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1.18 Question

2022.01.22 06:20 ItsYoBoiZ 1.18 Question

Okay, I saw in the news that 1.18 has an updated version of the assets 0 file, it says to replace the new one the existing one. How do I do that?
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2022.01.22 06:20 tirednewyorker Stats correction took away Vucevic's 12th rebound which shouldn't have counted 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2022.01.22 06:20 Yugoslavia_1974 If you ejaculate easily Is that a good thing? I’ve read somewhere that it’s a good thing because “you’ve got healthy sperm” but I doubt that’s the real case

I read it on a reddit (I know, it is probably bullshit because reddit, but let me speak) that if you ejaculate or cum very easily that’s a good thing because you’ve got good sperm. I may not make sense but I just want to double check
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2022.01.22 06:20 WaffleStomperGirl Those who support the Texas attorney general refusing to hand over the Jan 6 records - what is your logic here?

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2022.01.22 06:20 Vespirited Lots of grey hair and thinning at 17(M)

I've never had great hair and never really experimented with it. Never took an interest in maintaining or taking care of it either. it now I want to take actions before it's too late.
I've had a few grey strands of hair when I was in grade school but not too many until last year when my hair basically exploded with them. I've got dozens of strands of grey hair on my head and I'd estimate atleast a hundred. To be completely honest I don't really care that it's grey(think it looks kinda cool), I'm just afraid that it might be linked to other issues with my scalp.
I've also had a great amount of hair loss lately. My hairs been thinning out and while I don't think my hairline has receded much as of yet, you can see my scalp near my parting and the back. I also have bad flaky skin on my scalp and a pretty amount of dandruff. I've tried using dandruff medication like sebizole but it's only thinned out my hair further. My hairs also not very smooth a Nd tends to get frizzy and wavy when medium length.
I'm not blessed with great hair genetics. My dad's almost completely bald and my 20 year old brother is getting there. But before it's too late for me I'd really like to keep what little hair I have left and maintain it.
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2022.01.22 06:20 BigMacBonquisha Absolutely SHREDDING Trails. Well worth 54 days from order to door.

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2022.01.22 06:20 Atsuyafrost Do u guys actually like receiving nudes from people. It's boring to me.

Except one guy i remember trading pics years ago he was so freaking hot but nobody comes close to the videos he sent. So I don't ask for nudes anymore (even tho I'm gay and could get nudes whenever I want). I just look at nude pics from subreddits now.
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2022.01.22 06:20 RetardedRL This game is shit.

Okay I just started playing one month ago and I'm now in the leagues. Whenever I try to play ladder a motherfagger with level 14 mega knight level 14 ebarb level 14 wizard player comes in and shits on my level 9 king tower. And I didn't care. I played the game for fun but now I fucking can't take it. My king tower level is 9 and a motherfucker with level 14 king tower with the fucking champion comes in on a 5200 low ladder. What in the god's ass am i supposed to do? Fuck im leaving this game now. Goodbye
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2022.01.22 06:20 Limitedtugboat Pretty sure this belongs here

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2022.01.22 06:20 Ratgibnak Dolus - Medusa bursting into pieces for our indie game about Grief and Loss

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2022.01.22 06:20 InternationalYard400 Hi! Can somebody explain / enlighten me about this? Thanks in advance! ❤️

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2022.01.22 06:20 AmarHassan1 NATO to hold major naval drills in the Mediterranean Sea

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2022.01.22 06:20 fourexotic Meme

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2022.01.22 06:20 Fatal_Inertia Some photos from earlier today. Got my wingman to use the viper after this, maybe I'll convert him 😂

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2022.01.22 06:20 Any_Poet9479 Nosy people

They take everyword seriously 😒
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2022.01.22 06:20 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.22 06:20 SnooWoofers7603 Is it normal and common for people with Autism, Asperger and OCD to have wild fantasy and weird wishes? Is there any possibility to get rid of them? If yes, how?

Good morning everyone,
I have strong obsessive wish for reversal of time, because I have missing needs which I need to meet them.
And I have hopes that once I enter Paradise, God Almighty will reverse the time so I can meet my needs.
And sometimes I have impression that I go against Divine Decree or that I insult God Almighty, but I don’t have any of these intentions.
And sometimes I even imagine myself that I have power of creation and I create my own Universe where I do whatever I like and create whatever I like. But I don’t do in same way the Pharaoh did when Prophet Moses came to him.
Please don’t judge me, but these are my wishes which I want to meet them in Hereafter.
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2022.01.22 06:20 FwDorisdavenport132 What would you guess his enneagram type to be?

He’s my boyfriend. We went on a date at the movies tonight, it honestly was a lot of fun - we’ve been together for a month but it’s the first time we’ve done smthn like that. He keeps track of how long we’ve been dating, I am aware it’s been a month and a few days. I’m an ISFJ and being w him feels natural, some people have suggested there have been a few “red flags” but I personally don’t want to break up w him bc of it and have tried discussing the things w him first. He has improved the behavior and does seem to care abt us having good communication, ever since this one time when he texted me (ig he had been nervous abt kissing me, I suggested we could) and said we’d kiss the next day to “confirm his feelings” and that he still had feelings for his ex (apparently a friend of his who I know, Dee Dee, suggested the whole “kissing to confirm feelings” thing.) But that feels like a while ago
I remember smthn he said to me today is that while he knows I like day dreaming abt our future and is really not trying to wish anything bad on us as a couple nor suggest that we will break up that he thinks I need to try living in the moment more, as we don’t know what will happen (I was talking abt marriage and having kids, he said he’d love to do both w me and I think he meant it but.) He mentioned he did smthn similar w his exes has trouble expressing himself and knows he can “kind of poker face it” that he’s always happy to just see me and that holding my hand makes him really happy, that he got the sense I was taking offense (I was) but was just trying to help me focus more on the present, mentioned we’ve only been dating for a month. I was upset at first but got the sense he did mean what he was saying and was just trying to be logical (he said so when I asked.) So I forgave him.
Apparently his relationships have more or less been online or long distance, which was surprising to me bc w the way he talked abt his exes I figured only one or two were online, he seemed hurt by the fact that one of them cheated on him. He considers his most recent ex to be long distance, but I actually wouldn’t call it long distance bc they really didn’t actually live that far from each other and they met at school and face timed… only thing stopping them from seeing each other was COVID, bc he wasn’t vaccinated and her adoptive mom was strict abt that. They dated for 8 months, she apparently moved to Indiana without telling him bc he “did something.” Idk what he did. I’ve met her before and she strikes me as the type who wouldn’t tell someone what they did.
His perspective on his most recent ex and their relationship seems to have changed ever since he started going out with me. I remember he did mention an issue they had is that she wanted them to have the same thoughts and beliefs or just the same perspective on things idk. I remember he said smthn a while ago like that he felt like they were “destined to meet” and would “love to try again one day” but considering that she had an abusive childhood I don’t think it would have been that hard to guess that a relationship w her wouldn’t be idk healthy? He described it to me more recently as being toxic, said it was “built on sex” and they were both always doing things to each other.
He was nice to me last week even though I was being mean to him bc I was on my period (well not like yelling more like acting irritated if he fixed my backpack and j like being rude.) He noticed but I didn’t get the sense he was holding a grudge or anything, he even said he wasn’t upset abt it.
I know that he had a crush on me before confessing to “kind of” having romantic feelings for me over text in November. He said he saw me in 9th and kinda liked me back then, but I think this yr it happened bc I sent him messages letting him know I cared abt him when he posted to his stories saying he was feeling suicidal bc his ex moved to Indiana without telling him. I remember he asked if we could “talk” after that. Long story short, we arranged a specific day and time but he wasn’t there (it was actually cold that day so I was privately annoyed especially since he didn’t text.) I texted him abt it when I got home he apologized said he went home early and his phone died.
I remember maybe before or after the incident described above, he texted me 3-ish he’s later when I sent him another message bc I was concerned abt his story and said “hey, I have a question” I said “yeah?” And he said smthn like “why exactly do you care abt me so much?” I answered, he replied and said “well that just touched my soul 😭”
I do remember in Art he once went outside during our break when I was there (he never did that) and stood close enough to me for me to notice. I said hi, received no response. He had his eyes covered but I could actually tell he was nervous. I noticed he had a bandage and asked if he was okay, still no response
I once got scared he’d commit suicide based on what he posted (turned out he was taking a social media break) and texted a former teacher of mine. I remember he asked me if I “told the principal” and said he wasn’t mad j curious. I lied at the time, he said he believed me. I admitted yesterday that I lied, he seemed genuinely unbothered but did hop on face time w me and said he thought abt it recently and started. To wonder if it was me now that he had gotten to know me better. He said it shows him I care about him
A recent thing, like two days ago type recent, that people said was a red flag is that I asked if we could go get food more than once, he said no but not in like a mean way he j wasn’t in the mood. Said he could take me somewhere where he’d make me feel so good I wouldn’t need food, we went there he wanted to finish me off even tho I stopped and asked if we could get food, I agreed. He tried to and he unintentionally did smthn that hurt, I stopped him and told him this. He sat quietly for a few mins and I could tell he was genuinely upset he had hurt me even tho I said it was alright and tends to happen sometimes. I asked if we could get food then he still said no, I asked why he said he j wasn’t in the mood (I got annoyed at this point.) I remember we did end up getting food after I cheered him up, but I was still annoyed and told him so bc we went to nations, he got us a burger bc he was hungry too at that point and he took a bite and I took a bite. It didn’t end up being enough food, and I wished we had j gone earlier.
I got the sense when we face timed abt it that he didn’t actually understand even though he said he did. I ended up getting annoyed abt it again the next day when I mentioned it to 2 girls I hang out w in PE, they both said it was a “red flag” and that he didn’t care abt me. I questioned things… but when I saw him in Art (we sit next to each other, by choice) and saw he put on his Instagram bio and story “all I do is hurt people” i j forgave him. Didn’t say I did but I did. We still went out after school yesterday, I made sure we sat down and discussed it. He couldn’t look at me in Art (literally kinda had his eyes covered, like he used to when he had a crush on me) and still did when we did sit to talk abt it. I remember he said he was “just so sorry.” I knew that he meant it. That right there, in addition to the chemistry we quickly established, is why I have ignored people who suggested I break up w him due to the “red flags,” and why I have ignored people who claimed he doesn’t care about me. I am 100% confident that he cares about me. I am rarely that sure about anything.
He has an IEP and said when I asked that he can graduate if he “takes it seriously.” I do want him to take it seriously and have asked him to schedule a meeting w his counselor. He said he will.
He said in regards to having sex when the topic came up that he does want to have it w me but doesn’t want to take his shirt off, that he’s j not comfortable w it. He does have low self esteem from my perspective idk, like if I say smthn good abt him he shakes his head but if I say smthn bad abt myself he tells me to take it back. Stuff like that.
I know he has a porn addiction but was annoyed bc he lied to me the first few times when I asked how often he masturbates (he said once every two weeks, 2-3 times a week… one night on face time he admitted he hadn’t been honest abt it and actually did it multiple times a day and has a porn addiction, that he’s gotten into immoral stuff. Seemed genuinely ashamed.) I was thrown off and was supportive or tried to be but also admitted I was upset he had lied to me, he said he thought I’d be more understanding but also said he felt he should “die” for watching some of the stuff he watched. I recommended therapy, he said it doesn’t tend to work but his mom will help him look for a new one
Our date to the movies was v fun, I grow more and more comfortable w him all the time. We did almost have an argument toward the end of our date tho bc I asked how he feels abt abortion and he basically said he’s in the middle, feels like a lot of the time the guy’s feelings are ignored. He actually said he feels like the woman should have the baby and give it to the guy. I strongly disagreed but suggested we stop talking abt it
He said he feels like he’s outgrowing his current friends. I honestly wasn’t sure before we started dating as to whether or not he had friends, bc in Art he never socialized and he struck me as being like a v v quiet not insanely social person? Like in Art he j literally never talks to anyone (other than me, now.)
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2022.01.22 06:19 Terrarian321 Hmmm

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2022.01.22 06:19 daveclampart Beware The Mop That Is Curséd!!

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2022.01.22 06:19 kotlineng I told you

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2022.01.22 06:19 CJ2324 LBJ before doing his step back three

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2022.01.22 06:19 Different_Ad8246 3 F22, A 320, B717, and a prop

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2022.01.22 06:19 bruhmaster27 Did they recalibrate ranks?

This season has been the weirdest in terms of how im seeing myself and other's rank fluctuate hard. I went from d3 in standard last season to hard stuck at plat 3. Not just me, a lot of ppl in plat 3 seems to have diamond tourney winners from this season as well as previous. It's getting frustrating seeing myself deranking this hard despite objectively getting better in the game. So what's up?
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2022.01.22 06:19 heiko_no_sumi Spider Girls-red by Self. White Unknown.

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