Question about Claudia (SPOILER)

2022.01.26 23:23 ShepardN7201 Question about Claudia (SPOILER)

So Claudia has a note needed for the Democracy in Action quest, my question is, how would you know she has it? I learned of it because I was stumped on the quest and looked up how to proceed here. Then I killed here w/ the recurve bow. Apparent you can also use wine to have her hand it over?
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2022.01.26 23:23 Remarkable_Common674 13402 227

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2022.01.26 23:23 Mrpotato1191 Who remembers this

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2022.01.26 23:23 BigDaddyC7777 Reg ice on me. Will add ten. Code below

Code 3126 2976 5908
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2022.01.26 23:23 QuadRail [WTS] Alien Green Lancer, Magpul BTR, Kaw Valley Precision Slim XL Comp, Vltor & Anodized Green Buffer Tube, Boresight, Mil-Spec Trigger (NC)

photo album
#1 Magpul BTR Arm Brace - $45 (painted dark matte brown - works fine, comes with the original box)
#2 Lancer L5AWM30, Translucent Super Green / Alien Green (unopened) - $50 2 available
#3 Vltor Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tube - $25 (not A5)
#4 Anodized OD Green Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tube - $25 (not A5, unsure of manufacturer)
#5 Kaw Valley Precision Slim XL Compensator 1/2x28 9MM - $35
#6 Sightmark Boresight .223 (SM39001) with batteries - $18 ($10 add-on to other items)
#7 Milspec Trigger with reduced power springs (in a LaRue tin) - $18 ($10 add-on to other items)
PayPal F&F, no notes. Comment then PM me, chats ignored. Items will ship tomorrow.
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2022.01.26 23:23 OrwellWasRight69 The Death Of “Affirmative Action”

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2022.01.26 23:23 Miserable_Shape_14 Bug with stickershop

In plants vs zombie garden warfare 2. I have some gifts to claim in the stickershop but the stickershop will not load when I click on the gifts. Can anyone please help me? because it’s pretty annoying and I can’t play :(
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2022.01.26 23:23 sysifuscorp A loft bed with storage / nook underneath.

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2022.01.26 23:23 4215265 WHAT KINDA RAPPIN IS THIS offline.... mind blown every time

I don't usually listen to the offline LP! because I'm a Spotify listener, but sometimes I'll throw the youtube offline version on.

And HOLY SHIT, I'm always SHOCKED when WHAT KINDA RAPPIN IS THIS comes on... you just don't expect it from the intro!

And man,,, this guy can make an intro! It felt like I was in outer space. And having the Spotify version of the song finally come on and be recognizable always comes as a shock.

If you haven't listened to the offline version, please do!!!
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2022.01.26 23:23 Snubbyloony Have you heard of Emperor Ashoka ?

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2022.01.26 23:23 bikast3 Who do you think won the Sam Seder vs Jackson Hinkle debate?

Pretty interesting debate where Sam Seder and Jackson Hinkle debate Force the Vote and the effectiveness of the squad in leveraging their power. Who do you think won this debate?

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2022.01.26 23:23 faviocars Cant think of a title rn

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2022.01.26 23:23 tingxyu My friend sent me this photo. An interesting road work there.

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2022.01.26 23:23 TheSoiGamer Highjinks after making the same Johnny test Hate art over and over

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2022.01.26 23:23 bigelow6698 People who didn't loose their virginity until their late 20's or early 30's, why? Do you regret waiting so long?

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2022.01.26 23:23 hottielovesperson_5 i love anime food

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2022.01.26 23:23 TrueAncestor69 😨 Sh-Should I be concerned?

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2022.01.26 23:23 Basicmanyt Wow good job anti work you really fucked that up

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2022.01.26 23:23 Siri_JJ A brief reminder that @marlinprotocol has finished and released Arbitrum bridge for both tokens and stashes

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2022.01.26 23:23 suanxo When will the update be available?

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2022.01.26 23:23 humansofsanquentin Arthur, 39 | Incarcerated: 19 Years

Housed: Massachusetts Correctional Institute
Humans of San Quentin,
I wanted to die, earlier in the day I bought a gram of some strong heroine and planned on going to sleep without waking up. I was in Florida State Prison and I feel anyone who has been there understands this.
I started a 50 year sentence in Maine back in 2003, I had been out of the Army six months and looking back now I know I was suffering badly from PTSD due to my time overseas. I got into a fight with my friend and killed him.... I gave up on life after this, every situation was life or death to me.
I lashed out at everyone becoming what prison said I should be, I got into the gang politics and pushed that agenda for a while. After a bunch of violence and years in the Hole I was shipped out of state to the federal system on some “diesel therapy” for a couple of years. New York, Oklahoma, Colorado, and a few other stops until I was dumped off at Florida State Prison in Raiford.
I had been there for over a year at this point. I never knew rest. During the day we kept on point for other cons and at night the guards would get you.... I felt like I was living in hell!
I stabbed a guy over a debt he didn’t pay so they stuck me in Death Row, one section is disciplinary for violence without being sentenced to die.
I waited for the guard to finish count and set up a shot that would drop an elephant; just as I was about to stick the needle in my arm my neighbor knocks on the bars and asks me for a battery to light a smoke. I never spoke to this guy before but after a five minute conversation I learned his name was Billy and he was waiting on a death sentence. He had been there almost twenty years.
I asked him why he was still fighting and he said “I refuse to be the State’s entertainment” and told me how the guards would almost throw a party every time one of the Death Row inmates died. I never told him what I was up to but hearing his story got some wheels turning in my head. I flushed the rig and dope that night and from that point on I worked on myself.
I made my way back up north and I'm doing about as good as someone in my position could be. I am in a program to train dogs for other veterans so hopefully they won’t make the same choices I did. I finally made it to a medium security prison after 8 years in segregation and although I do have a lot of time left I'm hoping that will change.
Everything else has!
Oh yeah, Billy. This is Pit, if you read this then I want to thank you. Way back then you changed my life and I doubt you knew it!
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2022.01.26 23:23 Iapoties It would always be that one cow or telephone pole.

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2022.01.26 23:23 McNuggetBuster What's your guys favorite episode of SpongeBob?

Mines band geeks
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2022.01.26 23:23 Nice_Percentage8031 Akasha and Matveiffe against Great Axe, Raharl( Path not Taken)

So I keep doing comparison, this time against Great Axe(which I think has high physical defense) to find out who is the best single target assassin. Team with Tuonel + Catherine, all characters at A4, skill 4 and passive 2 but Akasha with exclusive level 10. I recorded time to kill(in second) 5 times in a row for each character with only modifier of increase physical DEF
- Physical DEF + 2000
+Akasha: 56, 53, 60, 59, 50 seconds respectively to kill. Average: 55.6 seconds
+Matveiffe: 34, 30, 33, 35, 34 seconds respectively to kill. Average: 33.2 seconds
-Physical DEF + 8000
+Akasha: 96, 95, 99, 105, 105 seconds respectively to kill. Average: 100 seconds
+Matveiffe: 70, 75, 75, 75, 73 seconds respectively to kill. Average: 73.6 seconds
My conclusion: in any case Mat always does more base damage, crit damage and damage output due to her defense ignoring. Her damage is also very consistent due to no RNG in her skill set. Akasha doesn't do much against high defense target and her damage output is not stable due to skill 2's RNG
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2022.01.26 23:23 Realmwalker_Audio Diagonal movement - more costly?

I learned recently that many turn-based games that use a grid layout make diagonal movement cost more action points (or equivalent). Is this the case with Qud?
Live and drink (diagonally?)
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