Scoomby Doo discovered the evil reddit mod behind Anti-work!!!!!!!!!!!

2022.01.28 19:43 Chazan22 Scoomby Doo discovered the evil reddit mod behind Anti-work!!!!!!!!!!!

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2022.01.28 19:43 TiredAndDone12 For Henry

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2022.01.28 19:43 FallCompetitive7976 28-January I am still here

It is 28-January 22:43. I am loved.
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2022.01.28 19:43 Umbrella_Corp_Labs Barbecue Chicken Wings

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2022.01.28 19:43 Nervous_Ad_9687 funeral noodles

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2022.01.28 19:43 typocorrecto 2021 Map of New Orleans Carjackings

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2022.01.28 19:43 LRonPaul2012 Libertarian understander thinks that free market competition will lead to a everyone using a single decentralized blockchain with no competitors, because apparently that's how decentralized competitive blockchains works. But don't you dare call this a monopoly!

The alternative would be decentralized power. The alternative to a monopoly is competition, same concept
Competing blockchains? lol no. Just one.
No. The market would do it automatically. Also, a decentralized blockchain can't be a monopoly. I told you you don't understand these topics lol
No. A single blockchain is the result of market efficiency. Will you please keep up. I can't force you to understand it..
As I mentioned in the thread, this is basically the equivalent of having everyone at the shopping mall wait in a single file line rather than having separate lines for separate stores, and insisting that this is more efficient because you only have one line to maintain.
ETH is limited to a maximum of 15 transactions per second depending on size, and transactions can already cost hundreds of dollars because they can't keep up with demand. What happens if you multiply the demand by tens of thousands?
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2022.01.28 19:43 Covozi 【ゴクゴク】27日神奈川 過去最多5959人感染、新たに1人死亡 病院や幼稚園などでクラスター

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2022.01.28 19:43 GuilloryFamily5 Onward Shorts Compilation 😎

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2022.01.28 19:43 jdontha If civilization collapsed where would you ideally want to be located?

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2022.01.28 19:43 MaxelAmador Eli5: I'm so royally bad at DMing combat

So I just started DMing and the RPG stuff (writing, acting, improv) is really fun and I think I'm doing okay but holy shit am I ruining the combat. I looked up a bunch of videos on "How combat works in DnD" but I'm still incredibly stupid when it comes to the step by step motions of combat, it's math, advantage + disadvantage, conditions, and what's allowed.Every video is slightly different in just how "deep" they go into combat and many of them gloss over terms like I already know basic stuff. They'll say "So you roll and add your attack modifier and if it's higher than their armor, you hi, so then you roll your attack dice" and many terms are interchangeable so I'm just sitting there thinking What does any of that mean?
Is there a good resource (PDF, Video) that you all would recommend that breaks it down meticulously like I'm an idiot?
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2022.01.28 19:43 Salad1216 Zombies speed runs

Looking for some chill people that are good at zombies on pc that are down to do EE Speed runs want to get back into it and wanted to find some people to play with if you want to message me and I’ll add you on steam
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2022.01.28 19:43 ProudCulture Big Drip Remix - Quano Chapo (OBlock)

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2022.01.28 19:43 jadefiorella Wrinkled soles 😘

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2022.01.28 19:43 1_mcvaaahhh New Store Feedback - Fitness Apparel

Would appreciate any feedback you all would have on our shopify store for our new fitness apparel business,
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2022.01.28 19:43 NoNeighborhood4250 So About the Big Mom Crew

How does the Big Mom crew pass time while trying to climb the waterfall for the whole arc?
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2022.01.28 19:43 peachpassionmango Why does everyone tell me to hit my puppy?!

First, let me say that I’m incredibly thankful to be part of this sub.
I got my lab/pit/Shepard mix (I think) approximately three weeks ago and she’s quite literally a piranha. She’s ~14-15 weeks old and my hands are torn up from being her personal chew toy.
I’ve asked a couple people at the clinical site Im rotating at, as well as some friends and family on social media, as to how they got their young pups to stop being so bitey.
I’m surprised by how many have told me to “just smack her really hard, she won’t do it again” or “I whooped my dog after biting the sofa and now she knows better” like what?! I don’t want to beat my dog into compliance, she’s already not a fan of the word “no”.
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2022.01.28 19:43 greendots10 Quick question

Ive played the game for a while but haven't really paid attention to like updates and that, but will there be a season 5 or is season 4 the last one?
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2022.01.28 19:43 probablygolden_ The sun between your steps

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2022.01.28 19:43 MisterDrSkittle Is there a rom hack that adds various quality of life updates to the vanilla game?

I'm looking for a rom hack that I can use on a Wii emulator I use (Not64) that's just QoL features like ground pound jumping, staying in the level after getting a star & a free camera
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.28 19:43 akagainava Selling 4 tickets! Taking offers.

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2022.01.28 19:43 Nebula_Astro7 Tofu wants you to rate his loafness.

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2022.01.28 19:43 osrslmao Does anyone know if chopping an Elder tree using the Always Adze relic with count for this clue step?

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2022.01.28 19:43 agmooreleather Custom white oak doors I finished up yesterday.

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2022.01.28 19:43 jordan3j Question for provincial workers going to work for a crown corp

What happens to your pension when you go from working provincial gov to crown corp ie. OPG? Does it get transferred?
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