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[Highschool Ap Calculus] I follow the first step but I don’t understand the second step and the final result after. How does it go from 1/2 to 7/2 and the results for the others as well?

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2022.01.24 03:40 oofaboogahoo [Highschool Ap Calculus] I follow the first step but I don’t understand the second step and the final result after. How does it go from 1/2 to 7/2 and the results for the others as well?

[Highschool Ap Calculus] I follow the first step but I don’t understand the second step and the final result after. How does it go from 1/2 to 7/2 and the results for the others as well? submitted by oofaboogahoo to HomeworkHelp [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 03:40 sincIairs I introduce to you, the holy trinity of outlandish wrestling fan signs

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2022.01.24 03:40 Chicago_Cicada "Space Age" silver miniskirt.

Saw this in an ad for "RealGirl" cosmetics by Tussy, in the October 1967 issue of Seventeen. Probably can't be found, but can anyone help find me a skirt and belt that look just like it?
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2022.01.24 03:40 ihitmyselfagain Y'all Michael Schur is doing an AMA on r/TheGoodPlace

I wanted to crosspost but couldn't for some reason. Check it out TheGoodPlace.
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2022.01.24 03:40 proteinstyle_ Does anyone else watch on Pluto?

Sorry if not allowed but I love that this plays 24/7 on Pluto because it's free and I hate deciding what to watch! So I just throw it on and let em play for hours.
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2022.01.24 03:40 Gordopolis 1787 Fugio Cent - Did I Get Ripped Off? Opinions Appreciated

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2022.01.24 03:40 q-manchu [Race Report] Auckland Marathon -- January 23, 2022

### Race Information
* **Name:** Auckland Half Marathon
* **Date:** January 23 2022
* **Distance:** 13.1 Miles
* **Location:** Auckland, NZ
* **Website:**https://results.timingsports.com/view/aucklandmarathon/2021/22492
* **Strava:** https://www.strava.com/activities/6565307847
* **Time:** 2:07:06

### Goals
| Goal | Description | Completed? |
| A | Sub 2 | *No* |
| B | 2:10 | *Yes* |
| C | 2:20 | *Yes* |

### Splits
| Kilometer | Time |
| 1 | 6:12
| 2 | 5:34
| 3 | 5:35
| 4 | 5:36
| 5 | 5:40
| 6 | 5:44
| 7 | 5:45
| 8 | 5:38
| 9 | 5:43
| 10 | 5:43
| 11 | 5:30
| 12 | 5:35
| 13 | 5:36
| 14 | 5:49
| 15 | 6:16
| 16 | 7:18
| 17 | 6:33
| 18 | 5:53
| 19 | 6:34
| 20 | 6:58
| 21 | 7:05
| 22 | 5:14

### Training
I consider myself fairly active sports wise but was never really 'into running'. During one of the COVID lockdowns in August my flatemate brought up the idea of running a half marathon, remembering how un-fit i was during the last soccer season I decided what the hell lets give it a go. The Half-Marathon was originally scheduled for October 31st (My goals were the same as above). So when I found out it was postponed (Thanks COVID) I set myself the ambitious goal of sub 1:40.

I scaled up my mileage to around 55km/week and found a nice training plan. Due to my work hours I had to do most my training in the late afternoon but figured this would be fine for getting used to the heat of the actual race come Jan. All was going well and I was feeling some increase in speed + endurance. Due to the increased millage I began to feel burnout so lightened my schedule the first couple weeks of December. Then came the xmas break, I was off until the second week of jan and did not run a single day. For the next two weeks I averaged under 10k per week and the focus on training slipped. Come the week prior to the race and I realise I have no chance of a 1:40 and decide to go back to my original goals, which were beginning to feel a bit hopeful.

### Pre-race
So there I was, Saturday night, completely unprepared for what lay before me. Trying my hardest to convince myself that the battle was purely mental and my fitness levels wouldn't matter. Alarms set for 4:00 AM (check). Water bottles (check). One square meal for breakfast and race nutrition (check). Belt to carry said water bottle (Missing, too late to panic). Running shoes, shorts, shirt, mismatched socks (check). 11:00 PM straight to bed hoping I can at least 4 hours sleep.

### Race
3:00 AM wake up, check time. Back to sleep. 3:58 AM alarm 1/5 goes off. I'm up. Remaining alarms turned off. Coffee, OSM Bar and I'm starting to feel almost awake. double check I have all my gear, race bib etc. One last look for my running belt but no luck. Guess I'm going to be carrying my water bottle with me. Only took one bottle as I knew they had water stations along the way. 5:10 AM drive to the bus stop, can't find parking due to road closures. Small panic but eventually found a spot and caught the last bus to the start line. Remember that there are pacers for this event and try to decide which group I want to start with. Decide I'm going to start with the 2:00 pacers and see how I feel every 5km. 10 min jog to warm up around 6:30 and then I'm at the start line for the 6:50 start.

1 KM. We've started. I had my music ready to go but the sounds of 100s of shoes on pavement and the energy of the crowd is overwhelming I decide to save the music for the tough going that I know is coming. I started towards the back so slowly weave around the crowd (passing people and being passed) as I look for the pacers... I know they're somewhere up ahead. Pass the 2:10 pacers as we pass the 2 KM mark and I'm trying my hardest to keep my pace reasonable. 4 KM I've caught the pacers just past the first aid station. Feeling good, fresh, no clue what pace I've been running at. Decide not to check watch and just keep go off my breathing. All of a sudden I pass 9 Km. I'd struck up a conversation with one of the other runners also aiming for 2:00, we're sitting a couple meters back from the pacers. I've completely lost track of time and just realised we're about to cross 10km. Halfway comes and goes without a hitch the next 5k are a breeze as we start to cross the highway along the water I take in the views. I cross the 15 Km mark and we're approaching the bridge which is about 1km long, nice and steep (5% grade I believe). Aid station, I decide to grab some electrolytes and slam back the full cup. Big mistake, instantly I realise I've drunk too much and can feel a stitch already building, maybe I've been running too fast as well. Bridge is coming up fast and I decide I'm going to have to take it slow to avoid having to walk. Going up sucks, feels like im barely moving, the slight breeze is doing nothing, it feels like the sun has it personally out for me. Take a quick break (telling my self I'm checking out the view as I try to get as much air into my lungs as I can). At this stage I know the rest of the race will be tough, time to break out the music. (Bat out of Hell to honor the late Meatloaf). I push on. The descent is not much better but I've only got 4 Km to go now. It only gets harder from here. I check my watch. I need to run 5:00 K's for the rest of the race to get sub 2:00. I resign my self to the fact this won't happen. I pass a couple others that were up the with 2:00 pacers, a few minutes later they pass me. We keep this pattern up for the next Km. 19 Km, I spot one of the guys from earlier walking and cheer him along, we're going to finish together. Couple 100m later he has to pull me along. 20Km practically done, I picked up some speed and had a little sprint with another runner across the finish line.

### Post-race
I check my Strava, 2:08. Mixed feeling about being so close to 2:00. Disappointed as I feel if I had paced better I wonder if I could have pushed harder towards the end. Happy I managed to achieve sub 2:10 and felt like I gave my all. I felt so stiff and my legs were a little shaky. I grabbed some water and sat down, caught up with the rest of my running buddies. Ended up grabbing some food and a smoothie despite having no appetite as I figured my body would appreciate it. The rest of the day was spent on the couch and some celebratory drinks in the evening.

All in all an amazing experience, from the awesome volunteers manning the aid stands to the crowd cheering our names as we round each corner. This is something I'm glad I was pushed into doing (certainly would not have signed up on my own). In hindsight I wish I had stuck out the training but hey, you live and learn.
What's next?
I think I'll take a bit of a break and then try get into a bit more casual running, though now I've done a half the next step will be to do the full, maybe in a year or twos time.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk hope you enjoyed.

Made with a new [race report generator](http://sfdavis.com/racereports/) created by herumph.
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2022.01.24 03:40 _carlind Hearing 6-cap All Whites striker Myer Bevan is off to join Cavalry in the Canadian Premier League. Joins Moses Dyer (Valour FC) in that comp.

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2022.01.24 03:40 dnvkenv my gfs discord status looks like a slur but i dont have the heart to tell her

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2022.01.24 03:40 farturr $SCRT on FTX

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2022.01.24 03:40 toxicpaulution [USA-GA] [H] Astro c40, Wii games, 2dsxl [W] PayPal or Mech keeb offers

Just trying to clear out some stuff to get a little extra cash. Combo deals for better discounts. Anyone local to the 30005 area will take priority. Comment before messaging. Please send a private message not an IM as I'm on mobile. Pricing includes shipping CONUS. None of the hacked systems come with preinstalled games.
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/HYKHIul
Super Mario sunshine cib $45
New super Mario bros Wii cib $30
Wii play box has been but both the game and the wiimote still sealed $45
2dsxl software modded with 32gb SD card $170 shipped
Animal crossing 3ds game X2 $20 each
Astro c40 with battlebeaver thumbsticks. Comes with everything and a controller case. Works perfectly sold my PS4 so no use for it. $200
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2022.01.24 03:40 SNiDeR138 A Boris Stalker/Metro question

I'm sorry if this is something that's common knowledge or I'm posting this in the wrong spot but has Boris ever stated which one he prefers more out of the two(stalker and metro)? I've looked around and havent found anything. I've always just been curious. I know his cat is named Artyom so youd think metro but the cats name was chosen by YouTube comments if I remember correctly.
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