Non-Repro Blue?

2022.01.26 13:44 VirtualRealityCzech Non-Repro Blue?

Is there a CMYK mix to create non-repro blue? I would be printing from a Xerox V180.
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2022.01.26 13:44 r0selovegood So..I didn't really want reddit but I misspelled this so bad I couldn't help myself

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2022.01.26 13:44 Empty_Excitement_ This dude is criminally underrated. He writes amazing music, including the music for Scott the Woz, he is funny as fuck, and he deserves more views.

his best song imo
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2022.01.26 13:44 LegitimateSecret508 Want coins. Unsure what to do atm

Should I get diogo Jota and sell for 2 mill or 3 80+ players and pray that they will sell?
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2022.01.26 13:44 kki_kki Will my skin ever get used to tret?

I've been using tret (Curology, currently 0.035% with Azaelic acid and Niacinamide) for almost two years now. I started at a super low dose (0.012%) for a couple months went up for 0.02% and about 6 months ago went to my current dose.
Ever since I went up to 0.035% my skin is in a constant state of peeling. I apply every other day, tried starting at once a day and increasing from there but it never gets better. Whyyyyy? Am I just not meant to be on a higher dose? Has anyone else ever had this issue? Any thoughts or advice welcome.
My current routine is...
Vanicream cleanser
Vanicream daily facial moisturizer
PC youth extending spf 50 and/or Australian Gold botanical 50 tinted
Kose softymo (if I used a mineral sunscreen or makeup)
Vanicream cleanser
Vanicream daily facial moisturizer
CeraVe healing ointment
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2022.01.26 13:44 BadMan_G Life ... this is just a nightmare. Soon I'm gonna wake up.

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2022.01.26 13:44 BySearixX What is Cisgender

So i met someone on reddit. He doesnt know what his gender is and some tests on the internet said he is Cisgender. Because he isnt very good at english. So he asked me what it means but i cant really help him. Could someone explain it to me? Thanks.
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2022.01.26 13:44 metalslug123 Veteran Nova and Nova (Subjugation Tactics): which one is better?

I have both Veteran Nova and Nova (Subjugation Tactics) in my arsenal, but I'm trying to figure out which one is better to invest in and level up in the long run.
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2022.01.26 13:44 jacksonwalmart Thoughts on new radar scopes? (US/enroute)

It's a nice idea and they look nice, but functionally they suck.
They're way too big to sit that close to. Causes way more eye and brain fatigue compared to the old scopes. It's like sitting in the front row of a movie theater.....for 4+hrs each day. You get that matinee theater feeling where you walk out into the daylight and feel like shit and a little dizzy for the rest of the day.
I can't believe that wasn't addressed during testing on whatever committee decided this shit and gave it the thumbs up. I don't play computer games, but I know people who do don't buy 45" LCDs to put on their computer desks and sit 2 feet away from....because it's harder to scan the edges and you have to move your eyes/head too much and it causes excess fatigue. Same with anyone who works a long time in front of a screen all day, day traders, typical office jobs. People don't buy 40+ inch televisions to work in front of. At most you have a couple 20 inch monitors to bounce between, and they don't all have moving stuff on them all day.
Viewing angle sucks too, hence the work around with the boxed data blocks. The colors are all too bright and can't be dimmed enough to ease eye fatigue. And they don't even fit inside the consoles, so you can't push them back or even change the angle, and side-by-side sectors end up offset because the screens are bigger than the outside dimensions of the consoles are. Also you can't sit further away because then you don't have access to keyboards/trackballs/VSCS.
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2022.01.26 13:44 giants263 Ministru želimo hitro okrevanje

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2022.01.26 13:44 Hanabe0 I was thinking of adding Ningguang into the team but what are your suggestions?

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2022.01.26 13:44 MMWMWWMW Greatest loss porn anniversary

I know everyone is excitedly masturbating/disasturbating over today's FOMC meeting, but let us not forget that tomorrow will be a great day for 1 year loss porn with 80% of Robinhood users hitting, not only their 1 year high, but most likely their lifetime high.
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2022.01.26 13:44 AphroditeDraws This labradorite specimen’s flash is so strong you don’t need extra light to see it

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2022.01.26 13:44 Dandikselll I finished Minecraft for the first time

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2022.01.26 13:44 YHJS30 Imagine if

Imagine if N has or gets Robot Dog or a Real Dog that follows him in the next or few episodes and also what if when N goes to earth he goes to a clothing store and starts picking out some clothes and then his new outfit is an Aviator Jacket and he keeps his old hat
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2022.01.26 13:44 jamesalan1985 Friday Night Funkin VS Eli Mod Online

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2022.01.26 13:44 Fit-Show5292 Florida man injured after bouncing tire hits the car

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2022.01.26 13:44 SharkyDusk I’m fucking done with this, this is the 10th account

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2022.01.26 13:44 ClicketyClacketies Recent Work Experience Verification?

I found out last week that I passed part 2 and submitted my work experience the same day. I saw someone post that their work experience submitted last week was sent back for a correction. My status still says submitted so I'm wondering if anyone has had their experience verified yet that passed part 2 last week? I'm probably getting overly optimistic as historically it seems like verification takes at least 4-6 weeks, but wanted to see if anyone has heard anything or knows the processing time right now?
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2022.01.26 13:44 chris1635 You must pay the Garbage Troll Toll!

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2022.01.26 13:44 Wapulatus Respect Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord, Manga)

When he went to give his name, “Momonga” wouldn’t come out. “Momonga” was the name of the guild master of Ainz Ooal Gown. What am I now? What is the name of the last player remaining in the Great Tomb of Nazarick...?
Oh, I see.
“You would do well to remember my name. I am Ainz Ooal Gown.”
Ainz Ooal Gown (Manga) Overlord - Arrival of the undead king
I. Background One of the most ambitious DMMORPGs ever created, the vast sprawling world of Yggdrasil had an equally vast history of player adventures, alliances and enemies, yet by the time Overlord begins, it's about to shut down for good. Momonga, the last remaining member of one of the largest guilds remaining on the server, Ainz Ooal Gown, aims to stay until the last second the servers stay up, comforting himself in the fond memories he made with his friends.
However, when it's time, nothing happens - in fact, Momonga suddenly comes to the realization that he can't exit the game, and everything around him is far more real. It turns out that Ainz Ooal Gown's base, The Great Tomb of Nazarick, was made into reality in an entirely New World - and since the guild roleplayed as (mostly) misanthropic monstrosities, Momonga now finds himself as the undead, inhuman head of a large group of now-sentient NPCs that all see him as their absolute ruler.
After a turbulent entrance into his new reality, Momonga decides to adopt the role of leader of Nazarick, and, as the only remaining member of the guild, adopts the name of Ainz Ooal Gown, heralding a terrifying new chapter of history in the New World.
II. Source Guide | Light Novel Thread | Manga Thread | Anime Thread | Tie-In Material Thread
Manga chapter is displayed at the end of the feat with a superscript.
The official English translation for Overlord (Yen Press) is used when applicable. Feats from material that are not currently officially translated utilize fan translations.
III. Physical Feats Strength Speed/Agility Durability IV. Magic Super-Tier Spells Offensive Spells Dark Magic/Instadeath
Elemental Magic
Other Offensive Spells
Summons Elder Liches
Buffs/Debuffs Perfect Warrior
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2022.01.26 13:44 SweKingMafia Has this happened to someone else here and was it solved?

packed Jorginho TOTY yesterday and sold for 1.4M. I upgraded the team a lot and had about 650K left when I stopped playing and was going to save the coins. Today ALL coins were gone and an Kante 90 was gone. I went into the companion app and checked if he was on the restore tab. There I found LOTS of fast-selling players that I have not had. Although a code is required on my email to log in to my account, someone must have succeeded. My question is is there any possibility that EA will be able to return my coins and Kanté now that I have also contacted them?
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2022.01.26 13:44 TheDrDoofenschmirtz Wtf does this mean

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2022.01.26 13:44 gt4674b Corner Guard

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2022.01.26 13:44 the_later_greater [WTS] 1940s Benrus Sky Chief Steel Chronograph, Valjoux 71

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