Anybody wanna share their link code?

“But I don't think the school board or anybody else on the podium realized what was going on.” Alex and Beau have lived together their entire lives. After graduating from Concordia High School, they both enrolled at Kansas State University. They lived together in the dorms, and they now share a house with five other guys. They separated their toothbrushes, but didn’t sanitize the door handles in the apartment, figuring the greater risk was from breathing in aerosolized virus, rather than via contaminated surfaces. He contacted any friends and bandmates that he thought he might have infected, but hasn’t heard that anybody else caught COVID-19 from him. Saw their website in a recent Google query but don't know where they're based or their bias. Anybody know? 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 33% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. Log In Sign Up. Sort by: best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! Click to share this on Facebook; ... Whether you get the shot or not, you need to be mindful. And I don’t think it’d kill anybody to wear their mask and to do their social distancing ...

2022.01.29 04:40 Flamingo-Fan-5038 Anybody wanna share their link code?

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2022.01.29 04:40 PureCrispyBacon (DWM) reverse scroll direction

Hi, Is there a way to invert the touchpad scroll direction for dwm? I am using Manjaro if that helps, reversing the scroll direction in the desktop environment worked fine, but not sure how to do it in dwm.
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2022.01.29 04:40 Dimittrikovk Jokes on you it lasts at most 3 days

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2022.01.29 04:40 Simple-Object3427 Belfast Auto Garage - Car Service

Any good recommendations in and around Belfast so I don’t get ripped off. Car needs a service, nothing too fancy just a Vauxhall Astra.
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2022.01.29 04:40 im_trying_lolz suggestions

So i want to know which Neville book to start with? I think ‘feeling is the secret’ but then again i dont know
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2022.01.29 04:40 mary364353 Dm to get spoiled instantly

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2022.01.29 04:40 meatstickgang My opinions on “The Fallout” based on personal experience

I honestly think this movie was done well and they portrayed the situation in a very tasteful way.
I personally have gone through an experience in high school where we had a shooting threat, and thankfully the situation was taken care of by law enforcement before it got to that point, but it was really close. It was the scariest moment of my life. I am 25 years old and i have never come close to the feeling of fear i felt in my 6th period health class when i was 15 year old.
I really think this movie did well of handling such intense subject matter. I was so worried they were going to show gory scenes like leading the students out of the building during the aftermath, or god forbid-them just showing students dying. But they didn’t and instead just showed different students’ emotional perspectives after the event.
My only complaint was that the dialogue at some points was kinda weird/obviously written by older white people trying to relate to teenagers. But that wasn’t a shock to me honestly, it’s hollywood. it wasn’t even distracting for me because of how little it came up though. Most of the dialogue was fine.
I would also like to add that this movie did really well at showing specific character’s traumas without having to spell it out for us. The scene where Veda and Mia are face-timing on their laptops and just say “goodnight” to each other without turning off their laptops portrays how both of them are afraid to go to sleep by themselves with their own thoughts. Instead of having any dialogue that explains that, the writers just trusted that the audience would know what was happening. this is only one example from the movie but there were several. This really doesn’t happen in a lot of movies now in my opinions, most movies have the dialogue between the actors explain the scene, as if the writers believe the audience can’t figure it out themselves.
Overall, i think this was a really well done movie and the positive ratings are well deserved. Maddie did very well and i am so happy she is in a critically acclaimed film at such a young age. Hopefully this gives her more serious opportunities as an actor
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2022.01.29 04:40 JesseWang Bo Jackson Vinyl

I couldn’t get it on Alc’s website, do you guys know how can I get it for a low price? Not a fan of overpriced vinyls.
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2022.01.29 04:40 mian_meow_911 What is your supernatural experience?

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2022.01.29 04:40 DoogelCraft Yes, I just shoot up my own car here.

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2022.01.29 04:40 bnsf27 a more polite response would be appreciated

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2022.01.29 04:40 Floor-Proof Cina: pericolose inaffidabilità imperiali

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2022.01.29 04:40 jookco Muere - Muerte - Murio : Adivinen si el ministro de educación de Neuquén no dijo nada del fallecimiento de Gustavo Iaies? No se si no dice nada porque se le pasó o porque no sabe quien era el Gran Iaies… Que vergüenza Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.29 04:40 foodsamaritan Mixed Fish Noodles from Tung Fong Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu

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2022.01.29 04:40 asura7742 korwa ( oda non ) [ Granblue fantasy ]

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2022.01.29 04:40 NeitherAppointment40 Kairi Sane

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2022.01.29 04:40 naruto_-namikaze Did anyone receive any info/email regarding merit scholarships decisions for USC [South California]?

Title. I haven't received any email, so I am not being considered for the scholarship right?
In past years, maybe an email was sent on 26 Jan?

Did anyone receive anything?
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2022.01.29 04:40 Clasi Light In The Deep

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2022.01.29 04:40 clip_mirror_bot Not scary at all

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2022.01.29 04:40 SnooRecipes8064 bhai me ye gana dhund raha tha the closest i got is this can anyone give me orignal clip of that boy

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2022.01.29 04:40 inertgas1503 What exactly is a professional LOR?

I want to apply to both MS and Professional masters programs( like M.eng) in CS. Few programs mention the requirement of a professional LOR. Can one from my internship be considered as professional? Or it has to be from my current company ( at the time of applying I'll have ~1 year of work exp). And if it has to be from my current one, it has to be from my manager or coworker LOR also works?
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2022.01.29 04:40 AdeptnessShot8967 Anon gets a kiss on b day

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2022.01.29 04:40 Jean_yihe 220129 Jian Universe FNS Update “Photo by Hina unnie 🐰”

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2022.01.29 04:40 iliketolickthebuttah Anybody else experiencing terrible lag/high ping? (Ps4)

The past 2 days I've tried to play and the lag is just awful.
I keep getting rubber banded when I try and move,
Weird enough it's even worse when the number of players drops below 10
But the lag was so bad that in one instance, I jumped into the water to grab some loot
Saw a shark, attempted to swim out only to be brought back in, jumped out, shoved back in, and finally got out.
In another instance I tried to escape the storm only to be pushed back into it,
Anyway im just wondering if anybody else is experiencing these issues.
Can anybody verify? Is it just me? or is the server just overworking itself?
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