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So when I accept a shit order for GrubHub say 5.00 for 10 miles the app works perfectly. See body for explaination of why I'm getting pissed.

2022.01.22 01:49 OkOrdinary3451 So when I accept a shit order for GrubHub say 5.00 for 10 miles the app works perfectly. See body for explaination of why I'm getting pissed.

So as stated above accept a shit order and no problem. So then I started cherry picking....ish I would accept the shits orders along with the good orders. The app would work perfectly. Then I started rejecting the bad orders my, threshold for a bad order is below 6 to 7 bucks, and I like at least 1.75 per mile. Well as I started rejecting the shit and taking the good I noticed my app would fuck up, I would get inapp connectivity issues. I wouldn't be able to but myself as arrived at the store for a bit. I would then pick up the order and then it would error out when I put that in leaving. Did this on several "good orders" but the money I would end up taking a bad order the app worked perfectly no issues what so ever. So I decided to do an experiment. Every single day for two weeks same thing. Good order app issues. Bad order or long bad order no issues. Something tells me I'm being fucked with.
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2022.01.22 01:49 jordanearth What do you look forward to?

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2022.01.22 01:49 GarySmith43 Dogs GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor An estimated 460,000 missing dogs are reported every year in the United States. Missing your dog is the worst thing that can ever happen to a dog owner, but now you can ease your mind with the best GPS tracker in the market.

Dogs GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor An estimated 460,000 missing dogs are reported every year in the United States. Missing your dog is the worst thing that can ever happen to a dog owner, but now you can ease your mind with the best GPS tracker in the market. submitted by GarySmith43 to ddfese [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 01:49 sugarprincessfeet Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2022.01.22 01:49 No1Nol Where are you guys from?

Im from croatia
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2022.01.22 01:49 Jamesof11 I made a recent post where I lost at 69 in the tower. I’m currently at 95. I am freaking out. What do I do? Do I change anything ?? I lead with Cloyster

My team: Garchomp - Jolly - Max Speed/Attack - Life Orb - Iron head - Outrage - Crunch - EQ
Cloyster - Jolly - Skill Link - Max Speed/Attack - Focus Sash - Icicle Spear - Rock Blast - Razor She’ll -Shell smash
Latios - Calm - Levitate - Max Speed/Special Atk - Energy Ball - Psychic - TB - Dragon Pulse
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2022.01.22 01:49 t0pherl Anyone else not got a shipping notification about the hoodie shipping?

I’ve got an order confirmation but not shipping. I keep seeing posts with people getting their hoodies, just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat. I’m using the shop app to track the order
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2022.01.22 01:49 Sad-Understanding818 25 [M4F] Shy Guy Looking to Gain Experience

Hi! Trying this one more time. Super inexperienced guy looking for a kind patient girl that wants to chat and see where it goes! I was super shy growing up so I’m pretty inexperienced with dating and everything else. I’m hoping to change that! No real expectations just want somebody that is cool with my romantic and sexual inexperience and maybe willing to teach me a thing or two. HMU if you’re interested :)
As for looks, I am quite athletic, 6’2, blue eyes, and caucasian in West Seattle. Pics for reference:
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2022.01.22 01:49 ohnoyoudee-en 5 Shakos and still no high runes.... sigh

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2022.01.22 01:49 lunchboxweld How do I fund my rune addiction?

After being gone for over a decade I decided to come back and see whats new in my first MMO. After creating a shiny new character I've decided to put on a pointy hat. I've gotten runes from the adventure dude in the starting area but What can I do to make enough gold to keep buying runes? I don't really care about making tons of gold just enough to fund my habit. (Im f2p).
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2022.01.22 01:49 FarFromAverage7866 What Do Women Really Want?

Before the "thought police" come in barging with their comments about how "this post is only my perception." Well, I have indeed written this. But, if you can make it till the end of the post without getting a heart attack, then read all the studies that I have linked at the end to support my "claims." Also, let me clarify Reddit is not a truthful representation of the real world. Reddit is a leftist platform, plàgued and fueled by lìberal views, where you have to play the "politically correct" card, before the "wrong think" police gets you bàn-ned. So, majority of it's users live in a fantasy world being fake to themselves, and giving unrealistic advices to the users on here to make them "feel better", rather than saying the harsh truth because it will "offend" them. Let me give you an example.
If I was to go on the subs that talk about marriage and if I was to say, "I want a strong independent women, that is a open fèminíst who fights for women's rights, and by me being a empowering male because it's 2022, I will give her the freedom to do whatever she likes." I can bet you, this statement of mine would be upvoted to the 7th heaven. While if I was to say, "I want a submissive women who is obedient, and knows her place in the home" my statement would be downvoted to the grounds. On this platform, you have to lie and be "fake" in order to be heard. People will say the most dumbest politically correct stuff for "karma" or "internet points." Even if I get 100k internet "karma", it's not paying my bills 🤣🤣. If a woman was to say on here, "She wants a assertive male who shows her place, and wants to be a trad wife" she'll be called a "pick me" and be brainwashed by the 30 something year old unmarried miserable feminists. While if the same woman was to say, "She wants a nice guy and how she only cares about his personality" her statement will be upvoted to the moon. By who tho? By all the men, who live in a fantasy world of where they think, their "personality" and "niceness" will get them women.But in the real world, outside of Reddit fantasy tale, it doesn't work that way. The real world is not a fantasy, which you wish it was.
So coming back to the title of this post, the question then arises what do women really want? **You as a man, imagine yourself as a woman for a second, and put yourself in their shoes. Imagine you're a 5'3 petite blonde, who has a boring life and who doesn't know shi about how the real world works. You as a woman in this case, what would you do? You would want to accompany and latch onto a "adventurous life experienced guy" having a crazy up and down emotional rollercoaster ride, and being part of his thrilling lifestyle, because this is a far better option than your old boring life.
But the reality is, the men who approach you, (still imagine yourself as the 5'2 blonde) are all the same. Meaning, their only purpose in life is to "impress" and to make you center of their attention, when you know you aren't worthy enough of all this. And they still consistently shower you with roses and fake compliments. And you instinctively know, all these guys are the same because they're using the "I'm a nice guy and I deserve to get her" card to get in bed with you, and you know they aren't really genuine. You know they have hidden motives behind their fake "niceness" (which is to get in bed with you) and rather than being upfront about it, they play all these games and you can naturally read through it, bc your 6th sense is strong when it comes to choosing a mate to have kids with. (Scientifically proven). What would you do to all these guys? I can bet you, you would reject all of them.
You instinctively know you have no experience of the real world, and have no actual value to provide other than your wet hole, which you know guys will do literally anything for. You know why women are masters at manipulation? Because they know, majority of the guys are desperate and will do anything, for what's between their legs. And they use this for their advantage, and I don't blame them. If I was a woman, I would probably do the same.
But then one day, out of all the "fake nice guys", you see a different guy who's not desperate to get in your panties, like all other men who are worshipping you. You see a guy who's doing what he likes, is a rebel, lives life on his own terms, doesn't fear anything or suck up to anyone, doesn't put you on the pedestal, is up for any challenge, and he will not live his life to "please" you, and knows your true worth, what would you do? You would be like, "He's different than all the other fake guys out there, and has an interesting life, and will not hype up my value which I'm not worthy of, just because I naturally came into this world with a wet hole and a set of tì-ts." And you would naturally want to be part of his life, and accompany him in his journey. Your subconscious mind will make you tingle in ways, which you have never experienced before. Why? Because this guy is truly different from all other men out there.
To sum it up in one sentence, women want a strong, dominating, adventurous guy who isn't hesitant to take any risks, is cold stone stoic who doesn't get emotionally affected by anything, and dominates her properly to let her know who's incharge and the "man" of the family, while still having a pure heart of gold. This is it. The studies I have linked, will make you come up with the same conclusion, especially, for the people out there who haven't seen or experienced the real world.
Now, to the guys who say it's "Chad only" bro. Well, who is Chad? "Chad" is basically a genetically gifted male who is a 10/10 in the looks department. I have known few "Chads." One might think these men are real models. But some of them sucked with women, even while being so genetically gifted.
Why? Because either they were socially introverted and didn't know how to pick up on her signals, or they didn't know how to make the next move. If there is a 5/10 guy, but he's overly confident, knows what he's doing, women will rather want to be with him vs a guy who is 10/10, but he doesn't know what he's doing.
Back in my first year of university before this whole plàndemìc, I took this job at a very elite place, and it was also frequented by some celebs. (Celebs were not too famous, but somewhat known.) There was a waiter there, who one would call a "chad." Every girl wanted him when they saw him. But this guy was socially introverted. He had many hot waitresses hitting up on him and he wanted them too, but because of his lack of social skills and charisma, he didn't get them. He would talk and stutter and be so nervous, women would be put off by this. There was also a dishwasher there, who one would consider a "jerk" with very average looks. But "surprisingly", this guy was piping down the waitresses, even while being a dishwasher. What this guy do? Nothing. From what I remember, he had that "idgaf" attitude and said what he wanted, and was just himself all the time. I'd never seen any person in my life, more confident and blunt than this guy. He was the most realest. That attracted women naturally towards him, because he was "different."
We as humans, we're always inclined to take the easy route. Majority of us cannot handle the harsh truth. Remember the saying, "Women don't love you, but they love how you make them feel?" It's that emotional rollercoaster ride that keeps on her toes, which she can't get enough of. If you go on those marriage subs, women are giving the same advices to men, to be "nice" and what not. Is it working for any of them? If you really believe in their "advices" then I'm sorry. You haven't seen the real world. Women want drama, entertainment, and want something to talk about. Their currency is attention, and the less you give of it, the more they can't get enough of. Never take what women say seriously. Only look at their actions, and then, do your own due diligence. Judge them from their actions, not their words. Anyone can say anything, but what really matters is what that person really does regards to his action.
Women were made to sèrveè and follow men. Since the dawn of time, men have protected women from the enemy tribes and invading warriors and in exchange, women have provided sex and children to their man. You have all these women saying, "No, women are independent and don't need no man and so on." Well, you know that book "50 Shades of grey?" It has sold over 150 million copies bought by women. And you should already know, what it talks about. Getting Domìnated and being owned for a lack of better word, is in every women's primal instinct. Why? Because she a women, and she's naturally submissive. But... to the right guy. The same fèminist who's "hating" on men all day, in the dark depths of the night she's willing to get chained/tied up/handcuffed and be shown her place by the right guy. When it comes to her primal instinct and biological urge, she'll forget all the fèmìnist nonsense in a flash. Fèmìnists are the biggest Hypocrites I've ever met in my life. Fèminism was the biggest shi test known to mankind, and as long as you don't take her seriously, you'll be good.
Do you really think that unmarried 30 something year old "strong and independent women" who is at a high "position" at her workplace is happy deep down? Nope. She's low-key miserable. Not me saying, read them statistics below. She deeply wishes she can go home to her children greeting her with a huge smile, saying "Hey mama" and then hugging her kids, and showing them affection. And she deeply wishes, she could serve her man in whatever way he wants her to. But the catch is, as long as the man is strong, dominating, stoic and on his purpose. Women always want to be beneath their man, and in his protection no matter how much "independence" they claim. The world can go to hell, or become a "matriarchal" society, but deep down a women's primal and biological instinct will always be the same.
Now before the thought police go like, "What his source?" It must be "trust me bro!" For you jokers, I have linked all the sources to support my "claims."
Nice guys finish last study.
Short term relationships vs Long Term, What do women look for in ltr vs str? Alpha/beta etc
Women rate men in either 2 categories
Hybristophillia (Why serial killers have received thousands of lover letters in jail, and what makes them so attractive to women?)
Career women are more likely to be single and depressed in the long run than women who married early.
[Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has sold 100m copies worldwide
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2022.01.22 01:49 Topshelfers_Podcast Breaking down 5 black-eyed children videos!

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2022.01.22 01:49 Monke1236 Imagine a veterans day update

Like ww1 and 2 helmets Vietnam stuff ya know that type of stuff
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