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Watch "Data Recovery for Dr. Dre - GTA Online" on YouTube

2022.01.20 16:17 Marvelous_07 Watch "Data Recovery for Dr. Dre - GTA Online" on YouTube

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2022.01.20 16:17 vmach13 Are there any supplements you think can help with quitting?

I'm 3 weeks and a couple days in and still experiencing cravings. I know the brain rewires itself after quitting by reducing dopamine related smoking and reducing nicotine receptors, I wonder if there's any supplements that could maybe boost this process? If their aren't are there supplements that maybe help with the other aspects of quitting?
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2022.01.20 16:17 No_Animal4020 The 7th anni

So last year we got the banners on the 30th and we had loading screen countdowns so does that mean that this Sunday will be a reveal?
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2022.01.20 16:17 moahnarsh 👙

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2022.01.20 16:17 Excellent-Yard6640 Trisha being toxic to Jason for 8 minutes

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2022.01.20 16:17 SirHootsALoad [LFP] [Pathfinder 1e] [18+] [Paid] Way Of The Wicked [Wednesdays 8pm GMT] [Long-term - New Players Welcome!] [£12 per player per session]

“This Jury of the people of Talingarde finds you Guilty!” Proclaims the Judge, the hairs on his ridiculous wig jiggling kept in place just barely by the contemptible mock crown the judges of this “Fair and noble” country wear in Obedience to Mitra. The so called “Shining lord” god of the sun, bravery, honor, justice, charity and other such pusillanimous rubbish. The judge's hammer slams loudly down onto his desk startling you back awake as you squint up at him with a hateful glare, the light from the court house’s windows reflecting off the Large Mitran sunburst hanging above the judge straight into your eyes.
“In account of the Evidence presented before the court and jury on this most glorious Sunday. And in the witness of not only the court and jury but also our Shining Lord do I Pronounce you Guilty! The crimes you have commited are heinous and unforgivable! So it is now I pronounce you Forsaken an enemy of the good people of Talingarde and their one true lord. There is only one punishment worthy of the Forsaken and it is the highest within my authority to bestow, To Brandascar! to see justice done, and see it done right soon. I Pronounce upon you the Death Sentence!”
The hammer slams down sealing your fate, the jury gasps as the sentence is handed out it is what was expected but nevertheless it is rare event indeed that any Citizen of Talingarde is sent to Brandascar.. You are led away unable to do much aside from spit and snarl, bound as you are in your heavy chains like a caged animal.
You are Guilty, a Lawbreaker the worst of the worse. Too dangerous to live amongst the good people of Talingarde, they dragged you in chains before a magistrate and condemned you. They sent you to the worst prison in the land and there they forever marked you. They held you down and branded you with a runic F. You are forsaken. You won’t be at Branderscar Prison for long. Branderscar is only a holding pen. In three days – justice comes. In three days – everything ends. What a pity. If only there was a way out of this stinking rat-hole. If only there was a way to escape. If only… No. No one has ever escaped from Branderscar Prison. This is where your story ends.


The Game: And that is how you will start your path on the “Way of the Wicked” a unique adventure path for Villains. You’ve saved the world plenty of times by now why not be Villainous for once? Why not walk the “Way of the Wicked.”
In this game you’ll be playing Villains looking to take down the “Oppressive” Goody two shoes Mitrans and their Puppets House Darius, Talingarde is a country full of “Good Guys” Fools! Your going to burn down Talingarde’s current Monarchy and Impose a new order on the people of Talingarde. This is an Evil campaign where Evil has lost but hasn’t been completely stamped out. The PCs have the opportunity to rise up and become the Villians that changed the history of Talingarde..The pc’s will join up with an Evil Organisation and as the campaign progresses will get the option to make their own Villainous Organisations to forward their own ambitions and plots.
“Way of the Wicked” is a chance to play an unusual sort of character. You will play a burgeoning dark lord -- someone who will rise from imprisonment and destitution to become one of the greatest villains of this age. At first, you will be a minion in service to a sinister plot. But eventually, you will be a minion no longer. You, if you can survive, will become the master.

[A Player Character not an NPC!]
What you can expect / What you get for Playing/Paying: - A Campaign of Villainy and plotting, Where the Pcs go from mere minions to dangerous Villains in their own right. The campaign is not Sandboxy but does open up a little in the later levels. The players are challenged to come up with cunning solutions to the missions they are given.
- I’ll do my best to weave in player backstory elements, and add in customised elements that fit into the campaign to not only link into player backstories but provide our villains with fun opportunities for Wickedness and plotting. In short while I am using a Written Adventure path I do plan on including customised elements to fit our villains.
- Some homebrew rulings to make the game move smoother and to make our players feel more badass. In particular a homebrew version of Hero points made for this campaign by myself and players from another game of this very campaign. It is called “Villainy Points” and gives the players a resource that they can gain and use to be villainous badasses.
- All the Benefits of a Pro Subscription, Dynamic lighting (On maps that aren’t too laggy.. There are some big maps in the Adventure path) and atmospheric music (Curated by me for specific scenes) through a discord bot.
- Pretty maps, some custom made by me for the campaign. Although theatre of the mind is used when appropriate.
- 3-4 hour (mostly depending on a good stopping point) Sessions of Villainy! With a short 5 minute break, 30 minutes of session time is set aside for talking and ice breaking.
- GM Support should you need any help! I am almost always contactable on discord and I'll do my very best to accommodate your needs!
General Rules: - No racism, sexism, homophobia and verbally attacking other players. One strike and thats it I’m pretty unforgiving when it comes to that stuff.
- Respect your other players! This goes for in and out of the game everyone’s here to have fun and in game You might be evil, but your evil to everyone but your allies.
- This ties into Respect your other players. But as this is a Villains game it can take darker turns. For this reason try to keep it to PG-13 Villainy, I don’t need to hear how you in detail torture someone (Instead think Darth Vader and Princess Leia on the star destroyer in a New Hope.) This is more of a group rule than anything and I’m sure as we play together everyone to get a better idea of whats acceptable and whats not. Everyone at the table is here to have fun not be disgusted by in character actions.
- Try your best to be punctual everyone’s agreed to have a game at the same time.
If your unable to attend, please do your best to let the group and more importantly me know at least 24hrs before. If there aren’t enough players to run I’ll postpone the game until next week (with no charge obviously.)
- You must have a Stable internet and a Decent Microphone as we will be using for Discord for voice. And for communications in and out of character.
- You must be over the Age of 18.
- If there any issues, criticism or questions please do dm me! I want everyone to have the best experience possible so if there is a problem please let me know! If you have any ideas also send them my way especially if its something that you’d like to see in the campaign that you think I might’ve missed.
What I am looking for from my players: - Both new and Experienced players are welcome.
- Players that enjoy combat will find plenty of enjoyment after all you are a Villain in a world of so called “Heroes”, players who are more roleplay focused will certainly be entertained by the campaign as a whole and my own Gming Style. If you are to survive you must be smart and cunning. At Least initially.
- Players who Make thematically appropriate characters and will have great time being Villains.
- I am not looking for players who Min/Max their characters or Lawyer the rules to their advantage. Its a cooperative adventure, not that-one-guy Scares the paladin who’s immune to fear out of town and takes on the whole Talingarde army by themselves - the adventure.
- Players that will work with their Allies, The adventure will end very very poorly indeed if you lone-wolf it. There are adventure paths for chaotic vagabonds “Who always work alone”, this isn’t one of them. We want Cunning and Devious villains that are organised and work as a team.
About me and my style of Dming: Hello! My name is Martyn and I’ve been a fan of TTRPGs ever since I was introduced to them in University. Now I’m hooked, I’ve been playing them for 6 years and dming for 5 years, my games tend to be fairly roleplay heavy however that said I do have a love for combat and mechanics. While I do know most of the pathfinder rules sometimes they are a little dull and mechanically complicated to run and incorporate. To this end, I do run my games with “Rule of Cool” while doing my best to preserve mechanical balance (To this end Villainy points is one of the ways I give some control to the players so they can do cool narratively driven stuff both in and out of combat.) If there is a confusion on a ruling I will generally ask for the players opinions on how it should work, make a ruling and then move on. We can check it out after the game.
I will happily listen to criticism and feedback and will do my best to improve for the next time. I am not a voice actor but do some light theatrics in the way my characters sound and the way they talk. However I’m not the best at it, but I’ll try my best to portray the many interesting characters the pcs will come across!
I have both played and ran Book one of this campaign before so I know it pretty well, I am also running both Book 1 and Book 3 with other groups that are having a lot of fun with it so far. I have read all of the books so I do know the adventure path fairly well. I will look to use that knowledge to make the game run smoother and be more vibrant.
Payment Information: This game will require payment of £12 per session from each player though paypal at least 24hrs after each session. If you aren’t satisfied with a session you don’t need to pay but you will not be allowed to continue to play. It goes without saying that hopefully we would be able to talk to each other before it came to that. For this reason the first session isn't Free, but you're under no obligation to pay if you don't wish to continue. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
If you have any questions please send me a Private message, I am happy to exchange discord information over a private message to answer more depth questions. Applications for the game are taken through the Roll20 Page.
If the Wickedness of this game has your interest, check out the Roll20 Page found: HERE
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2022.01.20 16:17 Financial_Affect_675 You are missing out check this nft project https://discord.gg/YE6ra46j

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2022.01.20 16:17 fundlebundle01 Sneezing is your noses way of throwing up

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2022.01.20 16:17 satelliteprogrammer O Futuro da Saúde em Debate

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2022.01.20 16:17 KazCan Trying to household my excel list

Hey guys, I have an excel list which contains over 86K names. Most of them are families that are divided in different cells so for instance, I have Jackson Oliver, Cynthia Oliver, Gareth Oliver and Mona Oliver living at 99 Everlasting Avenue with same phone numbers but in 4 different cells and columns. Is there a formula that I can use to merge people with the same last name and address into one cell? Thanks.
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2022.01.20 16:17 amb516 Is this ok?

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2022.01.20 16:17 drak0ni True story

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2022.01.20 16:17 CAStriker Listen to relaxing music, Sounds of the Sea, Yoga with calming music

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2022.01.20 16:17 Ragnatheblooddude Starting using braces for brisk walking worried that it is damaging my knees

30M 165lbs don't smoke rarely drink. So I started using braces for my knees (2 cheap equate braces) for brisk walking on a treadmill. I walk about for about 15 minutes at night everyday and the setting on the treadmill is 4.5mph. I have been doing this for about 3 years and usually my knees don't hurt. I started using braces for both my legs as a preventative measure but it might just be in my head but my knees feel a little more sore after waking up more in the morning. I have only used the braces for 4 or 5 runs and online sources are alllll over the place with advice. What should I do about the braces; stop using them or maybe im wearing them wrong?
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2022.01.20 16:17 CatAndDoge check me

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2022.01.20 16:17 TheOtherGregOlsen All Star Rookie Cup Autos and Gold Parallels and more for sale! Prices listed are with PWE shipping. Add $5 to your order for BMWT!

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2022.01.20 16:17 Sarahmmorin Can’t fool Lancelot

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2022.01.20 16:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2022.01.20 16:17 ultimatheule Verve puts you in full control of your content. Top tier creators will be able to take this one step further with an exclusive .verve domain, giving you full control over the look and feel of your content and additional monetization options. Just Listed today , more infos , DM me.

Verve puts you in full control of your content. Top tier creators will be able to take this one step further with an exclusive .verve domain, giving you full control over the look and feel of your content and additional monetization options. Just Listed today , more infos , DM me. submitted by ultimatheule to BSCcryptoListings [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 16:17 HighwayDrifter41 How important is the field/specialization of your first job?

Is taking a job in the field that isn’t your first choice a bad idea? Would it be a bad long term choice or is it good to get any experience right out of school? Part me thinks I should just take the job as a good way to get started, another part of me thinks I should wait it out and find something more directly related to what I’d like to do in the future.
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2022.01.20 16:17 shaboozeybot Hotline Miami | Ep. #14 | Common Courtesy | Super Beard Bros - Super Beard Bros

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2022.01.20 16:17 arielsimaginative One-of-a-Kind Cartoon Pins! (Limited Quantities) - $10

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2022.01.20 16:17 awd111980 Awesome!!!

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2022.01.20 16:17 OGKebabEater Anyone want to start a DAO to buy a BAYC NFT

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2022.01.20 16:17 sir-diesalot Open buy order for tritium

Carrier: Prime Mover System: Hip 10694 Demand: 3000 units Buy price: 77,607 per unit
Carrier will be in this system for the next 4 days
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