'21 Nightshade, 1 year old today!

2022.01.18 01:18 zuproc '21 Nightshade, 1 year old today!

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2022.01.18 01:18 gabmimros Nudity pointer ;) [sfw]

Nudity is your natural state: your effortless birthright, always available, empty of adornment, unconditioned, the fundamental you, utter freedom.
Clothing is your avatar state: a restrictive form, culture-bound and concept-laden, learned, effortful and temporary. Sometimes heavy, sometimes light. Sometimes clothing feels right for the circumstances, sometimes not.
When leaving the house to manifest in the outside world, both are required simultaneously. Clothing implies a nude body through which it is animated. A nude body is misunderstood in a world of the clothed. To a perceiver, the body and the clothing are one entity, not two.
When the fit is perfect, you look good and feel good; when it’s not, you suffer.
Either way, you feel best back at home when it’s all off!
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2022.01.18 01:18 Paper_papel88 [US][BUYING] lot’s of manga

I’m looking to buy these either as a set or in singles I do know some of these are in stock online but I wanna try to buy second hand first
•Kakeguri (all vols) •Blue Exorcist (All vols) •Death note black edition(2+) •Jujutsu Kaisen (1-4) • Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku(All vols) •Horimiya (All vols) • Food war’s (all vols) •Komi can’t communicate (vols 6 and 8+) • Banana Fish (All vols)
I’d like to thank those who help me in advance!
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2022.01.18 01:18 nwoodco1 First Shoot Tomorrow

My real estate agent who I bought my house with asked if I had camera equipment and if I would be interested in taking photos for him and a couple agents in their office as their other photographer had moved. I have done aerial videography before, but expressed that I haven't done interior photos which he was fine with. I've got a shoot tomorrow, small 800 square foot condo. What should I make sure to get photos of, make emphasis of?
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2022.01.18 01:18 tupacalypse650 Someone has probably ripped a painting in anger and found a hidden safe behind it

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2022.01.18 01:18 gooblewo Well written. Period.

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2022.01.18 01:18 BurstYourBubbles Gies yer laptop

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2022.01.18 01:18 amandakay828 Sniffing capsule?

What was the Cardinals kicker sniffing before kicking the field goal tonight? And why? Its legal during game play?
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2022.01.18 01:18 FreeBreakfastCoupon The best love story ever told

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2022.01.18 01:18 ElegantPermission841 Saw this, I know there not good people but still, come on

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Server invite: https://discord.gg/6n7wpB6M
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2022.01.18 01:18 alcamino3 Logistics in the Philippines

Hi! anybody here specializes on a career in logistics? Need advice.
What is the Pros and Cons of this field in our country? And is there a degree or class that I can take if I want to pursue this field.
Thank you!
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2022.01.18 01:18 CardiologistOk3050 Lucky

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2022.01.18 01:18 Infinite-DriftREDDIT I made a hard challenge, ZMAFXTV

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2022.01.18 01:18 ForeverAlonzo I always feel like somebody’s watching me

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2022.01.18 01:18 user9973829292 how to ask about ozempic?

so i’m currently on metformin for dawn phenomenon, but i haven’t really noticed any difference at all. i’ve been scrolling through many different subreddits and watching some videos online about ozempic and im very interested. i’ve seen a lot of people saying really good things about it and how it helps with insulin resistance too which i believe i have an issue with. i’ve also seen a lot of people talking about how it helps with weight loss. i am obese and would really like to lose weight to better my health. the problem is i’m very embarrassed about talking about my weight with people and i want to mention starting ozempic to my endo, but i don’t want to mention the weight loss part even though that’s a huge reason i would like to start it. i really want to take ozempic rather than metformin because i see no difference after being on metformin for awhile now. how should i start that conversation?
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2022.01.18 01:18 dogflog How much water for Quickcrete?

I’m installing a vinyl privacy fence and I’m setting the posts using Fast Acting Quickcrete. I followed the directions and used 1.9L of water per 50lb bag (I’m mixing 3 bags at a time using a cement mixer). The mix just seems so … dry. It doesn’t really “pour” … it’s more like the consistency of clay (I can scoop it up and pack it with my hands). I have set two posts so far and they seem pretty secure.
Does anyone have an experience with mixing this product?
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2022.01.18 01:18 ngo_dm_aa Digimon TCG | NGO DM AA's Agumon BoB Deck Profile #1 | LAST BT06 DECK PROFILE (HOPEFULLY)!

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2022.01.18 01:18 gimmesomeofthat_ Best Craps on the Strip?

A few of my friends and I are going to Vegas this weekend and couldn’t be more excited. The two other guys I’m going with are a lot of fun, but they gamble very aggressively and I am trying to not get pulled into playing 15-20 dollar craps.
We are staying on the strip, but I was curious what the best places to play at in the 5-10 range? Looking for real dice not games.
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2022.01.18 01:18 matthewlmorgan7 Dolly Parton | Run, Rose, Run | Walmart Exclusive Peach Vinyl

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2022.01.18 01:18 throwawaybugsting Prepaid Visa into Cash

Hi, if I link my prepaid visa to my PP account, then send all the money in my PP visa to person X. Person X could deposit the money received in their bank account and then etransfer it to me, right,
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2022.01.18 01:18 emarcomd Has anyone else read Mark Steele's Vive la Revolution: A Stand-up History of the French Revolution

I don't know *why* I picked up this book years ago, but it's what got me interested in the French Revolution.
It made me realize exactly how insane it was that people decided they could change their lot.
It's not the scope of the violence, but that suddenly the average person realized... oh... it's not God who is making my life suck.
Anyone read it? I can't speak to any errors in it. https://www.amazon.com/Vive-Revolution-Stand-up-History-French/dp/193185937X
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2022.01.18 01:18 emironer Günaydın keycibi hulkı

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2022.01.18 01:18 RadjaDwm What are you going to do if THIS appears from your television or monitor?

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2022.01.18 01:18 Ssteeple Шина лопнула на скорости 327 км/ч

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