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cowboy hat recommendations?

2022.01.22 20:44 Dissolving_Goose cowboy hat recommendations?

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2022.01.22 20:44 Nova_Physika Broussard is visiting Oregon and expected to transfer :(

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2022.01.22 20:44 crytoloover Shibaswap Bone next 100X project | | must buy #crypto #shibainu bone coin metaverse NFT profits

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2022.01.22 20:44 _Curly_fries The little sticker wings and the BMW logo, does anyone what it is and where is from and what’s it called?

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2022.01.22 20:44 bratzbabyyyy F22 happy saturday :-)

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2022.01.22 20:44 PenetratorGod Skyrim: Diary of the headless horseman - Fan Fiction

Date: Tirdas, 27th day of Morning Star, ME 1397
Across from the Jorrvaskr Meloni Hall near Skyforge... Half a mile away stood Godvar's Castle, blackened by the fury of winter conditions, from the Snow Elves' last siege.
The weather was bad. Dark, musty clouds covered the horizon, and flocks of crows were flying over the castle, screaming bitterly.
I was standing calmly in the trench to the right of the castle gate. I moved slowly. I've been thinking, cold under the damp wind since noon. I was looking at the mountain floating in the distance in a vague mist. A large group of Snow Elves was hiding here.
Godvar blocked the way to Skyforge like a death wall. The damned crows were still making noise with their ominous voices. I rubbed my tear-stained eyes. So far, I've been in dozens of battles with the elves, even though I'm not a soldier.
He joined the army of Ysgramor, the commander of our little castle, and went to conquer Solstheim. Since the Snow Prince, the leader of the Snow elves there, was causing too much trouble, mobilization was declared in Skyrim and the majority of our armies had defected there.
After the Snow Prince was finally overthrown, our scouts observed a group of Snow elves who had to take shelter in the mountains near Godvar Castle, fearing the fury of the nords. As if this weren't enough, the commander of our castle was martyred in Solstheim and a new one could not be appointed as our leader.
We couldn't attack them because we didn't have enough men.
But after a while, they were trying to besiege our castle, whether they were out of desperation because they realized that they were outnumbered or because they wanted to avenge the death of their prince. We were pushing them back every time.
But now our resources were at the point of depletion. During these sieges, many of our good men were martyred, and the supplies and military aid we expected could not reach us. It must have been because of the weather conditions.
I was the only one in Godvar who had a say after the commander. I worked at the castle for many years. I did everything. Even when the foundation of this place was laid, I was there. I could do whatever I wanted since we wouldn't be able to get a new manager for a while.
In these difficult times, I had to take over and lead these people whose faith had weakened. Because no one else would. My prayers were answered. This was an opportunity that the gods offered me...

  1. End of Journal Entry
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2022.01.22 20:44 i-is-meme I come to you with information.

The old honey bee u/vegetable-dealer has been dethroned.
The new honey bee is u/averibi .
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2022.01.22 20:44 Meducky78 luffy sketch that I drew on the train 😊

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2022.01.22 20:44 yesman258 Audio not working.

I've had my Rift S for a very long time and it's worked amazing without issues. Until now. I was playing a game and took my headset off for a moment, after putting it back on there was just no audio. The headset audio was set all the way up, my pc audio was all the way up, it was set to play audio from computer and I even checked if the little headphone jack under the face cushion has unplugged, but it was perfectly fine? I literally have no idea what to do now.
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2022.01.22 20:44 jayebirdreddit Students Organizing for COVID Safety!

Students Organizing for COVID Safety! Check out the BUSSW COVID-19 Safety Demands Toolkit created by a group of students who are working towards taking direct actions against BU to demand for better COVID-19 policies that prioritizes our health and safety first. The Toolkit includes data, demands, action items, and more.
There will be a VIRTUAL TEACH-IN on Sunday, 1/23/2022 @ 5 PM. This will be a space for discussion about BU’s COVID-19 safety policies; ask questions and share concerns; and learn more about the toolkit and demands list. Over the start of next week, we're calling on you to take on the Action Items from the toolkit.
Action Items To Take: Please feel free to engage in any and/or all of these action items.
  • E-mail and/or Call President Brown and the Board of Trustees (e-mail addresses + copy/paste templates, and phone numbers + scripts are included under Action Items in the Toolkit)
  • E-mail your deans & professors (copy/paste templates are included under Action Items in the Toolkit)
  • Sign our new petition!
  • Speak with classmates, instructors, and colleagues
  • Share on Facebook, Instagram & other social media
  • Take 5 minutes to share information from the Toolkit in your classes
  • Student Walk-Out on Tuesday, 1/25/2022 @ 1:30 PM (Learn more in the Toolkit!)
Refer to the full Toolkit for background information and details about the virtual teach-in and walk out. If you complete any of the action items, please feel free to indicate what you completed in this Community Action Tracker so we can share and build off of each others’ efforts together.
For questions and/or concerns, contact: [BUCOVIDSafety@gmail.com](mailto:bucovidsafety@gmail.com)
Thank you, and stay safe!

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2022.01.22 20:44 alunidaje2 cherche francophone

moi: américain qui cherche francophone dans le voisin pour parlediscuter en français 2-3 fois par semaine. A Los Osos, Morro Bay, ou SLO. je parle assez bien, mais je voudrais améliorer mon français. Qu'importe votre accent.
Où qu'on aille, ce serais moi qui paie.
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2022.01.22 20:44 EggplantEmoji1 More ppl dead then alive?

With current population growth there is now 7.7 billion people on earth. How many would be dead and burried (and cremated) on earth..
Would there be a break even point? Is it even possible?
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2022.01.22 20:44 Big_Wave_9255 Foxes not killing chickens

Like the title says I have many foxes all of which have room to jump to kill chickens and there a chickens around wat do thanks
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2022.01.22 20:44 cervezaenelsol Been working from home for a while now. This is my way to spend time with Evie

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2022.01.22 20:44 MayonakaBeru [Novels] The Mighty Ogre

We had a week long vacation and I'm bored. I went to reread the light novels and was annoyed by their attitude. Why are they so prideful of their strength like an ape that found a stick? Rimuru is just the reason they became strong. They're looking down on people that worked hard to become strong. She doesn't even have any self awareness. Anyway, I'm sorry if I unintentionally offended anyone. I'm just irritated.
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2022.01.22 20:44 redpandasnowtiger Looking for a ladies chat! (my BF has gone to bed, so I need someone to chat with)

Shoot me a line through my DMs.
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2022.01.22 20:44 MeekMahon [Start] Looking for people to form a classic rock band.

Big fan of Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and a bunch of others. I can play guitar but I'm no Jimmy Page. Ideally would like to cut an album maybe by the summer or fall of this year. I can also play bass as well. Ideally we can all talk and meetup on discord and upload our files there as well. My names Jake and I live on the east coast in America. Can't wait to meet you and start jamming.
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2022.01.22 20:44 MarketAPeel The Brand Stories of History tell a Shocking story

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2022.01.22 20:44 dmayerfe Happy Valentine’s Day to me from Ford! Production scheduled for week of Feb 14. Ordered 2021 model on July, 13, 2021, and converted to 2022 model on October 26. Hope it doesn’t get pushed back too many times.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me from Ford! Production scheduled for week of Feb 14. Ordered 2021 model on July, 13, 2021, and converted to 2022 model on October 26. Hope it doesn’t get pushed back too many times. submitted by dmayerfe to Ford [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 20:44 CoachAny Scones are fun sized breads

They are sponges made of grains.
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2022.01.22 20:44 Outside_Sell_8033 How do you say "Keith" in Japanese?

Keith is foreign name...
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2022.01.22 20:44 Aidan_Jonah Canada’s mainstream media lap up spy agency claims on Ukraine, manufacturing consent for conflict

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2022.01.22 20:44 Ensarba Build-in public? What would you do now?

Hello folks I need your advice. If you could start today to build in public how would you do it? which communities would you engage in and whatever you might think someone should consider?
Did you build in public? and what is your experience with which platforms you killed and which one didn't bring much value? Is it sufficient to write a blog and share the blog while building one community maybe Twitter or Reddit? Or something way different like giving a shot to new platforms like TikTok and so.

Brain dump whatever you think is relevant I would appreciate it 🙇
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2022.01.22 20:44 _Jynto_ Trouble with the Royal DLC

I don’t know if it’s because I got the DLC through my the PSN App but when I downloaded the Royal DLC it said it’s all download but when I went into the game it isn’t showing
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2022.01.22 20:44 Chuwei_Bar [USA-NY] [H] 6800, 6900XT, 9900K+ ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE, 2x16 LPX 3333 c14, 10900kf + z490i strix, MicroBoard 34' 1440p 100hz Ultrawide [W] Paypal Local Cash

Moving sale
6800 and 6900xt are both repasted with KPX
6800 - 1000 shipped
6900xt - 1250 shipped
9900k + Maximus XI GENE - 450 shipped (recently bought on hws but no longer needed)
2x16 LPX 3333 cl14 + EK Monarch - 130 shipped
10900KF + z490i Strix - $300 (I've experienced some game crashes on this but windows never crashed so i'm not so confident in them)
Microboard 1440p 100hz ultrawide - $175 local only
local is 11201
comment and pm pls
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