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[NA][PVE/Lore/Social][Discord][LGBTQ+supportive][Substance-free] Embers of Everlasting [FIRE] is recruiting!

2022.01.22 11:57 cerioth [NA][PVE/Lore/Social][Discord][LGBTQ+supportive][Substance-free] Embers of Everlasting [FIRE] is recruiting!

We are a stable community looking to recruit some likeminded folks to join our guild, make friends and have fun! The key elements of our guild include friendliness, respect, supporting of minority groups and enjoying the game sober.
**Region and Server*\*

North America; Crystal Desert. You do NOT need to be on CD in order to join the guild. You can be from any time zone, but we are most active around 2 PM - 1 AM EST. We mostly have NA players but also a few Europeans, Asians and Australians.

**Guild Status*\*

We could definitely use new people in the guild, especially those experienced and enthusiastic about the game but also new players who want to get into it! We have spots for officers who would enjoy recruiting, running events and building a good community. Help and officering is something we can put to good use and would need, but we do not expect members to do all the hard work. If people come offering their help, they do it on their own terms. We’re newbie friendly – we were all new to game at one point so there’s no reason to judge new players for what they do not know. We'd love to have a player base that has both veterans and new blood. Our guild’s officers solve things together via officer meetings unless urgent matters need to be taken.

We have Windswept Haven as our base. It is currently level 68 and we are working toward further improvements - mainly decorating and guild events. If you are interested in decorating aspects and scribing, our community could suit for you as well.


Our guild is a family. A place where people can be themselves. A place where they can feel at home. Where they can share their joys and worries, wishes and fears. We thrive for a community that knows and cares about each other but we do not want to limit the guild by setting some kind of member restrictions. We simply recruit the ones that we think fit in with the group. We achieve to not have cliques. We offer our members justice and treat them as individuals. We want to make everyone feel included in the guild.

We are LGBTQIA+, mental illness/neurodivergent, disabled, and female gamer friendly. We also don't demand that you spend all your time in-game as long as you can log on regularly. Our community has many people in "minority" groups - non-binary, furry (we are NOT creeps and NOT into erp!) etc. A lot of us are into the game lore and story.

**What Do We Do?*\*

Primarily we create friendships and do various things together in-game that everyone enjoy. In terms of gameplay our main focus is PVE - we do guild missions, fractals, raid training, sometimes dungeons, open world stuff, exploring etc. We also PVP occasionally (those who like it).
We also have many people who are very into lore, world building and just geeking out over the world of Tyria!
The guild does not enforce participation in any specific activity and we try to offer something for everyone. Scheduled guild events are going to be around 5-10 PM EST depending on preferences.

We are open to suggestions and could do other kinds of events, provided that we have people who are interested in organising these!

**Raids and High Tier Fractals*\*
These are NOT our main focus of the guild, but we also like to do this content as a guild! Currently we do raid training twice a week and take a casual approach about it. We do expect people to run raid builds, but we are flexible and accepting with those builds as long as you do your role. We have currently been training wings 1-7 depending on votes, having some clear success in w1-4. We are forgiving and patient with our training, and do not want raiding to be our main focus.Lately we have also been doing some raid clears - not on any very specific schedule, though!
Raid training is at Friday 6 PM and Saturday 9 PM EST.
In terms of fractals we have people in all tiers (mostly lower) but we also have a few people who run higher tier fractals and are interested in running CM's in the same friendly, casual, non-elitist environment. Our daily t4 fractals tend to take place at 6 PM EST and occasionally there are groups running them later as well.


We aim to be a guild that has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and where you can get your stuff done. We will never be a hardcore fractal/raid guild but instead we want to learn to do these things together. We will not be elitists. We want our members to be able to experience the game content without extra pressure or unrealistic requirements. While we do want to get better at things like raids and CM mode fractals, we will not be harsh on what builds you are required to bring. As long as the guild/raid leader says things are fine, they are. Our primary goal is to invoke new friendships and a loving, close community.

**Respect Others*\*

We want to keep the guild light on rules, but we do not tolerate harassing other members in any way. This means that bullying, lying, pestering, using derogatory terms and just being a toxic person isn’t tolerated and will be acted on. People can be themselves as long as they do not harm others with their actions. We ask you to be wary with your attitudes and jokes, however. You can have your opinions, of course, but we do not want homophobes, racists, xenophobes, sexists, etc. No bigotry here! We do not want people who can’t tolerate mental illnesses. Above all, we do not want our members to feel uncomfortable in game and in our guild.

We try to avoid topics of alcohol, sex, politics, religion and drugs in guild chat. If you do these things, we do not care. Just please avoid talking about them in chat.

**What are we like?*\*

Our community is a very inclusive and accepting one! I do realise many guilds probably like to say this about their community, but I genuinely believe in it. We chat about all kinds of stuff and support each other. We give people the space they need and respect their boundaries. We are very happy to chat with new people who join the guild, but we do not pressure them to interact with us constantly and we give them their own time.
Our members enjoy light joking and puns. We have lots of funny moments and remember them fondly long afterwards! Some of the topics we love to talk about involve cats and other animals, languages, food, science, the game itself and fashion wars! The guild also has people who like watching anime, or are into roleplaying or tabletop games.


We’re looking for open-minded people with an ability to accept different cultures and the will to understand other people and why they are who they are. No level/class/race requirements. There is an age requirement of 18+. We expect maturity but want our guild to be fun as well. We also do screen players before inviting them to make sure they are a good fit for the guild. We accept all ideas on growing our guild if you have them!

It would be preferred if you have the will to improve your skill and abilities as a player. While we are a family/social guild rather than a competing one, we want to offer our members pleasant and fun experiences and a relaxed environment to learn things in. We want to be able to tackle different challenges together, and learn to enjoy both casual and endgame content.

**What are we looking for in members otherwise?*\*

We would prefer individuals who want to interact with others and participate in things or at least bring some kind of presence to the guild - this can be done through event participation, chatting or helping us out with various things. We like genuine, accepting people who have a passion for this game. It would be preferred that you can log on few times a week, though of course we understand absences and such as long as we are notified about it.

**We require you to join our Discord server*\*


  1. We use it for our main announcements and communication from staff to members as in-game does not provide good tools for this
  2. Communication outside the game
  3. Informative guides and help, organized text channels

Voice chatting is NEVER required! Download the Discord app or use the browser version, then join this server: https://discord.gg/v6Y8jG4
Read carefully through the #guild-info, #guild-rules and #how-to-join parts! Also do keep in mind that voice chatting is not our main method of socializing and we're not extremely active on it - we do occasionally use it for events or chatting around, though.

**We require over 90% representing.*\*

Why represent?

This means that you have our guild tag, [FIRE], beside your name over 90% of the time that you are online on your account total.

Representing the guild proves that you are devoted to our guild and our family. Having you represent us lets us know that you are not going to just up and leave, it allows our officers to realize we are more than a handy LFG when you need one. We want to build a tight knit community with a good atmosphere and having loyal people who we learn to know is the best way to do this - we tried the non-rep way once and did not like the results.

We exclude WvW/raid guild reps from this rule. Other exceptions can be discussed with the guild leader.

**How to join*\*

You can do one of the following:

  1. Private message me on the forums
  2. Join our discord server listed above, read the instructions and request for an interview
  3. Mail or whisper one of us ingame!

Cerioth.7062 - Leader
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2022.01.22 11:57 BackSpinHipHop Backspin - Arrested Development: 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of… (1992)

Arrested Development celebrated life. Hip-hop left the party early. (86/100)
Arrested Development committed a cardinal sin of popular culture. They went all in on a fading trend. 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of… is a celebration of Black life. It was released into a culture in the embryonic stages of a profound and complicated reckoning with the omnipresence of death that had cast a pall over the childhood of a generation of urban youth.
Where stalwarts like Jungle Brothers and Poor Righteous Teachers had been informed by Afrocentricity, Arrested Development’s ambitious debut was essentially the musical embodiment of the diaspora. “Man’s Final Frontier” opens the album with a frenetic aural collage of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. Tribal rhythms pulsate from a drum machine, evoking the buoyancy of house music and connecting the circle of past and present. Aerle Taree’s opening salvo makes clear that we’re about to embark on a journey transcending space and time. MORE...
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2022.01.22 11:57 Accomplished-Two-192 How to unlock armor Versions?

So I am a Greenbeard since i just began to play this masterpiece when it was released for the ps4 recently. I am now playerlevel 26 and I see a lot of armor versions apart from the usual Mk1/2/3/4/5 versions. Could somebody explain to me how to unlock these versions? Thank you in advance! ROCK AND STONE
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2022.01.22 11:57 SpiritualPattern5609 Inneed of mm

the trade: me 60k rhd them: 4 emus
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2022.01.22 11:57 jp_dapperly LF: HA Aprimons, Rock Tomb TM FT: Aprimons (see list below)

I will also accept offers for Pokemons I do have if they have the Hidden Ability (even if not in an apriball)
|Name|Poke Ball|Hidden Ability|Notable Moves|
|Bagon|Lure|Yes|Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Fire Fang , Thrash|
|Chikorita|Friend|Yes|Heal Pulse, Leech Seed, Leaf Storm, Ancient Power|
|Chimchar|Level|Yes|Blaze Kick (can move it to a Love Chimchar if desired)|
|Chimchar|Love|Yes|Power-Up Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Fake Out|
|Gible|Moon|Yes|Iron Head, Outrage, Double-Edge, Dragon Breath|
|Piplup|Lure|Yes|Pound, Icy Wind, Mud-Slap , Yawn|
|Scyther|Friend|Yes|Baton Pass , Night Slash, Quick Guard, Feint|
|Torchic|Fast|Yes|Baton Pass, Night Slash, Curse|
|Turtwig|Friend|Yes|Superpower, Seed Bomb, Heavy Slam, Grassy Terrain|
|Lapras|Love|No|Fissure, Curse, Ancient Power, Freeze-Dry|
|Larvitar|Friend|No|Iron Head, Dragon Dance|
|Shellder|Lure|No|Rock Blast, Icicle Spear, Bubble Beam, Life Dew|
|Skarmory|Moon|No|Whirlwind, Sky Attack|
|Teddiursa|Moon|No|Fake Tears, Crunch, Double-Edge, Counter|
|Totodile|Lure|No|Dragon Dance, Crunch, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch|
|Misdreavus|Love|N/A|Destiny Bond, Memento, Shadow Sneak, Imprison​|
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2022.01.22 11:57 CrazyLemons Haven't played in a while, need tips.

So I haven't played since the giant dlc (I think) and I'd appreciate some tips, mainly for routes. What routes are viable now (I plan to buy all the new DLCs) and what's the best way to unlock all the stuff? Should I spend a couple of runs just farming? Also, what are some early builds that will get me far? Thanks!
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2022.01.22 11:57 AndyNDYro Muncitor ucis de o „avalanșă” de morcovi, într-un depozit agricol din Spania

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2022.01.22 11:57 Local_Crow 33 M East coast, looking for new friends (18+)

I’m on Discord, but I’ve never had to use it. I’d like to change that and meet some new people and possibly some long term friendships. I like having open minded conversations about philosophy and art. I also play on Xbox, but I have a full time job so I play when I can in-between other hobbies. PM me. Please definitely be 18+
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2022.01.22 11:57 Netjamjr Life Eater Virus in 40K?

Having read about planetary bombardments with virus bombs in 30K, they seem absolutely devastating, utterly lethal, and nigh impossibly effective.
Is there any lore to support one way or the other whether the Imperium has maintained the ability to manufacture life eater virus, and if so have they ever tried to weaponize it against Tyranids? It seems like it'd be an amazing weapon to use against their 100% organic forces (even their ships and stuff in the void).
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2022.01.22 11:57 anonymousfemale2022 Sex life fetish advice plz

I have recently developed a fetish fantasising about my bf with another woman. I'm not ready for that so I suggested to him he has sex with a shemale. He seems open to it but he doesn't seem like he genuinely want to do it and is only doing it to make me happy. He starts talking about the shemale and him just to get me turned on so he can video sex with me. He told me he don't want to do it but I know he will.
I picture him with other women or masturbating while watching their @sshole and pssy. I really want to see him cum tribute other women. I have asked him to masturbate to shemales @ssholes and be took long to get hard but turned on by the fact that I liked it. I sent him a picture of a shemale bending over with @sshole exposed and watched him masturbate and he cummed and it made me so excited. I dont want to turn him into a gay, we are literally just having fun.i have never been this way with a previous bf. It excites me to see him fck another person but at the same time I don't want him to fall out of love with me or forget me or even change. Is it weird that I like watching him masturbating to shemales @ssholes..he loves anal and cums instantly when I show him mine. I don't mind him having s*x with shemales as well. I'm totally chilled with it but I am a bit jealous if it was another women so I'm taking it slow because shemales looks like women almost. So it's close but it's not really a female so I'm chilled and would love watching him cum in their @sshole in front of me. I think about him with women to get off but he doesn't know.
Is there something wrong with me ??!!!!!
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2022.01.22 11:57 crytoloover Blockchain.com to Launch Its Own NFT Marketplace

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2022.01.22 11:57 WirthmoreFeeds What to grow under maple shade trees?

I have two beautiful maples standing in our front yard, they provide wonderful shade in the Summet. The soil is sandy and dry, trees are in front of the South side of our home. I'm in zone 5b. We have been mowing the front with a reel mower for years, but would like to add more shrubs or shade (and maple tolerant) plants under the trees. Any suggestions? I know rhododendrons are shade tolerant and do well in sandy soil. Any other ideas are appreciated. We don't live in a HOA, but a little neighborhood in the US and would love to influence neighbors to beautify the front of their homes with more plantings... rather than grass (two neighbors set up irrigation systems last year- I wanted to cry). Thank you everyone. Happy to have found this sub.
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