Being 17 and staying home because of a summer job and alone, I had a lot of parties and lot of my friends were around. I had a first cousin (fathers are brothers) who lived next door in my grandparents house, they were then deceased. Her name was Marilyn and she was around 32 or 33 then and had one son, no husband and few random boyfriends, i always felt a bit sorry for her back then, but she found a good guy and has been married for years now with a few more kids. I have to admit she was no beauty queen, kinda plain, wore big glasses and kinda crazy big hair, but she had an unreal body that she always kept well hidden under baggy clothes. The few times I seen her in a bathing suit I was amazed that she had these huge tits and big nipples and a big round ass! fuck! So i used to babysit for her sometimes while she went out, so when her son fell asleep i would look through her panties and bras, I remember she was 38DD. I would also sniff her dirty panties from the laundry and jerk off, a few times i even shot off into the crotch of the dirty panties. Anyhow that summer I stayed home one night after working all day and I got a shower, i came out of the shower, (but with a towel on) and went out in the living room and Marilyn was sitting there drinking a beer, scared the hell out of me. I played it casual and sat down and had a beer with her, we weren't really close as she was much older (about 14 years) but we got along ok. She then started asking me if i got a new girlfriend after i had recently broke up with one and chat like that, her son was with his father. I then realized she was pretty tipsy for sure and she came right out and said she knew that I jerked off to her underwear at her place! At first I denied it and got really embarrassed and then i asked why she would think that? She said I left a few pairs of her dirty panties on the back of the toilet ...crotch up ...FUCK! I didn't know what to say, she got me!....well she said nothing stood up took off her top and bra walked over to me pulled off my towel and swallowed my cock...i near passed out. Outside of maybe my kids being born it was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. I'll be honest at this point i was 18, still a virgin, sucked on tits, fingered pussies and got jerked off a few times that was i am with my cock in my cousins mouth and squeezing her big tits, I shot a load in about 1 minute right down her throat...she got up and said "I want you to fuck me!" In my parents bed we go she did almost everything as i had no idea what i was doing. We did every position possible, so i got fucked multiple times and got my first BJ and licked my first pussy all in the same night. I swear i think i came about 5-6 times in a few hours, no condom and shot my load inside her pussy and all over her...her body was incredible. We fell asleep and when i got up later she was gone. Next day after work she came over and in the driveway she said she was very sorry and was really drunk and asked me to swear to never tell anyone, I promised and I thought that was the end of it,...well not quite. A few nights later I woke up with a set of lips on my cock, another crazy session! That night i fucked her in the ass and she fingered and licked my ass while blowing me. It only happened a few more times that summer then she got a new boyfriend who is now her husband and they moved away. Its been over 30 years now and i may have seen her maybe 3-4 times in 30 years, but we never mentioned it. She taught me lots and i had much more confidence with girls after that, and to this day I have never had that type of "anything goes" sex like that not even with ex GFs or my wife of 20+ years. Doubt me if you want but my memories are still there........
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2022.01.26 15:28 RuinedCat 太可怕了,有没有计老嗨说下冲浪人数是bug还是晶哥巡逻中

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2022.01.26 15:28 Rex-A-Vision Billy Strings "Little Maggie" 08.19.16 Hoxeyville Music Festival - I've got a 2016 Billy Strings "Blast From The Past" clip from the Hoxeyville Music Festival for ya. I've been reorganizing my hard drives and found this sizzling "Little Maggie" and one other clip I'll share later all ready to go!

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2022.01.26 15:28 sylvaing Had my 2021 SR+ heat pump and supermanifold replaced last December (VCFRONT_a161compressorFault) and after sending my SC this video last week (heat is still working and it only did that once), I have an appointment for a new heat pump and supermanifold on the 7th.

Had my 2021 SR+ heat pump and supermanifold replaced last December (VCFRONT_a161compressorFault) and after sending my SC this video last week (heat is still working and it only did that once), I have an appointment for a new heat pump and supermanifold on the 7th. submitted by sylvaing to TeslaModel3 [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 15:28 arnothkn I think I messed up my settings, please help.

I will be starting my study for the mcat soon. I've just found out about Anki and will try to use it to ease my journey (and I currently have no idea what each setting does).
I copied Zach Highley's settings, but the steps (times above the buttons) are not the same as his. I've also noticed that my Anki settings are different from his, probably because I am using the newer version of Anki and the yt video was from like a year ago.
From Highley's settings, I think they are supposed to be
(Again=15m) (Hard=1d) (Good=3d\*) (Easy=6d)
But mine are
(Again=15m) (Hard=1d) (Good=1d\*) (Easy=6d)
Are my steps correct and it'll just be fine and work as expected when I actually start using the deck or did I mess something up in the settings?
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2022.01.26 15:28 buttsniffer666 My computer paused my show and told me, "I'm serious"

It was a man's voice, probably computerized. The show resumed as if nothing ever happened. This was last night, and today I did get a notification that someone in Thailand tried to log into my instagram account.
Are these events related? Did my computer gain sentience for a minute? Is everything gonna blow up?

Thank you,
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2022.01.26 15:28 all_mods_are_losers Moderation Team of Antiwork MUST RESIGN

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2022.01.26 15:28 Nyckname Suddenly I can't scroll side-to-side on images after zooming in

Up to date Chrome on Android 11.
Scrolling up and down still works, but not left and right.
Not sure if it's a site or browser issue.
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2022.01.26 15:28 TheKamech ok but where???

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2022.01.26 15:28 Oli_bacsi Oliver Papp - Awake - Hungary, none, Instrumental metal

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2022.01.26 15:28 Ervin231 thomae function
Hi everyone,
just wanted to know why this function is continuous at every irrational point of [0,1].
Can I prove this by the following:
Let x be an irrational point in [0,1] then there exists some irrational sequence (x_n) converging to this x. Then we have lim_{n-->∞} f(x_n)=0=f(x)=f (lim_{n-->∞}x_n).
There also exists some rational sequence (x_n=p_n/q_n) in [0,1] where p_n and q_n are coprime that converges to x. Then we have
lim_{n-->∞} f(x_n)=lim_{n-->∞}1/q_n=0=f(x)=f (lim_{n-->∞}x_n)
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2022.01.26 15:28 Large_Panic2894 Price changes

Anyone else having trouble getting their price changes done? Every year they do this after Christmas, and it's way worse this year because of all the flexing. Locations are out of order or just plain don't exist right now. I can only hope that replen reprints the entire pog when they eventually reset everything.
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2022.01.26 15:28 timbbooooslice Ancient gears

Hey guys, is it worth forging the ancient gears? and which ones? 1 /2/3 stars?
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2022.01.26 15:28 PencilPal27 My Vigil right before going MIA the mission after rescuing him

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