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How wonderful was it that Kirsten never blamed Jeeven for leaving?

2022.01.21 01:31 fribby How wonderful was it that Kirsten never blamed Jeeven for leaving?

She had lived all of those year believing that he had left due to his own mental issues (he had begun talking to himself at Frank’s apartment, a realization she came to while in the fever haze after being struck with the red bandanna’s darts, but she had realized something was wrong because he talked to himself at the cabin.) He had also insisted to her that he couldn’t stay isolated for another winter, and he needed other adults. She also caught him lying on the ham radio, claiming to be a doctor, just to keep another person talking.
She checked the cabin every year for signs of him when the Symphony stopped at St Deborah’s (mentioned in episode 2 while she was swimming).
When she saw him at the airport, she reacted with such love. He held back and was unsure what her reaction would be until she embraced him. He had carried so much guilt all of those years, believing that she thought he had abandoned her.
I would have loved to hear him tell her what actually happened. Saying that Big Daddy got him and by the time he was able to return, she was gone. Telling her that his first words upon regaining consciousness were to tell his rescuers about her. All explanations happened off screen, however.
It would have also been lovely to see the Traveling Symphony react to her hugging the doctor in the moment they embraced, showing confusion and wanting to know who this guy was to Kirsten. But again, offscreen.
Their parting was so pure. She had found her family. As much as most of us would have liked her to go with Jeeven and meet his family, it makes sense that she stays with the Symphony. She’s extremely protective of them. She even went with crazypants Tyler and his band of dangerous brainwashed children to the airport because she thought the Symphony was in danger (not that she had much of a choice, she was surrounded, but her overwhelming desire was to help the Symphony, her family. She even saves Tyler during the red bandanna attack to ensure that he can get her to the airport).
Jeeven understands this, and is happy that she has found a place where she belongs in the new world. She was an actress when they met, and she had found a way to live her dreams.
Kirsten is willing to alter the wheel in order to see Jeeven again, and it really feels, as they part, that he will bring his family the next year. The journey from his home is mentioned when it’s talked about how long it will take the doctor to reach the airport to treat Clark, and it’s only a day. They will all meet.
A scene showing Jeeven returning to Delano, possibly crying as he embraced his family as he got out of the canoe, and explaining that he had reunited with Kirsten, would have been lovely too, but so much is left to our imagination. They will see each other again though! They found each other before.
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2022.01.21 01:31 Big_Man_28 What is wrong with private property?

I"m trying too see if I can make the transition from social libertarianism to market socialism and the thing stopping and confusing me is provate property because I don't know if it should be allowed or not. Can I have someone explain it to me please?
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2022.01.21 01:31 BigTC31 Need advice on ways to deal with some childhood drug trauma

I’m 21 years old, growing up my mom abused hard drugs and ended up overdosing when I was 17. Since my mom overdosed I’ve been sort of against drugs but still smoked weed on occasion but never habitually. My girlfriend of 4 years has recently started smoking weed and for some reason I get upset that she does. After talking to a therapist about it, my therapist said I probably get upset because of the trauma from my childhood. I told my girlfriend that and she understands but she thinks I should figure out how to handle my trauma rather than her stop smoking weed because weed benefits her a lot. Does anyone have any input on this?
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2022.01.21 01:31 Hippyslayd Create a post they say, get it off your chest, they say...

I'm putting this out there that the mods here pick and choose what is considered a confession, and what is acceptable. They allow garbage content, talk of pedophilia (not by the perp), children being used in photos. Yet I post an incident that happened recently, no swearing, no breach of any other rule, but they deem it necessary to remove the post. Contacted the Mods, got ignored, reposted down in a flash. This site chooses what you get too see, they prob write half the stuff themselves. This is rot, I figured follow rules be decent and the forums will allow you...HA!!
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2022.01.21 01:31 im-gen crusty/scabby inner nostril?????

tmi/kinda gross...
so i havent had any nosebleeds
but about a week ago i noticed the top of my one nostril hurts (when i press it from the outside) and when i use a q-tip/tissue i feel a hard "mass" and end up removing chunks of dried blood.
it seems i have a scab over some injury i was unaware of and now its not healing properly? its rly annoying and affects my breathing at night sometimes. has anyone had this and been able to get rid of it?
i sleep w a humidifier and sometimes put vaseline in my nose but dry nose hasnt rly been an issue for me til now
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2022.01.21 01:31 AnewENTity Tomorrow I go and turn in my equipment

Turning in my equipment tomorrow at a job that needed my skills desperately but never valued me even though I “wore many hats.” Tried to weasel out of paying bonuses and gave me a 2% raise on very high profits from my work despite an excellent review.
Finally got the courage to apply at other companies and had a long interview process and finally an interview for 50% more. Felt so good to offer only a weeks notice contingent on putting in writing that all owed bonuses would be paid on the last check. I did not give them a chance to match because screw that.
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