How good is my ganyu with r4 prototype crescent?

2022.01.29 01:54 NUJAIJGNOEL How good is my ganyu with r4 prototype crescent?

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2022.01.29 01:54 ThrowThinkAway How to land entry level in a career that is suitable and I actually like?

Pretty much the title.
I graduated from Business MIS but tbh I kind of regret choosing this safe pick major when I didn't even seem to really like it. It's been 1 year since graduation and I've applied and applied but lost hope after so many close calls and no full time job offers...
I don't even like the jobs I'm applying for, I'm just choosing them because it might lead towards a lucrative career or it matches my major. But I don't even really like my major, and even now I don't know what I would like. How would I know when I haven't worked in it?
All I know is that I live in the bay area which has tech everywhere, and I like pets, the internet, media like YouTube, games, anime, and so on. Some say turn your passions or hobbies into your job, others say don't do that or you will hate your hobbies. And then some of these interesting options simply aren't good career options (how many times have I heard of the game industry abusing employees....).
I'm in a period of trying to soul search, trying to see what I am good at, what I can do with my degree, what I would even possibly like or be interested in... And even thinking of unconventional career options (hey some people make it big streaming, doesn't mean I will but I won't know unless I try it as a hobby).
What do I do?
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2022.01.29 01:54 Lower_Annual_1652 Trading a seahorse and add for a regular Bee!

I have an inventory video just tell me and I will tag you there :D
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2022.01.29 01:54 xboxdolphin Love her in a skirt

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2022.01.29 01:54 Ramengobbler69 How to get in Medical device sales with no B2B experience?

Really interested in med device sales but don’t know where to get started. I have 2 years of sales experience but nothing related to that. Any advice or suggestions on how to get into it? LocAted in Florida if that matters
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2022.01.29 01:54 A-Cheeseburger Do weapons not count towards set bonuses?

When you look at a set bonus, it shows all the armor slots and a weapon slot. And it’ll say “something something set bonus 3/5”.
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2022.01.29 01:54 Superbob88 Starter bike

I don't know if this has been asked a bunch or not so I apologize. What would be a good starter bike, I used to mountain bike back in the day and trying to get back into it. I don't want to buy a Walmart bike just to replace it a few months in.
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2022.01.29 01:54 you_know_i_dont_care Killer queen is always there, by me

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2022.01.29 01:54 pgj1997 Panda Hug

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2022.01.29 01:54 Puzzlehead_Bodega My therapist laughed at me during our session

First time posting, if my grammar sucks, sorry. The title paints my therapist in a bad light but it’s not how it sounds.
A little bit of background, I’ve been seeing my therapist for a couple of months and I really like working with him. He’s very kind,listens and gives me ways of dealing with my problems. If he tries to push on one of my boundaries, I let him know right away and he relents. He lets me go at my own pace.
First therapist so I guess I got lucky.
Last session was a hit/miss, I finally told him what I feel I should be diagnosed with and gave examples to state my case.
He kept asking me what would this diagnosis do for me and all I kept saying was It would make me not a loser. ( don’t ask me why, I’m seeing a therapist for a reason)
Told me I might have this diagnosis but It really wouldn’t do much if I was diagnosed. I’m essentially doing well for myself and he doesn’t think I have it.
Most people would be disappointed and move on.
I decided he was telling me I’m a loser and that I was an idiot for asking.
Told him so and how it felt like he was trivializing me.
He immediately said no and reiterated how I might or might not.
I closed off. He started to ask me questions and essentially try to teach me some important stuff. Always ending with, does it make sense what I’m saying?
I’d just say yes and nod my head. I was very curt and quiet. He stayed quiet and then asked me if there’s any other diagnosis I feel would fit with what I was saying.
I opened up again and said maybe antisocial?
He nodded his head and agreed.
I told him “I’ll be okay if I don’t have to talk to people for years but I don’t think I’m antisocial, I just don’t like it when people b*tch to me or even cry and when I try to help out and give them a game plan they get mad at me”.
“sometimes people just want someone to listen and not have someone trying to give them a solution ,just some company. I mean, what do you think I do? I listen to people and try to help but most of the time, some people just want someone to hear them out”.
I cut him off and say “yeh but you get paid to listen , I don’t. I’d rather get paid to hear someone b*tch to me.”
Then he started laughing. “ yes, I get paid but that’s not why I do this. I love my job and I love helping people out”
The rest of the session continues and he would have fits of laughter whenever I was direct with him.
(I’m very honest and speak my mind. I’m often told I’m unintentionally funny.)
Doesn’t bother me that he laughs. I’m just wondering if maybe I should stop being so familiar with my therapist? I see him as a friend but who’s also my therapist, I just want to know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that he laughed?
TLDR:// I was direct with my therapist and he laughed at me because I told him he gets paid to listen to people and I don’t.
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2022.01.29 01:54 davedude97 Made a Harry potter doodle at work.

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2022.01.29 01:54 Due-Editor-2 Help: Looking for a 3D template of a barrel shroud for my CA M132.

Help: Looking for a 3D template of a barrel shroud for my CA M132. Been looking for sometime but the only template i see from the thingyverse. Would really appreciate the links. Thanks!
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2022.01.29 01:54 Tanner_Monkey this is my latest video I hope you enjoy

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2022.01.29 01:54 vanessa_collins test

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2022.01.29 01:54 Eddy_yt_ Noah and Jason.

The character writing the entry log in my last post which I did not categorize- My bad- has a name, obviously. His name is Noah, Noah Williams, he is 17 years old, and had gotten there on his first day of school, by no-clipping through the ground whilst walking off the premises with his best and only friend, Jason Arson, who is 18 years old, they are both in high-school before the events that took place three days ago.
Jason Arson - 5'5", 153lbs, Japanese, build Mesomorph

Noah Williams - 5'8", 163lbs, Puerto Rican, build Mesomorph-Endomorph

Noah was an Amateur boxer going on 3 years, with decent grades but intense scientific and historical knowledge, maybe that will help him some time in the future.
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2022.01.29 01:54 R0ck01 She's been waiting awhile...

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2022.01.29 01:54 KawaiiFunkinFurret good morning *username*, would you like to listen to hoshie star, hoshie star, hoshie star, or hoshie star?

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2022.01.29 01:54 kissmyass42069 I was almost kidnapped twice in 5th grade.

One day my best friend and I were taking a shortcut to her house. It goes past a few houses and through a small area of woods, crossing a 2-ft wide creek. This particular day, I was wearing one of those jackets that had earbuds as the strings (a must-have item as a 5th grader in 2010/11). As we were passing one of the houses, a couple big dogs come running from it, jumping on us and obviously just wanting to play/be petted. The owner of the house comes out, and I noticed right away that he was acting really fidgety and nervous, saying stuff about the dogs like "Oh it's okay, they're nice, don't worry!". We made small talk with him about the dogs for a few minutes and turned around to leave. About or minute or so later we arrived at the small creek when I noticed that one of the rubber earbuds that was on my jacket was gone, and I INSISTED on going back to look for it. The guy came back out again and offered to help us. He asked what the material was made of and I said it was made of rubber. We made small talk again, I think about the jacket and how cool it was. Anyway, he said he was going to be right back with his metal detector. He walked away towards his shed and I said to my friend "...why does he need a metal detector? The earbud is made of rubber". Next thing you know, he's coming back with, I shit you not, a RIFLE, and he is literally RUNNING towards us. When I'm telling you we ran, we RAN. When we got to safety, past the creek and near her house, I was telling her we needed to call 911. She insisted that we not do that because her parents would be mad at her. I explained to her with urgency why it's important we called the cops, but she refused and I couldn't force her. I didn't call because I didn't want to do it alone, plus it would have been my first time calling them. I can't remember when/if I told my parents that night what happened, but when I told them, they gaslit me and said I was crazy/overreacting, that I didn't really see that. I still think about this damn near every day and it haunts me.
The second time was, again, in 5th grade, taking place after the first story but I'm not sure how long after. The friend from the previous story lived near a cemetery, about a 5 minute walk from her house. It was a big cemetery and we liked to walk around it a lot, plus behind the cemetery was a shortcut through the woods to a big park, which was coincidentally right next to our school. This day we were also with another good friend of ours. We were just walking around the cemetery this day when all of a sudden, a blue truck pulls up next to us in the row next to where we were walking (about 10 feet away or so, not far). I could see two guys were in it literally just staring at us and I again got that weird feeling I got with the first guy. This is hard to explain but right before the shortcut in the woods is a fence with a cutout that leads to a field of grass and a hill next to it that leads into the neighborhood of where my other friend lived. The hill was really a bunch of dead grass, weeds, sticks, cattails, etc. Anyway, I told my friends I had a bad feeling about these guys, that they were staring at us and quite literally slowly following us with the truck. We booked it to that grass field and through that hill. I had all sorts of cuts and gashes from all the shit that we were running through. When we got to the top of the hill, we turned around and the truck was parked at the top of the hill on the other side, with both men outside of it holding guns/rifles. I truly believe they were coming after us, and they were visibly mad that we got away from them. I knew they were after us because they have had to have driven through the cutout in the fence, amongst the gut feelings and just the entire situation. We ran to my friend's house, noticed her parents (who truly didn't seem too worried), and drove my other friend and me home. I don't even remember if I told my parents about this time since they gaslit me when I told them about the last time.
I just can't shake the fact that this shit really happened, when I was in 5th grade....10/11 years old. I also can't believe how lightly my parents took the situation. I'm honestly traumatized about what happened and I think about it A LOT. I just needed to tell some people what happened but I have trouble getting my thoughts into words.
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2022.01.29 01:54 babyscorpse Probably a bit of a dumb question

If I get up to the blind betrayal quest with the BoS, is it still possible to do the minutemen ending?
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2022.01.29 01:54 suwigga Miku hugging herself thinking of fuutarou

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2022.01.29 01:54 Bgats9 I spotted Mac playing for the Minnesota Wild.

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2022.01.29 01:54 HospitalThis4367 Hives ):

Hello cello ridgie lovers. As a pup mom with a 1.5 YO RB I was hoping some of you may have experienced this. The poor baby random gets hives but it’s fairly frequently all in varying degrees. Thankfully it’s “topical” not ever has it affected her breathing or appetite… just skin irritations and swelling that range from one to covering her body and there’s no obvious cause. We’re taking her to the derm bet at the eom but I was curious if it may be a fairly common thing amongst the breed? Or if anyone has advice
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2022.01.29 01:54 GobindAnand Hero

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2022.01.29 01:54 EdMarCarSe "New school" - Lenin with children by Soviet-Russian artist Vyacheslav Tokarev, 1965

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2022.01.29 01:54 BoysWhoCryan Looking For People I have all BPs

I have a compound already but no friends to play with /: hit me up if you're interested, just want people who won't betray me lol gets too toxic sometimes
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