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[DS2] [PC] Help at Belfroy Luna with gargoyles please

2022.01.17 04:43 fukdurgf [DS2] [PC] Help at Belfroy Luna with gargoyles please

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2022.01.17 04:43 jsurpsurpulrsurjllxt When should I tell her I like her

So there's this girl I like, she's very nice, pretty, she has an amazing voice, she's funny, and we're best friends I really wish I could tell her how I feel about her, but there's two problems, 1: there's another guy that told her he likes her, she's talked to me about it and tells me she doesn't like him, so I feel like if I tell her that I like her immediately after someone already told her they do, she might be overwhelmed by two people telling her they like her at the same time. 2: it's just so difficult to put into words how I really feel, so when would be the right time to tell her?
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2022.01.17 04:43 jacksonhellion Warhammer 40K Looter/Shooter Concept (This is a WIP concept, and I would love to hear your feedback, thoughts, and comments about my idea!)

Overview of the Game: The game will be a horde style shooter, similar to games such as Fatsharks Vermintide series and Warhammer 40,000 Darktide. A mix of trash mob enemies and tank enemies and eventually introducing boss style enemies.
It would include a mix of horde style and looteshooter concepts. Seeing as the dreadnought is a high customizable, armored war tomb for a Battle Brother to continue his service to the God Emperor.
This would mean that to begin the game sort of as an introduction to the style of the game, you would fight alongside your Battle Brothers against the tyranids, where you are mortally wounded which leads to you being entombed in the dreadnought.
Upon being activated for war you will be prompted with a menu allowing you to customize your dreadnought. Throughout the course of the game you will acquire more equipment and weaponry to outfit your dreadnought with more lethal means, and to become more specialized in what your dreadnought is functional in.
Some loadouts will be more focused on destroying tankier higher health enemies, where as other loadouts would be more suited to dealing with massive swaths of enemies.
Over time you would not only acquire new war gear for your dreadnought it would be followed with a upgradeable perk tree, providing you with access to perks that enhance abilities of your dreadnought and effectiveness of different weapons such a flamers, Plasma weapons, bolters, or close combat weapons.
Also providing dreadnoughts with powerful abilities augmenting their health, defense against ranged or close range damage, just as an example.
Enemies and Wargear: Throughout the game you will face off against an assortment of factions such as the Tyranids, Eldar, Orks, and even in some cases the forces of Chaos. These conflicts will take place across an open world allowing you to deploy to locations at your will with your dreadnought company to a total of four dreadnoughts escorted by a techmarine to assist in repairs to your dreadnought in the field.
There will be a multitude of occurrences and missions that you will be able to support as you make your way through the open world. From supporting an Astra Militarum armored column, to pushing the advance for a Space Marine company and providing armored support.
Eventually the campaign would culminate in a large battle to either break the enemy or defend for a total retreat of imperial forces, the decision is made based on your actions during the campaign.
A dreadnoughts wargear is vital in providing it with the power to engage and destroy the enemies of the emperor, similar to how Anthem allowed you to choose a different javelin allowing you to provide the right javelin for the right situation, this game would allow for the same choosing a different variant of castaferrum dreadnoughts.
Variants: Everyone would start with a standard Mark V Castaferrum dreadnought, and after your first combat deployment would have access to the different variants of dreadnoughts. All dreadnoughts come mounted with a chassis mounted weaponry allowing them launch smoke rounds, retaliatory fragmentation weaponry, or even more devastating missile variants.
The different variants of dreadnoughts you would gain access to are,
The Hellfire Dreadnought (Long Range Anti Tank Buster): trades close combat capability, for long range, hard hitting anti tank weaponry. Outfitted to deal with heavy armor such as armored vehicles, and even mechanical walkers or battle suits.
The Siege Dreadnought(Close Range Mob Clearer): trades longer range weaponry for the use of hard hitting close combat weaponry. Allows for making quick work of large swaths of infantry. Melee provides decent effect against lightly armored units however not providing a most effective punch needed to take out heavy armor.
Ironclad Dreadnought (Tank Medium Range All Support Role) Ironclad Dreadnought outfitted with a a myriad of weapon systems allowing for engagement across multiple range patterns, and providing an all around support for roles that may be lacking in a dread company.
Mortis Dreadnought (Symmetrical Twin-Linked Pairing Weaponry): Mortis dreadnoughts bring unparalleled firepower of one particular kind to combat, allowing for special abilities involving their linked weapons onboard.
Weaponry Progression: As Dreadnoughts Gain levels, you will see that unlocks of new equipment and different weapon patterns become available, allowing for these killing machines to become even more sinister and effective in their death dealing. Standard Equipment Hellfire Dreadnought Twin-Linked Autocannons Standard Gryphonne IV Pattern, Missile Launcher outfitted with Frag Missiles
Level 15 Unlock Volkite Culverin, Unlock Krak Missile, Unlock Blind Missile, Unlock Herakles Pattern Accelerator Autocannon
Level 25 Unlock Twin Linked Las Cannons, Unlock Concussion Missile, Unlock Telerac Pattern Volkite Culverin
Level 35 Unlock Heavy Plasma Cannon, Unlock Melta Missile, Unlock Ironhail Autocannon
Level 45 Unlock Twin Linked Voss Sun Lance Pattern Las Cannon, Unlock Helion Fire Pattern Plasma Cannon
Level 50 (Max) Unlock Quad-Linked Leviathan Storm Cannon, Unlock Godhammer Las Cannon
The Hellfire Dreadnought comes equipped with hard points for Hunter Killer Missiles, able to be equipped with different missile variants. (150 Second Cooldown Base)
Standard Equipment Siege Dreadnought Heavy Flamer, Dreadnought Mk V Power Fist w/ built in Storm Bolter
Level 15 Unlock Mk V Dreadnought Chain Fist, Unlock Mk VI Pattern Flamer
Level 25 Unlock Mk V Dreadnought Seismic Hammer, Unlock Locke-Pattern Hellsent Heavy Flamer
Level 35 Unlock Dreadnought Assault Drill, Unlock Anvilus Pattern Heavy Flamer
Level 45 Unlock Leviathan Siege Claw, Unlock Frag Cannon
Level 50 (max) Unlock Leviathan Siege Drill, Unlock Flamestorm Cannon, Unlock Ultima Pattern Heavy Flamer
The Siege Dreadnought comes equipped with two chassis mounted fragstorm launchers able to dispel up to eight fragmentation grenades over a large area in a 140° cone, able to be equipped with different grenade types. (120 Second Cooldown Base)
Standard Equipment Ironclad Dreadnought Mk V Dreadnought power fist w/ built in storm bolter, Ironclad Assault Launcher armed with Frag Grenades
Level 15 Unlock Mk V Dreadnought Chain Fist, Unlock Ironhail Autocannon, Unlock Krak Grenades
Level 25 Unlock Mk V Dreadnought Seismic Hammer, Unlock Hurricane Bolter, Unlock Toxin Grenade
Level 35 Unlock Dreadnought Assault Drill, Unlock Mk VII Absolo Pattern Assault Cannon, Unlock Haywire Grenade
Level 45 Unlock Twin-Linked Ironhail Autocannon, Unlock Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter, Unlock Plasma Grenade
Level 50 (max) Unlock Twin-Linked Accelerator Autocannon, Unlock Missile Launcher equipped with Rad-Missiles, Unlock Krak Missiles, Unlock Frag Missiles
The Ironclad Dreadnought comes equipped with extra ceramite Armour plating to enhance its role as a front line support dreadnought. Also equipped is a larger version of a conversion field allowing the dreadnought to switch this on for a short time allowing it to soak up damage from all but the heaviest sources, not effective against melee. (160 Second Cooldown Base)
Standard Equipment Mortis Dreadnought Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters, Twin Linked Herakles Pattern Autocannons
Level 15 Unlock Twin-Linked Ironhail Autocannon, Unlock Hurricane Bolter
Level 25 Unlock Twin-Linked Hell-Hammer Pattern Lascannon, Unlock Twin-Linked Missile Launchers
Level 35 Unlock Icarus Autocannon, Unlock Mars Pattern Multi-Melta
Level 45 Unlock Mk VII Absolo Pattern Assault Cannon, Unlock Heavy Plasma Cannon
Level 50 (Max) Unlock Stormbringer Pattern Lascannon, Unlock Leviathan Storm Cannon
The Mortis Dreadnought while not required to outfit the same weapon system on both hard points benefits greatly from doing so. If the Mortis is outfitted with the same weapons kit on each hard point it gains a 20% increase in accuracy, a 20% increase in accuracy while moving. The Mortis has an ability to fire all weapons on both hard points at once, however when outfitted with the same weapon on both sides, when this ability is activated it increases damage by 2x and increases the rate of fire of most weapons. (Excludes Lascannon, Heavy Plasma Cannon, and Missile launchers) (130 Second Cooldown Base)
LooteShooter Concept: Now that you have seen what your dreadnoughts wargear can consist of, you’re probably wondering, how is this a looter shooter? Theres no loot! Well everyone weapon acquired in the field once unlocked will come in a certain tier, those being,
Common/Standard/1 Trait Slot
Uncommon/Common/2 Trait Slots
Rare/Forge/3 Trait Slots
High-End/Mythic/3 Trait Slots 1 Perk Slot
Legendary/Master-Craft/3 Trait Slots 2 Perk Slots
Exotic/Relic/3 Trait Slots 3 Perk Slots
For example, you’re on mission and you hail a distress call of a group of Space Marines from your chapter, on arrival you find the group engaged with a Tyranid Hive-Tyrant and it’s Hive Guard complement, after the successful defeat the Hive-Tyrant nets you a mastercraft Ironhail Autocannon. The more challenging the Enemy and encounter the higher chance you have to receive better wargear. The only pieces completely left to RNG are relic gear, as this is meant to be the best of the best gear, coming from specific bosses in each campaign. Only one relic weapon may be equipped at any given time.
Here is a list of perks and traits that will be able to roll on wargear: RANGED SPECIFC Hail of Lead: Consecutive damage against the same enemy increase damage by 5% for 5 seconds. (This can stack 5 times)
Thermal Sink Weaponry: Flamer, Plasma and Melta weapons generate 30% less heat per shot, and vent heat more effectively.
Omnissiahs Blessing: Weapons have a 5% to not consume ammo, charge or fuel when attacking.
Hellfire Tipped Shells: On attack 25% chance to leave behind a pool of flaming promethium
Again, this is a work in progress (WIP) and I just wanted to post here to see what others would think, any feedback even negative is welcome. Just keep it friendly and actually informative as I actually want to improve the concept, thanks so much, and go with Grace and walk in the Emperors Light

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2022.01.17 04:43 ActuatorFluid5681 The vision of delivering a long-term project that provides desirable use cases!

Did you already check this anime-infused ERC-20 project of Nausicaä Inu that combines the power of the community, an experienced development team, and nuanced marketers? All with the vision of delivering a long-term project that provides a desirable use case and lucrative financial opportunities.
ERC-20 has emerged as the technical standard. It is used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for token implementation and provides a list of rules that all Ethereum-based tokens must follow.
Nuance Marketing (Nuance) is a marketing, media and strategy agency focused on delivering a degree of difference in value, design and quality for our clients. Deepen your marketing leadership bench with experienced and savvy marketing executives focused on the growth of your brand through multiple channels.
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2022.01.17 04:43 citationstillneeded Need help with gas forge design

Hey guys, so I'm looking for advice on how best to build a useful forge with what I currently have available.
I have this gameco propane burner, and 8x new k26 refractory bricks + suitable cement.
This is my current set-up, which I think I could greatly improve. I know I'm losing a lot of heat and wasting gas. I did a much neater refractory cement job originally but it fell apart and I needed to slap it back together.
I am wondering if it would be better to cement some bricks together and then drill out a chamber rather than building a hollow box?
I'd love to see some examples. I don't have a welder or any fabrication ability.
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2022.01.17 04:43 ButINeedThatUsername A massive volcanic eruption and tsunami hit Tonga and the Pacific.

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2022.01.17 04:43 pilsnerboy Paybright - Missed Payment

Hi, so I used paybright 0% interest to purchase an iPhone instead of paying up front. My credit recently expired so I wasn’t charged for my regular for the part month, prompting me try and figure out why.
I finally logged in to paybright to find that they had unsuccessfully attempted to charge my older credit card 3 times. And, not once did they bother sending me any email/text/info of any sort. I have since updated my details and put in payment request for the missed payment as well the one for this month.
Will this affect my credit score?
Also, why was there no attempt from this company to get in touch with me?
Seems like a crappy business practice to not even bother sending an email requesting updated data …
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2022.01.17 04:43 akibk123 Suggestion for back pain doctors in kormangala or hsr?

Hi guys,

I've backpain for almost 6 months now. Last month i went to one physiotherapist clinic quantum physiotherapy, they used electrotherapy and some exercises , the pain had almost gone. But it is coming again. Its making my work/life miserable. This time I'm thinking of going to some orthopedic doctor and get some tests done. Any suggestions for doctors in kormangala or hsr?
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2022.01.17 04:43 AdvancedBo7 Unbothered Grillz edition. Check it out rarible. Artboink

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2022.01.17 04:43 thebeetleguy will I pass?

10 days left until the test. I smoked a few hits of a 0.5g joint. I am a male and I weigh 141 pounds, I'm 5''7.
I smoke a little bit once every week, not more than that.
I am willing to do whatever it takes to get a negative.
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2022.01.17 04:43 FamiliarEnemy Big update to the Kodak website

Looking slick! Also Kodalux curtains may be in order for the house.
Www.Kodak.com for the lazy 😁
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2022.01.17 04:43 cutiepiedaily l

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2022.01.17 04:42 Darkpassenger_24 Scammer alert

I was looking for someone to sell me an online goat account or play on my account. I got scammed by EarlyLobster7991, I paid him $75 via PayPal which he tried to avoid so I wouldn't get his name which I did. Joseph Mazzola. Beware of this thief!
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2022.01.17 04:42 Flashnooby Help with controls

Hello, i tried playing nova drift on pc with mouse and keyboard . But it is awkward , very very awkward for me . Is there mod to smooth and simplifies the controls ? I have tried changing control options from menu , they were not of much help. I could not find anything helpful on google search . Thx for listening.
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2022.01.17 04:42 Le-Meme-Stealer [Spoilers] My prawn suit has stopped reacting as if it's in water. help.

I took my prawn suit through the phasegate from the mountain island to the thermal plant, and then went out. As soon as I left I just dropped immediately to the bottom and my thrusters will not work and the grappling hook doesn't reel in. Also, my character and seaglide act as if they are not in water either. I was not drowning whatsoever and I couldn't swim, only walk around. My dilemma is that I can't get my prawn suit out from down there. I was able to kill myself and that fixed the problem of me not being able to swim but I have no clue as to how I can fix the prawn suit. I don't have any saves prior as I tried saving and closing out of the game to try and fix the error. Any help is appreciated.
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2022.01.17 04:42 sash4a [WDYWT] -40 weather 🥶

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2022.01.17 04:42 IhateWakingUp6Am Why do I keep waking up at 6 am

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2022.01.17 04:42 NoticFrozen I have been scammed 100 USDT

Hi all, im from Turkey. My first tongue is not english. Wanted to mention it before typing. I want to share my story. So you guys maybe tell me what to do. I lost 100 usdt on hkirex.com. they closed their website. i did some research and probably they scammed people again, because i found hkicex.com. its closed either. i have been saving 100 dolar for 3 months. its my monthy food cost actually. is there any way to save that money, any e-mail adress that i can send ticket? i already type the paulo minutes ago. i guess he is ceo of Usdt. i know 100 usdt is not a big money but it depends on the Country tho. Thanks for Assistance.
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2022.01.17 04:42 FrogyyB Withdraw from Crypto.com wallet to Loop

What’s the longest transfer y’all have seen? It’s been over 3 hours and still shows pending. Kind of odd
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2022.01.17 04:42 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.17 04:42 pantherBlitzz When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.

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2022.01.17 04:42 vaporwavewhatever What the oddest thing you find flares you?

For me, it’s a melatonin tablets. It doesn’t matter the brand, what’s included in it or not, without fail I’ll wake up with a flare. You think it being a natural thing the body produces, it would like, not? But alas nothing makes sense with this shit ;-;.
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2022.01.17 04:42 Halloween_5-Michael Busta Rhymes is forced to fight these horror icons in a battle does he clear?

View Poll
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2022.01.17 04:42 opalparkrider Billy Summers - I loved it but I have some questions (spoiler alert)

I loved Billy Summers. My son bought me the paperback for Christmas. I thought it would take me a couple of weeks to read it but I was hooked so it only took a few days!
Questions though. Why does Billy/Alice need to withdraw 2 x $400 to buy drugs at the truck stop after offing RK?didn't Billy have $8K in cash for the payment for 1 hour with Alice? And how did Giorgio know Billy had an account in the name of Dalton Smith? Or did I read that wrong? What do you think?
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2022.01.17 04:42 cutiepiedaily k

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