Getting a second cat was the best decision I have ever made - aggressive cat no more !! (More info in the comments)

2022.01.26 14:52 sad--butterfly Getting a second cat was the best decision I have ever made - aggressive cat no more !! (More info in the comments)

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2022.01.26 14:52 Sure-Medium-3509 Maybe...?

Hey maybe for PS GEICO will be like,
"Hey, thanks for sticking through all the BS this last year. Please accept this bonus on top of PS to show our appreciation for your dedication."
I mean one can hope right?
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2022.01.26 14:52 mardowe Biking or running in the dark? Here's how the drivers see you based on the clothes you wear.

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2022.01.26 14:52 DJ-Davex Ghastrioc

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2022.01.26 14:52 shafiqmuzamal112 Top 5 Trends in Sunglasses in 2022

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2022.01.26 14:52 ItsGalaxySwirlAlex I don’t know if this counts but I don’t even know what’s going on here…

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2022.01.26 14:52 FleXXger Online Sprachen lernen mit Zertifikat?

Liebe Leute,
hat jemand von euch Erfahrungen gemacht mit online Sprachen lernen mit Zertifikaten, also mit Prüfungen? Speziell geht es um russisch und ausser deutsch könnte auch englisch die zugrunde liegende Sprache sein. Volkshochschule kommt wegen der Arbeitszeiten nicht in Frage. Googel wirft nur jede Menge Ergebnisse wie Babbel, RosettaStone etc aus.
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2022.01.26 14:52 Beautiful-Ad7625 Best no auto Durk song here?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 14:52 Akio_Taki My biggest regret in life..

Well, I just want to tell my story since it's been bothering me for like 2 and a half years or so. But it still going to bother me even after telling someone but I just want some of the burden to get off my shoulders. So 3 years before, in the year of 2019, there was still no covid. Still had school and stuff. And for the 2nd time, I had a relationship with someone who's older than me again (sorry, I just really like girls that are older than me but smaller than me). She was 2 years older than me and I was 14 at the time, 2nd year junior high school student. We really had great times, well great is an understatement. The thing that I really like about her is, she's a really simple worth it girl. And I also really like when she gets angry or moody sometimes because it's like looking at a kirby that's holding a knife, that's how cute she is when she gets angry but anyway.. We always ate streetfood (If you're Filipino you'll get what I mean), always had fun in the most simple ways. Every day/night having video calls, talking with her and sometimes when her little sister caught her having a video call with me, we'll have a very fun conversation. It was one of the best moments in my highschool life. I realized that I loved her more than my 1st girlfriend. But one day, I introduced her to my mom but not physically at first because... it's complicated. I'll go simplify it. "I don't like her looks, go find someone else who looks better). But don't hate my mom, please. After she knew what my girlfriend looked like, everything got complicated. I was being forced to break up with her, But I didn't tell my girlfriend because I don't want her to get hurt as well as be angry at my mom. So after a week or so, I get blackmailed again and again just so that I would break up with my girlfriend. I got grounded again and again. Blackmail after blackmail. Everyday after school, me and my mom will argue. She didn't even let me hangout with my friends outside anymore. And after a month, I got tired. I made the hardest decision I ever made that time. I called my girlfriend at night, it was by 9pm or 10pm maybe. I told her that we should breakup. Then our friend joined the call after my girlfriend told her what's happening. They both asked me why but I didn't told them. I wanted to protect my mom. My girlfriend.. I watched her cry, I listened to her asking me again and again why I was breaking up with her. I pretended to cry that time because I thought, she would think it's real. Then she asked me to let her see my face if I was really crying, but I didn't do it. I just said "I'm sorry" then left the call. I didn't feel anything that night, I was just staring at my ceiling thinking "Did I do the right thing?" Again and again and again until I fell asleep. The following days were really akward. Her friends kept on staring at me like they were going to kill me. We broke up in march. I was happy for a few months. But right when july hit, I suddenly felt this sense of guilt. July 2, my birthday, I felt kinda happy but mostly down. July-december I felt so guilty because of what I did to my her (my ex-girlfriend). Then the whole year of 2020 until to this day. January 27, 2022... I still feel the guilt. I feel so bad, I feel so angry at myself for doing that to her. Everytime I attempt to talk to a new girl, I don't feel happy or satisfied. I still love my ex-girlfriend. I know it's kinda wrong because I was the one who broks up with her, but it was forced. But I can't do anything now, she may be happy with someone else or she may be having her best days of her life now. I don't want to bother her anymore because I don't want her to be sad again. But I guess that's life, we always regret in the end. Thank you guys for reading my story and maybe, just maybe if she's able to see this. I just want to say I am really sorry, and well here's the explanation that you were asking for.. sorry it took almost 3 years.. Love you always and take care and live the best life that you could ever have. Again, thank you guys so much. It means alot to me. -Jhustin
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2022.01.26 14:52 wb_reeves February is here with Jesse Quick & Naomi McDuffie!

February is here with Jesse Quick & Naomi McDuffie!
Hi, Legends!
February is almost here in DC Legends with Jesse Quick: The Golden Age Daughter and Naomi McDuffie: Powerhouse, and reworked Arsenal: Roy Harper & Atom: The World’s Smallest Hero! Find out all about the month's events below!
Jesse Quick: The Golden Age Daughter is the login Hero for February!
Jesse Chambers is the daughter of the Golden Age superheroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Bell, guided to become the speedster Jesse Quick.
Super Powers:
  • Breakout Speedster: Damage to a single target. Gains 3 Crit Chance Up (1T) and 75% chance to apply 4 Evasion Down (1T) to target. Legendary: Gains 2 permanent Speed Up.
  • Superheroes Study: Gains 3 Speed Up (2T). Apply 3 Evasion Up (2T) to herself and all her allies. Legendary: Gains 1 permanent Crit Chance Up.
  • Speed Force Formula: Heavy damage to a single target. Gains 4 Crit Damage Up (2T) and 4 Speed Up (1T). Legendary: Gains 2 permanent Evasion Up.
  • Golden Age Inheritance: 75% chance to Purge 4 Debuff at the start of her turn. Legendary: Always gains 2 Strength Up (2T).
  • Quickstart CEO: Steals 4 Buffs if she successfully evades an attack. Legendary: Always gains 1 permanent Crit Damage Up.
  • STR: 1,650 (+915)
  • AGI: 1,694 (+710)
  • STA: 1,316 (+675)
  • INT: 1,297 (+150)
  • HP: 19,910 (+7,600)
  • SPD: 102 (+30)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+42%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+106%)
Naomi was sent to Earth-0 as a last resort for her survival. There, she was raised by a human family who raised her as an average child until an encounter with superman led her two manifest her abilities and question her origins.
Super Powers:
  • Only Child: Heavy damage to a single enemy and gain Taunt (1T). Legendary: 50% Chance to apply double damage on the target.
  • Double Trouble: Heavy damage that ignores Awareness to a single target and 75% chance to deal half damage to a random enemy. All damage ignores Awareness. Legendary: Also, 50% Chance to apply double the original base damage and Stun (1T) on the original target.
  • Shush!: Heavy damage to all enemies and 80% chance to apply Silence (1T) on primary target. Legendary: 50% Chance to apply double damage.
  • Identity Crisis: If Naomi's health is under 50%, call Only Child at the end of her turn. Legendary: 50% chance to gain Death Immunity (1T) at the end of her turn.
  • Good Instincts: If Naomi has 3 or more debuffs, 65% chance to gain 7 Strength Ups (1T) at the end of her turn. Legendary: Also, gain 3 Stamina Ups (1T).
  • STR: 1,727 (+860)
  • AGI: 1,318 (+305)
  • STA: 1,598 (+1,195)
  • INT: 1,318 (+180)
  • HP: 27,928 (+11,900)
  • SPD: 90 (+23)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+17%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)
Taken in by Oliver Queen at a young age, Roy Harper was Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy before becoming the vigilante known as Arsenal.
Super Powers:
  • Crippling Arrow: Heavy Damage and apply 4 Strength Downs (1T) to an enemy. Legendary: 50% chance to attack an additional random enemy.
  • Everybody Chill: Damage and apply 4 Strength Down (2T) to all enemies. Always Reset Turn Meter to the main target. Legendary: Always apply 5 Hit Chance Downs (1T) to missed targets.
  • Blinding Impact: Heavy Damage and apply 5 Hit Chance Downs (2T) to an enemy. Legendary: +5% Damage per Debuff on the enemy team (Limit 20).
  • Concussion Grenade: When an enemy deals damage, 75% chance to apply 2 Strength Downs (2T) and 2 Intelligence Downs (2T) for each affected ally. Legendary: When Concussion Grenade activates, reduce Cooldown of Blinding Impact by 1.
  • Speedy Counter: When an enemy misses an attack, counter with Crippling Arrow. Legendary: Also gain Invisibility (2T) if not Invisible.
  • STR: 1,435 (+1,040)
  • AGI: 1,623 (+710)
  • STA: 1,585 (+925)
  • INT: 1,320 (+205)
  • HP: 25,101 (+6,350)
  • SPD: 94 (+35)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+20%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)
With advanced technology that allows him to shrink to subatomic levels, Atom fights injustice of all shapes and sizes.
Super Powers:
  • Atomic Punch: Damage to an enemy. and gain 2 Empowered Strenght Ups (2T). Legendary: Ignore Shields and Awareness if the target is buffed.
  • Microscopic Assistance: Purge 5 debuffs from each ally. Call Assist from primary target. Legendary: Gain 5 Evasion Ups (2T).
  • The Harder They Fall: Heavy Damage to an enemy. +50% Damage if target is above 50% HP. Legendary: Also gain Debuff Immunity (2T).
  • Time Pool Recall: Each time Atom damage an enemy 70% Chance to Call Assist on a random teammate. Legendary: Also apply 5 Evasion Ups (1T) on a teammate.
  • Scientific Approach: 85% chance to gain 50% Turn Meter Up each time an enemy gains 1+ buff on their turn. Legendary: Also Atom gain 2 Empowered Strenght Ups (2T).
  • STR: 1,612 (+1,040)
  • AGI: 1,457 (+710)
  • STA: 1,442 (+925)
  • INT: 1,461 (+205)
  • HP: 23,669 (+6,350)
  • SPD: 85 (+35)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+20%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)

The PVP board completion reward this month is Black Canary: Dinah Laurel Lance.
Wraith Tournament:
  • Atom: The World's Smallest Hero (02/07 - 02/14)
  • King Shark: Nanaue (02/14 - 02/21)
  • Arsenal: Roy Harper (02/21 - 02/28)
  • Peacemaker: Christopher Smith (02/28-03/07)

Showdown Tournaments:
For February, we have two Showdown Tournaments, both rewarding Deadman: Wandering Spirit fragments. The board clear for these tournaments is Parallax: Kyle Rayner.
  • Legendary Showdown: 02/10 - 02/13
  • Heroic Showdown: 02/24 - 02/27

Blitz Tournaments:
There are also 2 new Blitz tournaments! Rewards for both of these tournaments are Gems!
  • Physical Blitz: 02/04 - 02/06
    • Only Physical characters will be able to enter battles.
  • Heroes Blitz: 02/18 - 02/20
    • Only Heroes characters will be able to enter battles.

Siege Tournament:
Win Naomi McDuffie: Powerhouse fragments in this month’s Siege Tournament! Siege began on 02/07 and ended on 02/28.
Bonus Heroes for Siege:
  • Naomi McDuffie: Powerhouse
  • Jesse Quick: The Golden Age Daughter
  • Atom: The World’s Smallest Hero
  • Arsenal: Roy Harper
  • Jessica Cruz: Green Lantern Co-Defender of Earth
  • Hawk: The Avatar of War
  • Siren: Assassin of the Deep Sea
  • Dove: The Avatar of Peace

For the 10-day challenges, win Jesse Quick: The Golden Age Daughter fragments in the “Learning the Ropes” challenge (02/05 - 02/15) and “Bad Influences” challenge (02/19 - 02/28).
For the 6-day challenge, win Captain Cold: Criminal Master of Chill fragments in the “Criminal Master of Chill Challenge” (02/12 - 02/18).
The Team Challenge “Nephelokokkygia” (02/26 - 03/04), awards you Artemis: The Shim'Tar fragments.

Here is the Event’s eligible list:
  • Artemis: The Shim'Tar
  • Doctor Poison: Master of the Toxic
  • Giganta: Colossal Criminal
  • Nubia: Vengeful AmazonCassandra Cain: The One Who Is All
  • Nightwing: The Aerial Avenger
  • Batman Beyond: Terry McGinnis
  • Batman: The Dark Knight
  • Clayface: Basil Karlo
  • Mr. Freeze: Heart of Ice
  • Chemo: The Deathless Doom
  • Stargirl: Wielder of The Cosmic Staff
  • Hippolyta: Queen of the Amazons
  • Wonder Girl: Champion of War
  • Wonder Woman: Champion of the Amazons
  • Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice
  • Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira
  • Yara Flor: Future State Wonder Woman

Event Start: January 26th at 4:00 PM PST
Event End: January 30th at 4:00 PM PST
Strange ripples have spread across the fiber of reality, causing numerous events to trigger all over the universe! Gather your strongest heroes to fight against the only being powerful enough to cause this event: Superboy Prime!. Fight and get the exclusive Circe: Pre 52 skin! Only the top 500 users will be able to obtain it!

During the duration of this event, Captain Cold: King Cold skin will be available in the store!
NOTE: Please remember that Skins will only change your character’s appearance, but they will not affect the skills or attributes of that character.

Be sure to check out Skin Mondays during February, where some fan-favorite skins are coming back to the Store for Essence Gems:
Robin: Origins Skin 2/13/2022 17:00:00 - 2/15/2022 17:00:00 PST
Riddler: Number One Skin 2/20/2022 17:00:00 - 2/22/2022 17:00:00 PST
Superman: Beyond Skin 2/3/2022 17:00:00 - 2/5/2022 17:00:00 PST
Flash: Old Man Barry Skin 2/5/2022 17:00:00 - 2/7/2022 17:00:00 PST
Donna Troy: Post Crisis Skin 2/7/2022 17:00:00 - 2/9/2022 17:00:00 PST
Zatanna: Bombshells Skin 2/9/2022 17:00:00 - 2/11/2022 17:00:00 PST
Larfleeze: Black Lantern Skin 2/11/2022 17:00:00 - 2/13/2022 17:00:00 PST
Flash: Blue Lantern Skin 2/13/2022 17:00:00 - 2/15/2022 17:00:00 PST
Wonder Girl: Casual Outfit Skin 2/15/2022 17:00:00 - 2/17/2022 17:00:00 PST
Joker: White Tuxedo Skin 2/17/2022 17:00:00 - 2/19/2022 17:00:00 PST
Conner Kent: Kon-El Skin 2/19/2022 17:00:00 - 2/21/2022 17:00:00 PST

Thank you for playing DC Legends!
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2022.01.26 14:52 joevince99 Best option to try and silence talent walking on pebble beach

I’ve got a shoot on a pebble beach and looking for something around 5m for the actors to walk on so the sound of the stones doesn’t completely ruin the dialogue
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2022.01.26 14:52 MrDivinePegasi72 What is this at the bottom of the screen

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2022.01.26 14:52 Ball1611 Spreading the symbol/name

DM me if you're interested in stickers! Will accept XMR. As of now I have just over 100 left.
It's really cool mailing them around the world so hopefully after weeks/months/years of people passing a 'Monero' postage people it will become more commonplace. I personally believe that Monero can exist without the need for another of cryptocurrency sticking around so (that's to say, to transact in Monero for a new sweater it's not necessary that Ethereum exists or a larger Crypto "Market").
This is how they look:
Anyway, let me know! Take care everybody.
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2022.01.26 14:52 AlternativerBOT Die Impfpflicht soll vom Staatsversagen ablenken! - Thomas Seitz - AfD-Fraktion im Bundestag

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2022.01.26 14:52 anoxious-person INTP

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2022.01.26 14:52 ShowNeverStops Strawberry Panic Rewatch Thread - Episode 10

Welcome to the rewatch thread for shoujoai’s rewatch of Strawberry Panic episode 10!
CW: Strawberry Panic has a few scenes depicting sexual assault.
Each day will feature questions to help begin the conversation for the day’s episode. However, don’t feel that you have to base your comment around the questions of the day; if there is a separate subject you’d like to talk about concerning the day’s episode, please feel free to address it in addition to or even instead of answering the day’s questions!
Please refrain from discussions of spoilers beyond the day’s episode. Thank you!
Question 1: This is the first time we really see Shizuma go out of her way to do something selfless for someone else. What do you think of Shizuma opening up even more around Nagisa?
Question 2: Shizuma seems to have started falling for Nagisa over the last few episodes. Do you want Nagisa to end up with Shizuma or Tamao?
Where to stream Strawberry Panic!: RetroCrush (Free/Ads & NA only)
AsianCrush (Free/Ads & NA only)
hoopla (Library card req. & NA only)
Tubi (Free/Ads & NA and Australia only) Outside NA and Australia the only legal streaming option is Amazon UK with their pay-per-episode. You can also find the show with various subtitle languages on YouTube.
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2022.01.26 14:52 klsi832 Elizabeth Hurley on a bed at the Dorchester Hotel, London, 1992

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2022.01.26 14:52 PhakkYuu 100Kanojo by 4Kids

Join Randolph Anderson and his quest to find his 100 destined friends. Such as Hannah Harrison, Karen Indiana, Shirley Yorkshire, Nina Elliott, Kirsten Yasmine, Harriet Harrison, Koko Hershey, Mia Madison, Ikki Stuart, Mimi Ubermeyer, Mel Kenneth, Chia Ivory, Natalia Yanovich, Yamina Yestersay, Molly Molière, Yoel Yasmine, Karla Tristan and many many more in 'The 100 Friends who really really really really really care about you'!
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2022.01.26 14:52 Epic_Hoola Speculation On The New Island.

I predict it's a Gold Island, but for fire monsters
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2022.01.26 14:52 infinatepanicmode Does Eugene / Springfield have any urban legends?

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2022.01.26 14:52 wk131986 COTA track day tickets?

Been riding a few years and I figured it was about time to do a COTA track day, but wasn't sure if I was looking in the right place to find tickets. I thought I heard a ticket would run ~$200, but the only thing I can find is RideSmart, and their tickets are pushing $500. Am I looking in the wrong spot?
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2022.01.26 14:52 YTLinkerBot Dyno test new “cold air intakes” for my HR 350Z!

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2022.01.26 14:52 Hopeful_Actuator5897 Add my Snapchat for free pics- amyharriet22

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2022.01.26 14:52 Lets_____Go Yesterday [I ate] Some Shrimp

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2022.01.26 14:52 Dhairya09ll 🗣️ epnsproject Introduced EPNS now has a Channel Verification Badges for verified channels! 🔔☑️ Now opt-in more securely 😉 EPNS Channel Verification >> Twitter NFT Verification What features do you want to see next on EPNS?🤔 Comment down below👇

🗣️ epnsproject Introduced EPNS now has a Channel Verification Badges for verified channels! 🔔☑️ Now opt-in more securely 😉 EPNS Channel Verification >> Twitter NFT Verification What features do you want to see next on EPNS?🤔 Comment down below👇 submitted by Dhairya09ll to epnsproject [link] [comments]