6fai7 6d26z s2ef8 9k5r3 f398y dtyk5 3f94t 7z2tr iadrf bny66 hayf9 dks33 ir8if re5d3 fn4k6 8nhsf d4h29 f5i3t aa98k ens9s ff68t Centreum network | New x1000 MoonShoot 🔥 | Big Marketing❗️ | Presale coming up 30th January 2022✅ |

Centreum network | New x1000 MoonShoot 🔥 | Big Marketing❗️ | Presale coming up 30th January 2022✅

2022.01.22 16:13 HerthaHagemeier Centreum network | New x1000 MoonShoot 🔥 | Big Marketing❗️ | Presale coming up 30th January 2022✅

🚨 Centreum Network Building the Open Metaverse with AI-powered Virtual Human Infra & Web3.0 Applications.
🎟 Decentralized Identity & 3D High-Fidelity Avatars.
🎟 Avatars form our digital representation in the Metaverse. Create your high-fidelity 3D with the most advanced AI engine.
🎟 Blockchain-based DiD avatars empower users to own and keep their valuable digital identity & Assets across the Metaverse.
🎟The Metaverse is Coming. It should be Open & Polymorphic.
❗For the first time in human history, advanced 3D Virtual Reality tech & Web3.0 collectively enable the true Open Metaverse, a persistent, high-fidelity virtual realm where people can play, build, and monetize their experiences with virtual humans on the blockchain.
💨 Decentralized Metaverse Identity
💨 Virtual Celebrities & NFT
💨 Rewards MeAchanism
Centreum Marketplace
💨 The virtual world’s one-stop-shop for the very best digital assets.
Empowering The Metaverse
💨 Centreum invests in technical teams that build and support The Metaverse.
Full Transparency
💨 LP will be locked for 2 years to protect company funds and help CENTREUM NETWORK to be traded more securely.
💨 An exchange engulfed with rare NFTs to be traded via auction, buy & sell, on a premier platform for Centreum's holders.
🚨WHITELIST CNW Details & Sale Tokens.
🎟 Start of launch: Jan 30, 2022 (9:00AM UTC)
🎟 Acceptable curencies: BNB, BTC, ETH
💰Number of Tokens for Sale: 1,000,000,000,000,000 Tokens
🎟 Bonus for investors: 10% BONUS FOR EVERY PURCHASE
🎟 Minimal Transaction: 100 Tokens / Transaction
💨 Centreum will provide an unprecedented VR experience for the crypto community.
💨 Investors will be able to purchase items from the Centreum marketplace, via a NFT mechansim. The marketplace will showcase items to personalise both real estate and customise avatars.
💨 CNW is a utility token and offers holders a wide range of features within Centreum. Examples include, accessing exclusive events, joining pre sales and staking.
💨 Centreum will work on a Governance model. Reblok NFT holders will form part of that Governance council. Each NFT will vote via a DAO. Proposals will be made to the DAO where NFT holders will vote with the majority vote winning.
💨 Centreum mining tool will mine BTC using its associated hashrate, investors can profit from this.
🚨For more information join our Telegram: https://t.me/centreumnetwork
Website: Centreumnetwork.io
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2022.01.22 16:13 Psychedtonaut About to microdose legal LSD (1V-LSD, "Valerie") as self-medication for my mild depression, anything I should prepare, be ready for?

Pretty straight forward.
I have a 150mg blotter of 9x9 mm 1-valeryl-D-lysergic acid diethylamide which I intend to cut into 9 1x1mm pieces roughly and take 1x1mm (should be around 15-20mg then) according to roughly Fadiman's schedule (Day 1 take, 2 days break, Day 4 take, etc).
Since its not the original having a slightly higher dose than 10mg SHOULD be okay I hope.
But that is why I am asking.
Anyone got any experience with microdosing with 1V-LSD? Should I be adjusting my environment somehow? Eat, drink or do anything differently in prep?
Given that I am aiming not to trip but to microdose (I really need to find a way to do one day's worth of chores in one day rather than 3-4 weeks and get my private life in order and not feel mildly miserable all the time), but I figure its worth asking for feedback in an ideally "LSD as therapy" educated setting.
Sadly therapists around here are not yet hip to combining sessions with this, so I am on my own with the dosing and supply. I do go to regular therapy as well and I am in no way schizo, clinical or otherwise on anything chronic, so I would hope I meet all criteria of microdosing at low to no risk.
Would love any and all input that may be helpful. I am also open to therapeutic tips, such as should I be recording, journaling or doing anything else to focus on or away from my depressive stuff.
I read I should have heightened neuroplasticity during the microdosing phases, so maybe I should schedule watching happy, uplifting and funny things and listening to my favorite podcasts or look to go into nature or or or..again, I am all ears. I kinda want this to "do something" for me, I could use things getting better.
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2022.01.22 16:13 Revolutionary_Let895 few shots of our little drift adventure tonight.

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2022.01.22 16:13 SignificanceNo2305 Slept with my friend's ex-girlfriend :/

TL;DR: No, I didnt "break" or "scheme" shut up >:[ hear me out
A friend of mine's ex-girlfriend was over and wanted to fool around, but I wanted to make sure it was cool with my friend first. Im a law abiding citizen, respect the code I felt horny and demanding but I engrained in my brain that if he says "no" that id call it off no matter how hard it was. What I got was a confused "no" I admittedly was like "comme onnn" -I would have been more sensitive in hindsite, but where I was at was, it had been around half a year since they broke up and as far as I knew he was dating around and in a happy new relationship- but then he hits me with "no, like, we're still seeing each other" "wait what? Do you wanna talk to her right now?" he hangs up
I turn to her "Are you still seeing him?" "No? We're not even on speaking terms"
He starts texting me "do they want to?" "Yes, im sorry dawg :[" "do what you want idc" "are you sure? I love you to death and dont want to hurt you" "just dont talk to me again if you do buddy" "im willing to sit on this, but I dont like the ultimatums man" "its not an ultimatum its a boundary!" thats dumb but I didnt get into that with him. He continues "clearly they're just doing this to hurt me are you fucking dumb?"
I turn to her again "you tell me right now that you're not using me to hurt him" "no! Im not that kind of a person. I broke up with him, we're not on speaking terms."
I get back to him "If thats the case, then I dont want to, but im getting conflicting stories, which is why im willing to sit on it"
He doesnt reply but then starts texting her, she takes me along for the ride, since im suspicious of her intentions. All I see is a wall of pleading "Just give me a week to break up with this guy" "so you're saying theres 0% chance?" etc. etc. She responds "no" then "no" then "no" she then follows up with "if you keep acting like this you're not only ruining your relationship with me but you're ruining your relationship with OP. He hasnt done anything with me because he wanted to respect your feelings"
I cant remember exactly how he put it, conveniently, and I neglected to ask him for clarification the last I spoke to him but he replied with something along the lines of "that relationship was on its way out anyway idc" which was the breaking point for me, he was no longer a friend as far as I was concerned
But I didnt act out of spite, I was calling it a night at 6am, regardless. I wasnt in the mood. But she was and at that point I didnt see any reason not to. Everyone has an ex, the code only comes into play under the condition that both parties are "bros", and he didnt reciprocate the gesture, as far as I was concerned. So i "esatiated" her, no holds barred on other forms of affection either.
After she napped on me as I fumed, awake, for a while. We discussed the terms of our relationship, she seemed to want commitment out the gates so I pumped the brakes a bit and suggested we take it slow and casual for now. She seemed fine with that until she wasnt a few days later, stating that she didnt think itd work out citing that, as well as the distance between us when she had to go back to college as well as her care for our friend "regardless". They had spoken since then to clear the air and clear my name.
She ghosted me after apologising to me and got back together with my friend, a person she could definately go to for the commitment she was looking for. Itd be convenient to think she was using me all along, but from what Ive gathered from her, im choosing to think, at worst, shes just a little mixed up with her feelings. I later got confimation that she did actually give my friend the impression they were getting back together but it was a "Yes" then a "No" then a "Maybe?" and at the end of the day its on my friend for rolling on a "maybe"
I talked to my friend for closure and to clarify any misunderstandings. It was an amicable exchange, so much so that I propositioned to idea of us putting this behind us and being friends, again. He thought about it, genuinely, he seemed to agree. But then later opted against it. But we atleast agreed on the same story when the time came to tell our friend group and went our seperate ways, respectfully.
When the time came to tell my friends, they were shocked but "we're still cool" I can site one as saying. They all still seemed to want to be my friend. I didnt sense any animosity, not until later. At which point we were playing playground games. Id enter the discord call to the silent treatment, theyd talk amoungst themselves but ignore me with the exeption of the few that clearly "weren't in the know". Which turned to them, straight, filing out when I joined. Insisting theyd just "leave things outside the door" when I needed to pick things up from their houses.
I assumed it could be alot of things, thinking my friends would atleast do me the courtesy of explicitley breaking it off if they wanted to break it off. But I eventually had to just ask them, myself. And I was met with curt hostility for the most part. Some just didnt want to "be an accessory" to my friends pain by assosiating with me but most just took me for an asshole.
Selfishly, Ive always had a harder time losing my friends to drama than to death. So as far as Ive been concerened Ive been watching new friends die, every other day for the past couple of weeks. As we go about our typical, dumb conversations, then silence, then the question, then some varient of "Dont speak to me again." and its probably for the best if thats how they're conducting themselves in this situation. It didnt seem to matter whether or not they already had my side of the story or not. At some point theyd catch wind of whatevers going around and that was it. It gives me the impression my friend took some artistic liberties with his side of the story, which I didnt anticipate since we agreed on the same one. I couldnt pin anything on anybody since nobody wants to talk to me, period. But whatever it is, whatever they choose to beleive is on them, I wont try to convince them otherwise.
I glossed over the details to try to spare your time. But thats the thing is that there are so. many. details. Which is why it hurts so badly. I couldnt possibly convey the depth of the feeling, because I couldnt convey these people, who they are, who Ive gotten to know over years, not in one shitty story. Regardless of what a third-party might make of them being good or toxic for me, and my needing to "move on". Its only easy to say that because you never knew these people, the time they helped me bury my childhood cat, the ability to be more subtle or crass with my jokes because I never have to worry about them being taken the wrong way, the unique intricacies each of them have that I love so much and will never see again.
I wish this was the only thing on my plate, I wish I could take a mental health day, I wish I knew HOW to take a mental health day. No flowery platitude or tough peice of motivation Ive scoured the internet for has done me any good. Im lost. This on top of everything else, im drowning.
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2022.01.22 16:13 HideAndSeek88 For those who need the Wiki

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2022.01.22 16:13 Far-Day-274 What was the greatest empire in history?

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2022.01.22 16:13 Ok_Professor_8410 Ssqueak gadgets idea by me

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2022.01.22 16:13 DogOfHyper Why is my print quality so stringy and bad?

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2022.01.22 16:13 sexualaddict69 Dm if you wanna talk and trade pics of her

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2022.01.22 16:13 112129 Screener you can backtest?

There's a lot of sites (e.g. coinmarketcap for crypto) that provide you with different data to filter stocks and/or cyrpto projects by - but these sites kinda leave you guessing how useful filtering according to some data really is. What returns can I really expect if I use a particular filter?
Is this a problem others are struggling with as well? Are there any companies trying to solve this problem? I am thinking of building a tool to address this issue.
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2022.01.22 16:13 howdoweread Jesus + Judas is the best combo

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2022.01.22 16:13 RolandTheBot Valorant agents as LoL champions: Viper

I was thinking about a making a fan concept for a character is a support who’s play style revolves around vision denial and came to the realization that viper from valorant has a playstyle very similar to that concept. That gave me the idea to try to recreate her kit as a League character. This was done fairly quickly and is just ability concepts with no numbers attached. If you would like me to continue this with other valorant agents.
Viper P: 50%reduced damage from DoT Q:medium range skill shot that bounces off terrain and creates a circle that does DoT W: shorter range skill shot that has the same properties as Q and removes all shields on enemies in it and acts as terrain in terms of vision E: creates a passable wall that starts from viper and continues until it reaches it’s max distance or comes in contact with terrain. It does DoT to enemies in it and acts as terrain in terms of vision. R: creates a zone with the properties of the Chemtech fog around viper that deals non lethal DoT to enemies above 25% health
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2022.01.22 16:13 yogibjorn Is there a way to allow mail forwarding for Exchange users without using PowerShell?

I have a Exchange Plan 1 subscription, but dont have have access to PowerShell. Is there a way allow mailforwarding from with the Online Admin page?
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2022.01.22 16:13 HawkHairy4060 I installed Linux and now my external harddrive has only 2-3mb of space?

My nephew wanted Linux installed on his laptop and although I'm not good with computers, I managed to install it using an external harddrive. However, my 2TB harddrive now has a storage space of 2-3mb. Does anyone know how I can turn it back to normal? Many thanks!
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2022.01.22 16:13 Signal-Put932 My (probably unpopular) bossfight theme tier list!

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2022.01.22 16:13 AdayVE Black screen pokemon brillant diamond 60 FPS

I am having a problem when I am starting pokemon brilliant diamond with a mod that allows you to play at 60 FPS, but when I open the game with the mod installed it stays with a black screen
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2022.01.22 16:13 Louman222 Monitor for WH3?

Pretty much title. I currently have a 4K 60hz monitor and my gpu is a 3080TI. That said, I know WH2 max settings 4K only rarely touches 60fps. I’ve come into the option of getting a new monitor, and was considering if going for 1440p 144hz (give or take) monitor would be an upgrade, downgrade, or just sidegrade in terms of performance and visuals. Any thoughts/opinions/suggestions would be appreciated.
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2022.01.22 16:13 SummerRay I drew Picard as a vintage comic cartoon. Hope you like it!

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2022.01.22 16:13 DimebagPants What a Vulgar Display of Power

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2022.01.22 16:13 LordMouse121 It's my birthday!!

I am now 13!!!
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2022.01.22 16:13 furiousdolphins Is it unpopular to say I liked blonde Lexi more than brunette?

I think her blonde hair was gorgeous! She still looked great with brown hair but she radiated with blonde!
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2022.01.22 16:13 Gamehuman_ Hi pico8 subreddit, I just released "Flapper" (my first pico 8 game)

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2022.01.22 16:13 Jeauxie Meph LE Wookie Special 5 Month Cure @62%

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2022.01.22 16:13 SeveronSeven BFR

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2022.01.22 16:13 Any-Sun9309 She’s being totally serious, I’m 6ft and 85kg, I’m not exactly a mammoth yet. This ain’t my 600-lb life.

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