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Was die Mars company wirklich versucht zu verhindern

2183 - Die Kolonie auf dem Mars wird zur Atommacht und fordert die Unabhängigkeit von der Erde. 2187 - Zwei große Vulkanausbrüche werden in letzter Minute gestoppt, um eine Tragödie zu verhindern. 2195 - Die Unterwasserkolonie ist fertiggestellt und lebenswert. 2196 - Die asiatischen und europäischen Rennen werden völlig gemischt sein. Die Superhelden können nicht verhindern, dass Veidt die Bomben zündet. Als Dr. Manhattan auftaucht und eingreifen will, schaltet Veidt den Fernseher ein. Präsident Nixon hält gerade eine Rede, in der er die enge Zusammenarbeit mit der Sowjetunion ankündigt, um sich vor Dr. Manhattan zu schützen. Im Hollywood-Film "Armageddon" sprengen Stars wie Bruce Willis einen Asteroiden, um dessen Einschlag in die Erde zu verhindern. Etwas Ähnliches will die Nasa nun mit der "Dart"-Mission erstmals ... Opportunity (englisch für Chance/Gelegenheit) ist ein US-amerikanischer Erkundungsroboter zur geologischen Erforschung des Mars, der von 2004 bis 2018 aktiv war.Die Sonde wurde von der NASA am 7. Juli 2003 im Rahmen des Mars-Exploration-Rover-Programm gestartet. Sein ursprünglicher Name lautete deswegen auch Mars Exploration Rover B (MER-B) und wurde dann später in Opportunity geändert. Die Starlink-Satellitenschüssel von SpaceX scheinen Katzen im Winter als willkommene warme Unterlage zu dienen, wie ein auf Twitter unlängst veröffentlichtes Foto deutlich macht.Das Bild des ...

2022.01.28 20:02 enoboy Was die Mars company wirklich versucht zu verhindern

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2022.01.28 20:02 carouselofgoalies Top 50 Follower NHL Players on Instagram (As of 1/28/22)

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2022.01.28 20:02 ecto13 AMC Price History Update - 1/28/2022

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2022.01.28 20:02 mikedj19 Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley) – Mandolin Lesson

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2022.01.28 20:02 Ditko9 It’s the South Philly special

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2022.01.28 20:02 Cunbundle It's just a small corner in the spare room. It's cluttered, it's messy, but it's mine!

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2022.01.28 20:02 UnchainedMushroom FuseIgnited duplicated charges on my credit card

Just a rant because I'm super frustrated.

For those who aren't in the know, WWWY is using FrontGate as the platform to sell tickets and FuseIgnited to sell their Hotel Packages (Hotel + Tickets).
I bought the hotel package and noticed the transaction occurred 4 times on my credit card. This doesn't mean I have 4 hotel packages, it means I've been charged 4 times for 1 hotel. I figured I'd give FuseIgnited the benefit of the doubt and figured that they would fix it without having me contact them, because it has happened before to me before and I never needed to do anything. The charges posted on my credit card account. That's when I decided that I would send FuseIgnited a message telling them I've been quadruple charged and need a refund for 3 of the charges.
I was sent a template email saying the order did not go through and needed to rebook. And then an email from an actual person saying I was refunded for the duplicate charges. This confused the crap out of me because both are conflicting pieces information. So I replied to the person asking "Do I need to rebook the tickets since I got an email saying the entirety of order was going to be refunded?". Their answer was yes. So I proceeded to rebook tickets.
After all this, I thought I didn't need to do anything else and my life would return back to sunshine and rainbows. But nope. My credit card billing cycle ended with a $5192 balance because FuseIgnited f'd up and that was reported to the credit bureaus and my credit score dropped a whopping 23 points. I'm absolutely furious. I'm buying a car in 3 weeks and the interest rate depends on my credit score. For those who don't know anything about buying cars and interest rates, it just means the car will cost more then I had originally estimated.
Next day I see the refund charges on my credit card. But for only 3 transactions, not 4. At this point, I can't tell if I want to laugh or cry. But both reactions would mean the same thing at this point. I sent an email trying figure things out and haven't heard back from these circus performers.
I don't think WWWY is a scam by any means but FuseIgnited needs it together. This is an operational nightmare and terrible customer experience. You'd figure they would have stuff like this ironed out by now, I'm not the only one with this issue. I wish they had a yelp page so I could leave them review.

*I would dispute this on my credit card but I am really excited to go to WWWY and don't want to cause any ticketing issues with the company.*
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2022.01.28 20:02 swedishangelz Go off, M21

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2022.01.28 20:02 Tanner_Monkey this is my latest video I hope you enjoy

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2022.01.28 20:02 Futureacct What city is the best for finding a relationship in your 30s?

30sF. I currently live on the west coast and men don’t want to settle down here. The last guy I dated has grass is greener syndrome and has decided to move out of the country. Would prefer a city that is not heavily religious.
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2022.01.28 20:02 AnasuiCabrera That face lol

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2022.01.28 20:02 Curc1c How to change the instance file path for BlueStacks?

Due to some storage limitations on my C: Drive, I backed up my save instance files, uninstalled BlueStacks and reinstalled it to my other hard drive with the intent to store the save file instances in the Engine folder there.
When I open BlueStacks now it states "unexpected error code 1".
I checked the BstkServers log, it still seems to think that my save instances are located in the Engine folder of my C: Drive which I uninstalled.
Is there a way to fix the path so that it can load the save file instances on my Engine folder in the hard drive instead?
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2022.01.28 20:02 benhoangquan [US-MI] [H] PayPal [W] C3 Tangerine Keycap Lubed

I'm looking for C3 Tangerine switch, preferred lubed, please let me know what lube you used.
Please reply before sending a chat or pm!
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2022.01.28 20:02 No-Chicken5962 How sentient is ChatterMax?

We were watching the hide n seek episode of bluey and we're wondering how sentient is he? Like does he know where people are or can he respond... Because it seems in some episodes he can... Opinions... Go!
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2022.01.28 20:02 Will_Winters So many coins and questions!

New here. I see that the limit per post is 10 and I've gone through the FAQ. I have found two tins of ~100 coins and am curious if this is a great forum to find out if they are special or not. Value and safety are my main concerns...I'd love to give the coins to my child. Or should I find a website or in-person pro? TIA
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2022.01.28 20:02 cardibclosett cant sleep bc my toes are cold LMAO

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2022.01.28 20:02 -always-move-always- Every single patch

We are in season 9 and we still have these same issues after every patch. People get disconnected all the time, picking gods screen is glitchy all the time, I’m curious as to how this gets through the pts play. I don’t understand how this is a consistent problem with smite. I’m sorry if I sound like a grumpy old man but I just wanna play the game man, but I can’t with a minimum of three people disconnecting every single game. So you either steam roll with early surrender or get steam rolled with early surrender. I played all day yesterday with only 2 games going to 40 mins. Today I’ve only been able to play one game while the rest have had too many issues with enemies not being able to pick or my team not being able to pick. They really need to work on their servers.
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2022.01.28 20:02 BranchFlashy6621 31 [M4F] #Anaheim CA / Anywhere - Forced breeding

I don't want the responsibility of kids but I'm turned on by the fantasy of "forced" breeding.
I want to talk about the fantasy of making you a single mom, having all your friends and family know you're a cum loving slut, and "ruining" your life.
Or maybe you get brainwashed into being my pet because I carelessly knock you up while having my way with you. Drunk on cum and being forced into motherhood.
I'd love to act this out IRL but chatting about it is hot too. I want to hear your fucked up desires.
For IRL, I don't actually need to get you pregnant, just playing at it is fine. If you want me to knock you up during a CNC fantasy, then that's something I'm open to discussing.
Vaccinated, boosted, single, clean. You too (though single is negotiable).
FTM/AFAB/NB friendly as well.
Kink list
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2022.01.28 20:02 No-Extreme-2382 My video is private how did it get viewers?

My video is private how did it get viewers?
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2022.01.28 20:02 BastardWiki Quick rule update

(But first - https://www.reddit.com/fursuit/comments/scwwqb/resource_gathering_for_a_future_sticky_show_me/ is unstickied but still active, and over the next coming days I will be going over my own links I've gathered for it to make sure they're all active)
Small rule updates:
-Tentatively custom kigurumi commission and seeking posts will be counted as "relevant enough" - considering the current fandom has a trend of custom kigus being used "as" bodysuits (for lack of better words). If this gets the piss taken out of it, kigus will get put in the naughty corner.
-The "Artist's Beware" flair has been removed. Bewares are serious, and the fandom as a whole is far too liberal with them. If you have a problem with a fursuit maker, seller, or buyer, then please use one of the following:
This way, you've taken steps to protect the fandom by adding to an already extant archive of warnings, and your beware can be verified as a serious claim rather than an internet slapfight that tangentially has a fursuit involved.
R6: No bewares has been added to the rules on the side of the sub.
There were an entire 4 posts in several years under that flair, so I doubt anyone's going to be missing it any time soon, but I figured I'd be transparent abut ganking a flair and adding a new rule. o7
Cheers for reading and thanks for making this sub the rad place that it is.
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2022.01.28 20:02 kepeke Danganronpa: !Reserve Course - Prologue - Part 5 / New Life, New Hope - Part 2 available to read!

Danganronpa: !Reserve Course
Join the Discord for live updates, breakdown of the timeline and trials, writing progress updates, rules of the killing game and the floorplan of the Academy!
What is DR: !Reserve Course?
What is it like, losing yourself to the absolute chaos in your life? Losing precious memories, friends… family? Would you be willing to risk your existence to right your wrongs, or would you cower behind your ideals? Would your hypothetical „perfect world”, your redemption really be perfect? And most important of of all, would you deserve it?
The Reserve Course, the Mass Suicide Incident, all the horrible and terrifying incidents… Could you survive among the traumatised? Among those who lost everything they ever held dear?
Now, a killing game would occur, thrust opon them by the ominious Observer, forcing these survivors to battle their fears once more. The Observer shall achieve his goals. Whatever it might take.
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2022.01.28 20:02 mandolorianyoda Japanese style Pagoda & Torii gate

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2022.01.28 20:02 im_a_train_not_u ayo what is the issue i cant launch my modded server

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2022.01.28 20:02 Farsniffer420 “See you in 6 months”. - ruby

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2022.01.28 20:02 AntaxTofu Orion Nebula in Bortle 9 Sky, Manhattan, NYC.

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