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Kubernetes - Utiliser des références d'images immutables avec kbld

2022.01.21 14:29 SlotePimousse Kubernetes - Utiliser des références d'images immutables avec kbld

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2022.01.21 14:29 TiramisuTart10 This just happened Wednesday and seems totally apropos to post in this sub

I am burnt out on all the Elon worship I see from young greedy boys online and this is why.
I remind my husband everyday he works to pace himself, that it’s not worth it to die on the warehouse floor, since the corporation will just work around you then sweep you up with the refuse.
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2022.01.21 14:29 No-Doughnut-9930 PM about prescriptions?

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It’s so freaking gross, go the bathroom if you have to. Like nobody wants to hear or be around that, and during a pandemic no less. Teachers won’t let us eat, but will let you pull your mask down and blow your nose, which is 10X more unhygienic than pulling your mask down for a moment, taking a bite of food and pulling it back up.
And they’re using a cloth one as well, so instead of throwing the snotty tissue in the trash, it’s going in their pocket 🤢
But seriously, stop blowing your nose in clsss. It’s gross
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2022.01.21 14:29 otakudegenerate "Every Ni99a Is A Tsar" is now released🗣

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2022.01.21 14:29 ogcrypto6969420 xxxNifty [N$FW] 1st Adult Metaverse AMA Today 2pm EST | Link Below | Land/Avatar sales coming | Check the charts, only GREEN token for 3 weeks straight | Just getting started (10x-100x) | $14 Million Marketcap gem | Web3 EcoSystem growing daily!

xxxNifty [N$FW] 1st Adult Metaverse AMA Today 2pm EST | Link Below | Land/Avatar sales coming | Check the charts, only GREEN token for 3 weeks straight | Just getting started (10x-100x) | $14 Million Marketcap gem | Web3 EcoSystem growing daily! submitted by ogcrypto6969420 to CryptoMarsShots [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 14:29 Pot-Pilgrim OP is worried her brother doesn't wipe his butthole

I am not le original poster. This is a repost sub.
Original Post by u/littleantbigworld to AskRedditAfterDark 1 year ago.
Guys, do you actually wash your butt and butthole?
Serious question— I keep wondering why my brother smells so bad even after he comes out of the shower. I think he doesn’t know how to wash or wipe his butt?? He’s 27, Never kissed a girl or had a gf and don’t know how to approach him about it😭 I’m 21 btw... should I tell him?
***** EDIT: He has been depressed and suicidal his whole life as well... Thats why i’m asking how to tell him. I don’t want to hurt him bc he’s been bullied a-lot by people because of his smell and whats worse is he’s very very stubborn and disconnected from reality☹️🥺
Like he’s the stereotypical dude that lives in his mom’s basement—jobless, smells, and has no friends anymore because he used so many people/overstayed his welcome in life and never even thought to “repay” them.
He wants friends and a relationship so badly and think the smell is SO bad that people don’t want to be around him. I want to help him but don’t want to send him over the edge😭
He is just so stubborn about everything I don’t know how to talk any sense into him anymore. He challenges EVERYthing— and I love my brother but this is just unacceptable at this point. I just want him to take care of himself🥺
*****EDIT AGAIN!: He also DOESNT: brush his teeth, comb his hair, wash his face, clean his ears, put on enough deodorant, wash his clothes regularly, has only worn down clothes since he’s so broke, AND doesn’t put fricking lotion on—and we’re BLACK like he’s so fricking ASHYYYY 24/7😭 like his toes literally look like oysters😭
*****FUCKKKK AGAIN!: When I mean he’s been to professionals—like $100k has been spent (I don’t think my brother even knows how many doctors he’s been to).
Yes he did drugs (getting him kicked out of Christian college) but it was fricking weed, but we were in an extremist conservative Christian household— so weed = meth.
Like he has been to treatment, doctors, acupuncture, therapy, job training, EVERYTHINGGG. Either he stops taking medication too early or he puts up a fight.
I AM BEING 100% SERIOUS AND IM HIS LITTLE SISTER🥺 for those who keep asking
Update Post
** I just sat my dad down sternly and told him that my brother is different and he needs help— which is when my dad said he’s known that since he was a kid but didn’t want to accept it. I told him that if he won’t do anything NOW my brother will not make it in this world and he FINALLY listened and is doing something about it!
GOD IS GOOD!😭🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2022.01.21 14:29 reinhardtkyle19 Lol its barely there

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2022.01.21 14:29 Pleasant-Radish9127 Cyber apes Tower Club

Very promising project. Still very early get it while you can. WL giveaways starting very soon.
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2022.01.21 14:29 donald_trumps_cat He d(o) be going both ways to always (c)ome out on top

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2022.01.21 14:29 ImpressiveParsnip396 Where do you think we’ll hear back from today??

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2022.01.21 14:29 SlotePimousse L'informatique, c'était mieux avant

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2022.01.21 14:29 Luce_bianca Ho deciso di fare anch'io i meme, spero che il mio primo di post vi piaccia

Ho deciso di fare anch'io i meme, spero che il mio primo di post vi piaccia Ecco chi avrebbe fermato la Regina se Fondazione non avesse flippato la mappa
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2022.01.21 14:29 ohnosquid Stellar engines Delta V question

What type of stellar engine (the ones that could theoretically move solar systems) and around what type of stars would have the highest amount of delta V?
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2022.01.21 14:29 Andreas-976 Temple of Minerva of Marano di Valpolicella (VR)

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2022.01.21 14:29 DonV71 What is the best way to track inflows & outflows?

Where can I get info on stock market inflows & outflows? I am looking for data to see what the whales are doing. Are major players buying or selling? Is there a different term I should use? I have tried to find it myself with no luck.
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2022.01.21 14:29 jelder227 Even more confused.

OK, so I received a Policy violation email, which didn't make since to me, as I hadn't refused any packages, etc. (see lower email) And I replied to it stating that this did NOT seem applicable, could they please explain what/when this happened.
Then I received the 2nd email, which makes even less sense, as it states it has happened multiple times. I only deliver Same Day Sub warehouse, and I don't even know what this "acknowledge and begin" thing is. Does that have something to do with Whole Foods or Prime Now?
Policy Violation: Order Rejection
Within the past week, it came to our attention that you recently did not pick up a number of packages that were a part of your route. Please note that delivery partners are expected to accept all of the packages in their route.
As an independent contractor, Amazon expects that you will maintain customer trust, perform services in a professional manner, and follow the instructions provided to you by Amazon or the customer.
Something to remember:
While your standing is a big part of whether you are eligible to deliver with Amazon Flex, there are other issues that can impact your eligibility for the program, including:-If you’re not courteous, respectful, and professional toward others-If you don’t select an accurate reason when you can’t deliver a package-If you don’t promptly return all packages you couldn’t deliver back to the original pickup location-If you don’t acknowledge and pick up all orders assigned to you during a delivery block-If you don’t follow all steps required when delivering alcohol-If you violate any of the Independent Contractor Terms of Service
If you don’t follow our program policies and Terms of Service, you will no longer be eligible to deliver with Amazon Flex —even if your standing isn't At Risk.
You can find more information about what affects your standing by going to the app > Activity Hub > Standing Details > Read FAQs.
As we wrote in our original message, this issue has occurred more than once in recent blocks. While we understand that issues happen occasionally, we expect these cases to be very rare. Remember to swipe "acknowledge and begin" every time you are prompted to do so -- that lets customers know you are on the way. After acknowledging, promptly collect the orders and ‘swipe to finish’ in the app to let customers know everything is picked up.
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2022.01.21 14:29 SlotePimousse Nouveau clavier (Corsair K55 RGB Pro)

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2022.01.21 14:29 BandicootStandard345 pretty bad hornet but its 3am lol

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2022.01.21 14:29 RevolutionaryUse4309 I'm new can anyone gave me some suits please my friend code: 1KT2HL1VBE

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2022.01.21 14:29 MycoMushLove My daughter wants 2 play guitar, I don’t know anything. I want 2 surprise her w/ 1 bc she’s been working so hard! plz help! Ha [NEWBIE]

I want to start off by saying I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter. She is 14, and the COOLEST person I have ever met not even going to lie. Unfortunately where we live there isn’t many people for her to make friends with that live near by. She is bored more often than not and she has been doing better in school than I ever did. She has NEVER gotten a C yet and this year so far she’s gottten all As. To say I am proud is an understatement. I’m not gonna get her a top of the line piece not even knowing if she’s going to take it seriously but I don’t want to get her a piece of junk either. She wants to play acoustic. Any advice on which direction to go will be greatly appreciated. I was thinking about getting a Yamaha, fender, or ibanez? She showed me this nice looking guitar on Amazon called Donner DAJ-110CG that she said she wanted. I know she likes it bc of the color ha it’s a gnarly green. I didn’t want to get her a knockoff brand or something I never heard of the brand but then again, I don’t know jack about guitars really. Is donner legit for beginners? My price range tops at $200. Which is A LOT of money for me but I live my daughter so much and just want her to know that her hard work and dedication to her school work and just being a great person isn’t going unnoticed….. any guidance would be greatly greatly appreciated! 🤙
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2022.01.21 14:29 crypto_snipez Has Solrise been compromised?

I came back to a small pool of tokens which I had invested in their self managed funds. However upon exiting my positions, the exit value of everything is currently $0. No coins anywhere to seen except an empty wallet. Am I missing something?
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2022.01.21 14:29 SlotePimousse Toutes les offres d'emploi hors de Paris - semaine 3

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2022.01.21 14:29 Hyuckindo Is satisfying

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2022.01.21 14:29 drummechanic This shit is so disingenuous

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