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Advice on how to critique your own channel

2022.01.25 01:55 Randomness_Girl Advice on how to critique your own channel

Try pretending you just stumbled upon your channel or someone recommended/you were recommended your channel. Pick a video(s) that seems the most interesting to you and try to watch the whole thing.

  1. What are your expectations?
  2. Were you able to sit through a lot of the video without getting bored?
  3. Was the quality good?
  4. Would you recommend this video or channel to anyone else?
  5. What critiques would you give this person?
  6. Would you ever watch it again?
"I already know what's gonna happen so I can't do that". Well think about this:
Videos have a lot of views because of replay value. A video with 1mil views doesn't mean 1mil people watched it once. If that's what views meant then 1mil views wouldn't mean as much as it does. Videos with lost of views meant it was worth watching more than once. I'm sure there are many videos you've seen more than once. What about those videos made you watch them again? Think about it. Lots of views means people who already knew what was gonna happen thought it was worth watching with the video already being spoiled. Its like seeing your favorite movie over and over. You already know what's gonna happen but yet you watch it again and never get tired of it.
What makes your channel special or unique or stand out from the rest in your niche? What makes you different from everyone else? No one knows the effort and work it took to make the videos you post except you. All they see is the final product you decided to show to the world. What makes it interesting enough to watch when there are other people with similar content and more subs?
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2022.01.25 01:55 RDM623 Tight Teen

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2022.01.25 01:55 TinkeringPixie My Inosuke Hashibira cosplay!

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2022.01.25 01:55 RealTheNinjaMage suffering in f7 live

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2022.01.25 01:55 artsychica Can celiacs have xantham gum?

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2022.01.25 01:55 Exlixis23 hmmm

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2022.01.25 01:55 st3phyyy Please help…

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2022.01.25 01:55 JackDockz Gaming 😔

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2022.01.25 01:55 Feisty-Note-8502 Jade tele

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2022.01.25 01:55 Darkshreaders3 [warhammer 40k/DC comics] which one has a bigger collection trazyn or brainiac?

i just thought of this question since the 2 collect alot of stuff from the past for their massive collection which makes me curious which one has the most stuff in their collection
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2022.01.25 01:55 pwngage What video had that “uhh memes” sound effect in it?

uhh memes
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2022.01.25 01:55 faribarad دریافت گواهی کنکور – نحوه دریافت گواهی قبولی و رتبه کنکور 1400 - پاسخ با ما

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2022.01.25 01:55 grease-lightning- Whooping cough Vacc1n3 for the mother to protect baby?

So I posted a post asking about this thing you can get as a mother that protects your child from whooping cough and it got auto taken down for having the V word. This is not a pandemic related post, this is a post asking about an injection I can get as a mother that will protect my child against whooping cough for the first two months after she is born.
This is the first time I’ve heard of it, so naturally I ask my mom if she’s heard of it before and she hasn’t. We got all our required stuff after birth, this is the first she has heard about the mother getting one to protect the baby.
So my question is, has any of you guys heard of this? I would like to be informed or have more knowledge about this before I proceed.
(Sorry for wording it weird I don’t want my post to be taken down again)
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2022.01.25 01:55 AV2learn This is Rollo, he is 1

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2022.01.25 01:55 hoover900 not clean hobby spot

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2022.01.25 01:55 Ok_Blueberry_925 Advice on how to approach my manager?

I work in an office and sometimes I work from home. Now due to COVID they have asked my department to work from home however my supervisor still asks me to go to the office even though I have nothing to do there and the things I can do from office I can do when working from home. However, she doesn’t give me a set schedule so I always have to keep texting her if I should go to the office tomorrow or just work from home. It’s annoying and idk what to do.
How should I tell her to be more organized with my schefule? I feel like she does it on purpose to have control over her staff and I do not want to sound annoying when I kept sending her emails about my schedule. Any advice is helpful. Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.25 01:55 sahil_pagi_yt Genshin impact Hereafter: all is well | Pervases temple renovation |

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2022.01.25 01:55 96West Do you guys think the C8 Z06 will come with Mag Ride, Front lift as standard features?

Really hoping atleast few options become standard on the Z.
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2022.01.25 01:55 becktacular_b Bavette Steak in a Demi Glace Sauce. My modification in comments

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2022.01.25 01:55 Electrical_Pea844 I heard Christians allowed Sol Invictus heresies to corrupt their faith.

Is this true?
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2022.01.25 01:55 JollyShark How to play pyke into tanky/engage heavy comps

everytime I play pyke and I got a enemy team full of engagers such as diana and xinzhao etc, I just seemingly cant do anything against them. They will come up and one shot my team entirely. What should I be aiming to do as pyke in this situation
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2022.01.25 01:55 Toaster2123 Anyone ask for a model

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2022.01.25 01:55 Tie6049 New favorite

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2022.01.25 01:55 fershizlmynizl 2011 E90 328i Sedan Halogen to LED swap issues

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