Let’s stop acting like we don’t know what the real hedge against inflation is…

2022.01.21 01:39 BBCashmoney Let’s stop acting like we don’t know what the real hedge against inflation is…

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2022.01.21 01:39 Arkarillian Siren??? Anyone else hear it? What is it from?

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2022.01.21 01:39 Prestigious-Ad6387 I need help finding youtuber!

Do any of you remember a minecraft youtuber who did a let's play in minecraft 1.0.0 or 1.1, he spawned in the ocean I think and made his base on a couple of islands. He built Etho's mob farm underground and it transported items up to one of his islands. His profile picture was himself with sunglasses. I can't for the life of me figure out what his channel name was?! Please help!
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2022.01.21 01:39 MrEvolution99 What do you guys think of this? Legendary is 85cc, iconic is 73cc

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2022.01.21 01:39 bigtimelarper road dog inquiry

I live in rural ass Oregon and want to go travel in the spring. Don’t know any other dirty kid queers that wanna hit the road so... if you’re interested please hmu. I don’t want to travel alone cuz 1)that sounds shitty 2)don’t want to get fucked with. About me, I’m 23 non-binary, anarchist, don’t really drink, good cook, charming panhandler, etc. right now my only plan is to reach San Antonio by April for the anarchist bookfair. Cheers y’all
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2022.01.21 01:39 TiredIce13 Of the Mannequin in the car

When the video shows the mannequin appear inside the mountaineer, you can see the car drop by several inches in the video. There's two things about this. 1. The Mannequin isn't heavy enough to cause a change in weight that would physically have the car move to that degree. 2. The car moves down predominantly in the back, not the front where the mannequin is.
Conclusion? There's something in the car, and its not the mannequin
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2022.01.21 01:39 Poop_catt Hmm

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2022.01.21 01:39 InfamousJuggernaut91 Younger 30 for older 55+

Looking for older guy to chat with, obviously a plus if nearby, but not required. Send me a message, im open to talking about anything.
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2022.01.21 01:39 Three_of_Diamonds ITAP of a reflection

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2022.01.21 01:39 FurretLad How much is a sealed ps2 selling for

I have and old unopened ps2 slim and was wandering how much it could sell for in Australian prices
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2022.01.21 01:39 Advancedunlimited Sara Sampaio

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2022.01.21 01:39 Stock_Titan CHGG | Chegg to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Financial Results

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2022.01.21 01:39 ikn0x H3 gaming

Title says enough. I just think it would be cool to see Ethan game it up. But if it’s his off camera safe place I understand that too.
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2022.01.21 01:39 tim4847 What is your favourite KO screen in the game?

Personally, my favourite is LR Namek Goku’s KO screen. (18 Ki)
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2022.01.21 01:39 dleeforthree 01/20/2022

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2022.01.21 01:39 Atotallyrandomname FS-t6 and iflight f7 FC

I am very new and working with a new flight controller and an old transmitter.
The stack requires a UART2 for a receiver.
I have an old FS-T6 that still turns on. Are these two able two communicate at all? What product would I need as the go-between?

Thank you all for your assistance.
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2022.01.21 01:39 Sixstarsbtd [Geometry] Given the height of an equilateral triangle, what must the perimeter be?

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2022.01.21 01:39 Decent_Wrongdoer_251 THE COMMON MO SALAH BUT STRONGER SHOOTER THAN DANNY LOADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2022.01.21 01:39 JakeStewart400 Do you need a chill clan to attack the endgame with? Check out Allegiance of Sol!

The Allegiance of Sol is meant to be a welcoming, yet high level clan for anyone who needs to do endgame activities. We have created a chill and helpful environment for guardians of all skill levels and all platforms to enjoy a good raid. GM's? We got you. Trials? We can do that. Need a raid sherpa? We do that too. We have even launched fashion contests within our discord that include prizes of silver.
Features of the clan include:
-Sherpas, one is almost always available, and we teach raids, dungeons, and various other high level PVE content regularly
-Trials/PVP players of all types
-Casual hangouts, there is almost always someone hanging out in a general voice chat just having a good time
-General casual play, we could all use a break from the end game sometimes
-Fashion Contests with Silver prizes, who doesn't like looking good?
-Players of all time zones
Things we are looking for are:
-Activity. More than anything we just want people who are active and just want to enjoy the game with some friends. You don't need to be active every day, but if you log in on at least a weekly basis and participate in the discord, that good for us. This is a pretty lax requirement
-Players of any level of skill. We are all perfectly happy to hang out and teach you if you need it. The reason this clan we founded was to provide a chill environment to help each other, learn, and have a good time doing it.
Ultimately, we are just here to create a spot that anyone can go to and have a great time playing a game we all love. If this sounds interesting to you feel free to message me here, or on discord at JakeStewart400#2456. See you out in the field Guardian!
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2022.01.21 01:39 ChaseracerChaseracer This is going to make me sound dumb

how do I post images on bodyswap it won't let me do it for some reason
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2022.01.21 01:39 EricSchC1fr Is Pluto a Planet? What’s a Planet, Anyway?

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2022.01.21 01:39 cowsarefalling This poster at my school

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2022.01.21 01:39 vodreliux Can anxiety zap your energy in your hobbies?

Example, I'm a content creator, but my mind is burned out when I sometimes go live. Does this happen to you guys? I want to keep energy up, but im so tired.

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2022.01.21 01:39 ImaFluffyTeapot Please help! First betta looking unwell

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2022.01.21 01:39 CloseDoughnut37 Damn, Atrioc blew up.

Damn, Atrioc blew up.
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