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[Chat] 22 India, Up for some conversation?

2022.01.26 14:24 SomesortOfNew [Chat] 22 India, Up for some conversation?

I'm 22 from India and feel like it would be great to have some new experience in life and who doesn't like stories in life, so lets see. Also if you are someone who is funny, spontaneous or just good at conversations hit me up.
I'm interested in philosophy, movies, politics, sports, culture.
See you.
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2022.01.26 14:24 Salman50505 something is gonna happen, doesn't it?

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2022.01.26 14:24 barbiescorvette New Token Holders: A Basic Introduction to CroKing

Hi Everybody!
There is such a great community being built here around this new Token. Welcome to all the newcomers. Thanks for stopping in and having a read through and for everyone being so kind, sharing their experiences, and helping one another out.
There are many common questions from those just starting their journey and a newer community member had asked some good questions that I happened to have the answers to so I shared. I was then asked to share that information in a post, so here you go!
This is a basic rundown of information on some of the most commonly asked questions we are having here. I'll share the questions that were asked and the answers!

  1. Question: Is there a minimum amount of CroKing (CRK) that I need to hold in my wallet in order to be able to receive the WCRO rewards?
    Yes! You need at least 7.5B IN your DeFi wallet. The CDC DeFi is a popular choice and you'll want to be sure your CRO is in the Cronos Chain when preparing to purchase. (Scroll through the sub, pretty easy to follow along, there's a video floating around as well.
Things to be aware of here upon purchase: a) You'll need to set 'slippage' above 10%. Typically around 13-15% does the trick. This will eat into how many tokens you receive in your wallet, so be aware of the 'minimum tokens received' during the purchase setup, and account for that. Reminder: You need 7.5B CRK to receive the WCRO rewards
b) That large 'slippage' setting is to account for a 'tax' the token has. I forget the details but 5% of it is used to pay out the WCRO rewards amongst the holders when buys/sells are made. The other % of the tax are for marketing and I believe liquidity. Head to the website and scroll through, the full details are there!
c) To receive WCRO you simply need to hold the CRK token in your DeFi wallet. There are liquidity pools, but if you enter you will not receive the natural rewards. I can't speak to those pools I just hold.
  1. Question: How soon are the rewards paid out?
The WCRO rewards pay out once every 1-3 hours, generally. They are tied to volume so that is something to keep in mind. Personally, I began receiving my rewards about an hour after my first purchase and I've finished the last few days with a out 10-15 payouts per day. Pretty sweet!
  1. Question: How are the rewards paid out? Do I need to import the WCRO token address into my DeFi wallet for example?
Rewards are paid out quite simply. Earn by holding and you don't need any setup! WCRO will show up in your wallet and bam, there are the rewards :) (For me this was automatic, that seems to generally be the case...if you don't see it you might just need to import the token into your wallet for WCRO to show a balance).
  1. Anything else we should know?
Hmm. The above answers most new entry info about the token so great questions there :) The Devs of the coin are fully doxxed. I just learned what that meant, hehe. They do have a website and you can view the road map and a few more of the details. They have done two burns so far and plan to do some buybacks soon.
The Devs had a couple AMAs recently that apparently had some great questions so maybe somebody in the community can share details of what was talked about.
And there you have it. Some great questions to have as you get started on your journey into CroKing!
I hope this helped! And I guess I'll put that blurb that none of this is financial advice and all that jazz :)
Keep having a look through the other posts here as the community has been very helpful answering any questions and supporting newer and older holders alike!
Happy holding everyone :)
Vroom Vroom!!
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2022.01.26 14:24 lone-tumbleweed Justice Breyer Retiring

You know you’re in law school when every conversation you overhear in the hall is about Breyer’s retirement
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2022.01.26 14:24 Artistic-Sir-5292 Juice WRLD - Dior (unreleased)[ Music Video ]

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2022.01.26 14:24 Habgss for the people that dont appreciate you loud asmr eating

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2022.01.26 14:24 jeffcarlyle Musical Highway near Albuquerque

Does the "Musical Highway" portion of Route 66 east of Albuquerque actually work?
I had visited it a few times in the past five years and was never get it to work for more than just a note or two. After some discussion online, I thought maybe I was just doing something wrong. Maybe my car was aligned pm the strips correctly or something.
I had the opportunity to be in the area again two weeks ago and decided to give it another try. This time, the speed limit seems to have been increased from previous visits (now 55 MPH) and signs about the musical stretch seem to have been removed. I tried driving at the lower speed that had previously been posted, which I believe was 35-45 MPH, and looked for any obvious spots in the road that might be the sweet spot for the music. The road surface is definitely more rough than in adjacent stretches, and I was able to get a few notes of the song but was never successful in playing the whole song. I tried several times and tried moving my car to different parts of the lane.
Any thoughts?
And to be clear, I'm aware the musical stretch is only for the eastbound lane.
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2022.01.26 14:24 goingjankers Does anyone know what the 'E' and 3 arrows means on my l'eau miracle water softener?

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2022.01.26 14:24 denverphil Former Pred Austin Watson celebrating 3-yrs of sobriety

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2022.01.26 14:24 ElToberino Whenever I put on my robe, Kirby likes to get on my lap and curl up inside of it

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2022.01.26 14:24 magnafilk How do I fix this? I have tried turning it on and off, taking the SIM card out and then putting it back in, resetting the network, and also turning the phone off while in rest mode. And it still shows this

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2022.01.26 14:24 vjyrshn Convergence, Ilford XP2 Super 400, Nikon F5, 50mm f/1.8G

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2022.01.26 14:24 Salman50505 Happy HUMP day.

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2022.01.26 14:24 LightEinAnn Yule - I just published episode #4 guys, check it out!

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2022.01.26 14:24 plastiqmanb Question on VIP Coin rewards...

Trying to juggle the 6 sets to order but dealing with anxiety of stock/supply of these coins as I missed out on them last year. Is the general consensus that if you've been able to redeem the VIP points but have NOT ordered a set with the promo code, that you'll still be able to get the coin later on? I'd like to think that Lego only allows redemption at a specific quantity of coins so even though I haven't ordered yet, a week or two later I'll still have a coin waiting for me? Thanks all!
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2022.01.26 14:24 Poketraderz Regice raid add 1233 9208 3250

1233 9208 3250
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2022.01.26 14:24 Pyroraptor23 When BTB works i can do numbers!

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2022.01.26 14:24 Deemo85 [TASK] Write a bot that can go into Facebook groups

I need to build out my email list and I need someone who can write a bot that can go into GOLF Facebook groups and start chatting with the members to either try and get them to give me their email right there in the chat or to go to my website and give me their email.
I have a list of 2 thousand consumer emails already but fear I cannot use them due to them not having shown interest in the product.
Will pay $25 via PayPal with a bonus for speed and effectiveness of the solution.
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2022.01.26 14:24 DGee78 Instead of selling the rip, how about buying the rip so you can make life changing money.

Stop swing trading. NFA
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2022.01.26 14:24 Norsil_0 Demon and birds

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2022.01.26 14:24 tresforte Anyone have any new cal gear they would recommend?

It is capital tool request time, so I am hunting for any new cal geatest equipment/tools that may be handy on the job. And I need ideas! I was looking at automatic pressure calibrators but they only go to 300psi..if they went up to say 1000 I would request one. Ideas?
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2022.01.26 14:24 Odd-Mathematician788 At home test kits and Omicron

Hello; I was around someone who tested positive this past weekend so I took an at-home test today. The brand is QuickVue. I swabbed my nose AND throat because I heard omicron is in the throat more and it came back Positive. Then I repeated the test ONLY swabbing the nose and it came back Negative. I do have a sore throat and stuffy nose, had a headache two nights ago. Not sure what to think. Any thoughts? Can swabbing the nose contaminate and present a false positive? Anybody else do this? Thanks!
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2022.01.26 14:24 BlyatusMaximus thorny

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2022.01.26 14:24 teddybear4545454 Any morph experts have an idea what this guy might be? Got him at an expo and forgot to write it down. 90% sure it was cinnamon something.

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2022.01.26 14:24 ProfessorJeebus PIC

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