She is not engaged anymore

Kate Hudson reveals she's engaged to Danny Fujikawa. By Hannah Ryan, CNN. Updated 11:42 AM ET, Tue September 14, 2021 ... Former Love Island contestant Francesca Allen has announced she is engaged. The reality TV personality said she felt like she had received "the best Christmas present a girl could ask for" in a ... Lindsay Lohan announces she is engaged. By Eric Levenson, CNN. Updated 9:37 AM ET, Sun November 28, 2021 . Lindsay Lohan posted this Instagram photo announcing her engagement to Bader Shammas. She Said Yes! Jack Osbourne Is Engaged to ‘Magical’ Aree Gearhart ... “She said yes!! Life is a series of doors and I’m so excited to walk through this one with her.” ...

2022.01.26 09:20 Repulsive-Apricot-34 She is not engaged anymore

I matched with a woman on one of the online dating apps 3 days ago. The first day we spent 3 hours chatting (by texting) and it was joyful and I came up with the conclusion that we have too many common things and we do have shared principles. Yesterday, she barely responds to my messages with short answers/responses. Is she playing games or is she loosing interest? How should I act to her trying to ignore me?
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2022.01.26 09:20 128bitworm Jack and the beanstalk [provenance]

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2022.01.26 09:20 techstar2000 [eBay] Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro 16: 16" QHD+ IPS display , Ryzen 5 5600H, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, Win11H with $352 off, for $558!

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2022.01.26 09:20 AbbreviationsStatus6 Please help me

hello, i’m a 17 year old male. this girl added me on snapchat and we talked a bit and all that. then at one point she asked if i wanted to trade “pictures” so i did and then all of a sudden she sends me a screenshot of all my instagram followers and the nude i sent her with a picture of my face that i had sent before we had sent to eachother. i emediatly blocked her on snapchat, then i blocked her on instagram too then made my account private. i asked a handful people if they had received a message from this person on instagram or a follow request or anything from them and no one say they did. i’m really worried as this could literally ruin my life, me and the person talked for a hour and shit before and i thought it was another girl my age that’s all. i don’t know what else i can do. it’s been about 7 hours since this happened and so far no one has send anything. i keep going onto my other instagram accounts that i have and they have not receive anything from her. should i be as worried as i am? and what should i do?
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2022.01.26 09:20 zac345678 Do you blush when talking to someone that you don't even fancy?

Sometimes I start blushing when talking to a female friend for no reason. They probably think that I fancy them even when I don't. It sometimes happens when speaking to a waitress.
Same happens when friends ask if I fancy someone. I say no but blush at the same time.
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2022.01.26 09:20 mindfulmamathreads 16 year relationship exhausts me

We met in high school and have been best friends since, same ole story nothing interesting. First child at 19/20 second child 7 years following. House together, NOT married.
I am the type of woman who strives to feel empowered but can never quite get all the way there. I have read all of the self help books as well as gone to therapy for 8 years now. I’ve recently been weaning off of antidepressants (my choice with the help of my doctor) and notice that I tolerated a TON of bullshit from him. I’m constantly being gaslighted. I work from home from 8-5 and am always told by him that I ‘have it so easy sitting around all day’. I work for a hospital billing department which isn’t always mentally easy. everything is a competition. He works harder, drives more, is more tired, is more sick, has a worse headache, is more sore, etc. I’m realizing that ‘thing’ that is making growth feel so out of reach is actually just him. I tell family that he is just a big ass dark cloud of negativity and anger that can ruin your good day in a hot second.
Now before we jump to ‘leave him’ let’s just take the history into consideration along with the fact that I wasn’t exactly raised to be taught how to have a voice or self esteem. I do actually love him, and am past the point of staying due to comfort. it’s more so just exhausting to imagine bringing up a conversation about this because 10/10 chance i’ll be talked over and get the finger pointed at me until i’m too exhausted to keep fighting for myself.
I know this is not the most ideal situation for my children so please just don’t even bring up how this makes me look as a parent, I promise I am fully aware.
I guess I just don’t know. How do you approach someone like this and actually use your voice?
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2022.01.26 09:20 ratperson420 [New] RPVC - Monster Squad [Instrumental] (Original)

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2022.01.26 09:20 RuffTalkVR ‎Ruff Talk VR - Synth Riders Review

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2022.01.26 09:20 The-highground134 [16m] Hey. I am in quarantine so I am bored out of my mind. I am looking for a [friendship]!

Hey. I am looking for some fun people to talk to. I am into jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and working out. I also like to game and listen to music. I like rock and metal the most. Anyone can add me, I do not really care about age and gender. Hit me up.
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2022.01.26 09:20 ijstartcanon9 Canon Ij Scan Utility For Windows 10 Download - Ij Start Canon TR8500 Setup

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2022.01.26 09:20 rhythmstrawberry Los Bukis Tickets Stubhub

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2022.01.26 09:20 LorraineBoedeker Fresh And Fit - DMS on Demand Course (Full Course)

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2022.01.26 09:20 musics_relaxant Hot Yoga and Contortion Flexibility Total Body Stretch

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2022.01.26 09:20 tenhundredrats as a vegan, vegans can be real cringe bruh

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2022.01.26 09:20 Dshkdaddy When Japan starts shipping lethal aid to Ukraine 👀

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2022.01.26 09:20 Xaential Kurt Russell Reinhardt Fan Art (By me, based off render made by Javier Zuccarino)

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2022.01.26 09:20 _Adjacent_ We hunting for them Minecraft mini figures 👀
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2022.01.26 09:20 Frans4Life current takeaway from my patho 2 playthrough

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2022.01.26 09:20 metalrectangle [UK] [H] Paypal [W] GMK Perestroika Base BNIB

looking for a sealed set only

thx x
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2022.01.26 09:20 milostankk3 Lobster claw, bubble and northern lagoon nebulae and M52

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2022.01.26 09:20 gurmate69 good cricket games for pc?

the only requirement is that you have to be able to bat or bowl as players, it should not be a management game
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2022.01.26 09:20 Lets_Try_Spinning I think I'd still be 3 putting this.

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2022.01.26 09:20 Disgraced002381 Ŕ̵̢̡̛̥̣̳̼̺̳̯̜͔̑̋̕͝U̷̗͙̪̗͙͖͉͈͕̳̜̰̽̒̋̂͂N̷͕̱̭̹̬̦̘̰̦̬̤̜̙͋

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2022.01.26 09:20 Ethan-Wakefield People who talk in general chat... just why?

I've never understood this. I kinda sorta get the trolling, etc., but I often log into Starcraft and see what looks like people trying to have actual conversations (usually political) in the general chat.
Just... why?
General chat has been an absolute dumpster fire for as long as I've ever played Starcraft. I don't even know why it exists. 99% of the time it's just trollbots spamming ragebait. And I don't even understand this, but I have accepted that any public speaking forum is going to be instantly invaded by trollbots.
But the people who actually try to have a conversation... Surely you've found a better venue.
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