Qui pour le RP (RP extrême)

2022.01.28 12:53 Evening-Jicama-866 Qui pour le RP (RP extrême)

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2022.01.28 12:53 SupremePalash Daily routine bangya hai

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2022.01.28 12:53 -en- @AP: Britain’s Prince Andrew has given up his honorary membership of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, considered one of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs, as he fights allegations of sexual abuse. Andrew has denied the allegations. https://t.co/MYRUMfjXoT

@AP: Britain’s Prince Andrew has given up his honorary membership of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, considered one of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs, as he fights allegations of sexual abuse. Andrew has denied the allegations. https://t.co/MYRUMfjXoT submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 12:53 Rehzreu Her tits are so good

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2022.01.28 12:53 eclecticeagle What do I do

Me and this guy have been seeing each other for a few months. From the start he told me he did not want to get with anyone else and I believed him. It started off as fwb but we admitted feelings to each other properly last week. It felt nice and we decided to take things slow, we never specifically labelled it exclusive but we both said we do not want to get with other people. Fast forward to this week, he went on holiday and told me everyday how much he missed me. He even told me how he rejected these other girls and how he sleeps with my hoodie every night. However last night he told me he kissed a girl.(who he had got with in the past) He told me immediately and keeps apologising. I can tell he feels bad but what do I do. He comes back tomorrow. Do I see him or should I cut things off?I really like him but this is a major red flag.
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2022.01.28 12:53 sinnamonspider66 SURVIVOR ROUNDS - SI VI PACEM, PARA BELLUM (Third Round) (Voting ends Sunday 1/30)

The results are in!
The next song off to prepare for war with"What Would You Do? (Wasteland EP)" and "Will It Ever End? (Wasteland EP)" is "Drift Away."
Please continue to upvote the post along with voting; it will allow it to be more visible so that we can get more participation!
Songs In Dead And Done
Bruised And Bloodied
Can't Go Wrong
Buried In The Sand
Let It Go
Pride Before The Fall
Written In Stone
Feast Or Famine (Wasteland EP)
Songs Out What Would You Do? (Wasteland EP) (28.6%, 2 out of 7 votes)
Will It Ever End? (Wasteland EP) (28.6%, 2 out of 7 votes)
Drift Away (33.3%, 3 out of 9 votes)

Vote for your LEAST favorite song:
Vote Here
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2022.01.28 12:53 NoMooreMercy With a heavier heart than the other guy, I'm going to be (somewhat) leaving the OnePlus family.

I've been there since the OnePlus 9 Pro launch, I remember the mediocre feeling of seeing a modern smartphone reveal and having my credit line approved. I loved that phone to the gas station and back.
After that I purchased an almond latte and a sweet tea while I was at the gas station. Both wonderfully sweet drinks.
It all started going downhill when I lost my charger. I blame oneplus for not including one in the box, I mean, what gives? I know I bought used but they could've put another one in the box. It's been a complete disaster, my phones been dead for months.
I rolled the dice and bought a new screen, this one surely must be charged, yes? Well I ended up breaking it! I can't believe Oneplus would do this to me. Usually I just peel it off and stick it on the screen, but this time it just wouldn't seem to fit. So I really just pushed it on there hard and I guess it snapped. What gives Oneplus? I sent it back for return - refund.
I hope someday I can comeback to this brand when they get their act together and I'm not going to put up with subpar everything. I wish all of you the best of luck getting real solutions from OP and again I hope they turn around all the missteps they've taken.
Good luck and God speed. I'll still monitor all your posts and try chiming in with answers when I can, because I'm only somewhat leaving since I'll be continuing to use my OnePlus 7 Pro. God I love this phone.
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2022.01.28 12:53 EyeInTheSky888 1st Anniversary Tower - 50F (Perfect) by Alena (again 🤣) - vid in comment

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2022.01.28 12:53 TomokiJR Ruined Tower [45x26] [Link in description]

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2022.01.28 12:53 carnalhag There are two sexes. No subsexes.

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2022.01.28 12:53 Fearless-Cricket3297 France : des musulmans maghrébins se retrouvent dans l'hébreu, des juifs séfarades dans l'arabe

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2022.01.28 12:53 kevdeeznuts [WTB] [US-WI] [H] Cash/Paypal [W] IEM 3.5mm jack earbuds

I am looking for some IEM corded 3.5mm jack earbuds. New to this space and industry so I am open to used or new items.
Can pay paypal G&S or local zip: 53142
Post then PM
Some that I have researched and found to be potentially good options:
Starlight Moondrop IEM
Tin T2
Tin T4
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2022.01.28 12:53 MxFancipants [Free Request] Can you draw an earth genasi stars Druid?

Some backstory. One day a person was minding their own business, when they were struck by a meteorite! The mineral infused them with cosmic insights, and changed their nature and the course of destiny.
I’m giving you some creative freedom here, but we can discuss any details you want if you need them.
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2022.01.28 12:53 vdavidiuk Joe keeps his promises.

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2022.01.28 12:53 MrkWLtch Eye reveal. Guess what I look like

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2022.01.28 12:53 wheelzoffortune The "Free Market" can only be achieved if governments allow crypto.

They don't have to endorse crypto. They don't have to make it legal tender.
They DO have to allow it.
By not allowing the use of any and all cryptos, governments are thereby denying their citizens a true Free Market.
A Free Market is a market which prices for goods and services are determined by the market itself and are free from government meddling.
I would take it a step further and say that for a market to truly be free, that market should be able to determine what means of transacting is acceptable.
If the market wants to transact in Bitcoin, it should have Bitcoin.
If the market wants to transact in Nano, it should have Nano.
If the market wants to transact in Ethereum, Cardano, Terra, Doge, or any number of other cryptos or even MULTIPLE different cryptos then that is what should happen.
A market that is forced to transact in a specified currency is not truly free imo.
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2022.01.28 12:53 ConsciousTension5124 My best friend (28F) ghosted me (28F)

I had a best friend of almost a decade - she was sweet, kind and quite taciturn, and we were always there for each other through thick and thin. I should mention I am her only close friend (that I knew of). She normally hangs out with her boyfriend and sister and I have never heard of or met any other of her friends, she never posts any photos with anybody else. As far as I know I may be her only friend.
We last met up July/August 2021 and she seemed happy and bubbly as normal. We had a great time, although I could only sleepover in the evening and had to leave early the next morning - I expressed this to her in advance and she messaged saying it was absolutely fine. In the coming rest of August for the entire month she brushed me off every time I messaged or ignored me completely. I made around 5-6 attempts to meet up - offering to pick her up (she does not drive) to get her out of the house, take her to the beach, I offered to come to her or pick her up so she can come to mine and not have to worry about getting the bus. In the past, sometimes she would miss messages as she would get busy, or be very absorbed in family matters or boyfriend or job (teacher). So I just gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she got busy.
Fast forward a month and she sent me a very long message. She said she wanted to explain why she had been "acting off" i.e. ignoring me. She said she noticed several things she did not appreciate and thought she should tell me. She said she at first thought she was exaggerating but then decided it was bothering her for a while. These were as follows:
- She said she understands I have many friends I meet up with regularly but when we meet up she doesn't necessarily want to meet friend x/y/z from wherever. She was upset at how 2-3 years ago pre-covid when she was round I invited my friend Matt round too. She said she never mentioned it before because she didn't want to cause a scene but it upset her and said it was not a very nice thing to do. I firstly felt shocked because this was 2-3 years ago - so why bring it up now? Secondly, the way she worded the text was as though I am constantly inviting her out with other people, or forcing her to meet others against her will. This is not the case. I pretty much always meet up with her alone, or a lot of the time she feels the need to invite her boyfriend and/or sister along too and never mentions this beforehand to me (i.e. once when we went for lunch, before she left she went to her partner and asked if he wanted to come too, right in front of me when I thought we were catching up alone). I am fine with seeing her partnesister, but because she often does it I assumed she was fine to be around my partner or other people also. In this one scenario with Matt - myself and my boyfriend had been with him the entire day and my boyfriend wanted him to come inside. As we shared a property I couldn't exactly refuse, and so Matt was there gaming with my partner in the lounge when my friend arrived. I was not in a position where I could ask him to leave as my partner wanted to hang out with him and use the games console in the lounge. Matt had also heard me sing my friend's praises and he wanted to meet her, she seemed perfectly happy when there and got on really well with Matt. She slept over later and Matt left, and then as far as I can recall we spent the next day together having a proper catch up. This was one occasion ever, in the almost decade of knowing her. Ideally I should have asked her to go out and leave the boys to it, but because she seemed comfortable and happy and laughing with Matt I assumed she was okay. Like I said - this was one scenario 2-3 years before her message and she never mentioned it before now. This was the only occasion where this happened. The only other friend she met up with for a few years with myself (and I always asked her permission for this) is my other close friend Caroline, of whom we had sleepovers with quite often and my friend acted happy and like she liked her. I have stopped asking my best friend for sleepovers with Caroline, as confusingly (even though she acted like she liked her) she recently expressed that she didn't like Caroline at all and thought she was fake. After that, I felt so confused because she has always said 'yes' to hanging out with Caroline and I and seemingly enjoyed their time together. Very confusing but after that statement I stopped inviting her out with Caroline as I didn't want to upset her.
- She said she was upset about how when we arranged the sleepover I turned up at 7pm and had to leave early the next day as I had plans. She said it felt like I had rushed out of the door and was prioritising other people over her. When we had arranged the sleepover there was no set time agreed upon, and so in the morning I asked her if it was okay to come over for 7 and I would bring her some dinner. She said that's absolutely fine! and thanked me for cooking for her with kisses. Now she is saying actually she was not okay because she found out I had been at a gaming event during the day and said it's clear I prioritised that over her. I feel like this is very possessive as I did explain to her beforehand I was only free from 7pm and she gave me no indication to suggest she was not okay with this - I have text evidence of this. I had paid for this event in advance and I had asked her if 7pm was okay and she had said yes, but was now expressing that she thought we were meeting up for the whole day and then indefinitely the next day. This is the only time I have ever had to leave early from one of our sleepovers. She said clearly I was not interested in spending time with her, because my other friends are "more interesting." This really hurt that the one time I had to leave early she was accusing me of not prioritising her, or not wanting to spend time with her. This is obviously not true - I did express to her before I left that I was sorry I had to leave early, and that we should meet for a full day in the week to have more time together. I said I was free the entirety of the next week so we could meet as much as she wants. I said I would either come to her or if she wanted to get out I would drive and get her. She said okay and that sounded great. She never took me up on that offer when I next asked her to meet and did not contact me about this again.
- She said I was on my phone a lot when I was there - sending messages to my 'other friends.' There was one time when she showed me a comedy sketch on YouTube. I said that is so funny I am going to forward this to my boyfriend and sister. I then forwarded it to my boyfriend and sister on my phone. I think this is what she was referring to, and it seems a bit intense to comment on it. I was on my phone playing a game when we were watching a film - as the film was not that interesting to me and she was not talking to me as she was engaged in the film. So I did not think this was a bad thing as we were chilling out. I was not constantly messaging other friends but whilst we watched a film and just relaxed I did have my phone out on a game. She sometimes has her phone out around me when we meet up, and we do show each other things on our phone or just watch videos or whatnot, so I did not see this as a huge deal and feel like she got the wrong end of the stick here.
- She said we organised a meet up and I kept changing the dates - I asked her if she was free for a picnic but said I was not free Monday or Tuesday. She said can you do Wednesday? I said actually I totally forgot I am not free Wednesday either but can do the Thursday if this is okay for you? She then ignored my text. She says she did that now because she assumes I am 'too busy with my new friends' (what new friends?!) and she doesn't want to be a chore and have to fit in around my week. She claims if I don't want to hang out with her I shouldn't waste her time and tell her a date only to be told something different on the day (no idea what that is about because I have not changed our plans on the day!) The way she wrote is like I stood her up somewhere - which never happened. We never arranged a date to meet up in the first place because she never responded to my messages and consistently ignored my attempts to meet up. I have text evidence of at least 6 times where I asked to meet up, said I'd drive her to the beach, said I was in town and could bring her coffee etc., and every time was ignored.
- She said I come to her for advice about things a lot and she feels like that's the only reason I come to her. I could not understand this because we both come to each other for advice at different times in our lives, but that is certainly not all we do or talk about. She says she is always honest and tells me her advice but sometimes I don't follow it, and so she is 'bored' of hearing about my life. It feels like she expects it to be a dictatorship where she gives advice and I have to follow it verbatim or else she's not interested - which to me, is not the point of being there for a friend. There are plenty of times she doesn't follow my advice, but that's fine because she has free will and can do what she wants - I am there to advise not command her. She said it feels one-sided but also said it's true she 'doesn't like to talk' about her own problems - which to me is a problem in itself, because if she doesn't choose to come to me then how will I know if something is up? She knows I am always there for her, but I cannot force her to open up if she does not want to. She has come to me plenty for advice in the past RE: dodgy guys she was dating, cheated on her fiancé and needed advice, concerned about brother after a fall, concerned about sister dating dodgy guy, being mistreated by another coworker, stress of being a teacher, hating her fiancé being close to another girl, stepdad mistreating her etc. So I do not feel like it has been one-sided at all. We have both been there for each other as and when problems arose.
The text blew my mind because in the long time we have known one another we have never even had a disagreement let alone an argument. The only thing we ever differed in opinion on - is that I believe you shouldn't smack/hit children for discipline but she disagrees and says parents are too 'woke' these days and it 'worked with me as a kid, funnily enough when my mum slapped me every time I answered my homework incorrectly I started to get it right'. That was the only thing we ever differed on opinion in. We never had an argument ever, and the last time I saw her we had a good time and she acted like normal. I am really concerned about her then and now. Because I was so upset by her message and the total out of the blue, misinterpreted nature of her words I took a few days just to cry it out and I thought it would be best to give her a few days so that she could cool down and I could make sure I didn't respond to her in an overly emotional manner. After a few days I tried calling her multiple times but she had blocked me on everything including social media, and so I dropped a card round to her flat and left it in her mailbox. I wrote that I was so sorry she had been feeling so upset and that I had honestly had no idea and had thought we were fine. I said I think we really should be speaking in person about these things and to get in contact with me when she was ready. She then unblocked me but no contact. So I waited a few more days and then messaged her saying I understand if she is not ready to speak to me and needs space, but I just wanted her to confirm that she had received my card. (I was getting paranoid I had put it in the wrong mailbox).
She continued to ignore me but unblocked me on everything? I then was in and out of hospital for the past couple of months with illness and so I figured she obviously wants space and so I have left her to it whilst I focused on recovery (chest infection, then torn intercostal muscle, covid, kidney infection, ruptured cyst...it was never-ending). A couple of days ago I decided she was worth it to try one last time. I said Hi, I hope you're well. I just wanted to drop you a message to ask how you've been and see if you were up for a phone call sometimes? I do miss you and I still care for you and I would be up for talking if you are x
She saw the text, but I checked this morning for a response to find she has blocked me yet again on WhatsApp (but not on social media). I am so confused as I have reached out several times to try and resolve things. I feel like I need to justify myself and explain to her that she's got the totally wrong end of the stick, that these are all just miscommunications and that it's not worth throwing away almost a decade of friendship over. I considered sending her a long letter to actually have the floor to give my side and explain that I do love her, I do want to see her and that a lot of the times (with screenshot evidence) the reason why things have ended up this way is because of her ignoring my messages and getting the wrong idea about my intentions. But my family said - too intense, leave her be. But I just feel like I have no way to express my side and show her that I did care about her. I don't know how else to let her know that she's wrong - I do love her, I tried to prioritise her but she ignored me, I do want to fix things and reassure her.
I am hurt by the on/off ghosting - blocking/unblocking consistently but never contacting me back. I considered knocking on her door but she has said she 'hates confrontation,' so I didn't want to put her on the spot or make her feel uncomfortable. I don't understand how this could have gone so horribly wrong, or why she didn't talk to me about the individual things at the appropriate time. I am so worried about her and I have had many sleepless nights crying about her, not knowing what to do or how to handle this.
Please help.
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2022.01.28 12:53 EdisonKimble New Year, New Paints

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2022.01.28 12:53 iQQ29321974 EUW

LF people to play anything with, preferably TFT atm, im defo down for double up :D
IGN: Dater
jyp#0001 on discord
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2022.01.28 12:53 Brenduke My Legends Arceus came in a huge box!

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2022.01.28 12:53 kd3906 Preach!

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2022.01.28 12:53 thepigeonexpress Google to invest $1 billion in Bharti Airtel, India's second-largest telecom operator • The Pigeon Express

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2022.01.28 12:53 yelnats126 Skip on CoinTracker!

Not only do they not have as many wallets as I would like, their support does NOT respond. It’s been 3 days now and nothing! Do yourself a favor and go with a different service. I will need to now reach out to my credit card company to fight for a refund.
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2022.01.28 12:53 schmeric We just want some of what you've got in Austin, Texas guys. Joe Rogan on FreedomConvoy

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2022.01.28 12:53 axivahealthsolution What are the effects of inflammation to our body & how it can be treat

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