how do I handle this situation

2022.01.27 02:09 Anonymous00194 how do I handle this situation

my old best friends (who are still friends) and I drifted in high school, and i felt really bad about losing the friendship I had with them and how uncomfortable I feel around them now. My best friend who went to a different high school goes to the same school as them now and has started to befriend them and the way she’ll talk to me about them almost feels as though she’s rubbing it in my face. Even though to me it’s disloyal of her and I hate that now I can’t leave my high school life behind me as long as I’m friends with her. I do know it’s unreasonable to tell my friend I hate that they’re friends and to give her some sort of ultimatum so of course I didn’t. But I ended up telling her that her constantly talking about them makes me feel uncomfortable and I wanted her to take it down a notch. Her initial reaction was full on gaslighting, she started accusing me of hating seeing her happy and of being irrational for “expecting her not to make connections at school”. And even after she did promise to take it down a notch nothings changed. She still goes on and on about them like these people were never my friends and we never had that conversation. And i just can’t stand her right now because i think she’s become so selfish and superficial. What should I do? Am I being unreasonable?
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2022.01.27 02:09 Tarasheep Watch "USA के 13 शहरों से बजा लाइव योगी जी का डंका | Shantanu Gupta Book On Yogi | UP Election" on YouTube

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2022.01.27 02:09 ZOMMBOTT1 i fucking hate this little shit

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2022.01.27 02:09 oroDoro_JusT-LoL we are outnumbered ;)___Just-LoL___:)

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2022.01.27 02:09 Eckhazar_Croix I did another one! When I finish the third, should I tweet these to Sugimori-sensei? The odds of him seeing AND liking them are like what 1/4096? XD

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2022.01.27 02:09 BobbyNguyen69 Animal Health and Disease (AHD)/Neuroscience job prospects??

Hello :))
I will be starting my third year this coming semester and will need to choose my major. I am trying to decide between doing Animal Health and Disease (AHD) and neuroscience.
For AHD: I really enjoy learning about and working with animals but am really concerned about what potential job prospects this major could offer and I do fear unemployed. Im guessing most people in AHD try to get onto vet but its highly competitive. So id love to know what AHD graduates that choose not to get into vet generally end up working as/studying or what other opportunities this major opens up
For Neuroscience: I am less interested in this major but still generally love science. The main reason im considering this major is because it opens up more job opportunities/graduate roles mainly in medicine. But again medicine is competitive and would love to know what neuroscience graduates generally end up working as if they decide not to get into medicine.
Thanks guys :))
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2022.01.27 02:09 thach0s3n1 Took some time rearranging my smash figures , I think this is more like it

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2022.01.27 02:09 trumee Yubico Authenticator greyed out

I have a Yubikey Neo with firmware 3.4.2. Unfortunately, Yubico Authenticator application is greyed out when i insert the key in the PC. It does show the Firmware and Serial number though, so the key is working.
How can i enable Yubico Authenticator for this Yubikey?
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2022.01.27 02:09 LeisureSuiteLarry Release the kraken... From the penalty box

Fans, there's a certain bit of electronic music that plays when a Kraken is released from the penalty box before a goal is scored. Does anyone know where it comes from?
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2022.01.27 02:09 YouCraftyWitch This is pretty much the only stitch I like to use because of how it doesn't show holes for stuffed toys. Plus I think it's just a smooth looking finish.

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2022.01.27 02:09 bestdealsforyou Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads XL +, Pack of 50 at 300 (Usual price 385)

Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads XL +, Pack of 50 at 300 (Usual price 385)
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2022.01.27 02:09 Content-Mission3533 AM i

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2022.01.27 02:09 FiveLiamFrenzy Can guys post here too? 🙏🏻

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2022.01.27 02:09 Alcross0008 Socialgood - Get $200 signup bonus using my code HP4UZ8

Hello....For those who would like to make an easy $200. There is a shopping app on googleplaystore called socialgood...if you download it and register with my invitation code HP4UZ8 you will get $200 as signup bonus. All you would have to do is to purchase something on AliExpress for $30 in a few days after you signup (remember to read the rules in the socialgood app before making a purchase to be eligible for 100% cashback or else you wont get any cashback for your purchase and also you wont get your signup bonus of $200 because you haven't made your min $30 purchase) and you will get to keep the $200 signup bonus. Plus you would get 100 percent cashback for your purchase and after that you can withdraw all your funds in the form of SG tokens to an exchange like bitmart....then sell your SG tokens for XLM crypto...transfer your XLM to coinbase and then sell XLM for USD then transfer the money into your bank.
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2022.01.27 02:09 a_gooder_bagel Drawing a Delta Rune every day until Chapter 3 comes out. Day 132.

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2022.01.27 02:09 yeet_dog hello! how are you guys today? :)

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2022.01.27 02:09 YouTheDummy Regice 4734 7409 3009

4734 7409 3009
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2022.01.27 02:09 bkforever Advice ; Heart rate question

Background 46 year old male- 2021 mileage 2300km mostly easy 10km and 15km and trails. Resting heart rate 43-44 Started training for my 3rd marathon (Boston.. got a late entrance on a sponsorship exemption ) early January. Intervals hills etc My long runs currently 23km hilly in hard packed snow and pavement ( live near Toronto) : heart rate was approx 156 avg. this felt relatively easy and a relaxed pace I’m doing 13k at a pace 40 seconds quicker per km and heart rate is 165. Obviously this is near My threshold but the runs don’t seem hard… Is this a sign of too much too soon ; or am I still going out to fast: overtraining? Thought long runs should be down to 125-135 hr but even if I slow down; I don’t necessarily think I can get there??? Mileage increased to approx 75km a week from 45 consistently last year.
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2022.01.27 02:09 fastlok .

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2022.01.27 02:09 asaness Hazel by MANDY

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2022.01.27 02:09 formularchaeic The Lion, The Witch and The Wordrop

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2022.01.27 02:09 Groundbreaking-Gas62 I need your advice

Basically the title.
For some background. I’ve been friends with this guy since I was 15 (currently 19). And we have been hooking up off and on in the last couple of years. As of last year we had rekindled things and got closer over the pandemic. We drove across Canada to go to university and start our new lives away from our home town. We often go through these period where we’re super tight and the sëx is amazing and we’re super close but I know that’s it’s too good to true and it often goes to shit. When shit hits the fan it’s usually because he’s hooking up with a new girl. After I found out, I had a break from him but I realized I couldn’t get enough of him. So we went back and started to hook up again but it was really bad. I was not into it and I kinda felt very unsatisfied. On my birthday weekend, we had the biggest fight of our entire relationship. He has called me saying he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore and that we have nothing in common etc. I was so upset and we talked all weekend trying to work it out. When Sunday night rolled around he wanted to give me “ one more chance “ and had a talk in person. For some context, he’s been struggling with mental health and an eating disorder for a while but refused to get treatment. After I told him my side of the story I told him that he used people (aka me ) and treated people like shit. He lost his shit and told me Kms and hope to never talk to him again. Fast for a couple hours later i get a text apologizing for his behaviour.
I took some time to collect myself after that because it was very draining. After a couple of weeks we start to get close, hooking up and has been living at my house for the past 3 weeks. Most of it has been going well but we had a convo today that made me feel icky. The past couple of days he’s been stand off ish and hasn’t been intimate with me. I brought it up and he told me that I should have taken the hint that he didn’t want too because he kept pushing it off. I told him that him pushing me off made me feel bad. And I said that if you don’t want t ,just say it rather than to just get my hopes up. We often tease each other but sometimes it goes a bit too far and when he turns me down like that it feeds my inner demon. I said “ you were so into me before and now your not” he responded with , “ I get bored and having sëx with the same person can get boring”.
I felt like I was going to cry so I turned my back towards him and started writing this thread. We have been talking about living together next school year and Im Have this thought but haven’t told him yet. If we live together, I don’t want him hooking up with other girls in our bed. He’s on tinder and bumble and is always on it when I’m not there. He always says he isn’t talking to anyone which is so stupid because I know it’s not true but yet again I can’t be mad because we’re not exclusive. I have a place to live next year but he doesn’t if I don’t live with him so I have a lot of power in this situation.
What should I do next ladies?
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2022.01.27 02:09 LeyLady Mbappe making history…?

Ok I’m French , born and raised in the suburbs of Paris. Paris fan because I’m from there. I’m just like that I support where I’m from. Like I support French team. I don’t understand the Paris hate from French people… seriously you don’t want to see a French club succeed? You want to support a big European one? From a better league? You don’t want to see the French league getting better? You don’t have French pride? Talking about Mbappe wouldn’t be more historical for him to bring PSG to the next level with a champion league title than being big with Madrid? He won’t be the first and won’t be the last. Winning the champion league with Madrid in the end would look easier than with Paris.. just something I wanted to talk about and know what you think… I know there are some French people fan of Madrid checking this sub… Thanks Cheers. Titi Parisiens
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2022.01.27 02:09 NewsElfForEnterprise Stealthy digital health startup Measure Labs raising cash for remote care tech

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2022.01.27 02:09 MisteryASk Me violo un enano enano albino hagan sus preguntas pd:tenia sida

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