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Help needed: Can't log-in to origin or ea even after resetting password

2022.01.16 18:30 Icy_VictoriousMoon Help needed: Can't log-in to origin or ea even after resetting password

As title suggests, I can't log-in to the origin even after I reset my password. Few months ago my account was actually stolen and I recovered it because hacker forgot to unlink my steam account so I contacted the EA Support and they reset my account to original e-mail and unlinked my steam as well in the process. Problem? It barely helped, I reset password and waited days and still tried to log in with the same password however It didnt work and I had to reset it again and I'm stuck in a loop, I even contacted support about it and YET, they couldn't help me. SO I'm practically stuck with unable to log-in into my account where I have quite few multiplayer games I enjoyed to play until the account got stolen.
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2022.01.16 18:30 Tomfur [Request] - Warsaw, Poland. Full-time student in need of

Hello everyone,
I am a full-time college student working part-time. I was employed up until 4-5 months ago but the last year of college is requiring a lot of my time. Unfortunately, I can only work part-time until the end of my winter semester and I planned to use up my savings until then. I have been living with just the essentials for the past few months but sadly, I am not in a position to afford my dog's low allergen food for this time. I cook for him most of the time for the nutrients he can't get from his kibble because he has an allergy to most of the ingredients in regular kibbles. He needs a plant-based kibble and I supplement his diet with real food on top of it according to the vet's guidance. I don't know if I can make a wishlist on amazon with his preferred kibble because I could not find it on either the German or the British amazon. But I can provide you with the link to my local pet supplies store where you can order directly to my address (which I have no problem sharing). If not having a wishlist is against the sub's rules please let me know and I will try again to find the specific brand again.

Thank you everyone for even reading and have an amazing day :))

Dog tax :))
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2022.01.16 18:30 MigicalMerwee Games with good Stories in genres that usually don't?

Fairly straightforward, what are some games with great stories and characters in gernres that are usstory-light.
For example, I thinking of how Psyconauts 1&2 have a lot more narrative than mose Collectathon Platformers. Or how Hades has a lot of Character Progression, despite being a roguelike (roguelite?).
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2022.01.16 18:30 Ok_Program_3491 I HATE when drivers give up the right away

I absolutely hate when drivers give up the right away. Be it at a stop sign and it's their turn and they try to be nice and let me go or when they stop for another car to let them go. When it's your turn to be driving, you should be driving. Not doing other things or letting others go. They can go when it's actually their turn.
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2022.01.16 18:30 Odd-Business-6839 ⭐️ OliviaCastaxx

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2022.01.16 18:30 cotte2112 trouble making lvls

I'm new to this game and thought I'd check out the lvl editor but when I'm converting songs it only works like 20% of the time, I just choose a downloaded mp3 song and most of the time it gets stuck on 0% conversion and wont load. Am I doing something wrong? can I convert it to the right format before loading it in the game, if so how do I convert to .ogg?
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2022.01.16 18:30 Judgmentally8 A complete guide to Arch Glacor in normal mode

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2022.01.16 18:30 crematedtoastt Been called ugly on yubo all day.

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2022.01.16 18:30 lorenzooli [Hiring] Apply Now: Remote Tax Senior (Contract) (Remote)

Apply here
We are hiring, Apply Now: Remote Tax Senior (Contract) in AK, Anchorage for Beech Valley Solutions

Apply here
Click on the above link to know more details about the job, such as schedule, benefits, and salary range.
Is important to clarify the job is remote, even if there is a city attached to it, by the rule of thumb ONLY North American candidates are accepted but in reality, this is analyzed on a case per case basis.
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2022.01.16 18:30 rbepe TA Update - Much retest

TA Update - Much retest So short update.
Last time I wrote about some levels including the trend line to break and the 50 SMA on the daily.
You'll find the post here: https://www.reddit.com/dogecoin/comments/s3lorp/ta_update_the_elon_effect/
Now to look at what happened this weekend. We can see DOGE is doing well in gaining bullish momentum.

Daily candles
So what you can see. Doge broke and kept its position above the downwards mid term trend line. Also DOGE is retesting it's position above the 50 SMA (curved white line). In the mid term this actually is some good bullish momentum. Lets see if DOGE will be able to break it's long term downwards tend line (orange). This level should be around $0.20 - $0.23.
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2022.01.16 18:30 ccdchrissy Chillin

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2022.01.16 18:30 Micy254 FREE CRYPTO

Earn free crypto while playing fun and short games

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2022.01.16 18:30 Schnitzelinski I wish to have the power of God and Anime on my side.

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2022.01.16 18:30 texturecolor Plotting revenge

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2022.01.16 18:30 ozeyc98 Ikarosu Ichigatsu Day 16: Chibi Time!

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2022.01.16 18:30 FootsieRoll01 Newbie Toesies

Newbie Toesies
Im new please be nice
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2022.01.16 18:30 oualid190 How to craft spellbinding email subject lines ?

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2022.01.16 18:30 Viqalium_Xenarik Indonesia/Monaco flag in Canada

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2022.01.16 18:30 trashvortex Advice from One Scrub to Others

Just beat Genichiro (first of the human bosses who’s given me trouble—for reasons I don’t understand I found Oniwa and Butterfly pretty straightforward) and don’t know where else to put this.
I want to share two things that have been extraordinarily helpful for me:

  1. TURN ON GAME MODE if you’re playing on a TV! This made a huge difference for me. If you’re playing with that delay, you’re probably better than you think! You're doing the gaming equivalent of training with rocks strapped to your body or something.
  2. Count out your attacks, i.e. DO NOT MASH. Basic enemies are bad training for this, as they can be overwhelmed through continuous pressure.
If you’re continually failing to block counterattacks and you just know that you pressed block in time, you are mashing attack and Wolf is starting up attacks that you mashed into the queue. Double Ichimonji is particularly bad in this case: if you spam R1 for the second hit you’ll end up winding up for a new attack even a full second later, and by then you’ll be out over your skis.
Sekiro is rhythm game, sure, but it’s also a game about mindfulness. Keep track of what you’re pressing in the present, attack deliberately, and you’ll be much more likely to get into a flow state.
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2022.01.16 18:30 nightlovel1k Challenge Modes

Do majority of players play with the "Regional Attack Debuff"? It just feels weird that im losing attack power to progress :(
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2022.01.16 18:30 PrimaryPen1699 .

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2022.01.16 18:30 Arsehole_Destroyer In art class, my friends were talking about weaponised dildos

New self defence tool, dildo with a knife on it.
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2022.01.16 18:30 dmdmdmmm My almost triple crowned Qiqi! Pretty satisfied with her current build but maybe anyone can tell me what else to improve on?

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2022.01.16 18:30 xxfallen420xx Big Investor Tripled Its AMC Stake (link in comments)

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2022.01.16 18:30 Willing-Clock-8884 MERLY MORELLO: MI DÍA DE HOY

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