Charlie's Celebratory Dance

2022.01.17 15:37 47noodles Charlie's Celebratory Dance

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2022.01.17 15:37 eureka_yess Top Best Funniest LAYS Chips Commercials | Compilation

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2022.01.17 15:37 Nomad218456 Dig box

I'm preparing to build an enclosure for my beardie and wanted to incorporate a dig area inside. With so many choices for dig material, I am looking for recommendations on safe material for digging in. Thanks.
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2022.01.17 15:37 VariousCD Help

I don't know of this fits in here, but I am having issues coping savedata from USB to my PS3. (The usb is used with files already on them if that helps)
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2022.01.17 15:37 rexboss007 Anupama

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2022.01.17 15:37 Blue_Wyzerd Is anyone minting any NeoTribes?

Don't know how many of you are active in the CNFT scene but ran across these yesterday when they opened up minting and grabbed a couple. Seems like they have a nice roadmap planned and looks to be a cool platform for tattoo artists.
Curious to know if anyone has any thoughts on them?
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2022.01.17 15:37 fazballsrule wait....... (click photos for better qaulity)

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2022.01.17 15:37 Alternative_Tree_961 Memories and psychedelics

So I read that people who took psychedelics were imaged in brain imaging machines. (Don’t know if it was pet or mri but probably pet scan). Their brain functions showed similarities to that of an infant. And before that every time I took psychedelics it felt weirdly similar. Like what I experienced as child. And every time I think about a childhood memory it feels psychedelic. Especially my last trip felt like I was in out first house. That coziness came back that I was missing for so long now.
So I have a question to the people that microdose regularly.
Do you feel like that while microdosing? Or not necessarily that but that childhood feeling of calmness and having everything figured out.
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2022.01.17 15:37 MikeWGB Any one else?

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2022.01.17 15:37 LottieandLuno Commission for @Ringtailbones on Twitter of their Imp OC, Richter, tiny-fied! Look at that sweet face! Commissions are currently open :)

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2022.01.17 15:37 FrankHowley Hotline Miami Creators Break Down its Design & Legacy | Noclip

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2022.01.17 15:37 Dig4Fire The DC Strangler explains what happened

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2022.01.17 15:37 rbpodcast MLK Quote

MLK Quote #MLK #RemovingBarriers #RemovingBarriersPodcast #HowWereYourBarriersRemoved #OnTheMissionField #WhatDoYouBelieve #SalvationTestimony #Jesus #Christianity #Podcast #Blog #blogs #Bible #Christians
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2022.01.17 15:37 BobbyTanqueray_ Pink Oyster Grow Kit

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2022.01.17 15:37 ScoobyDoobiddyDew Road Trip

So idk if this is the correct place to post this but I want to do a road trip across country (from the East Coast of the US to Yellowstone) and all my friends keep bailing out on doing it with me so I'm considering just going it on my own. I have a good sized SUV that is capable of Off-roading. How should I go about doing this trip on a student type of low budget?
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2022.01.17 15:37 KingGar_YT 😳

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2022.01.17 15:37 Puzzleheaded-Set-289 Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita io uccisi dei demoni

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2022.01.17 15:37 Kylex89 [h] mighty Vaporizer by storz-bickel. [W]$190 Shipped Paypal G&S

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2022.01.17 15:37 Heavy-Spirit New set πŸ’‹

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2022.01.17 15:37 klink_bones Fried egg simulator @viliji

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2022.01.17 15:37 SnooRegrets3931 Hey guys, meet Rio.

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2022.01.17 15:37 darkninja717 Gender dysphoria

My gender dysphoria is getting worse its making me feel super down and I can't get up to do anything also I can't do anything about it because my parents are transphobic and I don't have my own credit card because I'm not 18 and my grandparents are super Christian which makes it worse and I can't vent to my parents about this because like I said they are transphobic as well I hate my life I wanna cry rn
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2022.01.17 15:37 cryptid937 AYO GUYS THIS IS AN INSANE DISCOVERY

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2022.01.17 15:37 Wrong_Enthusiasm8749 AMMO rework

The new ballistics are cool but dumb because the fact that you can't headshoot someone from more than 50 meters with certain bullets of the 5.56 caliber and 5.45 which mainly are the high pen ones is dumb so here is my suggestion.
I think the dmg of the bullet shouldn't be reduced by the distance but the pen should count for it, this change would make feel that using high tier armor is actually really good and at the same time it will allow to headshoot someone from far away. So I think the rework should completlly remove the dmg decrease but increase the reduction in armor pen so if you shoot flesh it will hurt but if you shoot someone in a bodypart protected by armor it will almost do nothing.
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2022.01.17 15:37 gtm_84 Manitoba Jan. 15-17 update
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