Lost my wallet last night but can track it, best course of action?

2022.01.21 23:16 Independent_Freedom8 Lost my wallet last night but can track it, best course of action?

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2022.01.21 23:16 DisowningAParent I need help and don't know where to start

So this is a throwaway but one I intend on checking in to get the much needed help I desire. Long story short, my father, molested me at 10-11. It has led to me to chronic masturbation and what I would say is an addiction of porn as well. I am 33 years old now and I am tired of my life being the same cycle of being stuck in this depressive state. I moved across the country almost 11 years ago to get away and start my healing. It has been an incredibly long process that I am still working hard to move past. This is one of the last aspects that I would like to take control of in my life to where I am not reverting back to the same harmful characteristics that I have been struggling with for more than half my life. I am so ready to be done. I find myself just staring at my phone, computer, or television for the majority of my time on any given day just wasting away. I am currently getting therapy which is going slowly but feel there has been some positive progress thus far. Not sure if anyone will even respond but am hopeful for help. Thanks for reading and hopefully responding.
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2022.01.21 23:16 mrtoddw The times are a changin'

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2022.01.21 23:16 VanillaTyce Evening Drive on I-295 through Portland, Maine

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2022.01.21 23:16 sakushaghjgh 🦁 LionsLounge 🦁 - $LILO | LP Locked 🔒 | BIG Marketing 🔥

🦁 LionsLounge 🦁 - $LILO (Audited 📄) is an ecosystem that combines community-first development of NFTs, games & applications. The Lounge is fueled by multiple utilities which provide the pride with an everlasting buying pressure while constantly paying back 3% $BUSD rewards. All upcoming projects by the Lounge will Auto-Reward the holders with more $LILO.


Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $LILO

1% BUSD reflection
-2% Marketing
-1% Liquidity
-1% Development

-2% BUSD reflection
-5% Marketing
-7% Liquidity
-1% Development

Our holders and community is growing as we go on nonstop marketting. Join LionsLounge to catch the latest hype.

Why should I hodl?
As long as you hold LILO you will get token reflections. Buy and hold.
This is your chance to be early for once, and have a fair and square advantage over rest enjoy the ride.
🔰Liquidity locked 🏆Backed by a trustworthy dev along with a supporting community. 🔰 Ongoing Marketting

Contract: 0x401e15af5edb56be940d5a16b948f9436d2944f0

website- https://lionslounge.io/
TG- https://t.me/decentralions
twitter: https://twitter.com/decentralions
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2022.01.21 23:16 sploush 3 free stocks from Webull worth up to $6,300 plus $5 of any crypto! Free cash and no hastle withdraws. Extra bonuses also include multiple chances to win Amazon stocks worth an extra $6,500 and Apple + Google stocks worth $2,700! No deposit required. [USA only]

Get 3 free stocks from Webull worth up to $6,300 just for signing up! You’ll also get $5 of any crypto. Huge potential payouts for referral bonuses right now to make some extra cash from multiple promos where you can earn Amazon, Google, & Apple stocks worth an extra thousands of dollars!
You can cash out all your free stocks and even close your account if you’d like. No investing necessary. No deposit required. Promo expires 2/10/21
You must complete the sign up process which includes opening a margin or cash account in the app in order to claim your free stocks!
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2022.01.21 23:16 bucket--bot is garbage food tonight

one of yourself
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2022.01.21 23:16 pixelsinner Place to use specialized wood working tools

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2022.01.21 23:16 Hornyduck0615 What’s an extremely underrated subreddit?

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2022.01.21 23:16 MacGuyver247 Polished my griddle, it's not 100% even, but it's bone dry and has a near mirror finish to it.

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2022.01.21 23:16 404errer Need some advice

Do you think $80 is a good deal for a Death Note Ryuk Pop? Need some advice because this will be the most I've spent on a pop and not sure if it'll be worth it.
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2022.01.21 23:16 One_Left_Shoe Just tried my first real Kukicha and I’m pretty blown away.

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2022.01.21 23:16 3xmoon Splinter

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2022.01.21 23:16 Noob032010 Soooo we experienced our first suicide dive.. more in comments.

This evening we witnessed our gecko acting a bit crazy and glass surfing a bit when we were in the room. We have been handling him inside the cage and it always goes well so I said it looks like he wants to come out so let’s give it a try. We opened the front opening enclosure and he was along that side wall by the front side and he squeezed through the little opening where the front doors swing from the sides! We freaked out and tried to put our hand out to get him and he launched himself off the tank and flew maybe 4 feet onto the carpeted floor. We quickly scooped him up and he proceeded to act insane and run all over the place. I put him on my shirt to try to get him calm and he just ran up me. We literally could not hang onto him no matter where we placed him so I finally put him back into the cage.
My questions are: is he okay?! We are kind of freaking out that he maybe hurt himself when he fell however he was running around afterward like crazy.. should we watch for any particular symptoms?? His tail is in tact and fine and otherwise acting fine too.
Secondly- how the hell do we get him to calm down and relax while out of the tank?! Just do it more? We are kind of traumatized now haha
He is a 4-5 month old juvenile. Help!
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2022.01.21 23:16 DreadPyrate6 I see your ‘Farewell’ and raise you Duke Nukem. The brokenest of all broken cards.

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2022.01.21 23:16 GhostOfMcAfee Federal Reserve CBDC Comment Solicitation

In case you didn't see, yesterday the FED put out white paper regarding CBDC's and soliciting feedback on 20+ specific questions from the public. I intend to submit a response that highlights the benefits of a CBDC and tailors it to Algo's strong suits, but does not mention it specifically. I will draft something and share it. If you use it, don't copy it word for word. Otherwise, it looks like a spam comment and gets discounted. Also, if you are not a US citizen, don't submit comments. The notice and comment period closes after 120 days.
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2022.01.21 23:16 simplyjustgabe100 WE'LL GET YOU OUTTA THERE, RODDY

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2022.01.21 23:16 miszukk [USA-OH] [H] Fractal 140mm fans x3, Corsair ML120 rgb fans x3 [W] PayPal, local cash

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/QM9DICr
Fractal fans are Dynamic x2 GP-14 1000rpm x3, asking 40$ shipped.
Corsair ML120 fans x3, brand new came with my water cooler that I used different fans on. 50$ shipped.
Prices are just off top of head. PayPal only if not local. Offers accepted for pretty much anything.
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2022.01.21 23:16 Superb-Specialist-47 Hawking's black hole paradox simplified

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2022.01.21 23:16 RuleOutrageous7277 Storys amigas do Instagram 21/01/22

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2022.01.21 23:16 davidsack1 Don't Skip this

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2022.01.21 23:16 vote-morepork Who profits from land?

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2022.01.21 23:16 altaccount44772 I’ll post more if someone sends a discord invite

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2022.01.21 23:16 beautiful_blueeyes This crash have anything do with govts wanting to shut btc down?

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2022.01.21 23:16 kegelsnbagels104 I, M (28), have had unexpected contact with my ex-girlfriend (F, 29) after almost 5 years and things are feeling strange.

This post may be a little long. So she broke up with me about five years ago. I was heart broken. We were together from 18-23. I felt lost and afraid. She immediately was dating someone else. As time went on (years).. I accepted it, bettered myself and got over it. I was at a point where I actually felt good about her new relationship. I was happy she was happy.
I struggle with being alone, but when it's thrust upon you, you kind of get use to it. In those 5 years, I dated quite a bit, had a lot of new sexual experiences, etc.
During and towards the end of 2020, I was very depressed and suicidal. I had a FWB though months into 2021. Overall, 2021 was better than 2020. In May, I kind of broke things off with my FWB and mainly focused on myself and drank too much.
Fast forward to two months ago. My ex messages me. Her fiance killed himself. She's devastated, rightly so. I feel as though I'm in a mental position to be there for her. Our relationship never ended tragically, it just ended. We start re-connecting platonically for 6 weeks or so. And then the cuddles start. And the kisses. And then we have sex. I knew she was going on dates with other guys. It didn't bother me at first. But the more we cuddled and reconnected, I started having feelings.
Knowing this is the worst time to reconnect in this way, I let her know and distanced myself. We briefly discussed a possibility of 'us' in the future but she's going through too much for it to be appropriate.
Fast forward to this week, we did have an 'arrangement' of being FWB. It's clear though, with our history that it's probably not possible. We discussed that. But tonight after having dinner at my house, she mentioned she had to leave. I knew why. She's fucking another guy. It kind of hurt.
I know it's normal to be jealous but I want to go about this in a mature way so that if there IS any possibility of an 'us' in the future, that I don't fuck this up.
This situation is a tough one, even for my therapist who knows the whole situation.
Any advice would be appreciated, even if the truth hurts.
Thanks again, Reddit.
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