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The Reading Chat requests that Grind my Gears.

2022.01.18 22:13 RicottaPuffs The Reading Chat requests that Grind my Gears.

i need a reading and I saw that you commented on a post, somewhere. It is about a friend. (There is always a new account and one karma).
It wasn't her friend. It wasn't her boyfriend. He was in her high school. She barely knew him. He overdosed and she did not know why he died because she wasn't in contact with him or his family.
Gee I get tired of these women who message me lying about a school crush. She was being nosy.
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2022.01.18 22:13 NineSeventyy Is there a way to unpack things automatically?

I went to Vesenia and got ~14 research pods but I stored them in boxes with a packager to transport them back to Sylva. I know that you can set up an Auto Arm and automatically research things like Astronium. I can’t do that if I unpack them so is there something I can do where they automatically unpack after being put into a research chamber?
Each pod takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes to research and I don’t wanna sit here the entire time and replace them, I really want to just leave my Xbox on overnight and let it run. This would also let my auto extractor get me tons more Resin if I left it on overnight.
If you can, could you explain or link a YouTube video on how to do it?
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2022.01.18 22:13 jookco nolan heermann obituary : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 22:13 LeoTheLifelineMain Lifeline help.

I rn main lifeline and I’m wondering how I maybe can play aggressive with lifeline while also being a support? ( also pls someone tell me a good way to get 2k). Thank you!
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2022.01.18 22:13 Expatphotography Key Hole hike Sedona,AZ

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2022.01.18 22:13 GBooj Will tutor CHM 115/116 (virtual or in-person)

DM me for more info.
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2022.01.18 22:13 Few-Currency234 Well-Dressed Magician > Psychotic Burnt Bacon

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2022.01.18 22:13 uenvs who uses Deadeye best?

i just pulled a Shinon and would like to fodder him off. i’m leaning towards L!Claude but i have quite a few bow units built up, including L!Lucina, B!Lyn, Leonie, NY!Corrin, and F!Takumi. are there any units (not necessarily just those listed) that really improve significantly with Deadeye?
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2022.01.18 22:13 AmericanPride2814 Semper Shil'vati: An SSBverse Story: Chapter 39: Big Sister is Watching

Once the raucous laughter died down, after far longer than Zachary would have liked, the girls moved onto more serious matters of discussion.
“So, do you like what we got you?” Master Sergeant Teloma asked.
“As I’ve said for the tenth time, yes, I do,” Zachary replied. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this shit, and now I have enough to last me months. And that’s before I ration this shit to last even longer!”
“Well, we’re glad you liked it,” Gar’lova said cheerfully, her lips curling into a wry smile. “Especially that last gift we got you, it seems to be your favorite.” The woman laughed, getting a few chuckles from her compatriots as Zachary scowled up at her.
“So which of these two put you up to that idea in the first place?” Zachary asked, passing an accusatory glance at Kolani and Mal’ava, the two offending women trying their best to look innocent in the whole matter.
“It was more than just them. Those of us who spent enough time on Earth, and couldn't stop hearing a certain officer talk about you all the damn time!” Teloma eyed the specific Major in question, before returning her attention to Zachary. “We picked up a decent amount of your ‘meme culture’ and such surrounding your military branch. So the five of us here thought it'd be the perfect gift for a crayon-eater like yourself,” Teloma said with a smile that made Zachary twitch slightly.
“So I have five of you to get back for this, got it. Also, which five of you? No offense to any of you, but I have no idea who most of you are,” he said bluntly, looking around at the array of women, most of whom he didn’t know.
“That’s understandable, you’ve only met most of us once, and that was only in passing,” Draxis replied. “You may not remember, but me, Master Sergeant Teloma, and Sergeant Gar’lova were with you and Mal’Ava the night we drove you back from the hospital.”
“You were also very skittish around us while in the APC, that much I remember,” Gar’lova added.
“With what I had to do to that trio of dumbass boots who tried fucking with him, it’s hardly surprising,” Teloma said, a hint of agitation in her voice as she remembered that day. “Suffice to say those bitches didn’t act up again, out of fear of me fucking them up if I caught them.”
“Or me,” Mal’Ava interrupted. “They still avoid me to this day, and for good reason, too.”
“Yeah, I never got to tell you thanks for that night. I just don’t like thinking about it,” Zachary said sincerely, his eyes wandering off to the side, avoiding those around him.
“No need to thank me for that, what they were doing was fucking unacceptable, and I made it clear to them if they tried that again, I’d fucking kill them,” Teloma said, stone faced.
“And yet they still cause more problems than almost anyone else, especially their conduct with the stewards and nurses aboard the ship,” Draxis put in, shaking her head. “It's amazing those bitches haven’t been discharged yet.”
Now it was Talaris who turned towards the Marines in question, with a look on her face that made it clear she wasn’t pleased with what she heard.
“These Marines, are they still with the 6th Fleet by any chance?” she asked, her tone of voice making it clear what she was thinking. “If so, I would like to have their names, so I may look into them and make sure they don’t cause more problems in the future. Not now of course, later, so we don’t spoil the mood.” Talaris turned back to Zachary, with a look in her eyes that sent a shiver down his spine. A look that told him she’d take care of the Marines that tried messing with him all those years ago.
“I appreciate that. This day has already been depressing enough for events earlier this morning.” Zachary glanced back down at the names on his crate, realizing there were still three people he hadn’t been introduced to. Looking back up, he eyed the two women in the back, and remembered where he first saw them. “Weren’t you the same Marine that brought your dipshit friends into that veterans only bar back on Earth?” Zachary asked, pointing an accusing finger at Nikam.
“We were ju-” Nikam stopped herself as Karela and Kolani turned their heads, and glared at her, daring her to get out of line. Nikam just lowered her head and sighed in response. “Yes, that was me and my pod mates. We just thought we could get lucky on our day off.”
“You picked the worst possible place to attempt that,” he deadpanned, not even regarding Nikam’s sister as he turned to face Kolani. “So when were you going to tell me your mother worked on The Citadel? And more importantly, when were you going to tell me she was a Senior Drill Instructor for one of the cadres in the training unit?” he asked, watching a small smirk form across her face.
“Never,” she replied with a smile. “But then again, I didn’t know you were going to be training here until you were already in training.”
“And you never thought to inform me of that bit of information once you did?”
“No, I wanted it to be a surprise for you both not to know each other. At least until it got close to graduation, then I told her about you.”
“Even about that part? Your mother knows who I am, and what I did?”
“Of course, but she doesn’t hold it against you, if that’s what you're asking. She does want to meet you however, as does my father, if you wouldn’t mind. Please?” Kolani asked, her eyes telling him that she wanted him to meet his mother, despite how strange and potentially life-threatening it was to him.
“All she wants is to meet me? Her, a Senior Drill Instructor, one of the tallest and most muscled I’ve seen here, wants to meet with the guy who not only took her daughter’s virginity, but also wounded her six years ago, just wants to talk with me?” Zachary asked incredulously, earning a roll of the eyes from Kolani.
“That’s exactly why she wants to meet and talk with you, Zachary!” Kolani said seriously. “Your performance here on The Citadel, as well as your history, have only increased her desire to meet you.” Zachary blinked a few times as he stared incredulously up at Kolani.
“Are you sure she doesn’t want to meet me with a rifle in hand, like every father does when meeting the man who deflowered his daughter? Because those are the vibes I’m picking up here,” Zachary said in a tone that left no room for interpretation. Zachary legitimately didn’t trust the idea of meeting Kolani’s mother, and they all picked up on it.
“She doesn’t hate you, Zachary!” Kolani whined, a frown taking over her face. “Why are you being like this? If she wanted to hurt you, I wouldn’t have asked you this! I know my mother and father well, and all they want to do is talk to you.”
“Plenty of fathers ‘just wanted to talk’ to the boys that slept with their daughters. Pardon me if I’m skeptical here in regards to their intentions.” Kolani was about to say something, but was stopped as Zachary put his hand up to stop her. “Fine, I’ll meet your parents if it means that much to you, but me and the others have something we need to do beforehand, and it cannot wait!
Leaving it at that, Zachary began wandering over to some of his fellow veterans, who were clustered together and making no secret of the fact that they found his current situation hilarious.
“How’d you like the sight of your favorite meal all the way out here, jarhead?” William laughed, not giving a damn about the glare he got from Zachary in response. Elias and Anatoly chuckled as well, but brought themselves back under control far quicker.
“It never gets old fucking with you, Zachary,” Anatoly chuckled in a rare show of amusement from the normally quiet Russian.
“Well it's certainly new actually seeing you laugh for once; you're normally a depressing bastard!” Zachary joked back, slightly cringing on the inside as he remembered just why the man was the way he was. And more importantly, how hypocritical it was, given how he was on the verge of drinking himself to death not all that long ago. He looked the former tanker in his eyes, and saw just the slightest sign of pain inside, before it was replaced with the stoic Russian’s usual expression.
“Well I don’t have much to laugh about nowadays, but I’ll take what I can get!” he said with a smile before landing his calloused hand directly on Zachary’s shoulder.
“You have to admit, that was funny, Zachary!” Elias added. “They literally brought you a box of crayons. Do you know how well she would have had to know about your military culture to do that? How much she actually cared to take the time and play a prank like that on you?”
“She might be a Shil’vati, but I’d say she’s very much a keeper,” William said, after finally composing himself. “You’ve got one hell of a woman who loves you, so don’t you dare waste it!”
“Women like her are rare. Alien women? Even rarer than that. So you had better treat her right after this!” Elias said, noticing how Zachary gave a slight, sad sigh in response.
“Yeah, that’s entirely the thing,” Zachary began, his facial expression giving off the shame he had inside. “I never really did anything for her. I just thought I was just an on-and-off fling for her when she was off duty. Until recently, anyway. I never told her how I felt. I kept my feelings deep down, because I couldn’t come to terms that it was an alien that loved me.
“Believe me, you're not the first to bring this up to me. Mal’Ava talks of me nonstop, and I never showed her the same care and attention back. Hell, it was last night that I told her that I loved her. Something she wanted to hear for so long. That she’s the only reason I haven't eaten a bullet already. She’s done all this for me, including her friends, and what have I done for her?”
Zachary paused, looking at them with a pained expression. A look the three of them knew was filled with regret.
“I haven’t done a single fucking thing for her, aside from fucking her. All I’ve been is a user and I fucking hate myself for it. First real relationship I’ve had since Alex left me, and I’ve been a horrible boyfriend,” Zachary said in a somber tone. He tried not to think of his ex very often. It hurt to remember the day the two of them broke up, all because of the choice Zachary made during the Invasion, and shortly afterwards. Zachary missed Alex’s warm embrace in his bed, something he yearned for, but would never get back.
“Alex? Some old girlfriend of yours?” William asked, genuinely confused. “You never mentioned an ex before, just occasional flings.”
“My ex boyfriend,” Zachary admitted with a painful sigh. “A man I loved with all my heart since I was a teenager. A man I thought I would marry, until the Shil’vati came and fucked everything up. A man I still miss to this very fucking day.” As he recalled the memories of the last day he saw him, William, Anatoly, and Elias couldn’t mistake the tears that formed behind the former Marine’s eyes.
“I’m sorry to hear that mate,” William said, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.
“I guess I forgot how to be a good partner, because what I’m doing just ain’t it. I don’t deserve what I’ve gotten from her, and she-” Before the American could continue, Elias interrupted him, tired of hearing the younger man put himself down even further.
“It doesn’t have to stay that way, son. Later is better than never, so make it up to her now,” Elias suggested, looking back at his girlfriend, whose gaze met his own. Her expression also let him know that she had heard what Zachary said, or at least part of it. He nodded towards the Shil’vati Captain before returning to Zachary. “You’ve got this time while we’re on leave, and you’ll have time when we get to wherever we’re going. Don’t keep beating yourself up over this.”
“No better time to start than right now. Take her out on a real date and spend quality time with her.” William added. “Besides, based on the look she’s giving us, I don’t think she necessarily disagrees with us.”
“What?” Zachary practically hissed, looking back to see Mal’Ava staring back at him, an expression of confusion mixed with hurt, plastered on her face.
“You aren’t a horrible boyfriend, Zachary!” Mal’Ava said softly as she walked up to a few feet of her boyfriend, and looked down at him. “Why in the Sea of Souls would you ever think that?” Zachary could only sigh as looked back up at her.
“Maybe by your standards I’m amazing, but for me? By Human standards? You’d have been justified in breaking up with me a long time ago. I haven’t even taken you out on a proper fucking date in all the time I’ve known you.”
“That’s not your fault! Deep, it's more mine than anything else! I know our time together before was limited, but it's not your fault I could only use so much leave when I was deployed!” Mal’Ava explained, her frown growing as she watched Zachary just shake his head.
“Maybe you're right, but it still doesn’t make me feel like less of an asshole for my lack of giving back to you.”
“Then how about you do so now,” Mal’Ava started. “I hate seeing you mope around, so if you want to make it up to me, start now.”
“It’d also be a good opportunity to get to know me as well,” Kolani added, looking down at the Human Marine. “You said you’d be willing to try, so why not we try tonight? Just the three of us alone on the town? My mother knows some amazing restaurants we could go to!” Kolani said in a rather cheery manner, smiling down at him.
Zachary thought about it for a moment. He did promise her he’d at least try to get to know her properly. He wasn’t scheduled to do anything tonight, nor was really anyone else for that matter. Most of everyone planned on taking their various sweethearts out on the town to celebrate. He wanted to treat both Mal’Ava and Kolani right, he knew he owed them that much.
“I don’t see why not,” Zachary began, glancing up at his two girlfriends, who were both beaming at him. “You are right about that, there’s no better time to start, and I do owe it to the both of you to try and make this work. I don’t really think failure is an option at this point, for a number of reasons. I just hope I don’t fuck this up, I haven’t been on a proper date in a long time!" He emphasized those last two words, to help them understand just how rusty he was with this.
It's not that he hadn’t tried dating in his life after the Invasion. But he already had enough trouble finding people who either didn’t know who he was or didn’t care, to say nothing of finding people he could get along with. That’s why he mostly stuck with quick flings, one night stands, or “friends with benefits” type of relationships. Since he lost Alex, he just didn’t have any luck on the dating scene.
“Well if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t been on a date either!” Kolani added, still smiling down at him.
“And the two of us never really went on one, so it can’t be that bad,” Mal’Ava reassured him, as a sly grin creeped up her face. “Besides, even if it doesn’t go over well, we can always go back to the hotel, and make up for it there.”
“How the fuck can you still be thinking about sex? Last night was enough to last me a fucking week, if not two.” Zachary said, shaking his head in response. It was also at that point that he remembered something very important at the same time. “Speaking of hotel rooms…” Zachary droned off, turning his head towards Talaris, something that the three Humans with him did as well. The orange haired Interior Agent shifted uncomfortably under the combined gazes of those present. She knew what was about to be asked, and dreaded having to give an answer.
“I know what you're thinking,” Talaris squeaked out.
“So you want to explain why the hell you were spying on us with cameras? Why you so blatantly invaded our fucking privacy in such a manner?”
“Like, we get it, your kind don’t trust a bunch of veterans to join your ranks, that was made clear to us last night by some of the bitches in the cadres.” William snapped.
“So we would like to know why you thought that what you did was acceptable!” Anatoly interjected, only to turn his head as an unfamiliar voice spoke out to them.
“Because it's to keep you and those you care for, safe,” said Colonel Hezia Drey’la as she marched forward, her subordinates following closely behind as the women made haste over to the group of Humans and their assorted dates and family. The various Humans gathered, and to a lesser extent, their dates, glared angrily at the Shil’vati secret police.
“Oh, I’d really love to hear the reasoning behind this excuse!” Alistair commented, arms crossed as he stared defiantly up at Colonel Drey’la, who stopped half a dozen feet from him, and focused her attention on him. Before the former SAS man could say anything else, Hezia cut him off.
“While I understand exactly how this looks to you, I advise that you shut up and listen, so we can explain this to you. You may not realize it yet, but you have a great many eyes on you. You have gathered a lot of attention these last few months, and your final exercise gave you even more than before. And not all of it is good, far from it.” Drey’la explained, looking over the assortment of Marines who were staring her down. “Many believe Humanity is not ready to join Her Majesty’s military. Many don’t trust Humans among the ranks of her finest. Personally, I disagree with that notion, as do my subordinates you see here. However cliche, as you Humans like to say, this notion might sound, but me and my subordinates here truly want the best for you.” “A great many others out there don’t and wouldn’t be looking out for you the way we have. That the vast majority of you have fought against us, is another point some would make about why you shouldn’t be here right now. Others view you as nothing more than spies or saboteurs. Some would just wish to take advantage of you for your…biological advantages over the rest of the galaxy’s men.” She paused, looking around as a few of the men present gave angry huffs at the last remark. But just as she had interrupted Alistair earlier, she too found herself cut off before she could go on.
“So why exactly does that involve you bugging our rooms with cameras and audio recorders, and invading our privacy so blatantly?” Brian interrupted her, glaring up at the woman and her second in command.
“Because whether you realize it or not, we have to observe and monitor you!” Major Veyda snapped, her eyes darting to the dark skinned Human, his eyes filled with disdain as he stared her down. “And believe me, you’d much rather it be us, than some others around here!” Veyda said with disdain in her voice as she cast a glance over at the trio of Interior Agents that surrounded Johan.
“Ones who do not have your best interests in mind, and would gladly abuse their power, rather than use it to keep you safe,” came the voice of soft spoken, orange-haired Agent who stood behind Zachary. Now, all eyes were on her, and she couldn’t help but shrink under the dozens of eyes now on her. “If it's not already clear, you’ve made some enemies in high places. Those who sought to get away with their conduct simply because of their positions. Whether you wish to believe us or not, we legitimately want the best for all of you. We don’t want to see any harm come to you, or those you hold dear.”
“No matter how you may see it, you are citizens of the Imperium!” Colonel Drey’la stated, putting emphasis on those words to make it clear to every one of them, just where they all stood. “And as Agents of Her Majesty’s Interior, it is our job to not only uphold law and order within the Imperium, but to keep its subjects safe from harm. Even if that means from those among our own ranks, as sad as it is to say.”
“And even if they didn’t purposely go after you, they’d set you up to fail, or use any minor excuse as a reason to have you kicked out, jailed, or worse.” This time it was Captain Xena Ta’Wali who spoke up, the woman’s gaze the complete opposite of her commanding officer. A look of genuine concern on her face as she looked over the newly graduated Human Marines. “While I wish it weren’t so, what my commanding officer said isn’t wrong. There are even those here on this world who’d love nothing more than to watch you suffer and fail.”
“Emphasis on even the slightest of criticism against the Imperium to use against you.” Captain Sha’vas added, looking over at Anisa in particular, before switching to Kaarine, and back to the Kenyan woman.
“I meant what I said, you oversized purple slut!” Anisa growled, watching as Sha’vas’ eyes widened slightly, before a frown overtook her face.
“But unlike many of our counterparts,” Sha’vas continued. “We are not so petty as to use that against you. Please realize that we aren’t your enemy. At least, I don’t think I am, at any rate.” She said, pausing as Kaarine and Anisa both focused on her nametag, slowly realizing that it matched the name of the Interior Agent listed on their care packages. Sha’vas blushed ever so slightly as the two Human women eyed her, but before she could say anything else, a new voice came from the blue.
“I don’t even know why you bother, sister, most of them will never be grateful for what we did for them.” As those present turned their heads to see who had intruded on their conversations, they were displeased with who they saw.
Major Kes’tra Voltrun of the Interior, flanked by two of her Lieutenants, followed closely behind by Johan and the three militiawomen. Major Voltrun didn’t bother hiding how she felt about those before her. The sneer on her face made it very clear, especially to the Humans present. However, her gaze turned hostile as she surveyed a few specific Humans in the gathering of sentients before her. Nikau, Anisa, and most intensely, Zachary. Behind her, Johan had a wicked grin across his face as he looked at Zachary, who was metaphorically locking horns with the Interior Major.
“Little snitch told on me, huh?” Zachary muttered as he eye-fucked the woman back, refusing to back down, despite how stupid it was getting into a dick measuring contest with an Interior Agent. “You don’t scare me, bitch!” As those words left his mouth, her eyes squinted harder at him, and the three Shil’vati women beside him wanted to look at him like he was insane.
“I’ve also been told how impulsive, aggressive, arrogant, and idiotic certain individual Humans are. How ungrateful they are, how much they lack manners, or know their place!” again, she placed emphasis on those words as she stared him down. After a few more seconds, she scoffed, and went about her spiel to the rest of everyone gathered. “At least Acting Private Johan is a good and proper example of what Humanity should strive to become in the Imperium. Something his fellow Humans would do well to emulate."
"Such a shame they choose to cling onto their old, primitive ways, rather than accept the light of the Imperium,” one of her Lieutenants commented.
"At least we're keeping our Humanity," Elias said under his breath.
"Even their choice in women is pathetic," said the third Agent, a look of disdain across her face as she surveyed the crowd. "Short, lanky, and flat-chested bitches all around. Barely a real woman among their number. You men really don't know what you're missing."
Before anyone could respond, and make the situation worse, it was Colonel Drey’la who spoke for everyone.
"Major Voltrun, did you and your subordinates come over here just to cause problems and fling insults for no reason?" She asked, glaring at the woman as she stepped forward.
"Not at all, ma'am!" Voltrun acknowledged, begrudgingly. "I came here to celebrate my boyfriend's graduation from basic training. And I've heard some very interesting stories of his time here, especially regarding his fellow Humans. Some stories that make us question their true loyalty."
"Well you should be aware of the fact that me and my officers have been tasked with observing the Humans during their time on The Citadel. Quite thoroughly, if I may say so myself, and I can personally guarantee that any rumors of sedition are greatly exaggerated. So I'm very interested to know what stories Acting Private Johan has been telling you," Drey'la paused, looking over at the blonde-haired teenager, a sharp glare making the boy flinch slightly, and take a step back. "Because there's nothing we've observed so far that indicates the possibility of treason or sedition from these new Marines!" She stated firmly, returning her gaze to Major Voltrun, who simply glared back at the Colonel.
"And some of us here were assigned watch over the most high-risk Humans sent here," Captain Sha’vas added, looking over at the two Human women, who simply gave her a strange look, before she turned to face Major Voltrun. "And I can assure you there's no talk that would be worthy of launching an investigation over, to say nothing of arrest. So-”
“But the stories Acting Private Johan has told us, paint a very different picture of recent events!” one of Voltrun’s Lieutenants interrupted, not caring that she cut off a superior officer. Something both she, as well as those of higher rank present, didn’t ignore.
“It would be wise to remember your rank, Lieutenant Ende’rrader, as well as the ranks of those around you!” Major Veyda hissed angrily, daring the Lieutenant to back talk her. Unfortunately for the Major, it was her opposite number who spoke for her.
“My Second in Command is not wrong, what he’s told me over the last few weeks, and especially regarding events last night, says otherwise. Conduct of certain Humans,” Again, she paused looking over at the same Humans she did prior, her glare sharpening as she fixed it on Zachary, who just glared back. “Points to some serious inability to follow orders properly, and borderline to outright insubordinate behavior being displayed. Especially regarding multiple confrontations between a specific Human and a Drill Instructor, which resulted in multiple physical confrontations.”
“You must have forgotten how said Drill Instructor blatantly broke protocol repeatedly, as well as showed bias against another species during her time in training, and was thus justified in her dismissal from her current training cadre,” Talaris said as she stepped forward, pushing aside Mal’Ava, and joining Zachary at his side. He glanced up at the woman, raising a curious eyebrow, but saying nothing. “Or is such unprofessional conduct acceptable to you because of his species status in the Imperium? I think it's your loyalty to the Imperium that needs questioning.” Talaris said coldly.
“YOU’RE SIDING WITH-” Lieutenant Ende’rrader began, only to be silenced with a single hand by Major Voltrun, whose eyes were filled with absolute fury.
“You might do better to watch your tongue, Captain! I don’t know where you come off questioning my loyalty, over that damn Human, to say nothing of most of his kind! I won’t have my loyalty to the Empress questioned by some soft-hearted Captain, who has deluded herself into thinking she’ll curry favor with a Human!” Voltrun snarled. “A mentally broken Human might I add, with a record of insubordination, and pathetic choice in women! One who views our organization no differently than past barbaric groups on his homeworld! One with Shil’vati blood on his hands!”
“You dare question my loyalty, when I’ve fought and bled for the Imperium, keeping its people safe, while you lust over some Human who would never love you? And that goes for more than just you!” Voltrun now turned her attention to Sha’vas and Ta’Wali, who flinched slightly as the Major’s gaze fell on them. “You all work so hard to protect those who will never be grateful for anything you do for them. And you have the tits to question my loyalty?”
Voltrun paused, redirecting her gaze to Talaris specifically, before continuing. “I’ll be damned to the Sea of Heavy Souls if I ever let some lowly, titless bitch like you-”
“Call her titless all you want, but she’s still the hottest Shil’vati here. I don’t see what that’s got to do with professional conduct in the workplace.” Zachary deadpanned, showing off his best ‘Not giving a fuck’ face to the Interior Major, who stared at him in wide eyed disbelief, offended at the mere thought of being interrupted, much less actually having it done to her. “That and she’s smaller, so I can throw her around a bit, and have more fun with women of her size. So she’s more of a woman to me than you are.”
While he couldn’t see it, Agent Talaris’ eyes flicked back and forth between him, her colleagues, and the pissed off Interior Major in front of her. Her face was also turning a shade of blue darker than any Shil’vati’s had business turning. What he did see was Major Voltrun’s face turn a shade of blue that had nothing to do with lust, but pure, primal rage. She gritted her teeth, and clenched her fists, wishing she were in striking distance of Zachary. However, even if she were, the odds were most assuredly not in her favor if she started a fight.
But before the situation could escalate any further, Colonel Drey’la put it to an end.
Major Voltrun!” Drey’la spoke in a low, lethal tone, as she stepped forward, getting but mere inches from her face, before continuing. “The only problems here are the ones you’ve caused ever since you began berating the Humans, and my fellow Agents, for doing their job. A job given to us by those far more powerful than any of us here. A job they’ve performed to both letter and spirit, ever since they got assigned here. Assigned here by those higher in rank than either of us.”
“And last I checked, you were not part of our task force meant to monitor the Humans here on The Citadel. You weren’t here on a daily basis, going through countless hours of audio logs, at all hours of the day and night. It was us, not you, who ensured that the Imperium was safe, and that the possibility of sedition among the Human recruits turned out to be nothing more than paranoia. Baseless paranoia might I add, like the baseless accusations you keep making against my subordinate officers, and by extension, myself.”
“So unless you have actionable proof of wrongdoings or treasonous activity, and not just overblown accusations from your stiff of a boyfriend, I’d highly suggest you take him, your two Lieutenants, and leave! Now!” Drey’la stared Voltrun down, watching the woman’s chest rise and fall as she huffed and puffed. “Don’t make me tell you again, woman!”
In the end though, the woman relented, realizing she had neither the rank or experience to continue the argument, let alone disobey the woman. Voltrun stepped back, sending one final glare over to Nikau and Anisa, before settling on Zachary, then turning on her heels.
“As I said before, why any of you show so much concern for them is beyond me. They will never show you any appreciation for what you do, nor be loyal citizens of the Imperium. Protect and coddle them as you may, they’d never do the same for you! At least my Johan has, and will, appreciate what I, and the Imperium, has done for his world. Unlike those you so foolishly wish to be on the good side of.”
“At least these men aren’t sociopathic stiffs who sell out their own families and sleep around with random women throughout the city!” Talaris shot back, making Voltrun huff in indignation.
“At least he’s performing his proper duties, as any male should.” She replied. “That alone puts him above most Human males in terms of obedience, and how they should properly act.”
“Even if it was a bunch of ‘lowly commoners’, that he performed his duty on? Before you got your taste? How does that make you feel, Major?” Talaris grinned ear to ear as she watched the Major come to an abrupt halt, before slowly turning her head to face the orange-haired Captain.
“You would do well to watch your tongue, girl! Or you may find it cut out one day after pissing off the wrong people! Especially some country bumpkin like yourself from the boonies, who no one will notice missing!” Voltrun cursed, gesturing to her Lieutenants, and Johan, speaking in rapid-fire Shil as she did so. Before long, the three Interior Agents, the militiawomen carrying his package, and Johan, were out of sight.
“You’ve certainly got a pair on you, Talaris,” Zachary commented, breaking the silence and being the first to speak. “Especially given the rank issue.”
“She’s got a pair?” Mal’Ava said incredulously. “We all heard what you said to her, and you said what Talaris did was brave?”
“I would say you both are quite stupid for saying what you did,” Colonel Drey’la began, before a humorless smile formed across her lips. “But that bitch shouldn’t have come over here in the first place with turox shit claims and accusations. We know full well none of you have seditious intentions.”
“Yeah, because you invaded our personal lives, and spied on us when having sex with our partners.” Pierre said angrily. But before he, or anyone else was able to voice their grievances, Drey’la cut them off.
“I can fully understand you people are upset. Believe me, the last thing I would want is me and my husband being spied on when we’re fucking either. But the fact of the matter is that you’ve all garnered much attention. Some of you more than others. And some, like you, Pierre,” She paused, looking over at the Frenchman. “Your relationship with Akari would almost certainly be taken the wrong way if other, more overzealous officers, were in charge of monitoring you. Make no mistake, I took no enjoyment doing this, but it was necessary. If it makes you feel any better, this was the first night monitoring you in the hotel, simply because we didn’t know what hotel you’d be staying in, and when we did, it took us time to install equipment. Aside from that, all monitoring was done in the squadbays or training field.”
“Yeah, that definitely makes me feel better,” Zachary drawled, his accent coming out in full swing as he twisted his head to the left, cracking his neck, and noticing a familiar pair of orange eyes looking down at him. Rather intensely as a matter of fact, something that made him raise his eyebrows curiously. “Can I help you with something, ma’am?”
“May I speak with you in private, please?” Talaris asked, her gaze as intense as ever.
“Sure, wh-” Zachary was cut off as Talaris’ arm reached out towards him, rather quickly he noted, and gripped his arm. She began pulling him away from the main group, far enough away so that no one would hear their conversations. When they were both far enough away, Talaris released her grip, and looked down at the Marine.
“I hope you don’t think lesser of me for this,” Talaris said softly, looking down at her feet as she clasped her hands together. “We had no other choice, and we were best suited to do this. If it's any consolation, I was the one in charge of surveilling you, as well as performing research into your background, not someone random. Although I imagine to you, it makes little difference, what we did was a very blatant invasion of privacy.” she admitted, finally looking up to meet his gaze. Zachary could only sigh before giving a reply of his own.
“Well I admit I’d rather have had you watching me instead of that bitch, because I know exactly where I’d be if that was the case. Make no mistake, I’m still fucking pissed about this, but its understanble at least.” he admitted to the Interior Agent. “Still though, what you did back there. Standing up for me, and the others. Thank you!”
“It's not a problem, Zachary, I’m just doing my job.” she said with a nervous smile. “I’d also like to thank you for…you know, what you said. No one ever said that about me…well not other men at least. Did you mean what you said? Or did you just say that to piss her off?” Dread and excitement both filled her mind as she fidgeted in anticipation.
“Yes, I really do. What might make you unappealing to alien men, makes you very attractive to me. Pissing her off was just an added bonus to the compliment.”
“Well in that case, thank you again! No man has ever told me I was beautiful. In fact, it's something many of my colleagues throw back in my face more often than not. Which is why I want to ask you something.” Talaris said, cocking her head and allowing her free flowing orange hair to sway to the side. “You don’t plan on canceling our date do you? After everything that happened I mean? I could understand if you do, I just wanted to-”
“It's still on,” Zachary interrupted her. While he was most certainly pissed at the revelations of the previous hour, he couldn’t say he was pissed off at her. Especially not after she went to bat for him and his fellow Humans, against a Major of all people, and stood her ground defiantly. While he liked to regard the Interior as no better than the SS, he was starting to realize that at the end of the day, there were some decent folk in their ranks. Folk like Talaris, who didn’t abuse their power, and trample over those lower than them. “I had no reason to cancel it before, and have even less of a reason to now.”
And he wasn’t wrong on that end either. At the end of the day, this was to help EDI Rayna with her mental issues. Seeing her crying in bed, and her service pistol next to her was a sight he didn’t want to see on anyone, Human, Shil’vati, or any species. But even putting that aside, he had a feeling that he could very well have some fun, if all went well.
Looking up at Talaris’ eyes told him she was overjoyed at her chance to achieve something many women in the galaxy dream of, but never do. That, and stick it to all those who make fun of her for her short stature. The look on her face was one of sheer joy, and that’s something he didn’t want to take from her. Despite his opinions on the Interior as a whole...those didn't apply to Talaris.
“So Talaris, she said something about you being a ‘country bumpkin’. You a country girl?” Zachary asked, smirking up at the just barely taller Shil’vati. She blushed slightly before replying.
“Y-yes, I spent much of my childhood on a…lesser developed world, I guess you could say. And I have experience working on a farm. Is that a problem?” She asked innocently, her head cocking to the side as she saw his smirk grow wider.
“You know Talaris, it seems me and you have more in common than I originally thought. I think we might get along just fine!”
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2022.01.18 22:13 HugeYungNegro Chance Me

Chance me as a Psychology BS
I’m a freshman at a CC in TX
School •3.692 GPA •45+ hours of community service •Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society) •Psi Beta (Psychology Honor Society) •Psychology Club If everything goes as planned i will raise my GPA to a 3.88
Work I work full time at a hotel to pay for my own school. I graduated in May 2020 but i took a gap year so i could work to move out of my parents house. I wrote my essay about growing up in a less then ideal household and after enduring that it helped me find my passion to help other through mental health awareness and wanting to be there for those who are mentally i’ll when they have no one else.
I also put a lot more stuff that i did in high school if you want to know more just PM me thank you in advance anything helps
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2022.01.18 22:13 Warion99 [WTB] California Fractional Gold

Mainly looking for period 1 and 2 pieces but I am interested in some period 3 pieces. I don't mind damage. Looking for graded and ungraded pieces. Period 1 and 2 pieces will likely have a date although a few don't and will be denominated in some way such as dollar dol doll dola d cents. Period 1 and 2 if they have a date will be in the 1852-82 range. You set the price.
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2022.01.18 22:13 Life-Intern-2370 Tell me your embarrassing stories to make me feel better

Hey sloots, so I’m currently sitting in the emergency room been here for 2 hours. I’m super embarrassed because 2 weeks ago I had a 3 some. What I didn’t know, and what the guy didn’t tell me was apparently the condom broke. The top of the condom came out of me the other day when I went pee after a bath. Unfortunately I am 99% sure the rest of it is still up there. So here I am, in emerg, waiting to be examined. I am so embarrassed. Please help me through this with your own embarrassing stories 😪😭.
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2022.01.18 22:13 bishyreadytocry21 Benny kinda hot tho

So last night I felt like hating myself and I decided to watch a video from Ben Shapiro. While watching it I noticed that he looks a bit squishy and soft looking. Honestly? Kinda cuddlable ngl. He has a very adorable face shape and while his voice is annoying it's also kinda endearing. His tiny posture makes it perfect for picking him up and hugging him all day long and his supple lips are so kissable. The rest of the night I imagined him as a cat maid submitting to me and I found the thought so hot. I wish that Ben Shapiro would be my cutesy little kitty. Am I wierd? Does anyone else agree that Ben is kinda hot?
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2022.01.18 22:13 sassinator13 Not exactly the same spot, but a foot of snow sure makes Iowa look different.

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2022.01.18 22:13 CrypticUniversalMave Would Deadeyescope Smith and Steady Aim stack on a Vetterli?

It's a dumb question I know, but this game is a bit confusing when it comes to categories (for me)
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2022.01.18 22:13 Accomplished-Emu-505 I still feel ghost touches from my bf and I hate them

My boyfriend (18m) and I (18f) recently tried doing more intimate things. We've been together for almost a year, and haven't done much in that sense as I am asexual and generally sex-averse (I do not feel sexual attraction to anyone and prefer not doing that stuff altogether.)
I felt perfectly fine during the act, we got to 'second base' if you will, and sure it wasn't amazing but I was still okay. However, afterwards, days after, I still feel his touch on my chest, and I hate it. I desperately need to push him off but he's not even there. I keep punching the air around me, covering my self but nothing really helps.
Maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought? Maybe I'm much more against doing anything like that than I thought?
Is there at least a way to stop the phantom ghost feelings?
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Where do I get the limit break books for Anbu Itachi (blue books)?
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